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    https://youtu.be/L1Plo2czal8?t=542 I've always enjoyed this "coming into focus" drill move. Cadets did a version of it a few times.
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    Talk about sad..... . Many are encouraged with their progress. Go bag on someone else for a while
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    Most of the music these kids are playing I couldn’t play on my best day, sitting in a chair in an air conditioned studio. Humans can only do so much, given how bodies work. It’s astounding what all these corps put on the field, truly amazing. If the best corps play the most compelling music while standing on a stage then so be it.
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    At the risk of being cliche, I just saw the movie Rocketman, and literally all I could think about was if Bluecoats did an Elton John themed show. It would be epic!
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    So happy for them! Loved the show when I saw it in Muncie. Can't wait to finally get a second viewing on Flo this weekend - there isn't really a great recording on the web right now!
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    Man that BK ending is just flat old fashion kick ###- JUST FLYING!! Great Stuff
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    We're wowed by the big memorable z-pulls of the world. But what about simple moves that you've always found effective? One that always sticks in my mind is the amoeba-to-triangle transition in the 1996 Regiment show (at the 2:50 mark below). What are others?
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    And, what the heck, designers can just bring the drum line down front to do their feature and then send them backfield, or blended in with other sets to complete the visual. Then the percussion arranger can write flam-taps and buzz rolls, with a little hi-hat action tapped out on the rim like it was an actual cymbal, to keep the battery busy and "part of the drill" until they can be brought down to the judge again! Naw, that won't restrict the design teams at all! Oh, and think of how exciting the battery rehearsals will be! /just a little bit of sarcasm
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    They could even inspect their "uniforms" while they were at it.
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    To me, the Cavies have had more memorable drill moves over three decades or so. Diamond cutters, reversing triangles, collapsing boxes, etc.
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    Music City just uploaded a video titled "Meet the Director", an interview with Joe Roach. First time to publicly hear much from him. I thought you might find it interesting.
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    I just wanted the chance to say "Caption Bleed" cause it sounds edgy.
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    Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 Hope everyone enjoys the day!!! I am thankful for to spend today with my family, but we also are really lookingforward to tomorrow as well ..... one of our favorite shows of the year - Cavalcade of Brass! 💚💙 PS. Going to start practicing singing rain rain go away for tomorrow 😁 🤞
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    This thread has become ice cold. I'm looking forward to seeing the Men in Whitewater Saturday night.
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    I did not get to the stadium in time to see the first two groups. Sorry, Colt Cadets and River City Rhythm. Madison Scouts: The uniforms look sharp but don't elevate the theme or vibe of the show. And like when PR came out in all white or all black, a singular color head to toe really exposes dirt, and Scouts unfortunately have a lot of that. There were a couple of times that the Madison machismo seemed to appear, but the show was pretty shaky for the most part and seemed really long. I do not get a theme, not that such is everything, but it might would have helped the corps do a better job of selling the production a just that, a production. Percussion seemed quite strong. Colts: They really came out swinging. The theme is super clear and easy to follow. The best they have been in a while. Some transitions to work out and cleaning to do of course. I particularly liked the pacing and commitment to performance. Good job, Colts! Phantom Regiment: I wasn't able to make it to SoS so I was eager to see the old team. They were really really really good and I am glad to see and hear that the rumors of their disaster of a show is anything but. Some really smart choices and great staging and pacing kept me plugged in the entire time. Clean this up and I cannot see it not making finals. The beginning needs to grab us better as does the end. Crossmen: They reminded me of PR in a way. Aggressive and trying to prove a point. I have not cared for them at all for a long long time. I enjoyed tonight a lot. The narrative is not so detailed that you get caught up in it. It is pretty clear. All sections seem fairly matched in talent and performance capabilities. It seems the ending works well. So is it a matter of changing, cleaning, or a combination of both? Blue Stars: A whole notch up in performance and design from the previous groups. There is so much detail and nuance that one viewing is certainly not enough. They sound AMAZING and look about three weeks from being visually in control of this visual monster of a show. Just wow! Musical and exciting. This day and age they may end up in the same spot as last year, but with a better corps. Eager to see and hear it again and again. As always, I will stick around tomorrow for a Fourth of July that only Cedarburg can provide.
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    Considering all your snide comments about the intelligence of drummers, it is clear you aren't even close to objective and haven't contributed a single meaningful thing to this discussion
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    35 years have gone by but she still holds up as one the greatest soloist ever to have graced a football field.
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    Perhaps this is what you had in mind ?😎
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    500 miles and 7-8 hours from Seattle, WA to Ashland, OR for the Cascades. 450 miles and 7-8 hours from Pasco, WA to Ashland, OR for the Columbians. A long ways to go for one show when you're just going to reverse course and go back 300 miles to the next show. Named after the Rogue River in southern Oregon. One of the premiere river rafting locations in the country.
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    I don't think that many corps have closed rehearsals. I am willing to be proven wrong, but I am guessing you can count the number on one hand and not use all your fingers.
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    For those who don’t know why there’s only around three bands that participate, here’s why: It’s a small area. I should know because I live relatively close. When I go to the pride of the northwest comp in grants pass, there’s never a band from Ashland (that I know of). There also isn’t a lot of opportunities for people who live in the Pacific Northwest. Of all people, I would know. I live in a small town called Crescent City and it’s right by the Oregon boarder in California. I’m in the only school marching band in Del Norte and Humboldt county. This last year, my band taught a few members of the Brookings harbor High band in Brookings, OR (20-35 mins away from CC) how to march, how to read drill, and they performed with us at 2 competitions. We’re not a great band but we gave them a marching experience that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. If you don’t expose people to new things they’ll never know the full possibilities of what they can do. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Time to bring back "The BOX"!
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    Thanks for the kind reply, but right now Bloo is #1 in the east and Vanguard is #2 in the west (BD beat them last Sunday). Yes, it is fun to compare and guess and rank based on ones own criteria, but you can't rank based on scores. You can only rank on head-to-head and common opponents. Bluecoats and Vanguard/BD haven't faced any common opponents yet, so all we can say is Bloo is undefeated and Vanguard and Devils are even. We'll have a bigger idea tomorrow when Vanguard and Bluecoats go head-to-head. Bluecoats win, then they are indeed likely #1. Vanguard wins, then Bluecoats are likely #3 or #4.
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    So happy to hear that. Their scores have been indicating a much stronger start as well!
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    If I can ever remember the name of the app, or find another like it, I will definitely let you know! I have the Weather Channel, and it hasn't steered me wrong yet, but it could be better.
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    I just have to say, I love hearing about this standing and playing stuff (which usually focuses on the blistering runs that nobody has ever played on the move, in any era) or it focuses on the ballad impacts (that appropriately don't get covered in drill movement... because... ballad impact, and stuff). Anyway, I love hearing about this and then going back to the old, old school stuff where they stood around and played while the judges ticked off points for foot placement at a standstill, or inconsistent highstep on the mark time. It's a riot to make the comparison. I just can't go to any time period and make comparisons where corps were handling the music and movement differently. Likewise, when you get the focus off of the impact moments and complex passages, you find that these kids are moving a ton while playing (Vanguard included). A show like Vanguard '89, where I think many would reguard as one of the very best presentations... For as good as the music is, there's nothing really in there that can't easily be played on the move. And when the soloists or small ensemble features come up, those kids are planted firm. When the drum features come up, they park it while the horns do visual stuff. That's how it's done. Soloists are the best examples on this issue. If playing on the move is a lost art, then why do soloist presentations look the same now as they did in the 70's? These multi camera productions that we see much more frequently these days (there used to be only one, and it was on PBS once a year) are deceptive. They always frame in the easy target and avoid the broad picture. And that bolsters the argument. I've seen some wide angle SCV stuff this year (and Bloo)... They are playing and hoofing it plenty and parking when any other corps before them would do the same.
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    Yay! Glad they had a good run. I also like this years show even though it’s an unpopular opinion...but must say Phantom has been my favorite since I was a kid.
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    I know. I don't know. For all we know, Crown is the leader right now. I am the biggest Vanguard homer, but I 100% want Crown to win, because I don't like the direction corps like Bluecoats, BD and Vanguard are taking the activity, if I'm honest. Vanguard's hornline literally never plays while moving at more than a moderate walking place. I just can't get behind that. Bluecoats have way too much crap on the field for my liking, and I think it detracts from the fact that they aren't doing much at all in the way of difficult drill and are parking for the difficult horn passages (although their show is by far my favorite musical show this year and I am sweet on their guard). I actually like BD's show and they do interesting stuff with their props. But what's the one thing these three have in common with each other that the don't with Crown? Doing difficult drill while playing. Crown does it, the other three don't. So I hope it goes to Crown this year, and I hope the Blue Stars somehow manage to climb into 7th, because they too do the difficult drill while playing. That's the direction I want the activity to go in. If you call rubbish on what I'm saying about Vanguard, Bluecoats and BD - next time you see them, focus your whole attention on who's playing and who's moving. BD is less guilty of this than Vanguard and Bluecoats. I'm only picking on the top 4 here. There are plenty beneath them that are guilty, but no one moves less while playing this year than Vanguard. No one.
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    “ no more drum guys ruining my pretty pictures”. Said by a name designer last August
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    I won’t tell you how long it took me to realize Bloo was not being booed. It’s embarrassing.
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    Jeff Ream, the Boston Crusaders thank you for your concern about their props and whether they are OSHA compliant. Here is what I can say...all five were designed by a mechanical engineer and constructed by a professional fabrication company. Each has a complete structure of handholds and footholds front and back which the members were trained to use while still in Vetmont, and each actually locks into its own docking structure in the truck. They are completely DCI Rules Congress compliant. Also, the Corps Director is a member of the bar in Massachusetts as well as being a former prosecutor for the Commonwealth. He just might be familiar with the legal liabilities and responsibilities of the organization. And in any case, as you have so eloquently pointed out in multiple threads here, most of the drum corps members are wearing "Marvin the Martian" helmets so head injuries will be averted as well.
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    I'll be there in ORLANDO! praying the rain stays away.
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    This year's show has to be one of the best designed and most polished shows that I've ever seen for early season. At this juncture of the season, if Finals were held today I'd actually have Blooo winning Gold. Haven't seen everyone in person, but based on crappy video (so take that for what it is), I would have the top 6 as follows: Bluecoats Crown SCV BD (though I think this is a show to watch for come late season) Boston Cavaliers The top six are all excellent this year. Good year for the fans. But when you talk about a staff and design team having a connection and working formula in which the show is crafted to perfection, you have to give it up to this year's Bluecoats. This thing is a complete wonder. Even if it doesn't win Gold, it's just another example of great design by the Bluecoats. And the fans seem to be love Blooo once again.
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    When I take new people to a drum corps show: I explain basically what drum corps is and why I love it. We sit watch and applaud. I take them to dinner and listen to what they got out of the experience. And, I learn.
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    Gino does amazing things with high brass. It won't be too long before Boston eventually wins an Ott
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    I don't think it's just the danger from massive vertical props (some of SCV's "telephone pole" stunts definitely look risky), but the field tarps can be risky too. On a dry, even, artificial turf field there were several tarp twists and near falls. One in particular with Troopers, the other with Pacific Crest. I worry that unlike WGI these are partial coverage tarps with exposed edges, and at times placed over uneven surfaces (or on artificial turf seams, drainage holes, sunken water nozzels, etc.) The most basic of things -hood footing can be compromised - particularly im high BPM movement...
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    The more I see and hear of this year’s members, the more I’m reminded of how proud I am of this corps. Even if it doesn’t happen this summer, I do think things will start to turn around. I also think they still have a fighting chance of making Finals. It’ll be tough to pull off— the competition to make it in is as fierce as ever— but I hope they don’t lose hope, because I think it can be done.
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    I am an original MM of the Regiment (1956-60). We did not know how difficult it would be to build a competitive drum corps but experience soon taught us the truth,, including a 3-year shut down from 1965 through 1967 after a fire destroyed much or our equipment and uniforms. The interest remained with our core members and we started off again in 1968 with around 26 MM. Four years later, the regiment made DCI Finals with a full complement of 126 MM and have done so since then. This year, it will be a challenge to do so again. But not an insurmountable one and I believe our 2019 MM will meet the challenge. Support for the current corps and it's future, can come in many ways. One is direct financial support, at many reasonable dollar levels, through membership in Club 56, managed by Robin Lanning. Go to regiment.org for details on the benefits of this support group. Another option is to contribute to the Fueled program which underwrites daily meals and snacks for our MM. Another option is to send care packages to MM while they are in the road; the Regiment site will have guidance re the location and timing necessary : I think Oreos are a current members for their favorite...as are messages/notes of encouragement. For example, if you marched in the percussion section, send a congratulation card to these MM for achieving 1st place in percussion at the Rochester, MN show tonight. I know it is hard these days but no harder than many difficult times we have faced since 1956. Keep the faith and, as Myron Rosander said in 2010, the Regiment will come "Into the Light"
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    easy...the good corps know to be prepared from day 1. they have their design stuff in order, they get stuff taught smartly and clean as they go. They aren't continuing to throw in wholesale changes, and most changes are planned out in advance.
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    You may be unaware of this, but prior to this year there was no such rule restricting judges to the sidelines. In fact, judging at the field level basically involved going all over the field. "Wandering Judges" has been a reality in DCI for decades. I imagine old habits die hard.
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    I guess I'll just keep all my thoughts and comments to myself
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    So, there's this thing called a dance belt. Just in case any drum corps needs it...
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    Triple DQ! Aside - wish I was near Ames Field, with the DQ across the street
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    Still hoping for 7th place come finals. This show is one of the best out there, this year, and deserves a high placement....and I really want the corps to place 7th.
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    After watching it live at Stanford and even on YT, their hornline is definitely a cut above the rest. And I'm hearing that with no music educational background. Usually it's difficult for me to notice the quality differences between the top groups. They are danged good.
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