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    Time to interject a little positivity into this thread. I saw a video of the combined hornlines of the Blue Stars and Madison Scouts, the other night, taking turns playing their respected corps songs. After that, the members were embracing and enjoying each other's company. It was pretty cool to see those young men and women out there performing for the crowd and each other. A definite "FCO" and "May You Never Walk Alone" moment.
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    July 3 Run-Down There were several notable score increases in the Wisconsin show. After not competing since June 30, Phantom Regiment increased 3.750 points. Especially notable is that back on June 30, Phantom Regiment also posted a large score increase of 2.100 night over night. In just two shows, the corps has now increased by nearly 6 points. That June 30 show was also head-to-head with Crossmen and Colts, the nearest corps above and below in the same show. On June 30 the spread was: Crossmen, Phantom Regiment (-2.050 from Crossmen), Colts (-2.550 from Phantom Regiment). On July 3 the spread was: Crossmen, Phantom Regiment (-0.850 from Crossmen), Colts (-3.600 from Phantom Regiment). In Open Class, River City Rhythm put up a large 5.550 score increase in its second performance. None of this changed any head-to-head rankings, but with the narrow gap between Crossmen and Phantom Regiment, this certainly brings some hope to what was looking like a worrisome summer in Rockford. July 5 is a really important day in this young season so let's take a look ahead. 20 of 22 World Class corps are in competition. Crossmen and Madison Scouts are the off corps. Seattle Cascades debut. Three Open Class corps also debut: Columbians, The Battalion, & Legends. Camas, WA - Drums of Fire First three corps of the night are in their season opening shows. There is no real head-to-head mystery here except perhaps where Seattle Cascades debut relative to Genesis. Lexington, SC - CrownBEAT Jersey Surf will be looking to improve on its best season-opening score in a decade and narrow the gap with Music City. Phantom Regiment has been rapidly improving in score. Let us see if the corps is now ahead of Spirit of Atlanta as this is a match-up with significant finalist implications. Spirit has won all four head-to-head meetings to this point by margins of 1.050, 1.450, 0.950, and 0.250. The competition of the night has to be Carolina Crown and Boston Crusaders. They have met only twice so far with the last time coming back on June 24, an eternity in a drum corps season. Carolina Crown won both by 0.850 and 1.150. The last time both corps competed on the same night - in separate shows - was June 29 and they were essentially even at 78.350 for Boston and 78.300 for Crown. Sacramento, CA - DCI Capital Classic Corps Show There isn't a lot to see here from a competitive standpoint except whether Vanguard Cadets can narrow the gap with Blue Devils B. Without having championship implications, this is more for local bragging rights than anything else though. Lisle, IL - Cavalcade of Brass This has to be the show of the night as East meets West giving us not only a chance to do some new head-to-head comparisons but to use those comparisons to make some inferences about where other corps fit in. This is like a dream come true scenario for people who overanalyze the numbers like me! The Academy vs. Colts is an important indicator of how deep the hunt for finals is going to go. And even if these two corps wind up not fighting for the finals, they will certainly be fighting for the theater broadcast with Madison Scouts in the mix there. Blue Stars and The Cadets have not been head-to-head since June 23 when The Cadets had a 1.150 point lead. In non-head-to-head competition, Blue Stars have narrowed that gap considerably. We will find out if that is a paper change or if it is real. If it is real, The Cadets may be in line for an even lower finish than 2018 while Blue Stars would enter the conversation for the corps highest finish in Lucas Oil Stadium history. The Cavaliers will get their own line in this little analysis because this competition will help us see whether they are in a grouping with the Bluecoats/Santa Clara Vanguard world or the Blue Stars/The Cadets world or stuck on an island between the two. Based on the wide margins of victory of Santa Clara over Cavaliers in multiple meetings on the West Coast, it seems unlikely that the Cavaliers are up there, but it is hard to say what happens when you add Bluecoats to the mix. Certainly the prize fight of the entire day is Bluecoats - Santa Clara Vanguard. Bluecoats enter the night as the only undefeated corps in the land. Santa Clara came out stronger from a score standpoint but have not kept pace with Bluecoats since June 25. It is just one show, but this is an important one for the Gold medal conversation. If Bluecoats win by a margin, they have to be the strong favorite based on the tight race we've seen between Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard. If it is tight or Santa Clara Vanguard wins, we have a battle for all three spots at a minimum and possibly the entire top five with Carolina Crown and Boston Crusaders in the mix. The best part about all of this is that on July 6, nearly all of these match ups occur again with Crossmen and Madison Scouts jumping into the fray so by the end of the weekend, we'll have a really good sense of where things stand, probably the best analysis opportunity until San Antonio on July 20.
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    Drill moves? What is that? Must be something they used to do?
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    https://youtu.be/L1Plo2czal8?t=542 I've always enjoyed this "coming into focus" drill move. Cadets did a version of it a few times.
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    Talk about sad..... . Many are encouraged with their progress. Go bag on someone else for a while
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    Most of the music these kids are playing I couldn’t play on my best day, sitting in a chair in an air conditioned studio. Humans can only do so much, given how bodies work. It’s astounding what all these corps put on the field, truly amazing. If the best corps play the most compelling music while standing on a stage then so be it.
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    Phantom’s 5.85 point increase over 2 shows is the most amazing early season stat so far. The kids in the corps and the staff are to be commended for bouncing back after a slow start.
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    Right handed bias in drill writers? Or it could just be a coincidence 😜 In any case Crown's ballad will give the side 1 audience plenty of love 😍
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    At the risk of being cliche, I just saw the movie Rocketman, and literally all I could think about was if Bluecoats did an Elton John themed show. It would be epic!
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    The crabstep wedge as done by Phantom in the 90s and early 2000s.
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    So happy for them! Loved the show when I saw it in Muncie. Can't wait to finally get a second viewing on Flo this weekend - there isn't really a great recording on the web right now!
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    Blue Knights Staff and Performers: Thank you once again for taking us on a musical journey that is Unique. The new ending looks great.
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    Housing Sites Corps Hosted by Address Carolina Crown River Bluff HS 320 Corley Mill Rd Lexington, SC 29072 Boston Crusaders Lexington HS 2463 Augusta Hwy. Lexington, SC 29072 Jersey Surf Pelion HS 600 Lydia Dr Pelion, SC 29123 Spirit of Atlanta White Knoll HS 5643 Platt Springs Rd. Lexington, SC 29073 Phantom Regiment Dutch Fork HS 1400 Old Tamah Rd. Irmo, SC 29063 Music City Hartsville HS 701 Lewellen Ave. Hartsville, SC 29550
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    Man that BK ending is just flat old fashion kick ###- JUST FLYING!! Great Stuff
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    We're wowed by the big memorable z-pulls of the world. But what about simple moves that you've always found effective? One that always sticks in my mind is the amoeba-to-triangle transition in the 1996 Regiment show (at the 2:50 mark below). What are others?
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    I just watched the local weather. I think we’ll probably dodge the rain. 🤞
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    Tomorrow night's the big test, Coats vs Vanguard head to head. Best of luck y'all!!
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    I’m not sure I would call that simple. Genius, yes. Simple, no.
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    And, what the heck, designers can just bring the drum line down front to do their feature and then send them backfield, or blended in with other sets to complete the visual. Then the percussion arranger can write flam-taps and buzz rolls, with a little hi-hat action tapped out on the rim like it was an actual cymbal, to keep the battery busy and "part of the drill" until they can be brought down to the judge again! Naw, that won't restrict the design teams at all! Oh, and think of how exciting the battery rehearsals will be! /just a little bit of sarcasm
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    They could even inspect their "uniforms" while they were at it.
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    1996 Madison Scouts. That swirl-into-a-360-into-a-spinning-triangle move at 11:00 remains to this day my all-time favorite drill move in DCI history. Also, I had forgotten the Scouts marched an absurd 7s/8q/6b/4c battery line for the whole show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0_0lZyqjgc I've also forgotten how to embed videos
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    A.K.A. good drill doesn't exist anymore.
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    To me, the Cavies have had more memorable drill moves over three decades or so. Diamond cutters, reversing triangles, collapsing boxes, etc.
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    Music City just uploaded a video titled "Meet the Director", an interview with Joe Roach. First time to publicly hear much from him. I thought you might find it interesting.
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    A well-executed company front
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    Friday the 5th is going to be a showdown as noted. Bluecoats and Santa Clara will tell us where things lie, at least according to the panel of the evening. And let's not forget the Cavaliers. For the life of me, as I watch the videos, I do not see them out of the mix. I may not think they will be 1-2, but they could be 3-4 , perhaps? The Blue Stars are going to be pushing the Cadets and if not on the 5th, then the 6th of the 7th, the Blue Stars have a good chance of passing the Cadets. Phantom, the Blue Knights, the Mandarins all have the chance to make some big statements. For Phantom, I see them passing Spirit with some ease. And as for the others, the show locations are different but there will be a chance here to see where we are. It will be an interesting night !
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    Nearly 6 points in 2 shows! Way to go Phantom!
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    I just wanted the chance to say "Caption Bleed" cause it sounds edgy.
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    Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 Hope everyone enjoys the day!!! I am thankful for to spend today with my family, but we also are really lookingforward to tomorrow as well ..... one of our favorite shows of the year - Cavalcade of Brass! 💚💙 PS. Going to start practicing singing rain rain go away for tomorrow 😁 🤞
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    This thread has become ice cold. I'm looking forward to seeing the Men in Whitewater Saturday night.
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    I suspect you’ll see more
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    Nice improvement, Phantom Regiment! Keep pushing! SUTA!
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    Blue Stars remind me of Boston in 2017. Not the show, but how they took a step up competitively. To move up, the Stars have to jump the Cadets, the same unit Boston knocked down a notch two years ago. The Blue Stars have made some good moves staff wise the past few years and it is really starting to pay off. Friday night might be the biggest early season show they have had in years.
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    I did not get to the stadium in time to see the first two groups. Sorry, Colt Cadets and River City Rhythm. Madison Scouts: The uniforms look sharp but don't elevate the theme or vibe of the show. And like when PR came out in all white or all black, a singular color head to toe really exposes dirt, and Scouts unfortunately have a lot of that. There were a couple of times that the Madison machismo seemed to appear, but the show was pretty shaky for the most part and seemed really long. I do not get a theme, not that such is everything, but it might would have helped the corps do a better job of selling the production a just that, a production. Percussion seemed quite strong. Colts: They really came out swinging. The theme is super clear and easy to follow. The best they have been in a while. Some transitions to work out and cleaning to do of course. I particularly liked the pacing and commitment to performance. Good job, Colts! Phantom Regiment: I wasn't able to make it to SoS so I was eager to see the old team. They were really really really good and I am glad to see and hear that the rumors of their disaster of a show is anything but. Some really smart choices and great staging and pacing kept me plugged in the entire time. Clean this up and I cannot see it not making finals. The beginning needs to grab us better as does the end. Crossmen: They reminded me of PR in a way. Aggressive and trying to prove a point. I have not cared for them at all for a long long time. I enjoyed tonight a lot. The narrative is not so detailed that you get caught up in it. It is pretty clear. All sections seem fairly matched in talent and performance capabilities. It seems the ending works well. So is it a matter of changing, cleaning, or a combination of both? Blue Stars: A whole notch up in performance and design from the previous groups. There is so much detail and nuance that one viewing is certainly not enough. They sound AMAZING and look about three weeks from being visually in control of this visual monster of a show. Just wow! Musical and exciting. This day and age they may end up in the same spot as last year, but with a better corps. Eager to see and hear it again and again. As always, I will stick around tomorrow for a Fourth of July that only Cedarburg can provide.
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    Let me ask you something. Many percussion instructors/caption heads within DCI opposed this change. You and Karuna have stated numerous times how much risk having the judges move within the drill puts the students. Do you genuinely believe these instructors and caption heads would willingly vote to put their own students at risk? The activity has drifted to become a visual product. Corps can come in 1st place in every music caption and still not win the trophy in August. Corps are spending less time playing music and more time doing ridiculous visuals and pushing around props. Where's the outrage for all the dangerous, tight drill moves, acrobatics, and props being implemented in shows? Those things pose far greater risk than drum judges. Yet corps directors voted to remove the judges so they can continue to beef up their visual products with even more dangerous drill moves, acrobatics, and props without having drum judges come in between. The notion that this rule was implemented purely and primarily for the safety of the members is well... lol.
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    Considering all your snide comments about the intelligence of drummers, it is clear you aren't even close to objective and haven't contributed a single meaningful thing to this discussion
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    35 years have gone by but she still holds up as one the greatest soloist ever to have graced a football field.
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    Saturday CANNOT get here soon enough! I wanna see these new additions to the stage! This many rehearsal days in a row should prove to be fruitful, so I can't wait to see all the changes made! Matt said they're ahead of where they want to be, which is VERY exciting!
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    Oh, oh Mother Nature. You do not want the wrath of Terri.
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    Seen a couple videos now of the parades - cadets sounded great. Hopefully the media team will share some video
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    *Independence Day Edition*
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    So happy to hear that. Their scores have been indicating a much stronger start as well!
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    I use to have an app that would tell me when it was going to start/stop raining, and it actually gave me a timer! It was always accurate, but I can't remember the name of it! That was also 3 phones ago, so it probably doesn't even exist anymore. Lol. I just remember band parents looking at me funny during local competitions because I would put up my umbrella before it started raining.
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    Still reading this in radio voice and enjoying every word. Thank you so very much for doing this. Your reports tend to me more objective than others and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.
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    Note: I judge in a system that uses DCI and WGI scoring templates as a baseline (though they aren't exactly the same). Basically it's the Box system. You hear "Box 4" or "Box 5" etc....there are 5 boxes. 1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest. Generally speaking the first thing you do is decide which box the performance you just witnessed falls into...then everything runs from there. As the season goes on the scoring range for what constitutes each box shifts. There's pages upon pages that can be written about what each box means and the criteria for being placed in each one that I won't go into...but basically a combination of improvement/perfecting AND shifts in what each box score range is causes the gradual increase.
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