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    Yay! A show that’s 15 minutes from my house!
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    I’m rooting for Bloo here. I want this type of show design to be rewarded.
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    Well... I got to see Cavs hornline preshow on Patreon, then found out we won the Cavs first raffle drawing of the year, then got to watch my son conducting the Cavies in their Encore... it was a good day for me! Night all!
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    Wow 😮 maybe those east coast numbers weren’t so inflated after all
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    1 Boston Crusaders 80.800 2 Carolina Crown 80.650 3 Phantom Regiment 74.400 4 Spirit of Atlanta 73.150 5 Music City 66.450 6 Jersey Surf 64.650
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    Love the attention to detail, including the "Paul" cigarette hold, bare feet, and out of step. Only thing missing is the VW Beetle (which should have been blue, of course).
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    After listening to the Darcie Aungst video explaining the concept of the show, I viewed it and really enjoyed it. The staging and use of the prop breaking up the nation, changing power between factions with the scepter. It's genius design. But there is a moment in the show where I feel like she snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" builds and builds, it swells to its final note and the emotion is swelling with it. It's a majestic moment. And then a voice sings the final line. It totally jars me away from the horns and destroys the emotion that was building. It's a simple fix. Give that line to a solo horn to transition into the next movement of the show. Those five notes coming from a horn instead of a voice, will change this moment immeasurably.
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    If bloo's show has no visual demand then SCV must be standing still. Oh wait, they are
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    Oh my! Congratulations Bluecoats. Best show on the field.
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    This will be my first live show since 2016 (I have followed DCI since 2006). I remember the stands were pretty packed that year with both Bluecoats and Crown performing that evening. I've always wished for a big drum corps show to be held at the University of South Carolina's Williams-Brice football stadium. It's a great venue with easy parking and decent stands, but I don't think they have even ever held a marching band contest there. I was bummed that The Cadets or Bluecoats were not joining Crown tonight since they usually make the stop here along tour, but really looking forward to a live viewing of SoA, BAC, and Crown this evening. Rain chances for this evening have dropped from 40-50% in the early afternoon to 25% at 8pm and 20% at 9pm!
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    Anything interesting happen tonight guys? 😂😇🥰
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    I think it's safe to say Bluecoats are our leader right now.
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    Watching Cavies brass in the lot on their Patreon feed. They look very focused. And it gives me chills to see my kid on a ladder conducting them.
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    My seat tonight...wooohoooo posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I'm at the venue and the staff just told me looks like we are clear of any major down pour until after 10 pm so the show is on! -Lets crush it tonight Crown!
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    Na na na na hey Bloo. Easily.
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    Cause Queen Anne is west coast, just finished dinner, and was on the other show thread. BAC must be happy tonight. Good for them. It's probably been a long time since they've beaten Crown. 2005 maybe? 2004? It' not over yet, though, so I hope you don't get too cocky 🙂 It's one show. Never said I didn't love BAC's show. Not once. In fact, I said it's one of my favorites this year. If I had my way the top 3 at finals would be 1. Crown, 2. BAC, and 3. Stars because THAT is the direction I want the activity to head - not that of Vanguard (and I'm the biggest Vanguard homer), BD and Bloo. But, I'm not a judge.
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    I love Bloo. Have forever. This is not my favorite offering from them. Last I checked we all get an opinion.
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    WOW Boston...you just shook the drum corps world!
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    After what I saw BAC do against Crown in South Carolina. For bloo to be up 2 points to that corp gives me no reason to believe the gold race is only between SCV and BD. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    First time BAC has beaten Crown head-to-head since July 12, 2006 in West Monroe, LA! Wow, BAC!
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    Woooooooo! Way to go BAC! Topping Crown 80.80 to 80.65!
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    Bac was great! Crown was epic! This is a great year for drum corps!
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    Bac was on another level and on Fire ton8ght..no fire prop..lol......wow..the best Ive ever seen and heard them...evah
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    So Spirit... welcome back to being a finals contender. Man that is an aggressive horn book. Some issues with phasing between the percussion and brass in the second number, but those will work themselves out. The first brass hit is outstanding, but the demanding book causes them to loose some steam towards the end. They’ll get all this fixed by Indy. This is a solid 10th place show. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    O-Bloo-di, O-Bloo-da, east meets west, bra! La-la east meets west tonight! Bloooooooooo!
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    Hanging out at the Lisle Library. It is hot outside. Unless we get some rain to cool things off it is going to be brutal for the fans watching all the corps before intermission. Positive note they do sell beer and hard liquor at this show. After a few who cares about anything related to drum corps.
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    This season just got a little more interesting.
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    Nicely done, Boston— congratulations.
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    I notice when people don’t like a show on DCP they often say “it’s designed like a high school show!” As that is some sort of insult.... How many corps are there total like 30 or 40? How many high schools are there, like 20k in the whole country. Saying a show is like a high school show doesn’t describe the issue you had with “x” show. If you’re going to slam our only dci feeder system, at least be specific about what it is you didn’t like. Saying it’s just like a high school show doesn’t mean anything, high school shows come in all shapes and sizes and run a plethora of quality and style.
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    No queenanne commentary tonight for some reason...
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    Another great run by Bloo!!! The "kids" are just such real pros.
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    BACs props have arrived. Special announcement, later tonight we’ll be playing Plinko with Bob Barker! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    First chance to view INT this season and they are KILLING IT!!! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I absolutely hated Spirit when I watched them online the other night. In person, a completely different story. The kids have bought into the concept and sell it very well. The costumes are amazing in person. From top to bottom this is a solid show. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Tonight I think cadets trail cavaliers by 2.5 points and are about a half point ahead of Stars i think Bluecoats top SCV by one point maybe
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    😂 I’m gonna stick to water.
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    Is there so much insecurity that this needs to be said everytime someone states that a corps has made a lot of changes? It's implied, good lord
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    Are Critiques and Cocktails on your patio????
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    This is exciting. Two matchups in particular I am excited to see. Regardless of who ends up on top, I’m excited to see the corps starting to meet up with each other.
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    This is a satisfying pay off to the 'east coast inflation discussion' I'm VERY curious as to how Boston fits into this. They are surpassing my expectations with this show.
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    Hey Bloo, don't make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her into your heart Then you can start to make it better posted from the DrumScorps app
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