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    Well... I got to see Cavs hornline preshow on Patreon, then found out we won the Cavs first raffle drawing of the year, then got to watch my son conducting the Cavies in their Encore... it was a good day for me! Night all!
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    Watching Cavies brass in the lot on their Patreon feed. They look very focused. And it gives me chills to see my kid on a ladder conducting them.
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    Bac was great! Crown was epic! This is a great year for drum corps!
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    BACs props have arrived. Special announcement, later tonight we’ll be playing Plinko with Bob Barker! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Tonight I think cadets trail cavaliers by 2.5 points and are about a half point ahead of Stars i think Bluecoats top SCV by one point maybe
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    Surfs up! At this rate they'll pass their final score last year in like 5 days.
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    Boston was great. The guard does not dominate the show. They do visually interpret the hell out of the show. Wow!
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    It's nice to have them back in a lineup period. It's been too long. CrownCares does a lot more than food collections, and if you weren't busy making snarky comments you would know this. You would also know that several other corps do charity work as well, but of course the first time someone says something to you about your nasty comment you come back with "I've been around for 50 years and I'm entitled to my opinion!" Just get off our lawn, please and thank you. Oh...and one more thing...
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    I can’t read minds sweetie.
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    I know BAC won the show on Crowns home turf, but did they win the fight afterwards too?
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    Bloo third in percussion, second in visual analysis, first in everything else
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    Are they multiplying? Are you losing control?
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    Absolutely loved their show!!! Best BAC I’ve ever heard, and my God that horn line!!! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I either photographed or recorded video...could not do both at same time...perhaps if I had another hand and arm...lol
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    Hard to believe, right? Heck, even the announcer from 2012 is out of business!!!
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    well he's not Stu ya know
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    There's incorrect information on DCP? No way!!!
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    We're wowed by the big memorable z-pulls of the world. But what about simple moves that you've always found effective? One that always sticks in my mind is the amoeba-to-triangle transition in the 1996 Regiment show (at the 2:50 mark below). What are others?
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    Cadets 2007- One of the best marching while playing shows ever minus the voice overs posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Bringing people together. Changing the world.
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    Whooo! I called the spread!! Seriously - there needs to be gambling on drum corps!!!
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    Vanguard Cadets posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I know, I just checked. It was Orlando.
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    Well, sousaphone anyway! 😂😂😂
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    I’m not sure that’s a “sad thing”. And some of us were and just thought it was a stupid joke.
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    WOW Phantom. Would not be surprised to see a Phantom jump Spirit tonight. They are performing the #### out of that show.
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    Great job Phantom but turn down the bass.
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    Is Phantom still singing Vox Populi at the end of their show? That seemed like such a cool moment when I saw it in the theaters, but needed a lot of work. The source material is a very epic sounding song and they need to bring a little heat with it.
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    Wow... that’s a lot of props posted from the DrumScorps app
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    That would be fine with me!!! Great crew at Surf. It would be nice to see a move up the ladder.
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    Loved Surf!! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Of course a REAL fan would have driven there already. 😉
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    I would think that most folks on these forums follow drum corps actively and like to sit and watch. It's the nature of posting on the internet about something. I never marched- didn't know enough about it until I was 20 then had to work the next summer to help pay for grad school. My husband is a lot like you. He walked away in 01 and didn't see another show until 2012 when he took me for my birthday. I've been hooked since. I'm taking my mom to Indy and he doesn't want to go. He doesn't mind going to the HOF show in Massillon/Akron but he gets itchy because he isn't participating. He's like that with other sports too. He's a bad spectator.
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    Something's gotta give -- I'm looking for some action - could we get a line on the spread between SCV and BC? how does BC -0.5 sound?
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    Hey that's news to me.. Didn't think there would be any noticeable additions until later in the year.. These crop of Judges will be there Finals Week so these are the guys who start to think on their own and wont follow scoring trends, they will give an honest read..
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    Talk about sad..... . Many are encouraged with their progress. Go bag on someone else for a while
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    I may or may not have just had the chance to watch Surf's show, and I had a few thoughts. First, thinking back to the past few years, it was obvious they were on a downward trend. I feel like everything was working against them: design, instruction, and, even though I typically refrain from commenting on members, the talent just wasn't there. There were many times where I would watch and wonder if many of these members had ever even marched or held a horn before. This year is a total 180. First, the numbers are way down. Looks like 42 horns, ~25 guard, ~35 percussion. Let's call it roughly 100 total members. I don't know if that means they simply didn't get the audition numbers they used to or if they made the conscious decision to go with fewer, more talented members. Whatever the reason, it seems to have worked in their favor. I didn't watch them thinking that there were obvious weak links like in previous years. The smaller size actually suits them in this case, and kudos to them for making the decision to close holes early to allow more time to refine the product. The members are already truly holding their own, and that also says something about the quality of instruction. On the design side of things, the show feels fresh and doesn't follow a specific formula - it just flows nicely (hah, FantaSEA...flow...). It's not your typical in-your-face drum corps type of experience, and I salute them for that. Why play everyone else's game? It's just a really enjoyable experience from beginning to end (and still more to be added, I'm sure). There was a point not too long ago where Surf was doing better competitively and had an identity that I'm sure helped with recruiting. After the past few years, I was worried that it would start being an issue for them, but this seems like the type of show that will be capable of reigniting potential members' interest in Surf, especially so if they are able to gain some ground competitively. I'm hoping this is just the start of something wonderful for them. They've got a fan in me, for sure.
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    I’ll obviously never be a DCI Judge. My wife and I watched the most recent bootlegs of Bloo and BAC last night. And neither of us can figure out how Bloo is ahead of BAC. And we’re Cavaliers parents... with no dog in that fight. We really didn’t care for Bluecoats show much. Kinda like a high school band show.
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