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    I think just the fact that we now routinely see Boston in the conversation for medalling and/or 4th is huge. This was a 12th place drum corps only 23 months ago. So proud of this organization!
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    Was sitting at my desk this morning and thought, “what the heck, lets go to Dubuque” ... so jumped in the car and drove 5.5 hours and just got here ... and was able to snag a ticket on the aisle near the 50 yard line (down low) ... gonna be a great night (once it cools off). Dekalb tomorrow and Belleville Sunday ... this is a drum corps weekend! First time seeing the Cavaliers so I’m excited.
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    That's a punny cheese joke, haha. Very sharp.
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    "75 AND STILL ALIVE"...
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    no...I think BD is the only finalist corps BAC has nevah defeated.
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    My thought is the eyes will be on the Crown/BAC match up. Is SCV places first, it will not cause much of a stir and the major interest will be whether BAC places ahead of Crown for a second time or how close Crown was to BAC. If SCV places second, it will be earth shattering for drum corps fans. If SCV places behind Crown and BAC, the drum corps community will all but explode.
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    Scores are up! Blue Stars finally broke 80!
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    As an alumnus, I am so happy too, to help out and then receive a hand -written thank you. The communications are open and both sided. The staff have free-rein, and seeing the talented new generations carrying on the tradition make me very happy in my old age. Congratulations BOD/Admin. and continued financial stability and expansion/success!.
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    Yeah. We truly dedicated, Kool-Aid drinking Crownies, have a tacit agreement to deny any possible parallels to prior seasons, at least until SA. After that, we simply assume full denial mode.😎 And yes, tongue fully engaged in cheek...
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    There's so much good stuff in this thread. It really is just a breath of fresh air. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful responses and memories. Just to touch on the quoted text, excellent observation. I think anyone who marched battery in the late 80's will share my recollection as well. We moved a lot and played a lot, yes. But we also moved a lot in straight lines and diagonals. Our drum features were all front and center park and play stuff. I don't think today's material is more difficult from a rudimental standpoint than what we played at least in my 87'-90' time frame, but these MM's are ALL OVER the field and what they're playing ain't exactly a cosmo either. The skill level of all of these cats, across all captions is at a next world level compared to what we did IMHO. On the second point, EVERY front ensemble player now seems to be a top flight musician. These guys now are just flat out artists performing their craft. We had talented players as well, but 10 out of 10 players weren't at the top level. I think the parts now are just quite frankly, better written. I don't even hate the electronics as some do. It can become a little over the top with bass drops at every impact point, but we can't always get what we want all the time. Again, just a fantastic topic. Love it, love it, love it.
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    Also for the record, the last time BAC was in the top three conversation was in 1967, with Boston winning prelims and the Cavies in second and then the reverse placement during finals. Members of both of those corps would probably be in their 70s now.
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    Jersey Surf is definitely a corps to see this summer. Hoping I get to Finals to see them. I watched their show the other day on YT and just love it. So nice to see a big corps out of New Jersey.
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    The judges didn't, BAC kept themselves there with their performance, the judges just wrote down the appropriate score based on their performance.
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    Funny. Show was just posted. And who says no one reads DCP? Lol.
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    Watch out! You're invoking the "my corps could do it too" or "my corps could do it better" comments!
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    Ooohhh, this will be a fun night! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Crown is the new Cadets mixed with a little Star Go Crown.
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    So far, there are : two corps with good shows and three strong sections (they'll likely medal); one corps with a questionable show and three strong sections (good chance at medaling); two corps with good shows, each with one weaker section (possible chance of either medaling); and one highly competitive dark horse who beat BD in brass more than once this season. Hard to know how this will all shake out.
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    I'm sending a letter to DCI and asking them to explain how the Bluecoats can start spring training any ole time they feel like it. I mean all that rehearsal and training before an actual performance is just not right. I note that the couchmen have not made that listing by musicman. From what I hear they are sitting out the season and will only perform their show (FakeNews) via webex for finals. TALK ABOUT A UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. Additionally considering they stole all the staff from LazyBoy (out of Canada no doubt) they are going to make a solid jump up in the standings this year.
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    I agree completely that they need to make the guard stand out when among the musicians. The base uniform design is very good because it can be easily layered with a wide palette of colors. They’ll get to it. It’s too good of an opportunity to miss.
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    This year’s uniform is a beautiful canvas. It would be very surprising if the designers do not add more accents and splashes of color.
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    This has been my contention for quite a few years. While other corps are advancing the activity (not that I like all of it), the Regiment has lagged behind in the innovation area. They are doing just enough (barely) to try and stay in the top 12. However, this show (design wise IMO) is a vast improvement over 2016-18. However, it still is not 'all in' the way the top corps are. It may be 'all in' for Regiment, but that is relative to past productions. Props, as much as I loath them, are a necessary evil. If you aren't going to effectively utilize them (which they aren't, IMO), then why have them at all? Perhaps that is something coming around the corner but, that corner is coming up fast! There are some visual design elements that bother me as well, such as when a large section of the brass line runs to a prop, hangs out there, then runs to another formation. WHY? Then there's the section where you have some of the members 'swaying' in the middle of the field. WHY? To me, these are big design flaws that need to be fixed. And don't get me started on the end of the show!
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    Use of the word Cry😥😥 toooooo harsh for ya? You did complain about the ones posting there in your post right?
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    all part of the plan, save your best stuff for last and peak at finals.
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    Hiya, if there's one thing about me, it's a well known fact I have been a HUGE critic of YEA for, well, a long time. Like back to when my corps was in danger of folding, and by reaching out to people involved for some advice turned into within hours of being asked if we could be absorbed into YEA. ( 1998 FYI). In fact over the mess of last year, I lost a life long friend for speaking up and out. I brought up Scott Atchsons past on here 2 years ago, got my balls busted, and oops...didn't he disappear fast after that season. My email is clean of any documents involving this, and to think anyone in YEA is sending me stuff is laughable, especially the way i spoke up over the way they folded C2. I understood the business reasons, but after having a camp? #### that. Reading the #### poorly redacted letter, web sleuthing, and talking to some people...puzzle pieces started fitting together. In fact, outside of Doug Rutherford who you see in video releases, without going to YEA's page and looking, I couldn't tell you who is on their board...and honestly don't care. help you out?
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    That video actually really assured me of the quality of the design. I too would like a more popping color guard though. I'm thinking something red.
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    Typical BD fan response.
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    Very interesting comparison, and a great way to illustrate how design has evolved over the last 30 years. The single biggest difference I see is in the talent level of the performers. I was in the '87 mellophone line at Garfield, and in this era I'd be lucky to march anywhere in the Top 12. We had lead players who could not read music. Today nearly 50% of the players are some form of music major. When you have that level of performer you can do more musically. That said, it seems the brass played a larger percentage of the show in '87 than in '17. Heck, we only put our horns down for one 40 count move, otherwise they were up the entire time. Percussion is another story, they're playing almost the full show with high visual demand. You also make a strong case for the basic design premise that there is an inverse relationship between musical and visual difficulty. You're correct that one can't reasonably expect players to move playing the intricate chromatic-triple-tonunging stuff that's prevalent today. One thing I think you've overlooked is the difficulty of the Zingali-style "reshape" drill. Today's linear drills require extreme precision, but many of them are built off of set points on the field, using hashes and yard lines as alignment tools. A reshape has no such anchor, and requires extremely good form control. Another fundamental change I see in design is the choice of music itself. The Blue Devils in particular graft a lot of bits and pieces together, which allows the designers to build the show exactly as they want. The challenge in '87 was to convey the essence of an orchestral work on a football field, and the design choices stemmed from that. One isn't necessarily better than the other, they just approach the design from different directions. It's nice to see something I was a part of is still remembered, and its flattering to be compared to a show like '17 BD. That show was sparkling clean, and seemed almost effortless from the corps. The great ones make it look easy.
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    This corps is made of GIANTS We will never die For we are Crusaders True Blue Crusaders We are Crusaders Corps We Love Corps We Love
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    Ummm... that was last year!
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    Are you reading things that just aren't there? We're talking visual, not music. Everyone makes music changes. Not every can clean up their drill, so they add in flutter steps everywhere so they don't have to.
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    So what you're telling me is that they basically the 2015 Cadets without the velocity drill?
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    The tricks are endless... And worth it for the effect. Another one is layering runs and ostinato patters (so that groups are trading off the line). Mixing articulations is a good one too (X plays tongue, tongue, slur; while Y plays slur, tongue, tongue... And it comes across as tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue). So many clever tricks to make it work and keep it all together while maintaining the 'wow' factor.
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    LOL, hell no. I once had to put toothpaste on the inside of my mask during an exam just to keep from gagging.
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    Absolutely. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate your two videos on this subject, @cfirwin3. You've really put in the work & analysis. Love it. Apparently @HolyNOLA refuses to take his head out of the sand. It was only drum corps and only difficult when he marched. It's rare on DCP to find someone criticizing the "lack of difficulty" from both those who are currently marching AND those who marched before him! And then posts Trump memes when facts are brought to the table. I guess I shouldn't feed the trolls.
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    My favorite is when others troll the thread and make snarky personal remarks. Go back to your thread .. and snark at your own ppl.
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    Does DCI also need to mandate the amount of time spent traveling between show days, then allowing the corps that make drives all the way down to places like Orlando the same rehearsal opportunity as the corps that spend 2-3 weeks getting across 2-3 states?
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    No I do not believe so. Talent and experience will prevail. MC is still new to WC not apples to apples but look at 2007 Madison. They were about 4 corps beating them In the early to mid season and then Madison made a move and passed them.
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    This activity isn't ballet, theater, crew dancing, cheer or anything like that. It's marching music's major league... That's what it's billed as, anyway... Aww shucks. I'm playing devil's advocate with that one. Of course there is a kernel of Truth in my statement, but we can do more than just march, but it would be nice not to be compelled to do all those things and be successful competing for a title. Anyhow I don't want to be anything but respectful, so I'll just say that I mostly agree with you.
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    I am a BD homer but I think the best use of prerecorded music or narration in recent times was ‘16 Academy.
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    BD and Bluecoats have an intrinsic understanding of live event design and production. I dare say you could probably move those two teams (and budgets) to any other world class corps and they would immediately win a medal. They are simply that good, and that much better than everyone else in the activity.
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    There are a lot of people who agree with you and don't care about scores and placement. There are others, myself included, who think that if the corps ceases to remain relevant to and competitve in today's DCI activity it iis going to suffer severely.
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    My review of the 2019 Drum Corps International Tour Premiere Cinecast is now available for your reading pleasure in the July 2019 issue of Drum Corps World. http://www.gaminnet.info/?p=5639
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    Thanks for the response. However, I go back to my original question. Regardless of why the referenced corps had a six day rehearsal block, something is wrong if any corps doesn't improve from six straight days of rehearsal.
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