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    He said the equivalent of haters gonna hate. Are we gonna act like you don't do the same in the crown thread like a guard dog?
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    last year worked because, in a year they needed to celebrate everything "Cadets", they did it with tweaks right up to the end. But then again, having to do serious rewrites last spring given the, uh, other issue slowed them down. Going forward is the design team needs to A) be on the same page from day 1 and B), not have defections in the spring. Oh and C....stop having serious rewrites early on.
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    nope same old ending to tour....Indianapolis, again.
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    Some will hate me but I am annoyed by a show titled neon underground with literally no neon. Not even when color is introduced. Still muted.
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    While I cannot pretend to know the stresses and time management involved in producing a show that is highly competitive in 2019, I do have enough time on the drum corps design and teaching clock to have some opinions as to what some corps need to do now in order to perhaps best elevate their shows knowing that such time for change, balanced with cleaning time, is now crucial. What is your advice for certain corps? My offerings: BD: Make prop movement and uniform change produced and not perfunctory. Year after year of you doing this has gotten old, frustrating. Could be seen as ego-driven and not at all artistic. SCV: Make the styles pop more, especially the funk/rock moments of your show. Add more moments that communicate emotion and not simply headiness and angst. Bloo: Though nearly a seamless and super entertaining show, is there one more notch up at the end that uses some velocity and drive that makes a ring guaranteed? Boston: The ending is the crux for me. The Goliath character and his death comes across as silly, and not a highly produced moment. It is hard to get past. Crown: Bravo. A brilliant show from top to bottom. Stellar, actually. Checks all the current boxes. Is there room to add something that represents an attempt to push the activity forward? Cavies: A clever show, well performed, that seems to need more visual variety and a bit of push toward innovation. BK: This is a stunner. Best since 2015. Fix the balance issues between Front ensemble, battery, and brass and history will be made. Cadets: Your drive is evident. The finesse and clarity of the show narrative is not. The new ending is better but not enough. "Do better" comes across as cliche and bando. PR: Clean, Clean, Clean. Crossmen: Your best offering in a long time. It is hard in 2019 to move up. Cleaning will help, especially on the percussion caption. Mandarins: It's a good one. Your best showing ever. Moving up in 2019 is tough. The public hanging is in poor taste. Really poor taste. Comes across as an immature and shallow decision. Blue Stars: Keep fighting in critique that your are super unique and fresh, yet accessible in the activity. Clean, Clean, Clean. SOA: Cool show. Clean. Emote. Enjoy the experience. While making finals is possible, the overall summer experiences more important.
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    What in the world is stopping FLO/DCI/Corps from securing the Sync Rights to offer a DVR Service, To offer Full audio and Video recording of past shows? Surely ASCAP and BMI don't intend to stop a free market. The prices for these fees are negotiable.. Quick math here tells me FLO is charging $150 a year per person. I venture to say they have 20k to 30K Active FLOmarching subscribers. So annually they get 3 million to 4.5 Million is Revenue from Subscribers. (just ballpark, I'd be curious to know the true number, my estimates where based on the fact that they have 105,000 Instagram Followers) After paying the cost for the people running shows, maybe 4-5 people per show that are on tour you'd figure that they are hanging onto at least 1.5 - 3.5 Million after cost. Wouldn't there be some room to secure a sync license for each show. And if the cost is so prohibitive, then why wouldn't DCI help FLO in sharing this cost. Why wouldn't DCI try to get Exceptions from the rights holders and argue for the educational value of these performances to bring the prices down.. IF having the Sync right to the shows (that allowed for DVR and Archives) meant that the cost of the annual subscription went up $50 per subscriber wouldn't you pay to have that access? I would, in a heartbeat. I don't know the details but It just seems to me like DCI freaked out after having the copyright issues questioned/fined a couple of years back and sold their soul to the First company who came along. Why can't DCI sell Ads to recoup the cost of the additional Sync licensing fees. I would not mind to see ads from the top Sponsors in the activity run throughout the stream similar to what we have for Regionals and Finals right now.Run ads during the Archives so that the Sponsors get maximum exposure for their buck. What about Selling Title Sponsorship, Similar to what is happening tonight at Belton, the Yamaha DCI Regional Championship, Like College Football Bowls but for DCI. Anything but sitting back and allowing Flo to destroy the product for now the third year is just simply crossing your hands and giving up while Taking in loads of cash. At this point if I were DCI, When this current Multi-year contract ends, I would hire 20 Intern Aged kids give them 3 Really good Cameras (One for each recording crew) Two boom Mics each to follow the tours around and provide a live recording from the box at each show. Stream the shows through Twitch or some other well established Streaming service that can handle the bandwidth of 25,000 Viewers and spend the rest of the money on the fees required to have DVR function and watchable archives of shows during the season. Prioritize whats important, Good High quality streams that wont fail because of limited bandwidth. Great Sound Quality, "In the stands" Sound that are exactly what an audience member would hear sitting in the stands. Little to no shows that are not Live streamed, Guarantee all TOC level shows are Live. DVR Functionality during the Live Performance time + 3hours. Archives of shows, In-season that can be watched at any point. Not Important In the lot access, Lothype, Youtube and other Independent media companies have this avenue covered, if you wanted to watch something in the lot you can probably watch it without having to watch through FLO. Designer Interviews, Dan Potter and Marching Roundtable are doing an amazing job of this already and if given official access through DCI can cover all of the corps and news during the pre-season to satisfy the fans who crave BTS access. Multicam run by an unexperienced person that is making poor decision on what to focus on and when. Please do better DCI.
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    Umm no, OBVIOUSLY they used:
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    Sound way more mature than Surf of the past couple years.
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    Congrats to Encorps for being approved for Open Class Competition. They will focus on a regional tour, mainly shows within a day trip from their home town. • Allentown, PA — June 28 • East Rutherford, NJ — July 2 • Augusta, NJ — July 17 • Annapolis, MD — July 30 • Allentown, PA — August 2 https://www.dci.org/news/new-jerseys-encorps-approved-for-regional-open-class-tour
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    Decently recent video up. I’m loving this show more and more every time I see it. It’s absolutely BK’s new direction, but with the total package they seemed to be missing a bit the last two seasons. I can already tell I’ll be listening to this show a ton in the off season —- the writing of the music book is so incredibly unique compared to what any other corps is doing. They’ve really mastered their style: bare, stripped down, mellow, exposed, subdued, understated. I love it!!!!
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    yeah the article was wrong, because Bluecoats beat BD last year in Katy Texas. and no, it is never over until finals night. we will see if BD can catch Bluecoats or if Bluecoats can do enough to stay on top.
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    I had occasion to chat with a couple of judges a few weeks ago as I shuttled them to and from a show. Both made the observation that many designers are doing things simply to show they can do them rather than making an artistic statement. The result is actually counterproductive, as the density of "effects" means nothing really stands out. In this regard, less is more. A great example of how to do it right comes from SCV's ballad in '18. The hit towards the end of "My Body is a Cage" is the single most powerful and emotional moment I've experienced in 35 years of being in and around drum corps. All they did was put their horns up. But that simple move had a devastating impact, swinging the hammer before nailing you to the wall.
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    Thank you Madison, the “One Voice” Barry Manilow closer with the company front is really nice.
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    Compass sounded pretty good! Those uniforms though. Especially the unfortunate curlicues on front and back of the drum major
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    I have my Chicago Bears NFL approved clear bag ready to roll next week. I’ll be representing chi town. 😂
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    I will donate $1 to the Academy for every synth passage they remove from their closer. So, like $5 or so. But still.
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    It's as if the announcer is talking to us on his cell phone and he's going through a tunnel.
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    i agree Terri. They have done alot of work
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    Well they did laundry last night 😉
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    but what about the lack of railings, the heat and the fact no corps get eliminated in prelims? There, it's now a full formed post in this forum
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    I saw this new ending that was added one time where a whole Corps got in a line across the field (perpendicular to the end zone), and then moved forward as a group in tandem, directly towards the audience while playing really loud. It was cool...
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    I'm sure we will be seeing a lot of new endings over the next week or so. Just a little under 3.5 weeks left in the season. I guess it depends on how much of an ending the corps' design staff feels it needs. A small tweak or rewrite might allow them to put it in with 2 weeks to go, maybe less...perhaps even during Finals week. A more major rewrite will take time to teach, clean, and get a decent read from the judges.
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    You are correct about exclusion due to race, and at least two corps I know of still around today never out and out refused members of other races, but you knew you did not join if you were not white. However, though we may have been a bit behind as far as racial issues are concerned, I do think that as far as inclusivity as we know it today, drum corps was ahead of the game. It may not have always happened for the purist of reasons. Some corps became racially integrated because they needed the members. When it comes to broader inclusivity, it was because the talent could not be ignored, but overall drum corps is inclusive. Regarding the comments of the young Cadets staff member, we need to know more about the context of the comments. For me, if there are issues regarding inclusivity with Cadets, a corps meeting would be the place to handle it, not a rehearsal. It could also be a plain and simple example of a person with a bullhorn who likes to talk. We know there are people who love that opportunity and that’s not a drum corps only thing.
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    I believe bloo might be working on their ending in Little Rock, Arkansas. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    I marched with Marc. I can attest that he is the real deal as both an educator and a human being.
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    Step 1 - Don’t change anything about the percussion staff. That’s all I got right now.
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    I’m so glad you mentioned Culver’s. The food is pretty darn good and they have delicious frozen custard.
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    The music is top 12. Dunno about the viz.
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    No props no gimmicks just straight forward let’s go Madison knock the place down
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    I saw power tools and said industrial revolution.
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    Great opening statement, brass!
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    Sadly my face looks like a funhouse mirror. But thanks for the compliment.
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    But on 7-16 you said: "Tonight is the night where we begin to see where everyone stands head to head. I am expecting a great run... the rest will take care of itself!" Sunday, will you be saying "Atlanta is the night we begin ..."? On 7-16 Crown was 0.4 further back than on the previous meeting with SCV at Memphis. Always have hope, but Crown needs more than hope. They need to improve relative to BC BD and/or SCV. Maybe even pass one.
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    We'll join in in Atlanta! Right side, 35 yl.
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    4 years ago, The Cadets won San Antonio. 3 weeks after that, 4th. Good luck everyone!
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    actually no. Tresona and other rights holders made sure it was done this way, or DCI would have to keep cutting huge checks for past abuses if not getting sued out of business. the old DVR stuff on the fan network didn't follow the licensing laws, and as a result, DCI ended up cutting a large 6 figure check to pay for past abuses. And they're lucky, that check could have been a lot higher.
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    as i saw one day..."the truth is like poetry, people ####### hate poetry"
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    I would have joined in!
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    Anyone know why this show is running on an 18 minute schedule? Seems kind of weird. Wonder if its so Flo can have more commercials.
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    You know what, I believe we have a Shake Shack by relatively close to my apartment. I might try them out this weekend. Thanks! If you ever decide to come to Houston for a show let me know!
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    Agreed. The amps are too prominent in the show. Let me clarify my "watered down" comment: We have seen all of this before, and and they are bringing nothing new to The Beatles oeuvre. This music is a known commodity, and the arrangements aren't anything out of the ordinary. Visually, they borrow from winter guards past; the black-and-white flags are almost exact copies of Fantasia's from their show "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today", and the throwing up of the "peace" sign continuously is Northern Lights "Meditation: In Memory of John Lennon". Is the horn line great? Absolutely. Can it be argued that the show is a "complete package"? Absolutely. Are they doing anything new and interesting with the material? I can argue that they are not, although the inclusion of "Within You Without You" is pretty cool, and well done. I just don't see the show growing enough in the last few weeks to beat BD head to head. Then again, I am a HUGE, unabashed BD homer.
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    I’ve questioned Chris and I have been critical of him in direct communications and he has always responded well to me... Look, I don’t like a lot of decisions that have been made either, but to say that Chris and/or Dann are awful goes too far. They’ve had huge positive influences on hundreds of Scouts in the last 10+ years.
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    Chris Komnick fired Jim Mason. Let that sink in. An egregiously stupid management decision.
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    Show = good. Talent = great. Tarps = horrible.
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    I’m an old nag, but I have been a supporter of trombones, electronics, body movements, the costuming changes, three values and narration (as stupid and cheesy as it is 99.9% of the time), but what I’m having trouble supporting is the complete lack, in most corps, of actually marching while playing and actually marching a drill. It’s all just SO BORING. Most everyone has the same formula - stand - play ridiculously hard music that’s just hard for the sake of being hard - drum break while the brass runs in scatter drill and dances and does body movements - stand - play ridiculously hard music that’s just hard for the sake of being hard. Rise and repeat over and over and over. ] Then we have the props. I’m not going to single any corps out - wait ok I’ll single them all out (expect BD) - what they are doing with their props is so laughable and basic. BD actually does cool and interesting things with their props. Everyone else - it’s just so corny. The Blue Stars sliding down slides. Really? Dumb. Vanguard having ladders just so people can climb them and not do anything interesting on them. Yeah, that’s exciting to watch. Bluecoats having a ridiculous amount of #### on the field to detract from the fact that they don’t have much drill either. Boston (who is actually one of the few who do have a drill) just hang on theirs. Really - it’s nothing interesting, so I’m perplexed as to why the activity has moved into this prop heavy direction. If you’re not BD, I can basically slam your props. They are all essentially pointless because they add absolutely nothing to the show. Bluecoats ‘16, Vanguard ‘18 and BD ‘19 were really the three times that props were really elevated to levels they should be. I watch Flo every week, and I’m just bored with everyone except Crown and Boston. This activity has lost it’s way. I’m not drinking the KoolAid anymore.
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    Absolutely. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate your two videos on this subject, @cfirwin3. You've really put in the work & analysis. Love it. Apparently @HolyNOLA refuses to take his head out of the sand. It was only drum corps and only difficult when he marched. It's rare on DCP to find someone criticizing the "lack of difficulty" from both those who are currently marching AND those who marched before him! And then posts Trump memes when facts are brought to the table. I guess I shouldn't feed the trolls.
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