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    Considering their "same old" is usually one of the most entertaining products on the field year after year, I'm okay with it 🙂
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    Regiment is the most improved corps to date. Impressive!
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    I think the problem here is the thread title is wrong. It has everyone arguing over whether the ship is righted (it is). I think a better title is - what will it take to win another championship.
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    The tarps need to go. They just make everything look... dirty. Crumpled shiny tarps hiding the technique and costing vis points.
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    OK, rotating box thingies are really cool, even if they're hiding crap.
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    Great news everyone, I am planning on going to muffin_man's place and I believe his roommate is subscribed to flomarching.... 🙂
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    It will be even closer than last night between Bloo and BD, IMO. Bloo has better GE, but they had a bit of a rougher run tonight, particularly in brass, which has been a frontrunner for the Ott award. They left the door open for Crown to take that caption tonight. Meanwhile, BD is cleaner and more consistent. I think they take at least one visual caption, if not the overall category. Some other opinions: - Crown will be less than a point from SCV - Cavaliers will be less than a point from BAC - Blue Stars and Blue Knights will both beat Cadets, with the former nabbing 7th - Phantom will be less than a point from either Crossmen or Mandarins (depending on who gets 11th; it's been a tossup lately)
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    Yeah, I feel similarly. I'll give them all the credit and respect in the world for their execution. But for me, it has the feel of a production number from a 1970's variety show.
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    It’s a little heady but I think everyone comes away from their shows with their own feelings. I cried my eyes out every time I saw them in 2014.
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    I know a lot of people liked the La La Land show last year, but this is so much better. Best show I've liked from them since they did the train show The Union.
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    Tonight was my 10th show of the season but the first show seeing the Blue Devils .... and OH MY GOD. I did not ever believe I could so enjoy a show on the first viewing ... but tonight I did. This season is going to be so much fun with the slugfest between Bluecoats and Blue Devils ... and right now, I don't know who I want to win.
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    BD Nation!!!! Make sure you all take a second and venture over to the Pacific Crest thread and congratulate our fellow Cali corps for taking down Madison for the first time ever. I also believe its the first time that Pac Crest has a beaten a corps with a DCI title under it's belt. Great year for the Cali corps and hopefully Gold keeps the Open Class title here in Cali as well!
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    Remember the good old days when Cadets were in 7th? where is sully?
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    And Bluecoats get 2nd in percussion. Getting whiplash.
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    Bloo might run the table. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Dang. Remember when he Cadets used to strike some fear in all other corps? We need them back.
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    Yep, and that championship was at the cost of their identity which they sacrificed to get the Soul Stone. 2019 is Thanos after The Snap.
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    Yes...before The Dark Times...before The Assimilation was complete.
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    Can't call them costumes if they aren't playing a part. They are pseudoniforms.
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    ....and here is the most compelling ballad of 2019. Oh yeah!!!
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    Do better, we can do better? 🤢🤮 Pandering 101. We get it... long time ago. Move on 🤦‍♂️ posted from the DrumScorps app
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    What did I miss?? j/k FYI - I'm on baby watch 🤱, so may I have to bail out quick. So throwing babies 👶 takes on a new meaning tonight. 😉 posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Please don't post that during the water sample effect during Bridge Over Troubled Water.
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    I love every single thing about Pacific Crest. Improve that much again going into next year? Top 14. And after that? Who knows. First corps to really keep me for the whole show today.
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    The closer is just so impactful. We'll designed show again this year. The sort of 'we're building into World Class' sort of thing that sells so well and has to be fun to do.
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    You are 100% correct. No argument here. I guess what i was trying to say is i want Bloo at full strength with no weaknesses in the event BD goes around them. I want Bloo to be at their very best (which they normally are), in every section, every caption so if BD does top them, there would be no excuses. I have never bashed Bloo, in fact i show them love every year as they are always among my favorites. I just said it the wrong way and i can and will accept responsibility for that.
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    Honestly, i just hope and pray Bloo get's the percussion together. So when BD goes around them, there is no built in excuses for people to latch on to, like whats gonna happen over the next 24 hours.
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    Okay Blue Stars, beating Cadets for the first time since 1980👀 posted from the DrumScorps app
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    These kids are awesome. These adults should be ashamed of themselves. Every day that Rick doesn't make it known that everyone is gone is a missed recruiting opportunity for next season.
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    Ballad would be better without the female singing "everybody wants to rule the world" voice over.
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    You know, I’m not digging Crown’s percussion emoting during that opening statement...dudes, just play the ink like the brass is doing.
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    Every time the Mandarins do a mellos sustain, an angel gets its wings.
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    Oh that needs to be suggested to the design crew. Even a pullout tarp they could connect between them then retract.
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    Great stuff by Colts - HUGE improvements since a month ago BRAVO
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