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    I just want to take this time and say how proud I am with Boston...such a great and exciting live performance both nights this past Friday and Saturday at MTSU and ATL... I have seen this corps perform live (and others) for 27 years now. I have no doubt in my mind this is the best rendition of them in that time-frame. The staff and members really have something to really be proud of no matter the scores and placement. Yes I realize it's a competition, but most of us know breaking into the crème de la crème is no easy task...and honestly they are doing a (bleep) great job at it... The season is not over yet...those that may have written the corps off now to achieve their highest placement...could perhaps be making a error in that judgement...A lot can happen in a couple weeks...I will never underestimate the drive and determination of this drum corps...Never! I am 100% convinced that it is only a matter of time in the very near future for Boston to medal and eventually win a Championship. You are ALL Giants!
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    SO MANY TERRIFIC MOMENTS TO APPRECIATE THIS SEASON 😄 Also, I'd just like to assert that if you're only watching the top 15 corps, you're doing it wrong. There's a TON to appreciate in the bottom few corps this year. Seattle Cascades --- The giant first impact (no slow start there), the terrific & energetic arrangement of Asphalt Cocktail, and the jazzy "I've Got The World On A String" ballad with screamers that would make any Madison dino happy, complete with a final ballad impact that gives me chills every time I hear it. It's really nice to get chills from the last place corps. Seriously, tune in for the ballad, everyone!! Jersey Surf --- Everything about the show design this year, and of course the fly over (or as the designers recently called it in a brilliant interview, a "drag over"), but my legit favorite part is when the different schools of fish swim out during the small ensemble brass work in "Aurora Awakes" and then all of that builds to the glorious Aurora Awakes final hits. The whole section alone punches quite far above Surf's current scoring range. Just brilliantly written, and delicious every time. I could watch that whole section over and over. Music City --- The definition of awesome little moments. Every time I roll my eyes when they come on, wanting something deeper, and every time I'm always surprised (stupidly) to find myself smiling, nodding, laughing, enjoying every bit of the cheese. It's fabulous. So many little details; mice sweeping the floor, mice square dancing, mice from the country getting stuck in traffic....love it all. But, the best "moment" has got to be the Imagine closer. It gets me every time. I always forget it's coming up and I always forget how perfect it is. Genesis ---- Listen. If you haven't seen their Susanne Sundfor "The Sound of War" ballad impact where they push all of the ladders together and create one of the best vertical visual moments of the season, then what exactly are you doing with your life?? Don't answer that, because I don't care; it's not a good enough excuse. Watch it on the next FLO broadcast and thank me later. It's that good. Troop --- I actually think this show is chock full of a ton of moments to appreciate. The Dragonheart ballad is the bee's knees, especially with the flag work in the back left corner on the other side of the tarp boundaries. Persichetti opening trumpet solo. Karl Jenkins closer with the drumline chanting underneath. The way the drill is written so well with the boundary tarps. Love it all! Scouts --- Despite this not being my favorite show (although leagues better than last year), the rotating boxes at the end of the opener are fire. The jazzy YPG is an excellent closer. I don't get week in the knees at the closing Scouts stuff & fleur de lis, but I can appreciate why those ending moments make everyone else go crazy. Pacific Crest --- Eddddddwardddddd Scissorrrrhandddzzzzzzz closerrrrrr. With the multicolored flags & the triangles changing colors like crazy. BRILLIANT. I legit teared up watching all of that on the Atlanta broadcast. I'm nuts about the whole design, but that Edward Scissorhands closer will remain one of the best of this season. Oh, and, of course, their giant opening statement that forces a silent eyebrow raise in surprise every time as they let you know how serious they are this year. Colts --- Tons of great moments. This is one of the better designed shows of the season, in my opinion. The flyover and hell freezing over, uniform change, and subsequent transition to the Chopin piano piece is excellence bar none. The opening Robert W. Smith's "Inferno" chords (which I believe is a nice & crunchy in Db Minor). The almost-Malaguena-esque "Dulcinea" before the flyover with the snake/ribbon flags (I wish I knew what to properly call them) that makes hell seem like a downright marvelous place to be. The Knockin on Heaven's Door closer. I love it all!! Academy --- Of course, the BOTW ballad and magnificently talented flugelhorn soloist. I also really enjoy the opening drum break with fast parallel lines between the bridges. Spirit --- The entire Color Wheel closer. The "let the beat drop" start and initial impact! The use of the door at the end!! Phantom --- Carmina Burana, of course. Both times. The final FOEG unleashing. The burning of Joan at the end. Crossmen --- More than anything, each individual performer's commitment to selling the show. But, back to moments, the Ride of the Valkyries bone feature, that INSANE first full brass statement and the whole entrance onto the field leading up to it, the slow & powerful statements to close the show after so much fast movement. Mandarins --- The opening djembe scene, the tribal choreography immediately after that sends you straight into this subterranean world, and, of course, the relentless ending that leaves you on the edge of your seat (or standing up). BK --- The slow slow slow build with drumline punctuating the brass chords and pushing it all forward to the all-red release from the guard in a giant circle back right. The nakedness of the ballad. The color palette in the closer that all leads to the rotating boxes with the guard members remaining in the circles of mirrors. All of it is sheer brilliance, in my opinion. Love this show. Cavies --- There are endless moments to love in this show --- especially the party in third class section --- but one in particular stands in the top moments of all 22 WC shows this season: the 45 seconds from the first ballad impact to the final release. That's what drum corps is all about!!!! I seriously cannot get enough of that final ballad push. The mello lines underneath, the mello sustain, the brass just pushing further and further, the weaving musicality beneath it all...perfection. This is the fourth show in a row I've loved from Cavies, and that last 45 seconds of the ballad tops anything they've done that I've loved in recent years. One of the best of the season! Boston --- The herald trumpets, the HUGE opening impact dripping with power, the Rocky themes, the Tears for Fears ballad impact with the brass all moving downbeats in unison....tons of great moments. Crown --- The opening note, of course. The brass double tonguing spot in Rabbit & Rogue. The Gabriel's Oboe impact with the soloist floating above. The ENTIRE Bucimis closer, including the horn toss & company front. SCV --- This was a hard one for me; not because I don't love the show, because I do (particularly the brass book), but because I find that the show doesn't really have many memorable moments, nor do I think that was the intent. It's more of a sensory overload coming at you nonstop for 12 minutes. But, how quickly I forgot about the ending of the Metallica ballad where the guard is quasi-bottle dancing and the brass opens up in this glorious manner that you don't see anywhere else in the show. And, of course, the sousaphone solo! The way the opener grips you from the first note. The fabulous unison flatwork in the closer. BD --- So so so so so much to love. The ghostly opening notes. The opening Oedipus voiceovers in octaves. The Kachaturian impact. Of course, the wall interaction moment. The Circus impact!!!!!!!! THE ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL, LYRICAL BALLAD WITH THE SWEEPING SPOTLIGHT DRILL!! (That probably gets my vote for favorite moment of all 22 WC shows). Of course the ghostly shoes tap dancing. The yellow at the end. Too much to even name with this show. Bloo --- See BD comments. Way too much to list off in these two championship-worthy shows. I love both equally and in different ways. For Bloo, the opening Strawberry Fields quote, the entire Eleanor Rigby section with the mellow playing crazy ostinatos (ostinati?) under the famous melody. The difficult trumpet writing that was created out of Eleanor Rigby. The trombone solo and then following brass ridiculousness. The ENTIRETY of Blackbird. Come Together, and then I Want You/She's So Heavy, which is second in my mind only to BD's ballad this season. So hot & jazzy & dirty and somehow uncannily faithful to the original song. The Hey Jude closer (although I'm still waiting on the transition to it to clean up!). The attention to detail in the costuming. All in all, I could not be more pleased with the shows this year!!!!
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    The thing about BD's brass is this: they have talent just like SCV and Carolina and Bloo. These days they typically do not come out of the gate as polished as they used to (except for 2014). Two factors are the cause: 1) the physical demand of the show (jazz running, body movement, dance, etc), and 2) their charts are often orchestrated a little higher (and not just the solo trumpets). When you voice your trumpets up that high, and then your mellos and baris, endurance and tuning and control become a BIG issue. Even for professional players things like range and power can cause tuning issues. It just takes time to get the endurance and the control. They were 5th in brass at Southwest, but they seem ready to jump into the top 3 in brass. Having said that, this is a killer brass year for the top 6. Crown, SCV, Bloo, and BD are on fire; and Boston and Cavaliers have major chops and incredible books as well. It's definitely a killer year for brass and percussion. We the fans winning this season, Big Time! Also, I just love all the tweaks to this Blue Devils show. The ballad is now off-the-charts incredible. Sheesh! Just makes my heart pump. That crazy brass lick at the end of the clogging-hand drum feature is WOW. The crazy violin lick at the end is cool too. I still think they need something to bring it home. The very end and some of the build in the brass (right after the clogging) is not yet pulling me in. But 99% of this show is clearly a winner. My Bluecoats are going to need a little luck and a killer performance to beat BD. Loving both corps. Feel Bloo needs to go back to the old ending. That was a more complete show. But congrats to BD on another classic and fan favorite. I am a huge fan of this show!
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    McCartney wrote "Blackbird" after reading about and seeing news stories of "The Little Rock 9" at Central High School in Little Rock, AK. If you're not familiar with this bit of U.S. history I would urge you to read about it. It happened in 1957. The Bluecoats spent 5 days in Little Rock recently and their rehearsal site, War Memorial Stadium, was not far from CHS. The members are familiar with the meaning behind the song and why it is not "just another ballad." I think Paul McCartney and the living members of the Little Rock 9 would be very pleased with the interpretation and level of respect the corps presents this beautiful work with.
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    Hey all, never really start threads, but I thought maybe we could have fun with this. While there’s so much discussion on what we DON’T like, it’ll be refreshing to talk about the things we love. Mine are: Opening hit of Bluecoats, that crazy mesh of sound to that huge brass hit gets me every time. That rifle toss let’s you know it’s coming.... opening flag work of BD with the Khachaturian. Ugh so effective. and the doors opening with the rifle throws. Genius. And intimidating. Crowns brass hit in the ballad, kills me every time all the emotions. The company front is like an old friend, and it just is a great way to end the show, at least for me seriously.... all of Cavaliers show. But most of all that ballad hit, jeez it’s so good. And the backhanded flag grab, I always bite my nails when it comes around. Also in the closer when the rifles are thrown so angrily, doesn’t take much skill obviously but it’s just so much hype BKs spinning drumline in the opener, to the eventual brass entrance. No one does build up like BK. Crossmens ballad hit that the trumpets enter with. It was so unexpected first time listening and stuck with me all season. Vanguards soloists, all of them. My favorite is the mellophone, she’s the greatest of the season imo Cadets drumline. Particularly the tenors, they just do licks I could only dream of learning. Any time they’re exposed I’m HYPED Mandarins trumpet feature! Every time! I bet it’s so fun to play, I would have loved to play that Bostons trumpet brass feature, when I heard it in the park I thought oh ####... they’re not joking. Also love the ballad when the final resolution becomes a cluster chord and the evil laugh is heard. Very oh ####... it’s closer time.... love the Goliath crushing David drill. Phantoms opening hit. So epic and would get me on my feet if I was lucky enough to see it live. Unfortunately not this year. They gave me what I was missing from last year. My expectations were completely proven wrong this season, so really the whole show for me is a 😮 wow. Scouts drill, and the uniforms, just so classy. Jazz music for children. In your face chord with a fleur de lis set. I wish the best for them.
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    I would say the Devils are the ONLY props that fell flat.... I'll see myself out.
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    I was critical of their horn section early in the season. But now I'm getting it. They are not as aggressive as the other horn lines, but they are actually cleaner and I'm starting to really appreciate that now.
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    Parents of kids in this year's corps say there are less than one handful of members with as much as three years of experience -- lots of 16-19 year olds. With such a young corps, Chuck Naffier says that prioritizing being a crowd favorite over "playing the game this first year pays dividends in retention. Is 14th better than 18th if no one comes back? This is our reality." Two more quotes from his FB post I found promising: "Information, teaching, and going through second tour together for the first time are essential to setting a standard for preparation in the fall before camps begin ... These members are hungry for success, and we are in the process of giving them the tools to grow far past August 10th, 2019."
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    I can't guarantee alot of things in life. But one guarantee i can give is if Bloo ever comes out here to Cali, we will show them love and cheers to the max. Us Cali fans always appreciate corps from the midwest and back east coming out west and gracing us with their presence.
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    I'm telling you all. All of this quibbling about staff, off time, shows etc. doesn't matter at this point. The margins are extremely close and they are arriving at their competitive ceiling given the strength of the field. I wouldn't expect anyone to suddenly rack up a margin that they otherwise could not arrive at through the season. Chillax... Enjoy the shows.
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    My favorite moment of 2019...there are soooo many, but believe it or not for me it is the AMAZING diminuendo chord in the Bluecoats mvt 1. All done while on the move. So simple, but oh so difficult...and usually done to perfection.
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    I haven't posted here in years and I remember how rough you readers can be but I'll risk being ridiculed. After watching the Southeast regional in Atlanta I was happy to see that Phantom finished well and has a good chance of making finals again this year, but I thought the ending does not live up to a couple of their previous dramatic show endings that had the crowd on their feet, screaming. So I went to bed and awoke to go the the bathroom about 4am Sunday morning because I'm a 71 year old guy and that's what we do thanks to Mr. Prostate. As I shuffled to and from the bathroom with my eyes half closed I suddenly had a vision of a new ending that would be simple to implement (I think) while adding a great deal of drama. Hear me out. I've read a lot about Joan of Arc and there are many known general facts but many lesser details are unknown. We know that she was taken to the town square in Rouen, France to be burned at the stake and 800 troops surrounded her so the adoring masses couldn't somehow rescue her. Joan also had a priest accompany her. Currently the show ends with the hornline and percussion front and center and the guard spread around the field with Joan on the tower in the center of the field, alone, except for some puffs of smoke. Pretty weak, emotionally. And it's not the actual scene of her death. Thinking of how this show's ending differs from both their Juliet and Spartacus shows, it's a matter of staging. In Juliet, after Romeo collapses and dies on the 50 yard line, Juliet runs to him and holds him but she's inconsolable and decides to kill herself. But, she doesn't do it on the field. She runs up to the drum major's podium and commits suicide as close to the crowd as possible and the audience roared it's approval. In Spartacus, after our hero has been killed, one of the Roman officers who was sympathetic towards him grabbed a spear and ran up to the drum major's podium where he skewered the Roman general whose army killed Spartacus. Again, the crowd roared. (Incidentally, the bad Roman general who was killed was none other than Will Pitts. You unkind fans can insert jokes here) So, how to replicate the actual scene? Currently, as they end the show, the brass and percussion players are front and center so they don't have to move much. They can briefly separate so the tower can be pushed to the front of the field and then close back in to surround it as it passes. The brass players are now the 800 soldiers. Now use a portion of the ladies in the guard to act as the crowd. They would be facing the soldiers, most of them on their knees with their hands in prayer position in front of them and also crossing themselves. Perhaps one or two of them would either break through the soldier's ranks or be allowed to place small bouquets of flowers at the base of the tower. Now all you need is for one guy to be dressed in a brown, ankle length priest's robe to stand at the foot of the tower. That completes the scene. As for the music, I suppose they could play what they use now but how about a reprise of Fire. The musicians already know the music and it's much more forceful for this scene. Now for the real drama. There are many accounts of what Joan's last words may have been but I don't think anyone knows for sure. So, let's take the one that is most dramatic for our purpose. The Catholic church excommunicated Joan for being a heretic but in her mind she was still pious and considered herself a good Catholic. After all, she had only done what the visions of angels (and Saint Michael) had instructed her to do. One account I read was that just before the fire was lit she told the priest that the last thing she wanted to see before she died was a crucifix. She asked him to "hold it high, so I can see it above the smoke and flames." Wow. Picture that image. I think we got ourselves an ending. So the priest got a long pole and attached the crucifix to the top of it and held it up high in front of her as she was consumed by the flames. And, this is my thought, to add even more pathos, have her kiss the crucifix as the music builds and then slump in death a few moments later on the last thundering note of the show. If that wouldn't get the crowd up and screaming I'd eat one of their pith helmets, without salt. (maybe a little ketchup) This is the recounting of my dream. Am I crazy to think this, or at least some of it, is simple enough to implement even with the limited amount of time left? (On second thought, don't comment about the crazy part.) And remember, God is surely with them, although I do wish I would have had this vision a month ago. And I don't mean to criticize the instructors. Maybe they have something similar in mind. As Joan would have said, hey, I'm just telling you what I see in my visions. Don't kill the messenger. Suta!
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    i'll paraphrase a much maligned and hated member of our activity...Bloo has a top class design, SCV has the best performers, BD has the most balanced show...so what does this mean for the last 1-1/2 weeks? I don't see any major changes between now and next thursday, so now is the time to clean the execution if Bloo can clean the feet, playing, etc enough to make up a few tenths to stay close enough to BD and use the GE to finish the job...i dont think they can improve the book numbers too too much now. win or lose, this 2019 production will get a ton of play in my car and while i workout...its fun, and it looks like the kids are having fun doing it.
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    Boston is going to make some noise! 4th 5th or 6th, they are awesome!
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    the problem with sitting in the seats you describe is that everything is aimed at the box, which varies show to show except for the last 2/3 shows of the year. Every stadium is different. I don't mind that they use it, but the balance issue is annoying, and I have sat by many boxes where the balance sucks, and you see nothing reflected on the recap. ( ok i will confess...over usage of bass drops gets ####### old fast). Until the judging community is willing to let someone have it for performance long balance issues, nothing will change. Now, what I see/hear at home on Flo means nothing, cause their mics are usually at field level right by the amps ( how they haven't figured out a workaround to this amazes me), so if it's bad one, so be it. But there was one year Crown's goo was so bad at Allentown at times i had to fight to hear the corps, and they popped high 9's on the upstairs music sheets. Sorry, but BS! Live by the plug, die by the plug. But the judging community refuses to pull that trigger.
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    There is a show in TBD, IL tomorrow evening, but I can't find the town on Google Maps. Here is the lineup: 7:00 PM Welcome & National Anthem 7:10 PM Teal Sound 7:26 PM Sky Ryders 7:42 PM Dutch Boy 7:58 PM Glassmen 8:14 PM Intermission 8:30 PM 27th Lancers 8:46 PM Bayonne Bridgemen 9:02 PM Velvet Knights 9:18 PM Scores Announced Who else wants to go?!
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    While we are waiting, here's a musical joke I heard today which may be appropriate for all those percussionists thinking of going pro... What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend? Answer: Homeless.
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    Thank you so very much for this post!!
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    Interesting post by Chuck Naffier on a Scouts FB fan page giving his take on what has gone on this summer. He says the members of the 2019 Scouts have great enthusiasm but "very little experience," and describes the undertaking as a "complete rebuild." He says the strategy was to put together a crowd pleasing show at the expense of "playing the game this first year" because that should pay off in retention. Getting the young members to return is the key, and "kids come back for staffs who come back in this era." He acknowledges that upgrades are needed in many areas and says the approach to programming in 2020 will be different. The first step was letting applause "wash over the guys, and building an appetite" for that kind of crowd reaction. He says there will be a larger recruiting pool next season and the corps will perform better. It took more than one year to reach this point and there are "no magic bullets." Going forward, he says the priority is to "teach and retain so we never have to start at such an elementary level again - which translates into more advanced show design, which fuels the cycle of success." So the good news is that the staff does seem to have a plan. But with 2019 being step one in a total rebuild, that raises the obvious question of how the hell did top management allow a long-time powerhouse like the Madison Scouts to get into this predicament?
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    No idea how many hours of time donated, but also the hosting & domain registration costs as well. Fun story - Pioneer was actually one of the first corps to have a website back in mid-90's. It was launched by another Pioneer member that I went to high school with. Right around 2000, he handed off the keys to me and I've been taking care of it ever since.
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    Thank you for the comprehensive review of the Pioneer website 🙂 Over the past 10 months, I honestly haven't had much time to spend on the website. Between the birth of our first child in September, and everything else that transpired with the organization itself... the website took a back seat on the priority list. With that in mind, I will fully admit that it's in a bit of shambles at the moment. Most of the website content was geared towards the organization being a participant on the DCI World Class tour, and everyone knows where that stands for the foreseeable future. Some of the DCI specific content was unpublished or rewritten, but other pages haven't been reviewed yet. With time, they all will be touched. In addition, there are some other programs in development for the organization at this point in time. Once those are solidified, the website will be completely revamped to reflect said programs.
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    And swept music against Bloo, that hasn't happened yet this season. I hope those Music analysis scores hold up!
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    Well, Mandarins brought it (+1.4 from last night, and closing in on their all-time-high score of 88.663), but Cadets brought more tonight. Good job, Cadets!
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    In the Fall, when Kings came back from war???
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    I will be in Hamburg Friday. Should arrive mid morning, and typically stay thru to watch the run thru. Weather is always iffy in the afternoon. Seems there is always a big thunderstorm that comes through. Last weather check shows that is a possibility this year, as well. On the plus side, so far the weather looks good for Friday night. Not sure I will have much to share, but if i notice anything new, i will try and post it.
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    Just got done treating Bloo to some Hawaiian Ice with some special flavors like STRAWBERRY Fields, BLACKBIRD Black, BLUECOATS FINALE tangy blueberry. Weather forecast is improving. Central Ohio drum corps fans...come on over.
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    As long as those rifles were spinning and “Danny Boy” came across loud and clear, performance order did’t stop 27th from owning the audience!
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    Burning Will Pitts at the stake will get the crowd on their feet.
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    Does BD just have two shows left until championship week? I think Allentown is their next show. Amazing job. That horn collapse at end of the opener was going to be a challenge to do well and clean and it’s paying off. That is a huge drill challenge to get right while playing.
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    "who would buy this chicken S&^! drum corps who would buy the ________"...............................................
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    Since I’m going to Lawrence on Thursday, Allentown for the weekend, and Indy, I have a feeling my favorite moments will be yet to come!
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    Cavies ballad is so far a clear #1 overall. Also really liked the first version of the all-rifle toss in the closer. This second version has less impact for me. Bloo soloists. BD's horn line marching clockwise within the circle of props. BD's flag toss over the props. Cavies paired flag tosses that are so well synched. Almost all of Blue Stars drill. Who'd have thought marching in DCI would be a thing?
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    This probably the most promising post in this thread to date. Of course there are people responsible for why the corps is rebuilding, but the Scouts are at where they are at and rebuilding is necessary. What remains to be seen is if things have stabilized and if we see growth and improvement next year and the years that follow.
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    The Crossmen Alumni spontaneously began a "sponsor a meal" program after the season began this year. It has been amazingly successful. Almost all the meals have been sponsored. Some are by individuals. Others are by alumni from a specific year pooling resources. I think people really respond when they know their money is going to something specific.
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    Your mother was INDEED the best I've ever seen at running a food operation for a corps. The "Men of Madison" we so fortunate to have her. She took care of them as if they were all her sons...and I know because one of them was my son. Hall of Fame worthy!
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    A fantastic night of drum corps viewing...hard to imagine a better non-regional venue than BB&T Stadium, and the weather was just about ideal. I actually went with my dentist(!), who I've known since we graduated from rival high schools the same year. Just some random thoughts... NCA&T - Glad to see these guys performing here, perfect way to start things off. Of particular interest were the 8 or so marching floor toms (at least that's what they sounded like, looked like mini-basses) SPIRIT - Love the big dual flag work in the ballad, interesting musical book, and handled all the costume changes well. The ending moment with the door was a nice surprise. I really need to check out the source music. PHANTOM - Absolutely one of my favorites this year (bought my first ever Phantom T-shirt). For everyone ragging on their design, it is one of the few shows that holds my interest musically AND visually the whole way through. I just about lost it with the trumpet/mellophone horn switching...brass players, how hard is that to do? Love seeing the male guard members in the regular uniform in the first part of the show. The ensemble vocals in the closer have a raw energy and you can tell these folks are pouring their hearts into it. I cannot believe this is 12th place. BLUE STARS - Fantastic full ensemble brass sound, though I miss those lush major seventh chords from last year. Like the way they take the theme to the hilt. This was the first group that got me scratching my head trying to figure where the soloist was (we were sitting low side 2 just inside the speaker placement). The uniforms look good up close but man, so much detail, so busy when trying to take everything in on the move...does saturation = effect? BLUE KNIGHTS - OMG...you can actually still design a music book like this??? Where each musical moment flows organically into the next without any contrivances to ramp up the content scores or just provide filler for the visuals? Hard to remember the last time I was so emotionally affected by a show like this...thank you BK, simply spellbinding! CADETS - Much, much more well received live than in recent broadcasts. Brass playing with greater control this evening. No need to repeat others' criticisms, I'm sure lessons have been learned. Did they remove some of the ending from Atlanta? CRUSADERS - I really like this design team's approach. The show is clear, powerful, easy to follow...not just a random assault on the senses. I wish the music book had a little more depth to it. Percussion sounded just fine from my vantage point. My big question, why do they not use an actual slingshot prop?? Is it safety concern? CAVALIERS - Favorite pit of the night! Low brass is also to die for. Unquestionably high energy, feel like it all just whizzes by you before you can take it all in. A few too many visual transitions with the horns running/scattering from one side to the other...used to seeing more craft and cleverness from these guys. Kinda feel like if you put this year's music with last year's visual (minus tarps of course) they could be medaling. BLUECOATS - Smiling, cheering, roaring, stomping the whole way through for my alma mater. "Within You Without You" is my favorite section, show is over too quickly. I am a little concerned by how much pre-recorded material is featured. A few loose moments between brass and percussion, feel like there is more to be achieved on the Music Analysis front. The homer in me would like to see them win, however... BLUE DEVILS - ...are making a believer out of me. So many amazing things large and small. Each musical section has its own distinct groove to it. This is the most ever I have enjoyed the BD guard, especially the saber work in the ballad...reminds of the Cadets flag work in 1997 - so active, yet tasteful and elegant at the same time. Hoping they will turn off the ghost light for finals week. VANGUARD - Yeah, they play the snot out of everything but it just seems like a tale told of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Trust me, I have always ADORED SCV and last year was the bomb, but I'm hoping this angry hipster rebel phase wears off soon. Showing my age here but I remember when Don Angelica referred to them as the "Rolls Royce" of the industry...not sure what make and model would be appropriate now. I did enjoy hearing that screamer trumpet from last year again...does he have bionic lips or something? CROWN - I was ready for that opening hit and they did not let me down! Wish they had used more of the minor mode from the original in the rest of the opener. Intonation in the ballad is just jaw-droppingly pristine, maybe they can get just a little more crescendo out of it? Closer does indeed have that Madison-esque vibe going for it, on our feet well before the end. USMC - G Bugles!!! That is all. Despite my reactions probably being typical of an early 90's FMM slipping into dino-dom, there is nowhere else on earth I would have rather been than last night. The intensity and artistry of today's performers is still as thrilling to see as ever. Thanks to all the corps for making me feel like a kid at Christmas, and to the Crown folks for hosting such a first class event. Here's hoping for all great performances as the 2019 tour winds down, all too soon.
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    I’ve finally come to grips with all the “bells and whistles” that exist today. I’m good with it all. So long as audiences stand and cheer I’m happy. So, how can this old dino manage this? I no longer enjoy DCI as simply `drum corps.` That’s what I was doing years ago. I was then, but this is now. Today, I enjoy a Music Spectacle. An ever-changing, always fresh, mix of sight and sound. An admitted perfectionist, I’m always just looking for EXCELLENCE. Superior performance from everyone and everything. I’m the guy you catch adjusting a wall hanging at your place. DCI is perfect for a guy like me. No matter what’s going on out there on the field of competition. . . today’s performers and staff share the same goals I value. We are one. Bring it on !
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    The more I listen to the music, the more I hear 2013 (the incredible side-to-side, multi-layer sound) and 2015 Kinetic Noise. Vintage Thrower.
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    Spirit and Mandarins looked and sounded awesome! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    For the fourth consecutive year the Bluecoats will be rehearsing at Newark High School prior to beginning the final leg of their tour. The evening rehearsal block is open to the public. The block will run from 7:30-9:30 followed by a full run of their show "The Bluecoats" and some encore selections. The admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students. The proceeds will be split between the corps and the Pride of Newark band. The Bluecoats merchandise stand will be open and the band boosters will operate a food/drink concession stand. White Field is located at the corner of 11th and Church Streets. Parking is in the lot off Church Street just west of the stadium. The corps will NOT be in uniform. As with any outdoor performance the weather could impact the schedule for this event.
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    @Cappybara is just calling out my throwing shade on prognosticating in a discussion forum. No worries. I just like to point out that it IS prognostication. There is no reason to actually suspect major motion all of the sudden given the score ceilings, time that has past, time that is left and about a dozen other things that are what they are. This is a competitive year that started as such and will end as such. When it's done, everyone will posit their absolutely certain theories about how one group out managed the other and won over supremely (in spite of an overall point advantage of a few tenths... more or less). I just like to openly critique that kind of discussion when I can. It's my job.
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    Bluecoats home show is the last (along with Lake Erie Fanfare) before finals. I'm not suggesting they skip it. It's a privilege to have that. Their band of excellence and HOF game stuff is fantastic for the whole drum corps community. I don't think missing this show is necessarily an advantage on BD's part. Yesterday-where I meant to post in the post ATL prediction thread was to open up a discussion about the extra opportunity for motivation that the Bluecoats have vs the practice time BD has. It's a moot point though an @cfirwin3 is right. This is a great year and there are only 1-2 shows in the whole top 12 that I am neutral/don't like...all of the others I am very excited to see live next week! I wasn't trying to open up the whole BD doesn't have enough shows debate (I would love for them to come to Akron though...as I am sure west coast fans would love to see the Bluecoats in California)
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    $100 says they play Greensleeves and wear shakos taller than Lincoln's stovepipe.
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    Yes, those recordings are not the best but I expect they might be similar to someone who periscopes a show. Plus BD country is my hometown. I have seen their show many times via live, youtube and FLO from their Family Day till now so I think I can hear the differences in their performances. Usually I'm a big SCV fan but I follow what both corps do as they compete.
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    East coast time makes me happy 🙂
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    5th. Behind Cavaliers and in front of Crown.
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