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    1. With a Bluecoats outright win, DCI would have three unique champions in three successive years. (Note: not quite sure why I thought this was so rare.)The longest stretch of unique champions in consecutive years in DCI history is five years (88-92). 2. With a Bluecoats win or tie, they would join an elite group of corps with more than one DCI title (Blue Devils, Cadets, Vanguard, Cavaliers, Scouts, Phantom). 3. With a Blue Devils win or tie, they would break their own record with 19 DCI Championships (76-77, 79-80, 82, 86, 94, 96-97, 99, 03, 07, 09-10, 12, 14-15, 17). 4. If Blue Devils finish first or second, they will have placed gold or silver in 13 straight DCI championships. If they place third or higher, they will have medaled in 14 straight years. In any of these cases, they will have finished fifth or higher in 45 consecutive years. 5. With a first place caption award in percussion, Santa Clara Vanguard would tie the record-holding BD 83-86 drum lines with four consecutive Sanford awards. 6. If the corps currently rated 1-12 make finals, it will be the first time since 2015 that the finalist corps would be the same for two consecutive years. Of the corps currently rated 1-12, eleven have been in finals each year since 2014. The twelfth corps was Madison (14-15), The Academy (16), Madison (17), Mandarins (18).
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    I Was enjoying time with family so I stopped posting after the first few. I'd just like to say that these days, 12th place designs and executions are the championship shows from 20 years ago. So as our resident "homers" speculate and posit reasons why particular corps aren't doing better and scoring higher... I'm telling you that it's just the environment... don't take your corps' placement and score personally. As design grows in complexity and demand, the 'box' rubric ratings will shift in meaning... it's basic relativity. Here is a short blurb for each: Crossmen: solid writing and execution. Dark and mean. What these brass books demand and what the kids do with it is light years beyond the good ol' days. Phantom Regiment: graceful on the chorale moments. A bit more emotional 'angst' at times than what I am used to from them. Mandarins: It's no fluke. They are getting great instruction. But why is everything so dark?! 3 shows in a row with pretty edgy content. Blue Knights: very classy show. As the guy behind me noted "I have no clue what's going on... but it's good". Carolina Crown: after the Morricone duet my wife said "well that was perfect". Pretty much sums them up. The abstraction has them a bit isolated scoring wise. I think they will remain untouched in 4th place without being caught by Boston or Cavaliers and without catching Santa Clara. Boston Crusaders: the kid's favorite show. She knows David and Goliath and was asking if he was going to lose his head... we weren't disapointed. Great visual design! Cavaliers: clear meaning of design and great execution. This is not a struggling program. It is scoring well in a field of tough competition. Stop the fretting, Cavie fans. Santa Clara Vanguard: Edgy edgy stuff. Love the solo and small group work. Some of the angry emoting takes me out of it. I think it mostly had to do with the fact that nearly every program up to this point focused heavily on conflict and angst. The visual package was great and the people talking about how they just stand around are apparently watching with their eyes closed. Bluecoats: Crowd favorite by a mile. If this hometown crowd is any indication of what to expect at finals, the GE judges are going to have a hard time withholding a dominant figure for them. It was also nice to end the night of programmed angst and conflict with smiles and happiness. All sections are super strong and the visual is read much better in person than on video. Solos balance perfectly in a live setting and the old saying that video doesn't do it justice is still true (especially when it comes to musical critique). I like this rendition of drumcorps. People complaining that they dont play as much, don't move as much, don't scream and blast as much can go eat rotten eggs as far as I'm concerned. What we have now is deeply engaging, and profoundly musical. Amplification allows these soloists to do the hard work of being great musicians... NOT the easy work with LESS effort. Solos have never sounded more beautiful and masterful in the history of the activity. I watched a 12th place corps perform drill while playing that dwarfs the best efforts of the champions of the 90s... and this material wasn't even an impact moment of the show. Shame on the self-righteous critics for their careless nearsightedness. Great show! Very impressive!
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    No idea where to even start! Best show I've been to yet. It was a great experience and glad to take some new and old fans along with me! Found out my aunt, who I invited along was actually into DCI heavily about 20 years and fell off for family reasons. So this was her first show since then! I asked her how is it now compared to then and to summarize her 3 main points she said were, "More athletic. More lyrical. Darker themes." Interesting as these have all been discussed on here before. Alright now to get some quick thoughts down! Crossmen: Probably never easy opening a show but they held their own and owned it as the first performance. Seems like a more mature version of last years group. My favorite show of the first half of performers. Phantom Regiment: This group has seriously improved over the course of the season and I really liked seeing this show in person! They sound great and have really cleaned up. I would say they're just a small notch above Crossmen. Maybe. Mandarins: This show didn't grab me as much as last years. With that being said I still enjoyed them and think they're right where they should be competitively! Blue Knights: I would say a noticeable notch above the others. They appeared much cleaner which probably helped. A very mature show. My least favorite of the night but that doesn't diminish the talent this group has! -Intermission- Carolina Crown: This is where the performance level jumped for the night. That opening hit is a highlight of the show for me. That ballad was LOUD. The music of the show is one of my favorites for the season. They were the first corps to get a majority of the crowd on their feet! Boston Crusaders: Not to cause a stir but to me, Boston seemed louder and more engaging than Crown. Story shows have really become Boston's thing. I don't believe Crown should be 2 points ahead of the Crusaders. The Cavaliers: WOW! I was not a fan of the show at the beginning of the season but this has grown into one of my favorites. That brassline is on fire. Major improvement over last year, just seems everyone else has majorly improved from last year as well. Santa Clara Vanguard: I'll say the same thing I said last year about them. Their performance levels are what's driving this show. The show has grown on me but still not one of the favorites. But the way they perform make you want to fall in love with it. This performance hit another notch above the night. The Bluecoats: Honestly this show just feels larger than life in every way possible. This is easily the best edition of the Bluecoats possibly ever. You feel every moment of this show. No matter where this show places, it has to go down as one of the greats. Loved the new ending. This show was a notch above the rest of the field (Totally unbiased opinion) I'm probably missing a whole bunch, but I'm tired and want some sleep! Fantastic night all around and congrats to all performers on a great season! See ya all in theaters Thursday!
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    Before things get crazy this week...... I’m a Bluecoats fan, but I can’t wait to see how the show down goes. All fans win when we have more than one show that is a serious championship contender and we’ve had a pretty much dead beat since San Antonio. If BD pulls out a win, I’ll be one of the first to congratulate them. Another masterfully crafted and performed show this year, and you will not see any ill will from me if they win! Best of luck this week, and may the slightly better performance win! 🙂
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    OR - the anomaly was Blue Stars score on July 24. Gain since July 22 is 2.375.
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    Just got home from the show. What a beautiful night for drum corps! The venue has the potential to be one of the best of any venue on tour. They just need to fix a few problems. The will call line was horrendous, and if you had a bag with you the line to get in was wrapped halfway around the stadium. It was extremely unorganized. Then the first half of the show they had vendors walking up and down the aisles during performances yelling for people top buy a beer. About halfway through the show they seemed to figure out that this wasn't that type of event.... fix these things and this will be a fantastic venue for drum corps! Everyone was on fire tonight! My daughter and I both agreed on our 3 favorites of the night. 1. Carolina Crown. No surprise here we're Crown homers through thick and thin. My goodness that brass is unreal. The corps as a whole has really locked over the last week and I couldn't be more excited for them! Keep pushing Crown! 2. Blooooo! Again no surprise here, I mean how could you not LOVE this show?! I have to give props to the designers on this one. They really know how to write an engaging and entertaining show. They know how to get people out of their seats. The whole stadium was on their feet for the last minute of the show. And congrats to the kids for really performing the heck out of this show! I just can't see anyone beating Bloo this year. 3. Crossmen, this was the surprise. Not the most talented group on the field tonight but we both LOVED this show! Very entertaining with some great brass and guard moments. And the award for most entertaining drum major definitely goes to the young lady with the Crossmen. She was FIRE! What a pleasant surprise this group was tonight, thank you for putting on such an entertaining show. Everyone was fantastic but it's late and I have to work tomorrow so I just wanted to hit on the 3 that we enjoyed the most.
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    I think the judges are starting to look beneath the surface.
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    No doubt about this. I am in love with their show this year. Want Bluecoats to win, but I will not complain if BD gets the win. Both are deserving. In recent years BD has really come up with a system that allows them to build and develop organically through the summer in a manner that is unique. Come August they are tough to beat.
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    What would I think? The more I hear about this stuff, it impacts how impressed I am with what I'm hearing. If what I'm hearing is mostly a talented soundboard guy and expensive equipment, then the "wow" factor is gone. On the other hand, it makes me more impressed by the corps who aren't doing it. Maybe they don't sound as good, but at least it is authentic. Legal or not, it's disappointing as a fan. Imagine if baseball made steroids legal and, suddenly, the number of home runs doubled. The home run would become less of impressive, as would the artificially pumped up players.
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    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. To pretend two similar forms of performance art (broadway & drum corps) are absolutely different and don’t overlap is ignorance at its finest. And to pretend that neither overlap under the term “art”...yea. Sheer stupidity. All this hand-wringing over drill is for naught. Cadets are staring down 9th/10th with a monstrously talented corps because the design team gave them an ill-conceived, poorly-written show to perform. Cadets dropped out of medals in 2015 because they too were performing a poorly-written and glaringly flawed design, not because they marched too much drill. Crown is struggling in GE this year because the show doesn’t make sense as a whole and none of the ideas they are intending to portray are coming through in the visual package or overall effect, not because they’re marching too much drill. BD succeeds because all of their design choices make sense, not because they eschew drill for staging. Moral of the story: perform a show with tons of drill, or very little. Just make sure it’s written with purpose and an intent to bring out the musicality and bring clarity to the program. Cadets don't move forward by trying to capture what is and isn’t popular in design; they move forward by simply putting out a show that makes sense in every aspect —- a task that was not met in the slightest this year.
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    My favorite memory of 2016 was how the Devils greeted and congratulated Bloo on their first championship ever. What a class act the Blue Devils are.
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    Found this gem this morning and started balling like a baby for no good reason at the crescendo. When I go to heaven this is what I hope it sounds like.
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    Only on DCP can you get references to The Crucible AND Caddyshack on the same thread. I’m dead. 😂
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    She's doing guard tonight in Open Class. I expect BDB to medal in guard even though they're not there. 😉
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    Packing the bags and flying out to Indy in the morning. Can't wait for Thursday night. It's going to be epic! GO CROWN!
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    This, this, and more of this! One of my favorite memories from marching Devs is that at every retreat, if a corps you were a part of in a prior season was announced, you could come to attention or show respect (at least in the battery we did this). I thought it was really cool, and it was something that vets only explained once we were on the field for retreat (the first time in Atlanta if my memory serves correct). There was also plenty of story sharing and just general appreciation of other people's experiences from other corps and years of marching. Only real place I experienced that sort of camaraderie. Excited to see what this week holds for everyone! Thanks to this year's iteration of Devs for making the season so enjoyable (and to the other corps as well)! Do it up! #ISmellSmoke
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    Right back at ya regarding Bloo. I just hope that come Saturday nite, BD and Bloo fans can be respectful and cordial to each other. Of course every fan base has their jerks, and i am certain those jerks will come around Saturday nite trolling and spewing hate if their corps finishes 2nd. But it's up to us classy BD/Bloo honks to call them out and get them outta both corps threads and the finals thread. Here's to both fan bases showing love and respect, and keeping it classy. I wish Bloo nothing but the best of luck, and i hope they have a three night run that will be talked about for decades. And as for my beloved Devils, time to pull out your Kevin Durant............You know who i am...........don't act like you don't know who i am! (for those of you who don't get that, YT Kevin Durant's interview from a few months ago). DO IT UP DEVILS!!
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    I didn't read everything, but did anyone note Bloo's tumble? There was a quick ClusterFack, and somebody went down. She recovered very quickly, though. DCI had BETTER get their spit together if they want to continue this TOC here. They moved it from Massillon due to the huge crowds. Really? FOUR ticket windows open? This might not be Ohio State, but the place is built to get more than twice as many in and out (welp, it's Akron football, but...). Luckily, somebody had the presence of mind to wander around with cash-only ticket sales -- and another grabbed some WILL CALLS ("I have last name 'J' here!") and helped moved the lines. I'm not delving into a big review, but a few things stood out: Mando needs a heart. The crowd was way too tepid to that show. Don't put the cart before the horse, Designers. Phantom's ballad just doesn't work. The arrangement is choppy, cloppy, interrupted with percussion, comes back in, and by that time, the moment is lost. Four words: Blue. Knights. Can. DRILL! I'm rarely moved by them (*ducks slings/arrows*), but there is a lot of great marching. That huge rectangle that swiftly rotates? Tasty! Boston tells a simple tale in a rather simple way. Musically speaking, they should finish in 6th. Don't play Bill Conti unless you have the brass horses. Ah, shaddap, Tad, and watch the guard. Holy Facking Moly! Cavies are wonderfully musical. There's too much soft-and-pretty drill for me (and for the Gorgon theme), but they play exceedingly well! (*REALLY ducking slings/arrows) SCV gave me a headache. Literally. They play too loudly. Bloo's encore was louder (and closer, as we moved). But the tone quality and intonation were spot-on. This is a 5th place corps. Even drums, though fantastic, are like Stewie Griffin: MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! YES! WE KNOW YOU'RE THERE! (Moments of subtlety are impressive. Hint hint.) Three words: Crown. Will. Medal. They have a wonderful drill, and they'll most certainly win music this week. I'm not a fan of the ballad, but it's warm velvet on my face, so bring it. One word: Bloo. Wait. 3 more: Oh. My. GOD. I saw BD last week and wanted a tie. No, Bloo needs to win DCI. I love BD, but this show makes me feel like I'm the only person in the stadium, and they came to perform for me. That's the best way to describe how compelling they are. What would make it better? Lose the "Hold Your Hand" singing, and put that into the hands of a mello player. And did they remove the TILT moment? We all missed it. Question: is there enough substance for the judges to put this over BD? I really think they play better, and they march well and guard well. Can't wait until Thursday! PS: Did I coin the nickname "Mando?" It probably won't stick, but I dig it. 😁
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    If Vanguard are wondering what that heat is they feel on the back of their necks, it's Crown. We now have one dogfight between 1 and 2, and another between 3 and 4. This season just keeps getting more exciting.
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    Bluecoats at the Akron show were phenomenal, and the akron venue is the greatest venue. Please have this show here every year from now on and ditch massilon. As much as i love the sound at Massillon because of the overhang, akron is just so much better for it all: crowd size ( anyone have a total?) merchandise (Blooo’s souvie line was packed all night long) concessions and bathrooms, sound was still awesome, announcements and corps speakers all could be heard clearly (though the same woman announcer always cracks me up, she gets something wrong every year i think she jumped the gun at the end of the cavies’s show lol) Parking? Maybe a little unorganized from exchange street and i do think they weren't so efficient in getting everyone through quickly for bag checks etc. but lots of police on the streets for traffic afterwards and it looked like corps had good spots for their trucks and busses, and the stadium is just beautiful and the entrance and exits of corps for set up etc looked so easy (compared to buffalo). And what an amazing crowd. They know how to watch and appreciate drum corps. No talking around me at all during a performance and then the applause and love they showed!! I hope all the corps felt it. What a great send off to Indy for all of them. And the program was amazing. Bloo was pouring out the love for everyone who has supported them. That is a lot if work to put together. All in all it was a great great night of drum corps.. the best way to enjoy summer. And bluecoats this year are inspiring.
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    I don't care what anyone says. I loved Crown's show and I am glad that they've shown that marching and playing can still be entertaining. I especially love the change at the end of the show. I hope they overtake at least SCV. Go Crown!
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    How about you speak plainly about what you know and present some evidence?
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    Even though Cadets have been the subject of much contrition over the past 5 years (I'm speaking show design only here), I've always admired @George Dixon's unending loyalty to his home team. These haven't been 5 easy seasons to watch if you're a Cadets lover, not to mention the behind the scenes stuff. One could even call him the @Hook'emCavies of The Cadets. I'll always appreciate hopefulness & optimism during down times for a corps from said corps' homers. Otherwise things quickly devolve into Madison-esque threads. And no one wants that.
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    For BD, it doesn't matter what shirt you sport. They don't get hung up on what you wear. Hey, you're in BD, one of the best drum corps ever, the pinnacle if it's your dream to march there. When you make it to BD, you have quite the war stories to share of your time with other corps you marched before. It's all good and hey it's Nat's Week!
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    Thursday's Prelim schedule has Crown performing right before SCV, can't wait to see these two fight it out this weekend!
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    The family had a great time last night in Akron. You didn't disappoint! AWESOME show!
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    Keep in mind this poster also calls judges "clowns" when he disagrees with their assessments. Take what is said with a grain of salt
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    OP posted to start a #### storm. why? The first 3 days of finals week are the quietest. we need some kind of drama on DCP!
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    There's been a lot of years when the "robotic/mechanical" Devils as a lot of people refer to them just do what they do best and win without much challenge. The years when they've won and they've just seemed to be more human, relaxed and kids just having the times of their lives are the years they pull it off with a little more panache. As much as I enjoy Bloo, I sense this is one of those years for BD.
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    Bloo is carrying these shows with awesome.
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    I remember when Cadets used to do this (In the Spring, The American West, Celebration, Stonehenge, We Are The Future). I wish they would go back to this. The current direction does not seem to be working for them at all. I hope next year they can get me excited again. This is the first year in a long time that my drum corps season posts on a Cadets thread have been minimal. Bring me back. I'm begging you.
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    I was listening/watching some drum corps shows online and how moving and powerful Phantom Regiment's show "Into the Light" from 2010 is. I was moved to tears and and it really touches my soul. What are some shows that really move you to tears, excitement, etc? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IOTiGLbS45s&t=8s
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    Lol saw The Who in concert over Memorial Day weekend and Pete Townson was saying he’s proud he doesn’t use ear buds. Oh course next thing you heard was Roger Daltry... “he’s deaf as a post anyway” 😝
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    Just had my moment of Bloo Nirvana last night. Was hanging out with Doug Thrower and Jim Moore at 1am after the show when Great Gig in the Sky came on. My life is complete 🤣🍁💙
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    George is a great guy. I feel like many others would say I am the George Dixon of The Cavaliers. Either way, I hope The Cadets have an incredible run during Championship week!
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    Seems to me the flaw in this year's show is that it is not artistically coherent. Things happen and they just do not make any sense collectively. The performers are doing all they can, but honestly if this show was being done by a corps in the group just out of finals, they woud be lucky if they made top 17 or so. At this point it is simple: enjoy what you can about the show and the performances and work on things next year.
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    I stood behind the wheelchair seating in the lower level for the Bluecoats show and I wish there were words to adequately express how their show made me feel. The music was divine and the energy took my breath away. She's So Heavy ranks right up there with Crown's Bohemian Rhapsody in my book as amongst the most jaw dropping moments in my limited drum corps experience. I am not a musician. I am just the mom of a former mm who appreciates the intensity and theatricality that all of the corps bring to the field (as well as a huge Beatles fan!). Thank you to all of the corps who performed last night. I can't wait to see you at the movies! Go Blooooo!!!!
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    Dont forget in 2014 when scores was announced, BD and Bloo embracing. Class act by both corps.
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    GE would increase, probably
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    2002 Boston...brought me to tears, the emotions were still very raw from 11 months before. 1995 Bloo as well 2011 Scouts
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    What rule is being violated? "The other team uses their electronics better than we do!" is not a rules violation.
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    It would be apropos for Carolina Crown to score 1.61803398875 at Finals. Fortunately it will be much higher.
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    There are several current members who do not identify as male. The corps has rallied around them. The new “all inclusive Scouts” policy has been a wonderful turn of events for them. (The kids today do not view gender as black and white as old folks do). The Scouts of 2019 are not the “bastion of masculinity” that some thing the Scouts of 1987 were. Time change. Let’s stop bashing and start cheering! Have a great end of tour, Scouts!
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    First time the corps broke 96 prior to at the finals venue
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    I just want them to prove to the nay sayers and themselves that they can do it, regardless of the design shortcomings. Oh, and to prove that MARCHING is still relevant.
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    Doug Thrower has done as much for the musical direction of DCI as anyone. Well deserved induction into the DCIHOF.
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