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    Kudos to Jeff for judging the PERFORMANCE in front of him and ignoring the rest of the season. Too many judges make up their minds about a show early and NEVER take a fresh look at each performance. Clearly Jeff is a judge who's willing to let the performers change his mind. And that's the guy you want evaluating your show.
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    I wanted to post this after semi finals but life got in the way and my phone was dead. I'm glad I am posting now though since the season has had a few days to settle. Please feel free to post your thoughts on 2019 shows as well. Conveniently- I will be commenting on every WC corps and the top 3 in OC. 25. Seattle Cascades- all I can say is WOW. I knew if the Cascades were the 25 seed that this is a great year for drum corps. Those jazz soloists were phenomenal. The grid, itself was a little scary. I thought we learned our lesson with the Cavaliers last year. Feet getting caught left and right but no falls. Very cool when the grid was lifted though. 24. Jersey Surf- Oh man. I have always wanted to see Jersey Surf live and I finally got the opportunity to. Very musical, visually pleasing, and easy to follow. Liked the uniform change. Maybe not as fun as 12/13 but well done and tastefully performed. 23. Music City- Hello! Truth be told I watched them rehearse the percussion feature in Conneaut Lake on Sunday. Was hoping to stay longer but it started to rain. That's okay though because I was wowed by the brass, the overall GE, and the amount of color in this show. Sure it was probably too cute- but I thought it should have swapped with Genesis in placement. My favorite of the first group on the field. 22. Gold- Well. I'll be. This California group had no trouble making the trip to Indy, fielding 16 CONTRAS, and grabbing the OC bronze. A nice show that reminded me of the game of Life with unique color guard props and all original music. A major step up from last year. This is my pick for the next group to jump to world class. 21. Legends- I like this OC corps. Instead of the ocean I pictured the Siren of the great lakes taking down many ships at Whitefish point and Thunder Bay. Easy show to get into. 20. Genesis- Nice 10th anniversary tribute show with earthen tones. Quite interesting to see the Greensleeves waving out of the props. 19. The Spartans- Experiment X. The program description had me almost uninterested especially since I just saw another 10th anniversary show...but WOW I loved this one. They definitely deserved the OC victory... although Im a sucker for Latin music on the football field. 18. Troopers- There is definitely a gap between 19-25 and the Troop. The whole Star Trek thing wasn't my cup of tea but wow is that hornline tasty. 17. Madison Scouts- If you are interested you can read my full experience on the Madison hype train thread. This was probably the most emotional show of the year for me. Unbelievably fantastic. Really makes me want to go back in time and see the 75-97 scouts live. 16. The Colts- I think this show had the strongest GE of non-finalist corps. Hells Bells and throwing the trident then Hell freezes over and the visual effects mixed with the ice cold sounds of chimes in the pit. Very fun, musical, easy to follow show all around. 15. The Academy- Bridge over troubled water was beautiful. I don't know if I was still drained from the previous two shows but I really miss the fun Academy from 2015-2017. Very nice performance but probably the least interesting show design of the year (but hey- would have been middle of the pack most years). 14. Pacific Crest- Whaaa? The lights were a very cool effect and I want to congratulate them on their highest score and placement of all time. This show had a great message and was performed well. Didn't make me ugly cry like BK 2014 but still a nice show. 13. Spirit of Atlanta- I was hoping this show would go places but where it landed placement-wise is just about right. Very nice, musical show that mixed very modern stuff and swing. Three uniform changes. A bit overkill but that's okay. I think Spirit Blue is plenty neon for the neon underground. Visually the ATL was very cool. 12. Phantom Regiment- Although they ended up in 12th this is the best flicker of Hope and Phantom show since 2012. Absolutely beautiful brass moments. Arguably some of the best brass moments of the night. Some cool visual moments and the chant was powerful. Some very awkward transitions though. Regardless I have a good feeling about Phantom 2020 if they make some minor changes. 11. Crossmen- I. Love. This. Show. One of the most enjoyable of the year for me. The field entrance (props and all), the tambre of the guitar, the power, the percussion feature, some great brass licks, the ride of the Valkyrie motifs from the trombones. The Valkyrie visual. The weird costumes. Just a great show all around. Great job Crossmen. 10. The Mandarins- Very Creepy Show. Fantastic, dark brass. Loved that the tenor voice in brass was all Euphoniums. Very interesting to watch the guard (and battery) tell the story line throughout this show. The Mandarins are great at that. If they fix their percussion issues they could climb- but they have had 2 years in a row of shows that are actually kind of scary. 9. The Cadets- Percussion and battery were absolutely amazing and had some fantastic features. I did not feel empowered as a female by this show. And that's all I have to say about that. 8. Blue Stars- Another corps that brought me one of my favorite shows by them in years. I think that from a visual and narration standpoint this story was told very well. The brass and percussion also sounded great. Not sure how I feel about almost the entire corps going to bed during the solo...but I did like the tents😁 7. Blue Knights- My favorite show, at least musically, of the year. I also find the blurry mirrors to be a wonderful aide in the show theme. The brass and percussion are together. There are such open and exposed sections of the show. There are beautiful moments of pure silence and reflection. From the Hurt solo to the end is so powerful and emotional. 6. Boston Crusaders- Ah. Yes. Now we have entered the top 6. Huge jump. Brass sounded great, Guard was absolutely amazing and crucial to the story telling. Very nice, easy to follow show. They added some extra Gore for semis and people seemed to love the David v. Goliath fight. I didn't miss the shot this time. 5. The Cavaliers- Another wonderful, fun, easy to follow show. Brass and percussion were extremely powerful, and the Cavaliers Guard were great to watch for fighting and portraying the show theme. Easily one of the best Cavaliers hornlines of all time. 4. Carolina Crown- Compared to most- this was a no frills drum corps show. Lots of movement and classic marching and formations by the MMs and they provided great visuals. Brass was beautiful and extremely clean as expected for Crown and Gabriel's Oboe gets my nod for best ballad of the year. Percussion was tight and probably my favorite percussion feature of the year too. 3. Santa Clara Vanguard- you haven't heard loud until you have heard SCV 2019. Lots of aggression but also a good amount of beauty going on musically. Probably the most talented corps of 2019. I have no idea what was going on the whole time though. As a side note getting the sousaphone into the cage looked as difficult as mastering one of those puzzle games at the Cracker Barrel. 2. The Bluecoats- I think this show had the best musical arrangements of the year. Just sheer genius. A crowd favorite for years to come. So many little things going on at the beginning, Eleanor Rigby, just wow. Blackbird was absolutely beautiful, as most Bloo ballads are. Come together was a rock concert. Then they played an encore. Just WOW. 1. The Blue Devils- They came into the field with a swagger that only BD is capable of. It was obvious this was the most confident and comfortable corps of the year. They did some cool stuff with the multiple uses of props. My favorite thing about BD this year, as it is in most years, is the battery. I had my eyes on center snare the whole time as I know he is one of the most talented musicians on the field and it was his age out year. Overall I felt this was one of the most enjoyable years for DCI. Almost all of the shows were very entertaining. The singing trend seems to be dying down, there was a lot of diversity in show design, and many corps are starting to March and move again but unlike 15 years ago the emphasis is on overall GE, music and visual theming - rather than who can push the drill the farthest. This season went by fast and I am looking forward to what next year brings. ✌️
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    I've been saying this the past few years and it still holds true. Here is BDs record since 2007 07. 1 08. 2 09. 1 10. 1 11. 2 12. 1 13. 2 14. 1 15. 1 16. 2 17. 1 18. 2 19. 1 What is next in the sequence?
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    I wonder how much of an impact the results from this year and the direction that those in the top of the activity will have on the design process, philosophy, and direction the corps takes for this year... There is such a fine line between maintaining your identity, and following the latest trends. This guard needs a vehicle to strive, A character to portray, but some concessions might have to be made in how simple the music is for example.. Some more investment into Electronics and the Reinforcement of sound has to be made. Electronics have to be woven into the fabric of the design of the show to be effective and compete in the music captions.. The number one thing to take away from BD, SCV and Bluecoats is that the Transition is everything.. The Top 3 have figured out that there is never a time out in a show.. There is always something to watch, always something to enjoy. The old times of having both the Hornline and Guard transition to something new at the same time are gone.. BD has mastered this, always setting up their next moment while the previous moment is happening.. A Pit transition where both the guard and Hornline and Battery are transitioning to the next thing is Death blow to your GE. Avoid it at all Costs.. Finding a theme to weave all of these together is tricky and its why these Program Coordinators at the top of this activity are the most in-demand designers in our activity... I would like the Corps to acknowledge the 80th year off the field with special Jackets for the members and the Souvies should absolutely make a marketing scheme out of 80. But the on the field product should be free of any tribute unless subtle or extremely fresh and effective ideas that would work with the overall theme of the show. I want the 80th year to be remembered as the first year that Boston Medals in its history in DCI. I know the board wants this too. Work Hard and hold nothing back in making that happen...
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    Here are a few thoughts on BD and Bloo this year. I may add more about the rest of the corps and post that in the review section later this week. Great season overall and I believe fans were once again treated to outstanding shows. All the marching members of every corps should be congratulated. This was another competitive and entertaining summer. So many excellent shows. Drum & Bugle Corps is in a good place, and as an older supporter and fan of the activity (54 now) I continue to love the evolution and the spirit of competition. Big congratulations to the Concord Blue Devils on their Gold Medal and World Championship. They continue to lead the drum corps activity into the future and are a truly deserving champion. I was in love with their show from day 1, even when it was really rough and not fully finished. Ghostlight was a monster production and so creative. It is filled with highlight after highlight. Every section seems to shine. Now that's how you feature a violin player within a show of this nature. Loved it! Nobody cleans feet or body quite like BD, and that coupled with a killer percussion performance on Finals night was likely the minuscule difference that helped them inch over the amazing Bluecoats. In the end, it comes down to who has the best show on Finals night, and BD has a long track record of performing when it matters. Bloo did, too. So this was a sweet win for BD. To beat a corps like Bluecoats, with that amazing show of theirs, is a tough task. None of us should be surprised. Most people knew this could go either way. The two corps were trading victories down the stretch. It was a fantastic race to the finish. I get that some Bluecoats fans are sad today. I am definitely sad. I wanted Bloo to win badly. I was rooting for my hometown corps like crazy, but at the end of the day the Blue Devils deserved this title, just like Bloo would have had a few tenths gone their way. When the scoring is this close you simply can't get too upset when the judges call it the way they see it on Finals night. That's what they are supposed to do. Great show, BD! I will be watching this one as much as 2015 and 2017. Way to go, Bluecoats, on another game-changing show and design from one of the best design teams in the business (right there with BD and SCV). Your show, from day 1 in Detroit, set the drum-corps world on fire. The design, staging, color palette, musical arrangements, integration of guard, and on and on...it was truly magnificent. There are a million-and-one ways to destroy a show with music of the Beatles. Doing popular music in DCI -- especially music of iconic groups -- is not easy and takes guts. John Lennon would have given this show a standing ovation. It was classy, complex, artistic, and entertaining. A silver medal is nothing to sneeze at. I am sad the corps did not get the big trophy. But in the end you had the crowd and you were only .087 from a great Blue Devils corps. That's incredibly good. This now makes 6 top-3 finishes for the Bluecoats since 2010. The corps has become a trend setter in this activity, and we can't say enough about what Doug Thrower and company put together musically for this show. All in all, I think the design of "The Bluecoats" is one of the most masterful and seamless designs I have ever seen in this activity. Did I mention I am a "dino?" I've seen a lot of great designs. It was so obvious after the Detroit performance that this show was likely going to challenge for Gold. It did. Just as the Blue Devils have been leading the activity forward, so too are the Bluecoats. They have jumped on the front of the train when it comes to leading in design and performance. They did that back in 2014. Great to see the corps tie for total music and win general effect. That says a lot. I can't wait to see what this design team has in store for this activity next summer. I know it will be amazing.
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    I'll be watching the video of this Bluecoats 2019 production for years to come. Pure joy. Pure entertainment. Fully realized art... A masterpiece. Thanks to all the performers and the entire Bluecoats organization.
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    Who are you? Other than anonymous and irresponsible? Here is a thought - let the organization announce changes then we can cross post them here
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    He’s a nice guy. He kept calling me Queen Bee. 😂
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    Taken back by the blue hair highlights Queen Bee? No worries! Enjoyed meeting you and Jim, especially enjoyed Jim’s vernacular and use of the Queen’s English. He doesn’t mix words.
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    I'm not worried about Boston figuring things out. There were a few things that fell flat story wise, but woven with moments of wow. They will be the next newest DCI champ. I don't think we can discuss Drum Corps without cheese......yes BAC had some too.. I think every corps does.
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    Don't get me started! Who is saving the environment more -- the person on the scooter (has to be charged, has a battery, contains plastics) or the person walking?
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    His name is Anthony, I think he has one more year but don't quote me on that.
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    I'm enthused by the show of support for this man. His percussion and judging skills really are above reproach, and he's a great example of "Those who can, do and those who can't teach or judge". All that said, his axe-catching skills suck and need definite improvement.
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    150 pair of Ugg boots, slightly used, various sizes. Also a few sleds. 1 888 Blu Star, ask for Jack London
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    Why not both? They both satisfy completely different things for me. Blue Devils in their incredibly sophisticated themes and presentations paired with impeccable visual performance and Bluecoats in their incredible energy as performers and wildly entertaining shows. If this year has shown me anything, it’s that you do a show based completely on popular music or a really sophisticated theme and it doesn’t matter. It’s just how you do what you do, and can both be successful.
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    "More common" may be true, but is it pertinent? Do the math. Field judges interact with thousands of kids per performance, times the number of shows he judges, times the number of judges and times the number of shows they judge, divided by the number of collisions. Is "more common" in your parlance twice, or three times what some say here? Ten times more often? How many is that, 10 per season across all marching arts? 100 per season? Again, "more common" might correct some understatements here but, in the big picture, collisions are extremely rare and your correction shouldn't elevate the level of action or concern needed or taken.
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    Also helps have a group like SCV getting that 9.9... Not much else left to give BD when SCV deserves a 9.9 and he thinks BD deserves a 0.1 more.
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    Loved BAC and Devs together at Tanglewood and BAC w/ Boston Pops Esplanade July 4th Concert. Hopefully something similar will be in the plans and perhaps fit in a Harbor cruise for the MMs.
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    I thought there was an unofficial blackout until Labor Day (unless people post about leaving on their own, like the brass caption manager did).
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    Ironically, I watched the Flo stream in 2017 and 2018 and had zero problems. But Saturday night was a disaster. The Roku app must have crashed 15-20 times during Finals.
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    I think every corps in the top six from this year has the staff and talent to win it all. If all of them land a home run of a show in the same year.......... 😳
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    I heard the big cheese wheels are available from Bloo!
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    Convince the poster to post the video on YouTube! YouTube makes it easy to trim the video and leave just the ending online.
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    The corps puts on multiple instructional camps not only during the marching season but the off season as well. Offering music education to underserved communities is commendable. I’m not privy to the corps’ finances but I’m sure there is significant expense in providing that instruction. Does this expense come out of Regiment’s competitive program? I don’t know, but if it does, they are at a crossroads. As I mentioned in a different thread, it’s time the BOD make the decision to either leave DCI to become a music/arts outreach program or commit to improving their competitive standing within DCI. I don’t think they have the finances to do both at this time. This is merely speculation on my point but it’s done so without beating up anyone. SUTA to those who understand what it truly means.
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    Now this makes sense. Maybe someone should do a show about this.
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    They’re all over downtown SA too. I hate them.
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    Lol no. I was thinking about that while I was driving between buildings a few min ago and was going to add it. I might have given them a 15 ceiling but I had them around 19th.
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    I like what the Cavies director said at the cinema cast. Something like (not his exact words), "We tried some things that didn't work the last few years and we decided to just be the Cavaliers." I think Regiment needs to stop guessing what the Judges want and using things (vocals) that don't work just because everyone else is. In 2018 SCV didn't use vocals or narration and never has, didn't use any alternative instruments etc and WON! BE PHANTOM REGIMENT!!! Classical music but something new and different. Stop rehashing the old stuff.
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    I have a couple designers living in the garage. Probably time they got back to work and got a job.
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    he took over a Crossmen corps many were leaving for dead and got them back into finals.
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    I co-sign this post. Fiedler didn’t leave SCV until after the 2015 season. I remember vividly seeing him at Championships that year.
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    Mr. Valenzuela needs to go. He has done very little/nothing to further the cause of Regiment’s standing. The BOD needs to make a decision to either go the route of Star and leave DCI to become a performing arts outreach or take DCI competition seriously. Fortunately they are on financial footing to do one or the other but not both.
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    That's what Goliath said.
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    Agreed. Stories are cute, but they get tiresome year after year. Just look at Phantom, many got tired of their damsel in distress streak of shows from 2011-2014. But I say this as someone who appreciates the esoteric and intellectual.
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    it's Sunday but I'm still really annoyed at the "BLUE........coats" announcement. it was unacceptable.
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    I feel like there’s a story here I want to know now.
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    Yeah, that was um...well....interesting. Safe travels.
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    My only prediction for 2019 (if I recall correctly) was that Matt Harloff would not lose another Ott award. I was right. I expect he wants to keep it, too.
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    Don't be ridiculous; you know exactly what I mean. If you saw the corps in June you know they were a ton better by the end--quite frankly more so than I expected with how raw and shockingly unprepared they were that first week. I've worked as a music educator all of my adult life. Some years, I have ensembles that are supremely talented and for whom achieving anything less than near perfection is failure. Other groups I'm just proud that they are able to put on a semi-competent performance. All I ever ask of my kids is that they bust their tails and give max effort while maximizing rehearsal time. And that is all I ask of the Scouts on the field. Now, the adults running the corps? That is another discussion for another thread, and suffice it to say I don't feel the same about them. But that is another discussion for another thread, not the "hype" thread.
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    Looks like it was a peaceful lovefest among DCPers overnight. What a night. What a friggin night. The very best of every corps and the crowd ate it up like waffles. Someone mentioned in another post it'll get even better in 2020. How true. Congratulations to the Devils.
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    I was happy and relieved to see the energy and enthusiasm of the individual corps members this year, particularly as the year progressed. They held their heads high and worked hard. They made friends. This really should be respected. When I first saw this year's show, internally it was a disturbing experience for me; but it was also one of the moment's where you just smile and say " Thank you very much you have a very nice drum corps." And sit back, enjoy the ride, and experience the rest of the season, knowing the placement result as a given. Next year? I suspect the show design will actually be something watchable, something that can be listened to, and something that can be enjoyed. Kinda hard to see any real placement changes' maybe one to two spots, but I have confidence things will be far better overall than this year. I found the level of quality overall in DCI as far as shows has gone up a bit, and corps like Mandarins and Pacific Crest make things interesting, a lthough I know very little about them at the organizational level. Hope they too, can maintain and improve on momentum.
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    Oh really? I thought change always came overnight. Thanks Captain Obvious lol
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    If people think Jeff Prospiere is playing favorites you’re nuts. There isn’t a judge in the activity I trust more. If BD won drums tonight, they won drums tonight.
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    Brass Placement: 1. Crown 2. Bluecoats 3. Cavaliers 4. Blue Devils
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    Well in that case Prosperie sucks and he should never be allowed to judge percussion again!! 😉
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    If BD cracks the 98 barrier, it will be the 15th time they have scored 98 or higher in a season. Every other corps in world class history have scored 98 or higher 14 times........COMBINED.
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