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    After listening to the Blue Stars show again, I got to throw in their ballad. Just an awesome show all together.
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    I’ve always wondered what the days after finals feel like to a DCI performer who “ticked” badly in their last show of the year. What does it feel like to be that soloist who has belted out a beautiful solo all summer long but, on finals night, she makes a sound like a chainsaw halfway through it? Or, what goes on in the mind of the featured guard member who dropped his equipment right front of the camera, even though he’s made that catch virtually every other time? Are those performers haunted by their mistake? Do they hope for forgiveness from the people they think they let down? Do they wish they could rewind the tape? Today, I think I know too well how it feels and the answer to all of the above questions is yes. At semi-finals Friday afternoon, during a jumbo-tron interview with a drum major whose corps had just achieved a MAJOR accomplishment, I asked a question of that young man that should not have been asked. I will not repeat the question here, nor am I using the name of the corps, to spare them from further insult. I immediately knew I had asked the wrong question, at the wrong time, of the wrong person and certainly in the wrong place. For this I am truly sorry. As soon as possible, I apologized to the young man both online and in person and, that corps’ director was kind enough to let me apologize, in person, to the entire corps before their encore performance later that day. Today, I’m saying I’m sorry to anyone else I may have hurt with that question. It certainly was not my intent to besmirch anyone’s accomplishment. But, that's what I did and I'm sorry. Drum corps people are fond of saying, “It’s not whether you tick, it’s how you recover.” I hope DCI fans will accept my apology and watch to see how I recover. Thanks for reading this. Dan This is from Dan Potter on Facebook
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    I loved Bluecoats uniforms the last two years! Just an incredible look and a uniqueness to them all. I hope they continue down this path.
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    That’s cool. I only go back to 1968 as far as my knowledge of drum corps.
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    Kudos to Jeff for judging the PERFORMANCE in front of him and ignoring the rest of the season. Too many judges make up their minds about a show early and NEVER take a fresh look at each performance. Clearly Jeff is a judge who's willing to let the performers change his mind. And that's the guy you want evaluating your show.
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    Most GE1 and many VP judges have guard backgrounds. I see no need to increase the number of guard judges (although I would love to see the sheet rewritten to more closely parallel the other "performance" captions (in essence a melding of the WGI EQ and MVMT sheets). As it stands, the sheet gives WAY too much latitude to the guard judge. Making it a "WHAT and HOW" sheet would keep them focused on the performers and their excellence.
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    Yep not involved in high schools or bands around here but can imagine directors thinking if it interferes then bleep it. So big push would be to show them how Corps can improve those band members. Wish I had a clue how. Can image the crap storm in my family if anyone from the school tried to tell me what to do in my non-school time. Corps function conflicting with a band function is one thing. But flat out saying I wouldn’t be allowed to join a corps and stay in band? Only question my dad would have is what obscene phrase to use in response....
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    It's a little hard to do that when you get an average of 30 seconds of music (brass). On topic, how BK's show had anything to do with 'remembering everything', I have no idea. Vanguard, Vox whatever, didn't understand it at all.
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    Maybe "What Is It?" would make a good show--theme title.
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    $50 to Spahtahns if they have an asterisk drill set next year
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    Regardless of the question(s) asked or who asks them, my opinion remains unchanged: live, sideline interviews add no value to the show.
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    After many emails sent to FloSports, they have issued me a free month of service because of the issues experienced on Saturday.
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    If and when the inevitable happens (not this coming season -- his son is marching again right?) there are several young apprentices who could (and undoubtedly would) return and/or step up. Anyway I think this rumor has been posted every post-season since Keith/Michael/Leon left. Not giving it any more credence this year.
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    Sigh. Nothing like a Jersey diner.
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    exactly which is why giving "infallible" edicts as posts is fruitless and self-serving.
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    I am pretty sure she was gone by then. I marched with Mike and Phil in the Windsor Guardsmen. They marched Schaumburg Guardsmen in 1980.
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    Whatever Bluecoats comes up with.
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    "they" = OP ? going back, I see that the answer is yes. Don't know why. I've defended Flo much of the season, because "I" didn't have a problem .... until Finals night when I had all of the problems that others had experienced. Switching from one stream to another without intervention, having the stream just error out and being asked to re-establish the stream. But, some others did not have any problems on Finals night. I am mystified.
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    Ok here's the best example I can think of, and sorry if my years are wrong... In 1994 did anyone question Devil's championship because Star folded and wasn't there?
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    Crownie for life. 🤴
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    With the current percussion judge restrictions, the pit might never be looked at.
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    I think show designs have only gotten better through the years. While I do love some older shows, I wouldn't want DCI to go backwards.
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    Subtract 10 years from all the dates and change a few words and this post would fit in perfectly 15 years ago
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    I think someone posted that the cadets are cleaning house. That might be it.
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    My wife echoed this sentiment.. but as long as the Guard judge is in the box and not judging at ground level, the bang for buck value that you get from your tossing and its quality will always beat quality intricate spinning or higher level of body because it is so hard to see and value that from the box.. The Visual Proficiency judge should be looking at the guard as well as the rest of the corps, and the intricacies that are not apparent from the box should credited here. But really nothing will change until the top groups make a stink about it.. Perhaps putting a greater emphasis on movement where the criteria for substance takes a hit if not enough movement elements are incorporated into the overall equipment book.
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    It happens every year. Period. Quit with the conspiracy theories.
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    Maybe they made a conscious choice to just let the music speak in that production and let visual take a back seat. No monkeybars. No overproduced sound effects. No silly choreography. Just the music. Sorry if it offended your design expertise, but it moved me emotionally more than anything else this season. I know it's shocking, but music -- all on it's own -- can produce far more effect than any prop can hope to. And sometimes you just need to let it speak. Congrats to Crown for reminding us.
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    From what I saw no matter how you accessed Flo Saturday there were issues
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    It was pretty uncalled for and in poor taste. I rather like Dan Potter so the fact that came out of his mouth was shocking to me. Not a cool thing to say but he acknowledges he made a mistake.
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    It is ALWAYS cold in LOS. The cold air vents are right over the 200s / 300s /400s, so that seems to be the coldest. Football game, soccer match, BOA, ISSMA...I am always cold. I've volunteered all around the building and sat all around the building, and I'll say that mid-stands are the worst for cold, as is the tunnel at times. The dock/prop area can be hot as hell, and the field is actually fairly comfortable. I always bring a jacket or sweater.
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    Stop: Recorded singing instead of live singing Start: Front ensemble includes a Chapman Stick. (I have a friend who could teach it) Change: Go from Randomized start times in groups of three to totally randomized start times.
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    For me it has to be the Blue Devils. It was the solo at the start, and the lead up to the rotating drill - gave me chills. Some of my other favorites from this incredible season are: 1. Blue Devils 2. Cavies 3. Bluecoats 4. Blue Knights 5. Boston
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    Yep. This is a pretty good technical description. Even if you use a "concert" chanter (tuned closer to standard concert pitch), there are notes that don't quite match up. That gives bagpipes its character or drives some folks quite mad. http://publish.uwo.ca/~emacphe3/pipes/acoustics/pipescale.html
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    4K Samsung TV Roku Ultra 4K HDR 4.4.4. HDCP 2.2. 22.28 GB HDMI cable 350 MB RCN Cable signal (single user) Motorola Dual Band 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Router 30 ft. away Marantz 7.2 Receiver w/ Martin Logan speakers The system receiving Flo on my end is over-qualified. Note: My issues were for Finals only. Watched every other broadcast with superior service, best year ever with Flo with this one exception. I am convinced the problem with Finals was totally due to poor decision-making on Flo’s part. Not acceptable!
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    Ironically, I watched the Flo stream in 2017 and 2018 and had zero problems. But Saturday night was a disaster. The Roku app must have crashed 15-20 times during Finals.
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    Maybe he’s earned the trust?
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    I need an entire show based around 2009s Puck One or 2010s Danzón No. 2. Something like that.
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    Agreed. Stories are cute, but they get tiresome year after year. Just look at Phantom, many got tired of their damsel in distress streak of shows from 2011-2014. But I say this as someone who appreciates the esoteric and intellectual.
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    Show designer and brass arranger.
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    I'll throw this in for Incognito! Crown to Crown !!
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    I’m hoping they don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. They came within less than a tenth of medaling. But beyond that, there were some extremely memorable things about the 2019 show. I hope they embrace those things again!
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    As I said before, I don't care about where Bloo ended up. They entertained the crowd unlike anyone else this season. And in the process, they set a new personal high score, beating out the previous record they set in their championship-winning 2016 show and tied just two days ago! Congrats on an amazing 2019. This will be hard to top!
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    Wonder when/how he caught the show? That would have been a great boost for the kids to hear that.
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    Did someone else Kevin post those above pictures for you and using your name?
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    I found this multi-part explanation by a gymnastics fan about the difficulty of Simone Biles's recent triple-double to be super helpful, and I wish there was more commentary of this sort in drum corps fandom -- complete with gifs (or short audio clips). Scroll all the way through and you'll also find a poignant reminder of a parallel between the recent histories of drum corps and gymnastics. (Some individual corps' own videos do provide a little analysis of this sort, but one thing I liked about that thread was how video of Biles was compared to video of other gymnasts, which obviously the corps will not do.)
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