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    Just her father's house.
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    I personally think audiences found the top 6 corps to be very entertaining. Boston, Cavaliers, BD, and especially Bluecoats were easy to follow and enjoy. Crown and SCV had fantastic music books, so even though their theme or concept was a bit more complex, you could still find plenty to enjoy in their shows.
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    Nope -- I'm good. Instead of trying to figure out the theme, just sit back and enjoy the music.
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    Did you actually watch DCI in 2019? From the top 12, I'd say: Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Cavaliers, Crusaders, Blue Stars, Crossmen, Phantom Regiment had straightforward themes that were easy to follow from the music and visuals. I watched all of these with non-DCI folks this year, and nobody had a hard time understanding "what is it?" You can definitely argue that, say, Crown was more abstract. But most people were happy to just listen to the awesome music book and watch the awesome drill rather than parse the designers' intentions.
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    Drum corps fan: “What is it?” Carolina Crown: “It is.”
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    Or in my case, when I speak off the cuff, the law of averages catches up to me and I say something smart!
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    Dare I say that the Cadets are the cradle of drum corps from the ‘80’s, ‘90’s, and early 2000’s. Look at all the people who wore maroon and gold who are innovating in the activity today. It’s amazing to think about.
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    Avante Guard folded after the 1985 season Here s a link to a video of part of their 1983 show
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    This. Especially when you consider that he didn't come in until after July 4th. Complicating things was the fact that like most top corps, once on the road BAC doesn't rehearse drill set to set...usually just larger ensemble chunks unless there is a drill change. I can't even imagine trying to work a new kid in with that kind of rehearsal pace. Austin, along with BAC's talented percussion staff performed a miracle in my mind. He actually was in for all 200+ sets by the last week. Congrats to all!
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    “Our corps”! I’m sure you meant the MM’s and alumni “their” corps. Or the corps you support or donate to. Right!
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    Let's keep crown thread drama in the crown thread. There's plenty to go around in there. Thanks
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    Is anyone getting bored with show themes among the top corps these days? Most everyone is doing the avant garde, post modern, esoteric, hidden meaning thing. I'm constantly thinking "what is it?" Random circles and sticks, run ways, doors opening, strange props, futuristic costumes... I feel like I'm in the modern art museum at the Smithsonian every drum corps season. Does anyone miss a little bit of realism and grit in shows? Maybe every once in a while a major score show ... like the old days...Phantom, Fiddler, etc. Or a show that doesn't leave people wondering "what is it?"
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    Well, I wasn't actually suggesting an end to competing, just cleaning up the flea market at the front sideline.
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    They are everywhere.. Which makes a Cadet Revival a scary thing for the other corps because alot of great people have a lot of high ranking positions with corps around the top twelve.. What the Cadets are capable of doing this Staff Silly season could disrupt a number of corps.. Not that any of them will leave their positions for the chance at a revival, but you cannot discredit what it means for someone " To Go Home" And be a part of the Alumni that restore the Dominance the corps once enjoyed..
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    I'll take this era over the literalism of some of the 80s shows, or the over-reliance of wind ensemble music in the 90s/early 00s. Whether or not this era is too "Avante Garde" or "esoteric" is debatable. If anything, DCI shows are the "summertime blockbusters" to BOA/WGI's "arthouse indies." Even if groups are trending "esoteric" (the most overused/least understood word on DCP) -- I'd argue that the collective design staffs of all DCI groups are way better at programming/pacing/design/arranging/electronics than they were 10-15 years ago. Many people loved Crown's show this year ... and hardly anyone knows what the hell it was about (myself included). And that's ok.
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    It was so close, and for a moment I thought the BD guard might win...but then Boston cut a head.
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    After listening to the Blue Stars show again, I got to throw in their ballad. Just an awesome show all together.
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    My favorite ballad from a non-finalist Seattle Cascades
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    I’ve always wondered what the days after finals feel like to a DCI performer who “ticked” badly in their last show of the year. What does it feel like to be that soloist who has belted out a beautiful solo all summer long but, on finals night, she makes a sound like a chainsaw halfway through it? Or, what goes on in the mind of the featured guard member who dropped his equipment right front of the camera, even though he’s made that catch virtually every other time? Are those performers haunted by their mistake? Do they hope for forgiveness from the people they think they let down? Do they wish they could rewind the tape? Today, I think I know too well how it feels and the answer to all of the above questions is yes. At semi-finals Friday afternoon, during a jumbo-tron interview with a drum major whose corps had just achieved a MAJOR accomplishment, I asked a question of that young man that should not have been asked. I will not repeat the question here, nor am I using the name of the corps, to spare them from further insult. I immediately knew I had asked the wrong question, at the wrong time, of the wrong person and certainly in the wrong place. For this I am truly sorry. As soon as possible, I apologized to the young man both online and in person and, that corps’ director was kind enough to let me apologize, in person, to the entire corps before their encore performance later that day. Today, I’m saying I’m sorry to anyone else I may have hurt with that question. It certainly was not my intent to besmirch anyone’s accomplishment. But, that's what I did and I'm sorry. Drum corps people are fond of saying, “It’s not whether you tick, it’s how you recover.” I hope DCI fans will accept my apology and watch to see how I recover. Thanks for reading this. Dan This is from Dan Potter on Facebook
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    During BDs performance on Saturday night I was drawn to the guard, In particular the rifles. Their timing was so accurate... angles, throws, spin speeds, catches, heighth of throws etc... I found myself staring in between performers which was a practice regimen we used to use in front of full length mirrors. Their performance was mesmerizing 💎 💎 💎 💎 💎
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    People are constantly looking for something to be outraged about and they latched on to Dan's words and proceeded to climb atop their ivory tower as if they have never misspoken in their entire lives. Dan apologized to the DM/members and staff at Spartans and they are the only ones that deserve an apology from him. They rest of the world can get off their high horse and maybe take a peak in the mirror and remember they are not perfect. The age of the social media outrage warrrior is one that will go down in the history as one of the worst most destructive periods in out time.
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    There have been many shows that were so good musically,visually and paced well that people didn't care what the message was. Signs of good design as well as musically and visually stimulating
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    I thought you were done with DCI? I see that lasted all of what, 30 minutes.
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    I second everything that has been said but also just how great they treat their members during the course of the season. Plenty of rest days, ample floor time, good food (so I've heard), professional environment. Who wouldn't want to come march for a corps that takes care of its own so well?
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    DCI should have its own touring stadium so every venue is the same.
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    Nope, I enjoyed almost all the shows I saw live in San Antonio a couple weeks ago. I still love drum corps despite all the changes. Have I liked all the changes? No, but then again, I do not like all the changes in the NFL either. As far as drum corps dying? Well, they have been saying that since the 80's. DCI said attendance figures from last year broke all records (DCI has not released this years attendance info yet). There are more World Class drum corps now than there were 5 years ago. It is hard to see some favorites like Madison and Phantom struggle, but other corps such as Mandarins and Pacific Crest have either joined the party or are getting close. These are exciting times!
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    I loved Bluecoats uniforms the last two years! Just an incredible look and a uniqueness to them all. I hope they continue down this path.
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    bass drops at every major phrase ending
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    Stop - squatting every time the corps hits a sustained note. It gets old quickly. Change - please, for the love all things drum corps, choose costumes that we can see. For example, compare SCV and Bluecoats this year. I saw both live in Atlanta, and on the big screen at Quarters, and I swear I could not see what SCV was doing. They sure got a high visual score, but I’ll have to take the judges word. It just looked muddy to me, and formless. I got a little sad when the highlight from the first year in Indy looked so stunning in the classic red coats. But the costuming for Bluecoats was stunning. I LOVED the color tones, the slight variations of blue contrasted with the bright guard. Yes, I’m old, and I miss the classic uniforms (especially Cadets and SCV). But I appreciate the new when it’s done well.
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    I contend that DCI and the LOS management team collude every year to sell souvies. Specifically long sleeve sweatshirts, workout gear, and coats. How? The stadium temperature is kept at iceberg levels, forcing people to buy more clothing just to stay warm during the show. It's hilarious that it was 85 degrees outside and even while some people literally bundle up to sit in the stadium, others go stand outside the smoking doors just to warm up during INTs. Watching fans stream out after the show means watching people strip off layers for the trek to the hotels. DCI's continuous search for cost savings and new revenue might start with saving some energy dollars and renegotiating the stadium costs down by warming it up a little during finals week. I'm first in line voicing my enjoyment of comfy seats, decent (once per year food), and rain protection but the stadium management/DCI Souvie Managers cabal needs to come to an end. Your thoughts would be appreciated. (/ only a little bit of sarcasm)
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    The front sideline boundary is an obsolete anachronism given today's show designs and audience expectations. Let performers go right into the crowd if the writers wish it. Banish all those folks milling around downstage between the field and the viewers, be they photographers, judges, videographers, staff members or other sideline lurkers. This is show-biz. You wouldn't see that on Broadway, in the concert hall or any other professional venue, including the World Wrestling Federation, to which parallels could be drawn to the activity in question. Actual quote from a Rules Congress debate regarding corps entering over the back sideline: Opponent: "But if we give you that, pretty soon you will want the whole field." Bobby Hoffman: "Hell, I want the whole stadium!" It may be time for that.
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    1. Blue Devils 2. Cavaliers 3. Blue Knights 4. Blue Stars 5. Pacific Crest
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    SCV's 2019 show did not get a lot of love or "buzz" online, for whatever reason (this was a comparatively quiet thread), and maybe it was because there were too many WGI elements being incorporated, which are too hard to read in a stadium. Still, I loved the show, and especially the individual characters you could see being developed, and, way they pushed the envelope on choreography over the hornline, essentially making them into an adjunct guard. And percussion? So stellar. Absolutely dominant all season, with a well deserved Sanford win. If you watch some of the "cams" coming out from their front ensemble, you'll see some virtuostic playing. Some really hard stuff.
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    I'll do you one better, caption awards should be weighted, with finals night being given the most weight. Let's go with something like 60-25-15 or 55-25-20
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    No doubt! BD too, but it seems like there is more old Garfield/CBC/Cadets alums out there in key positions doing some amazing things with the activity.
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    Have you considered the possibility that these shows aren't the least bit avant garde?
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    That’s cool. I only go back to 1968 as far as my knowledge of drum corps.
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    "The Blue Devils are not just good, they're Grrr-eat!" -Tony the Tiger 😉
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    Their whole show this year has been crazy underrated
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    Bluecoats were one of the few corps this season where I wasn't scratching my head trying to figure out what the show is supposed to be about. Theater does not transfer to the field very well.
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    I echo this sentiment!! Only time I got to see the Dev's live was at Allentown. SItting on the 45, side 2 half way up and I noticed the rifles and sabers were spot on!! I am not a guard person, but that was what I remember talking with the guy in front of me. They were flawless. Always wish I could see shows live more than once and from different heights in the stadium!!
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    For the corps not previously mentioned: SCV has a "become a member" section permanently built into their website menu format. Carolina Crown promises audition info coming first of September. Boston Crusaders have a permanent "audition" section on their site with an interest form you can fill out, even though registration info is not yet available. Blue Knights website immediately splashes a "register today!" graphic, soliciting interest in their 2020 corps. There is an "audition" button on Blue Stars home page. Mandarins website directs interested parties to their Facebook 2020 interest group. First of rotating Crossmen graphics says "2020 registration now live". Phantom Regiment home page has a big "Looking for audition information? Click Here" button. I think it is safe to say that Cadets are not the only corps currently recruiting for 2020.
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    Ok everyone we get it. If everyone had to chose a corps that they are NOT a homer for then these lists would be VERY different. Cavies, crown and BD homers especially since you are the ones saying “not even close”... who did you like other than your beloved?! You know who you are. Show some appreciation for someone else!
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    I enjoy shows like that... ones where I don't need to know a theme, or its "deeper meaning" (whatever that is...LOL)... but where I can just sit back and like it at face value.
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    Crown. Nothing else was even close.
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