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    If Bloo was cheese this year (Bloo Cheese?) then more cheese for me, please! because Bloo was really Gouda!
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    Says you....and you are allowed to say that! I'll be sticking with Jeff on this call though because he was there and his extensive capacities to actually make that call are beyond question IMHO. Personally I had Bloo in 3-4 place easy compared to what else was on the field that night.
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    If length of time playing was the criteria for the music captions, then certain corps in the top 3 wouldn't be even close to the top in brass. And for what it's worth, he did score SCV's rep above BD's, he just had BD performing better than SCV for that night. Being frank, unless you were on the field waving hello to Prosperie as you watched and listened to each line play, your opinion on the right or wrong call is next to worthless (and probably wrong)
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    What’s weird is, I would put all of them among my favorite shows of all time. And they are all very different.
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    1992 Finals, just to catch the crowd reaction when the shark made its first and only appearance of the season
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    While there's no doubt in my mind that your sentiment is correct, and I'm fervently opposed to the rule, this argument is not valid because MMs are programmed around props so that "accidental" encounters are even more rare than judge mishaps. THAT said, the whole "prop safety" issue, including the safety of those building, transporting, de-constructing the beasts, has yet to be addressed. Cadets' prop-builders requested gloves, hard-toe boots, and hard hats from staff to build the bridge. What is the activity doing by requiring that 20 yr old MM's be responsible for the construction safety of those running across and standing on the bridge? Who's ox is gored if the prop fails and MMs tumble to the ground? The assemblers? Broken bolts, "...use a bigger hammer..." problem resolution, and transitioning to the performance zone across surfaces largely not considered by the engineers who mock them up and say "Yep, that should work!". Brrrrrr....makes me shudder and the lawyers drool.
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    I'd say it's a combination of a lot of things. The Blue Devils are the largest Drum & Bugle Corps organization in the country, probably the world. They operate an A, B, and C corps. They operate a winter drum line, guard, a special-needs guard, their Yamaha School of Music lesson program, the Diabolo Wind Symphony, and several other programs. They have the highest revenue earning and profit in drum corps. Money is important in this business. BD is a smart organization that has been wise about their earnings and investments. The A corps is a destination corps. Essentially kids from all over the country, and the world, have auditioned to be Blue Devils. This sort of popularity was built over decades and was likely due to great instruction, great tour experience, the way they program their shows and feature their performers, and many other reasons I am sure. Although the A corps is very national/international, the rest of the organization is very local or regional. I'd guess (and I have no facts on this) that they have roughly 350+ kids taking part in year-round programs. Again, I am not even counting the A corps. I am basically just factoring the number of members in the B and C corps, the DWS, winter guard, winter drum line, and the Yamaha School of Music, etc. It's at least 350+ kids, and likely closer to 400 involved in local year-round activities. My guess is SCV is the only corps to come close to this sort of year-round involvement of local youth. The Blue Devils have the most full-time positions for admin, designers and teachers. From a competitive standpoint, I believe their staff fully acknowledge that they need to know the judging sheets well. After all, if you are going to compete it would be wise to know exactly how you are going to be judged. Everyone wants to be entertaining, but being competitive means showcasing strengths in each caption. In this regard, BD has consistently been outstanding in all performance captions over the years. Brass, percussion, guard, and visual proficiency are fortes of theirs. Once you factor in design, visual analysis, and GE, the combination of their strength across the board makes them tough to beat. The Blue Devils are a great organization with a passion for helping youth enjoy great opportunities in performance. Like any organization that wins a lot (New England Patriots, Lakers and Celtics back in the day, etc) they tend to get beat-up. Some fans don't like that their A corps gets many members who marched elsewhere and want to finish their drum corps experience marching BD. But this happens with other corps, too. Crown and Bluecoats and SCV, and definitely Garfield/The Cadets from back in the day have all benefited by being destination corps. I think people would appreciate the Blue Devils more if they really took the time to examine all the things they do from a total organization perspective.
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    Those are definitely killer shows. I love that you put Bloo no. 1. I thought Down Side Up was incredible. Bluecoats might not have been as clean as SCV 2018, Carolina in 2013, or even The Cadets and Phantom, but the design of Bloo's 2016 show was a benchmark in the activity that many corps today are following (as they do with BD). For me I would rank them: Bluecoats 2016 - A truly benchmark show for DCI. A show that has changed a lot minds about props, uniforms/costumes, electronics, etc. See my remarks above for Bloo. Carolina Crown 2013 - I was in love with this show from day one. There is really nothing to complain about or nit pick. It has a fantastic music book, incredible brass line, amazing guard, and the staging and drill are pretty close to flawless. This was Carolina at their best. The body movement, the integration, the powerful impact moments, it all created a level of General Effect that never let down. And the Ballad is one of my favs from this decade. The Cadets 2011 - I think from a total design perspective this was nearly a perfect show. Drill, music, guard, theatrics, and theme all came together. It was the last time we truly remember what it was like to see the old "Garfield" corps at Finals. They had an early lead in 2015 only to make many mistakes down the stretch, and while I do like their 2012 and 2013 shows, I feel 2011 was the last time we saw classic Cadets at Finals. Phantom Regiment 2008 - One of my favorite shows ever. Theatrical, powerful, incredibly staged, and the performance levels are solid to really good. The show took most of the season to build and develop, but what we got at Finals was amazing. It terms of entertainment it might be no. 1 on this list, but I rank it below Bloo, Crown, and Cadets for minor reasons. Mainly I feel the top 3 here are better overall visual programs and they match Phantom's excellent music score in quality, construction, and demand (even if you don't find them as entertaining). Santa Clara Vanguard 2018 - This show certainly has one of the best endings I have seen in DCI competition, much like Phantom 2008. I found the show somewhat uneven from front to back, enjoying the back portion much more. From a performance perspective, SCV is likely no. 1 here considering the quality of their brass, percussion, visual proficiency, and guard. From that perspective, either Cadets or Carolina would be no. 2. But much like with Phantom, they absolutely needed to refine their ending (of just finish it) in order keep the Blue Devils at bay. The changes Phantom made also helped them jump to the lead at the very end. Most of the season I was not sold on the opening two section of Vanguard's show, despite their monster performance captions. It is a fantastic show, deserved to win, and has a killer ending.
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    The flags Cavies used in the Road to Perdition section looked like they were right out of the graphic novel. I just loved it. 💕
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    I'll play along....My ranking are as follows, not to be ranked technically, but from within my enjoyment 1. Bluecoats 2016 - Down Side Up 2. Carolina Crown 2013 - e=mc2 3. Phantom Regiment 2008 Spartacus 4. SCV 2018 - Babylon 5. Cadets 2011 - Between Angels & Demons I also sit here thinking maybe I should rearrange the order? Did I really like that show more than this show? Hard to rank 5 former gold medal shows.....but I'll stick with the first way they came to me when I read your post!!
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    I strongly suspect that Bluecoats’ merch sales give the org all the validation they need and want.
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    Crownie for life. 🤴
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    Nope, I LOVE it. I'm tired of cheese. Literal shows make me feel like the corps thinks I'm stupid
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    Plus Hans Kloppert making those great cakes for them down the home stretch!!!
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    Maybe "What Is It?" would make a good show--theme title.
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    Medaling in brass. It’s starting. If there is a corps coming out of this week that excites me in their potential growth next year the most, it’s these guys.
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    2019 was something completely special. Actually, special is not the right word to use... I am sure Don would be proud of the corps and would be thrilled for them to look forward to the future. The railroad has been placed and now it depends on if they choose to stay on the right side of the tracks. Go get'em Cavies!
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    I saw the Woodstock documentary at the theater tonight. There was a Beatles cover by Joe Cocker that was fantastic. If you’re of a certain age, check it out on iTunes. Fastest three hours ever.
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    Cavaliers - 1969 in the Houston Astrodome, with Jesus Christ Superstar. When the guard portrayed the three people dying on the cross, the entire Dome went silent.
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    I've been lucky enough to personally witness some of the legendary live performances in the history of the DCI era from the mid 70s to now, but the one I'd give anything to have seen live, based on the recording, is '74 Muchachos at Finals.
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    I don’t necessarily associate cheese = bad. At the same time I love to witness the creativity of one’s mind or even collaboration. The beauty in art is how it makes you think and feel as an individual. Sometimes one creation resonates with a lot of us, sometimes only a few. We will always have critics in the arts, but no one can take away your experience. I think we all can be guilty of trying that( to be critical of an opinion or taste) and not leaving it alone as someone’s opiinion.
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    Now that is a deep reference to “Come Together”!
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    😁 Sorry, I had to laugh at that. In other words...yeah, all that stuff you said that I dont feel like typing out. I was thinking of doing the same thing lol.
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    this! And any day of the week i will prefer an upbeat show that puts a smile on my face over something dark and brooding.
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    I don’t have a corps anymore. Both that I marched in have been long disbanded. I do support a corps nowadays.
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    Let me put it this way...say you go to your favorite local orchestra or a national philharmonic orchestra...and that orchestra decided one day to play only postmodern composers EVERY SINGLE YEAR...and they did this for more than a decade...No body would say, "Just figure it out man. We don't need cheese from the old days." You would say, how about Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart...some jazz numbers with Duke Ellington, some African spirituals, some Broadway, etc. etc. Or how about this...you go to your favorite local modern movie theater, but they decide from now for another 10 years to only play apocalyptic futurist movies. That's it. Just apocalyptic movies...for more than a decade...wouldn't you be a little bored? So if you wouldn't be willing to put up with lack of diversity in your local orchestra or local movie theater...then why are you putting up with it from your favorite top drum corps year after year after year...?
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    Imagine Drum Corps of the 70s in today's environment.
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    I was wondering when someone would get around to this. LOL.
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    Under C in the encyclopedia in the Comfort Food entry. Can't get it in any of the rather snazzy NJ diners.
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    Oh I know you have. I've been reading you saying it for years. The bad part of it is that I would almost bet that they could get quite a bit of it done for practically free if they would just ask. There are how many vets in this activity? Surely some have experience in this type of thing that would volunteer some time.
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    I'm sure they will be. Hope DCI puts them in the Tour Premier
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    Most GE1 and many VP judges have guard backgrounds. I see no need to increase the number of guard judges (although I would love to see the sheet rewritten to more closely parallel the other "performance" captions (in essence a melding of the WGI EQ and MVMT sheets). As it stands, the sheet gives WAY too much latitude to the guard judge. Making it a "WHAT and HOW" sheet would keep them focused on the performers and their excellence.
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    exactly which is why giving "infallible" edicts as posts is fruitless and self-serving.
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    I was thinking the same thing LMAO!
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    It's a little hard to do that when you get an average of 30 seconds of music (brass). On topic, how BK's show had anything to do with 'remembering everything', I have no idea. Vanguard, Vox whatever, didn't understand it at all.
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    Great staff writing great shows for the sheets, which helps attract great mm talent. And the whole organization has a mindset of winning it all at the end of the season.
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    If you feel it is necessary to “defend” your corps, whatever that is, then you will need to enjoy having conversations only with hard core Crown fans.
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    Dude who wants to jump on the Crown thread and get jumped on every single time anyone dares to say anything but glowing admiration for anything they do?
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    Just her father's house.
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    If you want to win the Ott and finish 12th that would be the way to approach it.
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    Many posts mention all kinds of issues: recruiting, board, closer ties with the city of Madison, etc. Many of the issues are legitimate, but what I think Madison needs most would be folks who can prioritize the issues and address the most significant issues first. Madison is bleeding and long past the band aid stage. Prioritizing probably needs to be done with a committee that can include representatives of the board, staff, alums, perhaps some folks associated with other corps, and some outsiders. It need not be a huge committee. Right now many of the people associated with the corps are too close to the situation. A committee could spot the quick fixes, and give a timeline for the larger issues.
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    I don't know why I didn't think of that. Would have been a free ticket to finals!
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    Perhaps Madison Scouts could once again hold rehearsals in, oh I dunno... Madison rather than 5 hours away in Indy?
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    Finals Night, August 2967 .., that would mean I get to live for 1,000 years!
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