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    Not sure anyone could classify a show like 2014 as 'low risk.' Nor the series of rifle tosses at the beginning of this year's show. Perhaps what looks like 'low risk' is instead knowing what your corps can clean before finals, or, alternatively, doing everything so well, including tough stuff, that it 'looks easy.' Another possibility: the BD image is always in control. This can lead to a sense that they are never taking a risk, 'on the edge,' even though a design might be very difficult to achieve.
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    I agree. It is disingenuous to say that this year’s show, or most of their shows, are low risk or low demand. That’s the problem with doing something so well that you make it look easy. Old guys like me keep harping on how we miss drill. Well, two of my favorite drill moves this year belong to the BD. And many of my favorite show moments in general (guard, music, etc) came from the BD. My HS age son said I laughed through the whole show, and it was because the show was creative enough to surprise this old guy all the way through. All of that is a testament to a well constructed program that the mm performed the heck out of.
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    With the shift in emphases in movement and musical styles during recent seasons, new ways of expression are required to assist the communication on the adjudication tapes and competitive critique comments to align these with the new realities. In fact so much of the current vocabulary of assessment and evaluation pre-date DCI’s beginnings in 1972 of the previous century; their continued use may tinge the roster of 136 DCI judges (https://www.frontensemble.com/judges) as dated and even stodgy to the new mms, designers and faculty hip on moving past traditions and military-based manners to these new realities of field performance. These newer terms are derived from other sciences or as DCI terms them, Strategic Partners in the activity. To prepare for 2020 and beyond, to ready one’s self for the future Rules Congress discussions, and to appear erudite, relevant, and astute to the hordes at marching band and winter indoor contests before the next DCI season, now is not too soon to consider and integrate these new judging terms into one’s everyday conversations. DCP posters, Reddit roosters, and dinosaurs of all eras wishing themselves to appear current, contemporary, intellectual and aware would best approach the new language skills as if tackling SAT’s, ACT’s, GRE’s or M-Cats. Here are a few to trial. Certainly there will be more. 1. Ecdysis refers to the constant change of garb by mms during performance shedding one set of clothing (whether deemed uniform or costume) much like a snake sloughing its skin. Similar to the advent of the constant change of flash flags by guards in the 1980’s and after, corps in the Cesario-Carlson era/error molt their vesture as if the audience has A.D.D. and grows weary of viewing the same wears every few steps. The Strippers of Atlanta did this no less than 3X during their 2019 performance while many other corps such as Colts and Jersey Surf appeared to change only twice. Interestingly, SCV, Crown. Bloo, BAC and Cavaliers did not succumb to ecdysis which may account to their higher placements; the Allentown unit reverted to dysecdysis as the season progressed and disregarded the shedding which marked their early contests. Certainly there are some who believe that a Berry or Miller outfit should never molt. 2. Tonic immobility as a visual term refers to the paralysis of movement (oft termed Staging) as opposed to the free-flowing of formations and drill. It replaces the BITD terms of “Park and Play” and “Park and Bark.” When the term is used musically, it would refer to each musical arrangement sounding like all the others the unit performs. 3. Thanatosis is a term relating to “playing dead” (think Will Pitts ending Regiment’s ‘08 Spartacus and his age-out performance.) Thanatosis may also refer to the groveling on the ground and inability to stand on one’s feet which marks many of the “acting” efforts of today’s units. Obsequies often follow particularly when championship scores are announced. This is not always good. 4. Sisyphean task connotes the endless pushing of props across the field particularly when done by musicians to hide that they are not playing their instruments while the props are moved. Like Sisyphus these efforts may be relentless but mark the hubris of the designer, not that of the marching member who would prefer to be a musician. The adjudicator and audience is to be distracted by the transit of the prop, a fete the front ensemble has mastered and excelled before and after every practice and performance. However, the front ensemble cannot be everywhere. 5. Urban vistas refers to the cluttering of the green fields with tarps and props such that the grass and turf no longer is considered venerable green spaces for the environment but, like the cement cities of the metropolis, are doted with columns, buildings, faux-mountains, and other constructed objects hindering the natural view. Like builders fitting as many buildings on postage stamp lots as possible, bigger is not always better. Beware if your designer lives in a city and has never seen a panorama not suitable for cementing or camouflaging. 6. Sonic filigree are those amazing exercises of masterful technique inserted into the score of a nice melody or lyrical piece to show off the talent and skill a horn line, arranger, battery or front ensemble wish you to acknowledge no matter whether the beauty of the piece is interrupted or disrupted. Sonic filigree is not necessary to the piece but sometimes is more memorable. When this is done electronically, it is known as white noise. 7. Stationary front is similar to its cousin in meteorology: that is something that is stuck in place. Most often it will refer to a horn line caught in tonic immobility. *** These are the terms I have eked out of the Task Force so far. What others might you have learned???
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    Yep. And everyone from BD was / is always super laid back and nice. And it's quite frankly easier to maximize rehearsal time when you take the mentality of chasing a title instead of an another corps. It's kind of like playing pool at a pro level. You can't control the greatness of the other guy. You can only control what you are doing and play the table. You practice to make those moments mechanical and as close to perfect as you can.
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    Not always....Malik -- a trumpet soloist from "Jagged Line" (opening solo, I think) moved to BD in 2018...was a soloist there as well. Aged out with a ring this year, in fact!
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    Something that I haven't seen anyone mention yet that I have noticed about BD is unrelenting performer confidence. The kind of confidence that makes fans/followers of other corps say "oh ###$ here we go again"
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    PC getting acknowledged on Twitter by Haywyre.
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    Yes, it tells you that no one wanted to talk about it, because it wasn’t talked about back then. That was the culture. There was no one in authority to tell either, except the perpetrator, who had complete control. It is so hard for me to believe that people that were around for years were really actually shocked, but I guess it’s possible.
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    Not at all. I think there's missing info from both sides.
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    Once again, she spoke. "Do you love me John?" I always wondered, who's John and why that name? Couldn't have picked a better name, whoever wrote that?!
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    Whole lotta’ Ott, that’s for sure🎺👑😎
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    I still wish Renegades had listened to my comment in 2005 (I think I said it to Kelly when we did LMS) and thrown baby dolls into the audience in hopes that they would be thrown back.
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    I wonder if No. 5 might lead to the Urban Heat Island Effect, prevalent in cities during the summer, at drum corps venues nationwide.
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    Historically the birth and crazy fast evolution of Carolina Crown may go down as one of the most unlikely happenings in DCI history. Literally no other corps has done what they have done in the modern era. And they have done it by kicking the ### of the entire DCI field in brass performance. For over a decade now. Remarkable.
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    I think I'll cash in my interest chips before I learn these new terms. I just don't care this much. The corps need to grab me with music, motion, and spectacle before I'm interested in learning new lingo.
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    Should be exciting!
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    2019 is in the books and what a great year for Bloo it was! Highest score in corps history, High GE, a tie for Top Music and a well deserved Silver Medal! Let’s see how this amazing design staff tops this!
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    Gotta love me a whole lotta Crown.
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    I absolutely agree with you regarding the CV score at the last regular season show. Folks are making a big deal about the fact that CV will have no head to head matchup with Reading prior to finals. But they may have an even better strategy of ensuring the last score of the season. Look at how well it worked for Minnesota in 2011.
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    Sample sample: when a judge takes a moment to evaluate non-member produced digital contributions to the soundscape.
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    Can’t we all just agree that this year probably had the best top 12 in a long time? In the few years that I’ve been a fan of DCI, I’ve only really enjoyed maybe 3-5 shows per year. This year, almost all of the top 12 had amazing moments in their shows, if not completely amazing shows. And there were tons of corps outside of finals that did too. Were some corps’ themes a little esoteric? Yes (BD, Crown, BK). But there were also some pretty easy to grasp concepts (Bloo, Boston, Cavies, Blue Stars, etc). And even if you prefer one type of show more than the other, it’s hard to say that any show this year was poorly designed.
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    In no particular order, here are a few of the arrangements from the 2019 season that I really enjoyed watching and listening to: ”Oceans” by Goff Richards, Jersey Surf ”Wondrous Light” by John Estacio, Troopers “Truman Sleeps” by Phillip Glass, Mandarins “High Wire” by John Mackey, Seattle Cascades “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, Carolina Crown “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles, Bluecoats “Audivi Media Nocte” by Oliver Waespi, Santa Clara Vanguard “Chinatown” by Jerry Goldsmith, Pacific Crest ”Sudden Throw” by Olafur Arnalds, Blue Knights ”Backlash” by Simon Dobson, Madison Scouts ”Ghostlight” by David Glyde, Blue Devils ”Rock Island, 1931” by Thomas Newman, Cavaliers ”On the Shoulders of Giants” by Peter Graham, Boston Crusaders “Sora” by Yoko Kano, Blue Stars
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    Esoteric is french? Je ne pense pas! Avant-garde is though. But then, french is passé, n'est-ce pas? Except for gourmet cuisine, bien sûr.🤨
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    The brass arrangements for Bluecoats were so incredible that I didn’t really care all that much that it was Beatles music.
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    Colt Cadets will follow suit next year, but in keeping with the younger age group, to keep it more kid friendly it will be titled "When heck freezes over"
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    I mostly agree with this. Could arguably flip any of the top 3 ... all three of those shows were clear winners. PR and Bloo didn't dominate performance captions as much, but had enough GE (Bloo 2016 more so ... I personally thought BD had a better performance on finals night, but that's just me.) In terms of personal enjoyment: 1. Bloo 2016 - Just a breath of fresh air ... fun, relaxed, inviting, Pink Floyd. It's been a while since I've watched it so I'm not sure if it holds up, but I think that show is the best thing to happen to the activity in a long time. It's ok to be fun. 2. Cadets 2011 - It's so weird to see a Cadets show that's so clear and simple in design, but still high velocity and emotional. So many great moments ... no cringeworthy moments (something I always have with GH era Cadets shows). 3. SCV 2018 - I was originally going to put Crown here, but this show is so visually captivating. I've seen this one the least out of five, so I feel like there's more to be discovered. 4. Crown 2013 - Mainly down here because of the ballad narration. Otherwise, it's my favorite opening statement in drum corps. 5. PR 2008 - The mid-00s were a mostly dumb, boring, risk-averse era. I love that this show threw a kitchen sink at it all and changed the activity for the better. I only have it at #5 because I know a ton of people who marched this show ... and I'm jealous as hell that they have rings and I don't.
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    It"s been referenced before: shows are becoming increasingly boiler plate..even though the talent is great , the predictability of what you MUST see regardless of theme and when you see it, makes the EXPERIENCE too predictable..Not that the music isn't challenging and not that the shows aren't done well, they are...the mm's kick ###..But if I see another AWAKENING from sleep, birth or death with the hero/heroine eventually be hoisted high I think I'll puke..sometimes I get the feeling that the shows' gratuitous aspects are not unlike sex scenes in R rated movies...anyway all the above is IMHO..peace
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    Blue Knights I have not swooned over a show in too long. Sumptuous. The Cavaliers So on-brand. The Blue Devils/Coats The Champions! Pacific Crest I love an out-of-nowhere hit. Theme from "Chinatown" was cinematic magic. Spartans Thrilling. But that opening ... WOW! Troopers The rebrand/reboot and music to back it up bodes nicely. Jersey Surf Lovely. Design and execution.
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    1. Bluecoats (not because I’m a supporter) 2. Boston Crusaders (closely behind) 3. Cavaliers (closely behind) i only choose a top three every year. Last year’s list was the same except The Cadets were in Cavies place.
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    12. Cavaliers- I honestly don't even have an explanation for this one, just out of all these shows this left the least impression. 11. Mandarins 10. Bluestars 9. Phantom Regiment 8. Santa Clara Vanguard 7. The Cadets 6. The Crossmen 5. Boston Crusaders 4. Blue Knights 3. Carolina Crown 2. Blue Devils 1. The Bluecoats!
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    1. Bluecoats (by a lot) 2. Blue Stars 3. Blue Knights
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    Gee WHIZ, that's awful. We need to CURDtail the bad puns before the mods have a MELT down.
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    Who was responsible for "Do Better"
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    Those are definitely killer shows. I love that you put Bloo no. 1. I thought Down Side Up was incredible. Bluecoats might not have been as clean as SCV 2018, Carolina in 2013, or even The Cadets and Phantom, but the design of Bloo's 2016 show was a benchmark in the activity that many corps today are following (as they do with BD). For me I would rank them: Bluecoats 2016 - A truly benchmark show for DCI. A show that has changed a lot minds about props, uniforms/costumes, electronics, etc. See my remarks above for Bloo. Carolina Crown 2013 - I was in love with this show from day one. There is really nothing to complain about or nit pick. It has a fantastic music book, incredible brass line, amazing guard, and the staging and drill are pretty close to flawless. This was Carolina at their best. The body movement, the integration, the powerful impact moments, it all created a level of General Effect that never let down. And the Ballad is one of my favs from this decade. The Cadets 2011 - I think from a total design perspective this was nearly a perfect show. Drill, music, guard, theatrics, and theme all came together. It was the last time we truly remember what it was like to see the old "Garfield" corps at Finals. They had an early lead in 2015 only to make many mistakes down the stretch, and while I do like their 2012 and 2013 shows, I feel 2011 was the last time we saw classic Cadets at Finals. Phantom Regiment 2008 - One of my favorite shows ever. Theatrical, powerful, incredibly staged, and the performance levels are solid to really good. The show took most of the season to build and develop, but what we got at Finals was amazing. It terms of entertainment it might be no. 1 on this list, but I rank it below Bloo, Crown, and Cadets for minor reasons. Mainly I feel the top 3 here are better overall visual programs and they match Phantom's excellent music score in quality, construction, and demand (even if you don't find them as entertaining). Santa Clara Vanguard 2018 - This show certainly has one of the best endings I have seen in DCI competition, much like Phantom 2008. I found the show somewhat uneven from front to back, enjoying the back portion much more. From a performance perspective, SCV is likely no. 1 here considering the quality of their brass, percussion, visual proficiency, and guard. From that perspective, either Cadets or Carolina would be no. 2. But much like with Phantom, they absolutely needed to refine their ending (of just finish it) in order keep the Blue Devils at bay. The changes Phantom made also helped them jump to the lead at the very end. Most of the season I was not sold on the opening two section of Vanguard's show, despite their monster performance captions. It is a fantastic show, deserved to win, and has a killer ending.
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    Previous posts have hit all the main factors. Staff continuity on and off the field. Destination corps leads to top talent. BD gets members from every other corps, almost no one leaves BD to go somewhere else. Cappy hit on a key point I can attest to personally, and it's the quality of the tour experience. First rate all the way and they treat members like adults. Some corps run their kids into the ground.
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    I strongly suspect that Bluecoats’ merch sales give the org all the validation they need and want.
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    Nope, I LOVE it. I'm tired of cheese. Literal shows make me feel like the corps thinks I'm stupid
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    I'd say it's a combination of a lot of things. The Blue Devils are the largest Drum & Bugle Corps organization in the country, probably the world. They operate an A, B, and C corps. They operate a winter drum line, guard, a special-needs guard, their Yamaha School of Music lesson program, the Diabolo Wind Symphony, and several other programs. They have the highest revenue earning and profit in drum corps. Money is important in this business. BD is a smart organization that has been wise about their earnings and investments. The A corps is a destination corps. Essentially kids from all over the country, and the world, have auditioned to be Blue Devils. This sort of popularity was built over decades and was likely due to great instruction, great tour experience, the way they program their shows and feature their performers, and many other reasons I am sure. Although the A corps is very national/international, the rest of the organization is very local or regional. I'd guess (and I have no facts on this) that they have roughly 350+ kids taking part in year-round programs. Again, I am not even counting the A corps. I am basically just factoring the number of members in the B and C corps, the DWS, winter guard, winter drum line, and the Yamaha School of Music, etc. It's at least 350+ kids, and likely closer to 400 involved in local year-round activities. My guess is SCV is the only corps to come close to this sort of year-round involvement of local youth. The Blue Devils have the most full-time positions for admin, designers and teachers. From a competitive standpoint, I believe their staff fully acknowledge that they need to know the judging sheets well. After all, if you are going to compete it would be wise to know exactly how you are going to be judged. Everyone wants to be entertaining, but being competitive means showcasing strengths in each caption. In this regard, BD has consistently been outstanding in all performance captions over the years. Brass, percussion, guard, and visual proficiency are fortes of theirs. Once you factor in design, visual analysis, and GE, the combination of their strength across the board makes them tough to beat. The Blue Devils are a great organization with a passion for helping youth enjoy great opportunities in performance. Like any organization that wins a lot (New England Patriots, Lakers and Celtics back in the day, etc) they tend to get beat-up. Some fans don't like that their A corps gets many members who marched elsewhere and want to finish their drum corps experience marching BD. But this happens with other corps, too. Crown and Bluecoats and SCV, and definitely Garfield/The Cadets from back in the day have all benefited by being destination corps. I think people would appreciate the Blue Devils more if they really took the time to examine all the things they do from a total organization perspective.
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    Maybe "What Is It?" would make a good show--theme title.
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    You could mix EWF very well with Tower of Power music
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    There should be a Goo penalty.
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    Stop: masking brass sound with A & E. Let’s hear the brass lines themselves without electronic enhancement. Mic ONLY soloists. start: limiting the amount of props/prop items. This will minimize prop assembly areas, prop trucks, prop crews being the horn lines. change: static “staging” of brass, guard and percussion to being more on the move. Designers have given in to reducing movement to enable “features” to the point where every production had multiple features. Well it feels like it.
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    If you would share this on your social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc)... We would appreciate it.
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    Your opinion is noted and your membership in the “I hate Will Pitts coven” has been extended for another year. Do you even know him? I’ll go out on a limb and ask if you have even marched/or worked for the corps. I can’t imagine you actually were a part of the organization because one of the basic things we learned as MMs/support staff was respect....which you lack in spades. It’s okay to disagree but to attack him personally as you do tells me you have deeper unresolved issues than just Will’s ability to arrange music. Go get help. Soon. You need it.
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    I thought there was an unofficial blackout until Labor Day (unless people post about leaving on their own, like the brass caption manager did).
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    150 pair of Ugg boots, slightly used, various sizes. Also a few sleds. 1 888 Blu Star, ask for Jack London
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    Welcome to just being another ########.
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    PLEASE have a better designed show.
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