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    I can already tell you the schedule because it is in a rut: It will start late June. Several Corps will be at midwest premier; a day or so later west coast premier will happen. A Corps or two from east or midwest will head to CA as part of the tour. The west coast tour will leave CA by the first week of July (no more DC for you CA!) toward San Antonio (with a stop for some in Denver & / or Casper), as will the midwest tour. Corps will gradually be added until they all reach San Antonio. After that, one - three groups of Corps will follow the usual rut (oops, I mean route) to Atlanta, then north to Allentown, followed by the usual convergence in Indy.
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    I want PR to be Phantom Relevant again.
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    Cadets '80 - '82: I believe was Bill Kaufman. Fred Sanford in the early '70s. Bluecoats: Charlie Poole went there for awhile, after 27th folded. About '87 - '88. Phantom: Marty Hurley around '75 to mid '80s, then Ken Mazur and/or John Wooton, then Lee Beddis. Glassmen: George Sheppard late '80s - early '90s; Lee Beddis later in the '90s (?) Crossmen: Bill Kaufman, before Thom Hannum; then Mark Thurston late '80s - early '90s. Troopers: I believe their founder, Jim Jones, was a drummer and headed the caption for awhile. Spirit of Atlanta '76 - '78: Dan Spalding; Clint Gillespie mid '90s to early 2000s. Madison: Jeff Moore early 90's to early 2000s. Boston: Gerry Shellmer late '60s
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    Jeff Ausdemore BK from 2006-2010 https://www.wgi.org/judges-single-information/?userid=52184 Perhaps followed by Hardimon? Brian Mason Regiment from 1998-2002 https://www.moreheadstate.edu/Caudill-College-of-Arts,-Humanities-and-Social-Sci/mtd/Faculty-and-Staff/Brian-Mason
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    In about a month, based on previous years. The 2019 schedule was announced on DCI's website November 16, 2018.
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    I wonder how many people are just like you on this one. I bet there is a shockingly high number of people barely hanging on. I know I am....
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    For Spirit I'm pretty sure it was Tom Float through 81 and I know it was Mike Back through either '89 or 90'. Great guy...great teacher and a huge influence on so many of us.
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    Read it again, it says 'in step with the times'. That has NOT been the case the last 5 or so years.
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    He already been there and done that with the Blue Knights. He even recorded that brass line with a special microphone setup on the DSD format. Absolutely stunning recording with ZERO compression and prodigious dynamics.
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    So, kinda back on topic. I'll be honest, when they announced the show for 2019, I was far less than thrilled about it. To me it was way to cheesy and, I believe, if anything 'may' have had an impact on who decided to try out for Regiment, it was that announcement. It just sounded too Spartacus' Sister-ish. And the yell at the beginning of the show sealed the deal for me. It was cringe inducing. 2020 has to be a new, in step with the times, fresh, production and, I believe, the title of the show must reflect that, if we are going to attract members . (just my 2 cents)
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    Ugh. The internet is so ephemeral. Even more unfortunately the internet managed to destroy much of what existed before it.
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    i knew it would get posted eventually was not looking forward to it, lol i HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE that song. i had to play it for years at the Virginia Military Tattoo, and mass rehearsals were hours long just playing that stupid song over and over again with some screeching soprano singing i get sick when i hear it now
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    No... the electronics add dirt to performances throughout the season. So do trips - I mean tarps.
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