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    Hey everyone, Just wanted to take the moment and say happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone here is safe and spending it with the people you love. Of course, blast some drum and bugle corps too! A holiday is not complete without some DCI lol.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all on here...still can't watch 2019 cadet replays but am wishing the best for my favorite corps in 2020..PEACE
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    As some sung their first year - A Disney show: M-I-C, K-E-Y, M--O-N-E-Y
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    Man Ronald Reagan HS band just crushed it on NBC at the Macy’s parade at Herald Square!!
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    size doesn't always equal good or entertaining. Surf was the smallest they have been in a long time last year, and had their best and most entertaining show since 2013
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    It does sound like you're saying you think either or both Crown's arranger can't arrange funk or instructors can teach the kids to play funk to a point equal to the other styles they have played in the past. I'll wait and see, but do feel they are the corps that has had the most varied musical styles in their shows forever, especially since their entry into top 12. So I'd put more money on Crown doing a great funk than I ever would with Blue Devils doing a great, real (not jazz rendition) all-classical show.
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    Happy thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys the day with friends and family celebrating all our blessings - George
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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    And the same to you, my fellow Longhorns fan!!! Enjoy the holiday!!!
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    Hello 110 minimum number of members.... goodbye new corps... (who was the last corps to first hit the field with 110 or more).... but DCI will be elite... with whoever is left...
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    percussion is music. it takes intelligence to get it 😎
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    I’ll be happy if there is no “message” in the show. Please walk away from that. Please.
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    They posted it on their Facebook page. Carolina Gold is pleased to announce that it has applied for re-classification from DCI All-Age status to DCI Open Class for the 2020 season. Register TODAY for more information at http://bit.ly/carolinagoldregister Our regular season competition schedule can be found at http://bit.ly/dci2020 Visit carolinagold.org for more information.
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    It’s interesting. Star of Indiana and its founder Bill Cook did make major contributions on and off the field. On the one hand, Star’s model of being fiscally responsible was ahead of its time. On the other hand, they did set the precedent if you want to win, it will cost you.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 🦃🍽🍁🥧🍷
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    there had been emails circulating for years of bands owing the circuit fees, threats to leave getting shows paid for by YEA instead of the school....you name it. the hole was there before everything blew it. the explosion made it bigger. After all, C2 was killed because it was supposed to have been losing money right? the problem with how YEA was run was the money wasn't allocated to the certain segments of YEA, but all one pot.
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    Everything has consequences. Action, inactions.......
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    Some fast facts about the tour schedule: The average number of shows (including Prelims) is 25, same as 2018. Blue Stars have the most shows (29) and The Cadets the least (20). Crossmen and Seattle Cascades increased the number of shows the most (+3) and The Cadets decreased the most (-10). The first date all World Class corps compete on the same night is July 12 (same day on the tour calendar as last year). Due to the DCI Southwest change, all World Class corps will compete on the same night only once before Indy (July 25 in Atlanta). Last year's Gold and Silver medalists, Blue Devils and Bluecoats, will compete head-to-head for the first time on July 12 in St. Louis, MO. They will be joined by last year's Bronze medalists, Santa Clara Vanguard, on July 14 in Broken Arrow, OK. Seattle Cascades will be the final World Class corps to make its season debut on July 2 in Oregon. Full schedule spreadsheet available here. I did this quickly and manually so please let me know if I made any mistakes.
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    Cascades will hopefully have a larger turnout this year, we're offering satellite camps in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, and Portland!
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