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    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!!!!!!
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    I appreciate your thoughts. However, do you really think the current management team isn't very aware of the valid criticisms that are mentioned on this site? The Cadets are not hiding behind the issues they face. It's easy to sit behind the computer and criticize the Cadets. Bit of a different challenge to be tasked with fixing the issues they face.
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    Yeah that's true, but dwelling on the past doesn't help the future. Cadets have a lot of trust to gain back, and they seem to be making tangible changes to earn that trust. Some of what they have been doing aren't really popular, like getting rid of Cadets2, but they're doing what's hard in order to make their future a little easier. There's really no point in pouring salt on the wound.
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    Just found this thread, and found some irony regarding GH and the YEA financial debacle. When GH pushed the G7 foolishness, he tried to promote 7 Elite corps (two of which now find themselves in the bottom half of the top 12 btw) with double pay, double votes, etc. Even when G7 morphed into Tour of Champions afterward, when Boston finished 8th it is still denied access to said elite group. Despite Boston's "non-elite" status however, , GH repeatedly askes BAC/Inspire for money to pay down debt. Boston declines. In 2016 when the post season staff emigration happens, GH contacts DCI now claiming Boston has no money and it is all a ruse. Dan A flies to Boston, examines the books, and finds that BAC/Inspire does in fact have the financial resources it is rumored to have. Then the #METOO movement happens and everything blows up. While I do not hold Cadets members or staff responsible for any of this, it is revisionist history to suggest that all was well in that organization prior to those accusations. One other thing...does anybody else here remember when GH blogged about high diesel prices and having so little money that the Cadets would no longer serve milk to the members on tour? I do. That organization has been a financial wreck for years. I wish the very best to the new leadership to right the ship. The kids deserve better.
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    Well, they’re both deaf.
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    Casualties of the blast zone!
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    Twice in one day someones gonna be clearing posts... countdown for thread closing anyone?
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    Only positive things. No negative comments or pragmatic reasoning about very real and very serious issues. Pollyanna-ism is preferred, but blindly optimistic will do if that's not possible. Anything other than that and it's clear you're just a hopkins supporter and a Cadets hater. So sayeth the self-appointed self-righteous. Sim sala bim. The Borg hath spoken. 🤪
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    Of course they know what the issues are. Ok, what am I permitted to talk about? I’ll stay within your list.
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    Squeaky wheel... IOW GH griped and DCI looked.... Wondering how much DCI heard (and from whom) about Pioneer before someone did a face to face with the corps
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    So GH triggered an evaluation of the Boston Crusaders in 2016, yet it took loss of director and BOD before DCI ever looked behind the YEA! curtain? All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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    12/17 Jim’s birthday. 😳
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    yeah i can't imagine this wasn't well thought out. size can actually be harder to clean.
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    You bring up an interesting point. As hard as it is for most corps to survive these days, you would think drum corps fans in general would be pulling for the Cadets to rebound. It is a strange situation.
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    must be a court date coming up
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    They have even titled their final camp the April Camp and Guard Final Audition in honor of Ms Gilligan. It is being held next April 24th....hmmmm.....uhhhhh...eerrrrr.....never mind!
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    April and gang could take an ambitious and hard working young person who’s never spun a flag and turn them into a clean and wonderful performer by mid season. Absolutely nothing to worry about lol
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    Yes. They have about 15 spots avail and the techs and team have tons of WGI ties so they will hand recruit a bunch cadets marching 36 and 4 alternates it’s not a huge line to fill out brass and percussion are in fine shape i find it fascinating how these clear Hop fans are becoming so vocal - pretty clear that 2020 is a threat to “everything sucks now” message they continue to religiously pontificate
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    Don't be ridiculous. It's DECEMBER.
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    Oh that never happens here. 🙄😂
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    He’s OK ... especially when he picks up the bar tab! 🤣
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    Lol no the Marine Corps. He worked in Avionics. Jet engines (hearing) and radar detection systems (artificial lenses in his eyes). Add the ruptured rotator cuff from being wounded in Cambodia and that’s service to your country. Yes, I’m proud of him.
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    Over in DCA, Sunrisers performed "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" three or four years ago, and just as in the Moulin Rouge arrangement, they interpolated a little of "Material Girl". I saw a high school marching band do the same thing a year later. For those who don't know: "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" is originally from the 1949 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which starred Carol Channing. It was loosely adapted to film in 1953 and starred Marilyn Monroe (who shared top billing but was paid just a tiny percentage of what was earned by her co-star, Jane Russell). The video for the Madonna song "Material Girl" (1985) was an homage to the 1953 film sequence.
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    and Beethoven's too. Mere coincidence?
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    Ghost - Thanks for bringing us back on track! Great show indeed.
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    If the Velvet Knights perform a Thanksgiving program during the 2020 summer season, what music, drill, uniforms, or props should be included? Would a green bean casserole costume read well from the grandstand?
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    They would break out the Chick-Fil-A cow and a sign that says eat more Turkey.
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    I've heard the brass experience and the SOUND they produced at the standstill was very solid
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    Are you pleading Mahler’s 5th?
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    Personally, I would rather Cadets were fielding 40-44 guard. 36 seems light.
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    I’ve heard some whisperings but am going to have to plead the 5th on this one right now. Plus, I wouldn’t put too much stock into it this early on anyways. (Things can change.)
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    No, not at all. I know nothing, just wanted to bring some levity during the off season.
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    Don't significant guard turnouts happen toward the end of WGI season? I would think most guard talent is sorta focused on their WGI stuff right now?
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    from neutral observers present, I heard only good reports about the class act and teaching the brass and percussion experienced at the Salem camp. I presume Texas was similar?
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    The potential is certainly there if they can get the talent.
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    Oh absolutely lol - you’ve been 100% negative
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    You sir are certainly showing your true colors and also showing how incredibly out of the loop you are Cadets 2020 will be legendary
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    Heh... I remember a "back in the day" story about a guy from Yankee Rebels who had to work on a Saturday, was running late to get to the corps' show in PA, and decided to pull out his soprano and warm up while driving up from Baltimore. A police officer pulled him over and requested that he put the horn back in the case, and keep both hands on the wheel.
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    Thanks! One of the all-time great brass judges, Dr Bernard Baggs, was a percussionist.
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    To your second question here... the "out of the Northeast" all-age corps often attend those DCI shows because those shows are closer to home (as opposed to potentially breaking the bank on a long trip to the Northeast) , and give the corps a performance opportunity and judges' feedback. Makes perfect sense, especially from an economic standpoint. To your first question... the scores kinda sorta, maybe or maybe not, compare favorably. LOL. Not a complete "true read" from a DCA panel who might understand the sheets a bit better (even though there are any number of judges who work in both circuits). But, as mentioned earlier... it does give the corps valuable feedback. ***Edit to add***... The numbers also can be affected by factors such as an all-age corps doing a weeknight DCI show and showing up with numerous blanks as a result, or having a very short time to get together, warm up, etc. (Since a lot of the folks in those corps have weekday job/school commitments.) I would think a hurried weeknight performance might not be a true indicator of what a corps is capable of doing.
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    I am totally ready for next year's Van Halen / Billie Eilish mashup.
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    percussion people IMO make the best GE judges
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    I had the pleasure of seeing the start of the 2020 Cabs' season yesterday. Great things are afoot in Hawthorne!
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    Signed up for Cabs with Amazon Smiles today...... I'm sorry I didn't find out sooner. Cabs fan since 1956..... first time I heard Cabs.....they were lined up in parade configuration on Gould Ave (South Paterson), between Main St. and Pacific Ave for a dedication ceremony of a new triangle intersection park near old Firehouse #7. Most of us there were from South Paterson..... my dad and I walked a few blocks to get there. They wanted the music to attract more visitors to the ceremony, so the Mayor asked the Cabs to start playing. Four beats on a bass drum, a 16-count street beat and that famous roll-off into the first notes of "Cherry Pink." Twelve years old and hooked on "that sound" in less than 30 seconds ! Joe Dz in South Paterson
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    don't forget that a big part of the song's "soul" and timelessness is that it is derived from bach.
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    what you mean Dartmouth? taking a jab at Tom?
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