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    Yeah and he also got to look at how much gas was in the shuttle bus.
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    I guess you didn't see Boston's weapons last year or the year before or BDs saber line this year. The layering of body and equipment and high precision in today's color guard world is just off the charts. It is probably the one area of the activity that has grown the most in since 'the good ole' days'. Calling the athleticism of what they do a 'ballerina' move is a slap in the face to what those performers are doing. I'd also note that ballerina's are incredible athletes in their own right.
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    I hope that for the first time since I began having contact with the organization (1989) the powers that be will recognize that the Development role (fund raising) is an actual profession. That they will hire a professional of considerable caliber - preferably from outside the DCI activity - that the organization will finally have a professional and dynamic development plan, led by someone who has experience building and growing sustainable funding that is aligned with best practices in the profession.
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    A music event like this should want nothing to do with a distorted product. With few exceptions, like soloists and small ensembles, talent at this high level of proficiency must be challenged to “sing” in tune and balance. A display of natural ability and masterful command of the instrument. Anything less is both an insult to the group on stage, and abuse of the in-person audience.
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    I am sure the kids will lineup to carry a marching timpani,
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    Actually, I did have a conversation at camp about financials. The Cadets are facing the money issues head on and working towards solutions. Sorry I interrupted the standard gloom and doom with some good news about the Cadets! And by the way, financial issues are not exclusive to the Cadets. The current DCI touring model is not sustainable. I hope your favorite corps gets more support than the Cadets when financial troubles hit.
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    When I was paying attention triples were about it, but they all came down at the exact same second like a clean snare line - CLICK. Guards today throw way higher, but the catches are not very clean in my opinion. I’d rather see a perfectly executed triple than a sloppy 7 and perfectly executed ballerina move.
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    I'm with you Keith! Bring back cadets, English riding boots, and knee length skirts on the color guard for a year. ........and cleanly caught rifle tosses.
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    Only today? As opposed to every other day?
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    It might be fun if all of the corps contributed an updated version of one of their classic songs for a special release CD/download. But I think I would take a pass on retro shows.
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    There has been dancing in drum corps for DECADES. When people say stuff like that it makes me wonder if they have in fact ever even seen a drum corps.
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    Big Anniversary and would like to see corps go Throwback for that year! Play music corps played back then and wear old style uni's. Just for that year! No amps, no mic's and no dancing just Marching, Brass, and Percussion! It's a wish!
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    You left out the "layering of body" in the quote, which when combined with the equipment work is what has propelled modern guard to its current amazing heights.
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    Been to many of those and still prefer them to indoors anywhere, sound wise.
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    Did you get to look at their financials while you were there?
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    aint happening
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    Even in ‘79, 27th was top of the pack with synced quints. Now 7s and 8s aren’t too uncommon. Look at BD’s opener last year ... were those 8s or 9s in sequence over the doors? And they were clean AF. And they didn’t even win the Zingali! The talent in today’s guards is unbelievable!
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    Without spending some enjoyable time watching several of the older shows (thanks Brian Smith), I don't think many of the guards tossed 7's. Never mind what else the guard mm are also doing while tossing currently.
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    Great post. Most of this will be covered in the upcoming announcements. Specifically, question 2 .... SO I will not comment. 1. All Campaign Donation Contributions to The Cadets go directly to "The Cadets". And ONLY "The Cadets". 2. Drum corps budgets can not operate on member fees alone. That's impossible for even the tiniest corps. Donations, fees, contracted sponsorships, performance fees, inventory sales and additional revenue streams all contribute to the yearly budget. Every organization involved in DCI deals with the struggle of balancing the costs of touring and operations against budgetary needs. No one is kicking cans at The Cadets. At every turn, I've experienced nothing but open communication and a clear plan for how to meet those needs. 3. Cleaning houses always involves new blood taking up the torch. New Admins, New Directorship, stronger planning, better organization, fiscal responsibility and clear communication when necessary and needed. Your questions are valid and require answers. Those are coming, but not from me.
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    So when are the Cadets going to announce they are coming under the umbrella of Inspire Arts and renaming the corps "The NJ Junior Crusaders"? .....kidding...I'm just kidding.......it's a joke..... 😛 Hope the Cadets have a successful re-boot under this new leadership and a successful 2020 season.
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    No thank you
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    Because BD is drama-free. They go about their business of producing a great drum corps.
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    my head spins. breakfast in bed. wait staff for lunch and dinner rv travel for all members weekly staff review by members stagehands for all scenery
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    That was part of the original quote. To me, it refers to the addition of total body involvement along with the equipment work. As opposed to the past where guards were the opposite. Guards were supposed to be as rigidly still as possible in their body as they performed the equipment work. Two totally differing concepts.
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    And played it well! They had a terrific corps, and show, that year.
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    Actually, they first played sections of it (as far as DCI is concerned) in 1972, if we want them to satisfy the posters request.
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    For some perhaps, but not for all!
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    How about the horn line doing the bottle dance while playing. I would pay to see that.
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    That's what I hear. Coats and Crown are building a wall around CA. Leaving a small escape for SCV to crawl out and escape. And from what I hear..drones will strike Mars field just in case there are still Devils trying to practice.
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    This is the only clip I could find of Carmine Appice on that broadcast.
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    On the one hand this would be terrible, on the other it would save me money on all the tickets I wouldn't buy.
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    As always: If my corps wins... they are clearly the best. If my corps doesn't win... it's politics.
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    selective memory
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    I know in 1971 the Cadets in our Revolutionary War show had the Colonials do a hoedown while the British did a minuet.
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    Boston's design team/caption heads have more than a dozen rings combined. So yes, they do have the staff to get them to the top. The top 6 is clearly fiercely competitive, but there is nobody I'd rather have in those positions.
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    Bottle dance here, the “stripper” there.... and. ?????? Yeah really wide spread dancing lol. 🙄
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    2 predictions in 1: Cadets and Mandarins both climb!!!!!!
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    I've heard talk about 2022 proposals. There are loads of suggestions out there that the committees will be exploring. Stuff I liked: Pistol start Pistol stop at about 10 minutes and judging stops ... then all heck can break loose for another 90 seconds. 1 throwback piece of music I'm down with the traditional uniform
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    With all due respect Jeff this topic/thread is basically Madison Scouts 2019 part 2 of 2 . So to be more logical why don’t we have the poster remove the year from the title and have it just say Madison Scouts? Why bother putting the year if the topic/thread is going to host discussions about anything and everything in the history of the corps? Just put a note here saying all discussions are going to be continued at topic X In the thresd/topic Starting with page X we’re going to allow 2020 only discussions
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    Yes. It may not be the doom and gloom that some have said but it is apparently not rainbows and unicorns others are portraying either.
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    Buried on page 12 here. Anybody getting excited about BD in 2020! 😎
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    This statement is incomplete. Yes they worked hard. But those glory years also had the absolute best teachers and creators. Hard work is meaningless without the instruction to properly guide it and the design to let it shine.
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    "Captain, how soon can you land?" "I can't tell." "You can tell me. I'm a doctor." "No. I mean I'm just not sure." "Well, can't you take a guess?" "Well... not for another two hours." "You can't take a guess for another two hours?"
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    or perhaps DCI lays down markers for Cadets to attain to qualify for World Class as an new 501C3 - wouldn't be the first or last time rules are "adapted" for unique circumstances
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    Your hurtful comment has ripped open the emotional scars from your last comment. I was just recovering. At this rate my wounds will never heal...
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