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    Don't confuse people in this thread not looking at the financials with the people who matter not looking at the financials. Nobody with full knowledge of the financials is posting in this thread.
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    Yes, the public can see the 990 forms when submitted. That is far different from the types of questions and snide comments being thrown around this thread. So no, my post is not "patently false". As long as those who are footing the bill for a marching member (be it parents or the members themselves) are satisfied with what they see and hear, it is no business of outsiders to peer into every dusty corner looking for 'gotcha' items, just because they feel like it.
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    Heh... a few of us went to DCI East prelims in 1992, mainly to see SCV and their "Fiddler" show. The Bottle Dance started... we jumped to our feet... and a woman behind us literally grabbed at our shirts and tried to pull us down!!! "You're blocking my view!!!" Well... we were like, hey.... it's the freakin' BOTTLE DANCE, lady... we are standing up and cheering!!!! She finally let us be. As soon as the corps was done, my friend turned around to her and her friends and told them if they ever tried something like that again, he would kill all of them. LOL. And... knowing my friend... he meant it.
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    Question validity is not the issue. It's TO WHOM you're posing the question that is the issue. Why would a spectator be looking at their financials? If you REALLY wanted to know the answer to that question, you'd ask the right people who are responsible for that.
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    Public schools are less and less willing to host outside groups like drum corps, given costs and other community-based activities going on at the schools, even in summer.
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    "an unproven group of people" -- do you know who Denise Bonfiglio is???? What an absolutely RIDICULOUS statement. This "unproven" team is loaded with caption winners, championship winners, corporate leaders and DCI HOFers..
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    I’m from Noo Joisey, don’t touch me... Had that at my sisters last band competition in the 80s. Band parent from our HS sitting in front of me gave me hades for yelling for a corpsmate in between show “you should cheer when OUR band comes on”. Later I got back when drum tech from another band was looking for a seat during his bands performance. Another corps mate so I had him sit next to me. Man did I get the look of death from the band mom in front of me. Funniest part was #1 he didn’t know there was a problem and #2 it was Jeff’s dad
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    Not sure about that. What I noticed seems to be an increase in schools worrying about liability (especially with the predator issue) and “outsiders” using taxpayer funded property. All it takes is one big mouth at a school board meeting or election raising hades and board takes easy way out and says NO.
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    Let me guess. You once had a bad breakup and when you hear a REO Speedwagon song it triggers your memory. Maybe the old girlfriend particularly liked REO Speedwagon, or it was playing when she broke up with you. Oh wait. That’s me.
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    Sorry to #### off those of you that don't like items strictly pertaining to the 2020 Scouts, but the corps lost an alum yesterday from the 1999 season. Delane Black Elk was a member of our colorguard. He was one of the most genuine, sweetest, and humble people I had the pleasure of marching with. His love for the corps, and in particular our 1999 production was greater than anyone I have known. He will be missed. Love you Diva!
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    So this above was the original post, not a reply to someone, but information on the upcoming season of The Cadets. This was your response: BUT, he was gracious enough to provide you with some kind of answer to your question: But because his answer was unsatisfactory, it kept on going, and now you're asking this: So let's assess. A poster wanted to provide some information about what the Cadets are coming up with in terms of their 2020 show. And instead, he was asked about financials, when that question could have been asked of someone who probably would have had more information than the poster to whom you posed the question. I'm sorry if you feel that someone is attacking you, but your question was irrelevant based on the initial post to which you responded. So I feel no sympathy for calling it out.
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    Then they should be using the proper channels to request the information they seek, as opposed to asking random people on a forum.
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    Oh that #### “need to know” I keep hearing at my job. 😛
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    I will just drop the highest loudest longest cleanest rolls EVER right here - enjoy :) To quote the innocent bystander at the end JESUS CHRIST!!
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    DCI posted on their site that Carolina Gold would be evaluated in March.
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    True. I sat next to a couple my age who were attending their very first show a few years back. It was the year Surf did their "Bridgemania" show as a tribute to Bayonne. The couple had no idea why some of the audience was responding to parts of the show. I had to tell them what was going on...they were not impressed very much, actually.
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    Take It On The Run Baby!
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    I know... still OT.... but speaking of Yoko....LOL... The 10th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination, 1990... there was a big to-do at the UN that day, hosted by Scott Muni and broadcast on WNEW-FM, remembering the tragic event. Yoko was the featured speaker... and Howard Stern (I think he was on K-Rock in NYC then) brought it up live on his show (which, from what I recall, was an FCC violation at that time... you couldn't simulcast another station's show without their permission, or something like that). Now... Howard hated Yoko... and was not exactly fond of Scott Muni, either. LOL. I was heading home from my own morning radio gig in NJ... and had to tune in because I knew what was coming. An epic rant from Howard about Yoko's role in the whole anniversary event. I #### near drove off the road I was laughing so hard.
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    LOL!!! In 2014 when my niece (and goddaughter) got married, she called me out to the dance floor for a "special song" for us to dance to. World-class chop-buster that she is... it was an REO Speedwagon tune.
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    Yes but Crown Imperial. Yum. 🥰
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    Back in the 70's when Mangione was all the rage in drum corps, I arranged "Feels So Good" for my band when I was a band director. It was part of our field show, after the opener pf "Crown Imperial" and prior to our concert number of "Bohemian Rhapsody". The first few times we played it was fine. By the end of band camp, I hated that tune so much. For me, the absolute lamest Mangione tune ever, esp having to hear it hundreds of times through the fall of 77.
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    Used to a talk show hosted by Mike Douglas, on late afternoons. Once he had John Lennon and Yoko Ono as musical guests with their band. As they started to sing, this awful caterwauling came out of Yoko's mic. About 10-15 seconds into the piece, they obviously turned off her mic, as the sounds stopped, though her lips kept moving. 😎
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    We're going to have to disagree on that (for example, where does Yoko Ono fit in).
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    judges follow the guidelines the voting corps put forth
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    It’s easy for us to forget, that many of the Old School favorites, were innovative in their day, and at times controversial.
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    Re layering of body -well the skin is on the outermost layer, with muscles under that followed by the bone layer. If talking abdomen there is also the 'innards' layer (to use the technical term).
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    For some perhaps, but not for all!
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    Only today? As opposed to every other day?
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    Well, he posted his own thoughts on how Cadets are doing so why would he have the need to check Cadets' financials. Can't understand why you guys are being ridiculous today.
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    Yeah and he also got to look at how much gas was in the shuttle bus.
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    That's why I had a problem from the start of the amplification nonsense, with some dude way off the field making decisions about half the sound coming off the field. It's no longer "for the kids," it's mostly about marketing for sound equipment retailers.
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    A music event like this should want nothing to do with a distorted product. With few exceptions, like soloists and small ensembles, talent at this high level of proficiency must be challenged to “sing” in tune and balance. A display of natural ability and masterful command of the instrument. Anything less is both an insult to the group on stage, and abuse of the in-person audience.
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    I really need that popcorn meme right now. 🍿
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    Unproven - yes. Bravo for Hall of Famer Denise Bonfiglio. I'm sure she earned that honor. However that does not automatically equal the knowledge and skillsets to run a multi-faceted multi-million dollar organization. She may do very well and she may be surrounded by a strong team. The unproven part is that we still don't actually know who is running what at this point. Are Denise and the Cadets still a part of YEA as of this moment? Does the BOD of YEA still have complete control of the finances? If the answer is no, then why is that information not yet public? Why does the YEA site still list The Cadets as part of their org if that has changed? If it has changed, why is there no listing of the new BOD who IS controlling the financial interest of The Cadets. Everyone can feel free to join in and attack if they choose. That's your perogative. But I am not makikng wild claims or snarky comments. I am asking legitimate questions about the transparency and stability of what was/is/may be YEA and The Cadets, as well as asking questions about why much of this still seems to be shrouded in secrecy and not a topic anyone is supposed to be allowed to discuss.
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    Each individual needs to know as much as they as individually think necessary to make donations or continue to participate as members. If they are not happy with what they are able to ascertain, then they can make donations or participate elsewhere. Again, it is up to those people to be comfortable, not those outside sniping and making unsupported commentary.
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    What about donors to their fundraising campaigns, which can include alumni and fans in general who may have never had any formal direct ties to the Cadets? How much, specifically, do you think they (along with those members/parents paying tour/camp fees) are entitled to know about where and how that money is being allocated?
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    Actually, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the public has every right to know about their financial situation, and they are, in fact, required by law to make key financial info public in the form of the 990s each year. So to say that the general public has no right to know, is patently false. They do have the right to know. Plus, the public also includes the potential parents of members and others who could be affected by their financial struggles. (Debtors and potential vendors, for example), and they most certainly are entitled to an honest, transparent explanation about how an unproven group of people plan to handle the safety and well-being of the 150-ish young people they are responsible for.
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    And since I detoured I’ll try to swing back... keep reading that great number of DCI target audience is family/friends of current marchers. IMO these folks wouldn’t know if a corps was playing one of their “greatest hits” or doing a trademark move. Picturing some of the audience cheering and rest with wth looks on their faces.
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    I always thought fuel costs would eventually kill or greatly restrain drum corps. But the tours are now longer. So much for my crystal ball.
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    Think John should remember that era too lol....
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    And to make it worse Douglas had Mangione on and we found out Chuck has the most irritating laugh. IIRC it was like air escaping from a balloon. Red Skelton was also on and spent way too much time getting Chuck to laugh to make fun of the laugh. After a while you wanted to smack them both
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    I heard that he heard it from a friend, who, heard it from a friend ,who, heard it from another she was messing around.
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    I assume that’s almost always the case. I’m sure that on some stops the corps gets a sweetheart deal, other times it’s more of a business transaction. As I wish younger me would have known, networking is probably the most important skill you can have.
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    I'll agree to disagree here. My list: 1) Anything by REO Speedwagon 2 through 1,000) Any other bad tunes
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    Just read the article and “65% of catastrophic injuries to female athletes are caused by cheerleading 1982-2009”. $1 to Fran Haring and “if it bleeds it leads”. Reminds me of a friend whose daughter had to drop out of a WC corps because of a medical problem. Later I saw two other corps members post that the young lady left because “she wasn’t (corps name) material”. No idea if corps management BSed the reason for the person dropping out or having a medical condition makes you not .... material.
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    Cheer Is Built on a Pyramid of Broken Bodies “The series tells one of the oldest, darkest stories in American sports—of athletes with no pay and little support breaking their bodies again and again, all for the greater glory of an authority figure they dare not question. ... [the] coach’s abuse of power is reimagined as an act of charity toward .... her young charges—a deterrent from being slothful or playful or feeling too much unearned joy. In the broken values system ... we should all be so lucky as to be pressed toward physical agony until we’re sobbing on the floor in front of television cameras."
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    housing is going to be an issue for all
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    my head spins. breakfast in bed. wait staff for lunch and dinner rv travel for all members weekly staff review by members stagehands for all scenery
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    Wishing the best for all Cadet supporters. Trust the process.
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