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    And the latest from PR2020. I’m excited about the level of commitment from the board!
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    This thread keeps following the cycle of someone implying that something could have happened, then people getting angry over The Cadets hiding the fact that something did happen without ever connecting the dots between could and did.
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    I believe a large issue with many posters on this thread is a significant amount of skepticism that things are improving and a forward plan for success (and righting of the cadets ship) is happening. Continuing to say “the truth” will be released does nothing to ease that doubt. What has occurred is so devastating to some, the level of trust for some to step up and say “here is my donation and what more can I do to help” is hard to overcome. Being more communicative (Cadet leadership) and more transparent might bring more support from the skeptics. Of course the information should be managed as there are a lot of legal hurdles to deal with, but better communication beyond “just wait, you’ll see” is necessary. The many posters and alums who are supportive imo, deserve more. People in general want to help. Given the opportunity. Just my opinion. Continued best wishes.
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    Heck yea! I am a Navy Chief. Almost 23 years in. Retiring next year at 24.
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    I wish they had the same format to post photos that they do on the DrumScorps app. It’s easy on there.
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    Has instructional staff griped or is stuff being thrown at the wall to see what sticks? picturing a roulette wheel or dart board being used to decide where to point the finger tomorrow. Biggest thing I see going downhill is credibility and I don’t mean Cadets If you don’t like what a corps is doing then don’t join or donate $$$. Don’t let it become an obsession....
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    the original yes-man stacked board did NOT fire Hopkins. The new board did. The old board were hand selected and approved by GH - everything I understand now is that there was zero oversight. DCI should insist on independent boards at all member corps
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    Very valid point. I always loved retreat though. Something about being on that field really brings back the true meaning behind DCI. Loved it in DCA as well.
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    Britts' first show was similar questions LOL. Those and commentary on 1. Jackets in the summer, 2. Confusing drummer terminology, 3. 'Souvies," 4. A question about the term "Throwing Babies" and 5. A brilliant (if not somewhat alcohol fueled) rant on "why would you have big prop 'thingies' if you aren't going to do anything with them?" Not bad for a first timer...
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    You need to step back for a while and relax and find something else to do for a week or two. Info will be released when they are ready not when you want it.
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    No thanks needed. I do it cause I love my country and love leading, mentoring, training and developing my Sailors. But you are very welcome Ms Terri. BTW.......I am a Chief not a Sir. I work for a living LMAO.
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    Yeah, he’s ok for a BD honk! 😉
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    Looking forward to the show and tell tomorrow. I wish I could post pics here but I’m too old to figure that out 😭😜 My son sent pics of his new horn and the new horns of others. They are working hard, and I am excited to hear more than warmups tomorrow! Drama or not, the kids have great energy. Looking forward to a great year with the Scouts.
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    I can’t repeat my alcohol-fueled rants.
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    Probably not the best choice for a snarky meme given the org's recent history. But hey, you do you.
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    Not necessarily "loans" in the traditional sense. But DCI owes corps money each season and many corps owe DCI money each year if the present shows during the season, buy blocks of tickets for resale, etc. It could be very plausible that DCI granted an org and extension to pay what they owed, which some might call a "loan"
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    What do you mean "ghost" of Carmine?
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    If it is true, I would not be surprised. Look at what they'd been through in the past few years. It's not something they can get over in a year. I just hope they figure out the entire situation and keep the corps thriving. Donation is key and I'll continue to donate.
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    YEA had to borrow money from DCI last year and DCI said hey unless you pay us back, you can't compete in 2020 and then they have been going back and forth trying to negotiate a deal and a repayment schedule for like four months. A lot happened at the DCI meetings and I guess there is a framework in place but it isn't completely GREEN LIGHTS yet.
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    dad always causes problems at band shows. true story.....i'm judging an indoor show, and he sits right next to the roped off section. Chuck Saia ia the chief so you know write fast, talk fast, he wants to get the show over. so a group finishes, jot down score, quick notes,new tape in hit record and start intro....to my right comes "Jesus they were dirty as hell!!!" hit stop, rewind, "dad i'm working here...."...restart intro. only Wally
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    a letter was posted online last fall from YEA saying payment was being delayed
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    Awww thanks Ms Terri. Much love to you and Bloo Nation as well. Classy organization and fanbase.
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    You’re my favorite Blue Devil. ❤️
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    No doubt. Jim is the man.
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    Die hard Niners fan. I was at the NFC Championship game on Sunday. Been going to Niners games since I attended my first one in 1982 at age of five. Sunday was the best atmosphere I have ever seen. Levi's stadium was rocking. Niner Empire! Quest for six!!
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    And maybe with a reminder that the person who committed those mismanagement errors is suing the org for mid-six-figures plus expenses plus lost career wages. Remind those creditors that their anger should be directed at him, not the current leadership nor the kids they purport to support.
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    I'm curious about these "red flags" to which you refer. My experience is that "red flags" introduced by people unfamiliar with financial documents actually end up propagating rumors instead of proving their own expertise. I'm still catching up in the thread, but it seems that several posting professed financial acumen here are demonstrating that they have none. Maybe that's not you, but... About those "red flags"...
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    I’m not excusing the board and I’m certainly not excusing the behavior of GH. I also agree there are things the board could have done much earlier, and had if not a legal, an ethical responsibility to do so, but the original poster spoke of laws that governed non-profits, and that was what I was speaking about, as someone who has served on all kinds of boards, some juridical and others advisory. While I have never read the responsibilities of a board under GH, it does seem that his board was a rubber stamp that tuned a blind eye until that was no longer possible.
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    That's one thing about Mercedes Benz stadium...the ability to get beer is only 150 feet away no matter where you are! Hopefully, one day we will see finals once again in the ATL.
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    Perhaps the graphic could be shown to all of the creditors of YEA, since they’re feeling some pain from the mismanagement there the last several years. 🤨
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    Here’s the thing, just from an outsider observing perspective: this is the exact mantra that was repeated on DCP endlessly during the Hopkins years. Just wait. You will know when the information comes out. Until then, shut up. We say we’ve learned from the GH experiences. The need to speak up and be more open for example. I wonder, because based on the same old same old sniping here from all the same people, some things haven’t changed one bit.
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    How about one or two mass songs at retreat? That, I would be thrilled to see and hear.
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    We did it in high school in maybe 1984 or 1985....I love the tune but I what do you do as a drummer during Feels so Good?!?! Oh yeah....ride cymbal....now I remember - yawn - Now it's in my head though Mike.... Duuuummmm Duuuummmm Dum...Dum Dum Du Dum...Du Dum Dum Du Dum
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    Which means they're in the 99th percentile. I wish I were exaggerating, but I teach English to teenagers.
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    Trolls don't donate or volunteer. But they will be here this summer with their negative comments. That's what trolls do lol.
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    I’m from Noo Joisey, don’t touch me... Had that at my sisters last band competition in the 80s. Band parent from our HS sitting in front of me gave me hades for yelling for a corpsmate in between show “you should cheer when OUR band comes on”. Later I got back when drum tech from another band was looking for a seat during his bands performance. Another corps mate so I had him sit next to me. Man did I get the look of death from the band mom in front of me. Funniest part was #1 he didn’t know there was a problem and #2 it was Jeff’s dad
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    Being the 70's, I arranged it exactly like 27th's arrangement.
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    I heard that he heard it from a friend, who, heard it from a friend ,who, heard it from another she was messing around.
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    Used to a talk show hosted by Mike Douglas, on late afternoons. Once he had John Lennon and Yoko Ono as musical guests with their band. As they started to sing, this awful caterwauling came out of Yoko's mic. About 10-15 seconds into the piece, they obviously turned off her mic, as the sounds stopped, though her lips kept moving. 😎
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    I'll agree to disagree here. My list: 1) Anything by REO Speedwagon 2 through 1,000) Any other bad tunes
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    We're going to have to disagree on that (for example, where does Yoko Ono fit in).
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    They will not be competing in 2022.
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    It’s easy for us to forget, that many of the Old School favorites, were innovative in their day, and at times controversial.
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    However ""just doing what someone else does in the same medium" isn't usually considered very creative.
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