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    Cadets have a virtual brass camp this weekend...gotta love it! They are on a mission.
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    Does anyone have a vid of Madison Scouts 202? I would Love to see that. I am guessing it’s a lot of those ram’s horn things and kettle drums. And sandals. But the guard work I bet was way ahead of its time.
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    Spending more quality time with family. Or learning Morse code from the person in the next quarantine room.
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    Per the death rates being significantly inflated over what we will eventually see, as discussed ad nauseam 15 pages back or so, that's the point! Yes, we will all be trying to prove a negative at that point, but the idea is that we DO take the precautions we're taking now so that this doesn't spread and that the death rate does remain lower than anticipated. Again, ###### if you do, ###### if you don't. We already have estimates of what it is in South Korea, China, Japan, & Italy, why not try every attempt to make that death rate much lower here, which will inevitably make it look like we were overreacting? My argument with FlamMan is not on the merits of whether we should be washing our hands or not, it's his implications that all this is overreaction as a form of conspiracy by the MSM to discredit the president, which is, of course, absolutely insane and has no basis in reality.
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    That 60 million figure is based on a year’s worth of time. We’re about a month and a half in, here in the U.S. Go back to the CDC page that lists the H1N1 2009 stats and look up the estimate of how many of those 60 million cases required hospitalization. Now compare that percentage to the covid-19 infections that require hospitalization. There’s the answer to your previous question.
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    Like I said earlier the issue isn’t how many cases/deaths we have now, it’s how bad things might get if we don’t take precautions. But I guess Italian doctors having to decide which patients get hospital assets is all a conspiracy. Along with medical experts here worrying that ERs and hospitals could be overwhelmed is a conspiracy too. But somehow it’s all the media....
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    You need to stop...
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    So an hour before Saturday finals last summer our Ring spotted an individual looking into the back windows of our house. He then went on the deck and started pulling on the back door. My wife called the local police and told the dispatcher she was in Indianapolis and reported the incident. The dispatcher asked if she was at DCI and told her he was an alumni of the Spartans and how thrilled he was they won. It ended up the intruder was a neighbors brother who was visiting and had gone to the wrong house.
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    See, this kind of situation is where hard work wins out over talent. Go Cadets!
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    I’m going to miss the camp and spring training discussions of how [insert your favorite corps here] is WAAAY ahead of last year. And the ultimate angst at season’s end when Blue Devils crushed the hopes of [insert your favorite corps here] again.
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    That's what you're hinging everything on, your experience with hygiene in Italy? In the real world, people go by facts, and all medical sources put the average death rate for the coronavirus around 3%. No one should go off of anything else other than facts, and it makes perfect sense to use them as predictors and close all major events and schools out of precaution. To imply that this thing is a conspiracy against the president to make him look bad is nothing short of sheer barking lunacy. Back up your arguments or get off the pot. I just told you in two different replies that this is either 15 or 150 times more deadly than H1N1, using YOUR numbers in each case. In the face of those numbers, how can you still call this a conspiracy?
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    I have traveled to those countries, most recently spending 2 weeks in Northern Italy in early January on business. Lets just say that Hygiene is not a priority in the countries you mentioned like it is here.
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    I can't understand why you're burying your head in the sand so hard on this one. everyone is trying desperately not to let it get to 60 million infected, because then almost 2 million people will likely die. The current death rate estimation is at 3.4% from the aggregate of all countries infected, not the US, where the virus is relatively young. Look to Italy, South Korea, China, Japan to see how this virus most likely will progress. Why on earth would we assume it won't progress with the same death rate here and not take every precaution?!
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    Last year it was established Feb 12. Official announcements already released.
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    if by June it's still an issue, i highly doubt stadiums will hold DCI's feet to the flame as by then thousands of events will have been cancelled nationwide big and small
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    I plan to use the time to get outside and connect with people, go to networking events and shake lots of hands, visit a lot of museums with hands on exhibits, maybe travel to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone...
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    Try to make it out to the facility they have at Dulles airport as well. All kinds of way-cool stuff they can't fit into the mall location.
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    Or you can stay in Rockville, Md or Gaithersburg, Md were hotels are cheaper then take the Red line right into the heart of the city. If you have questions. I'm a native Washingtonian.
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    And again folks.... one of the big reasons to take precautions is so the number of people that will need medical care will be spread out over a longer period of time. That way medical resources will not be overwhelmed. That being said.... wondering what will happen when we get plenty of testing kits and if we find out lot more people than we thought have the virus.
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    "...more deadly..." As the denominator goes up (and the numerator, too) the percentage death rate will adjust to its actual level. Based on more than just the math (and I'm a numbers guy!), the odds are high that the death rate will eventually be drastically lower than H1N1. The estimates that others are reading do not have less merit or accuracy than the ones you're quoting. It's simply too early in the testing process to determine an accurate death rate ESTIMATE. FlamMan in not suggesting that testing stop or we shouldn't wash our hands. He's simply stating his belief that the death rate expectations by the MSM to push their agenda is significantly inflated over the death rates we will eventually see. He's no more wrong than you are with your numbers. Oh, and the "madness of crowds" doesn't make either side's estimates any more valid or accurate in time.
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    The new world order is taking advantage of an opportunity to forward their agenda and take over the world. We'll be getting rid of cash soon and the monetary system will be allowed to collapse as the wealth transfer to the elite is almost complete....
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    Yes I have. Thank you. We’re better than this.
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    I’ve washed my hands so much, that my cheat notes from 1975 have come up. .
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    I think I washed my thumbprint off. My phone and iPad won’t open with my thumb anymore. 😳
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    Thanks for asking. Yes after a very long day of travel he is now tucked away at our cottage in rural northern Wisconsin to quarantine for 14 days. We didn’t even see him. Dropped a car in the airport parking lot. He exited the airport, got into the car and drove to the cottage. He has two other students with him who also returned from Europe. So they can keep each other from going stir crazy I hope. We stocked the place with food before they arrived
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    Maybe you’re right. I’m not sure you’re right. You’re probably right. You may be wrong. You really could be wrong. But you’re probably right. Oh no you’re wrong. Oh *whew* you could still be right. Oh my god you are completely wrong!!! Oh hey it looks like you could have been right all along. Hmm... Perhaps I shouldn’t base my opinions solely on the Dow Jones.
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    Six years for me. I still flip the bird to my employer every time I drive by.
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    Was going to finally get out on my own when I got back from doing admin stuff again. Will probably do that sooner. Get my first place. Have been working to and have lost weight the last year and a few months, will get to keep doing that. And focus on some clients I have during the fall for marching band. Play video games. Read some books. Be big sad.
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    Plenty of schools in Kentucky would be willing if we had a show this year. 😒 My neck of the woods, Kentucky, has honestly handled this better than most I've seen. Sure we still have people trying to buy everything off the shelves, but that's because of the media fear mongering. 🤦
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    I still think housing is going to be the biggest obstacle for the summer. Even if the coronavirus is near or completely under control come June; I can't imagine too many schools that would want to open their doors for a large group of individuals coming in from another state with some members, staff, and support staff possibly ailing from the tour crud.
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    Some of those items might already have been ordered based on this years show theme.
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    A friend who books tours to Ireland claims the biggest reason Blarney Castle is a stop is because the Blarney Woolen Mills are a popular shopping destination. I have to agree with LabMaster. I think that’s more of an urban legend, but as soon as you get off the bus, the Blarney Woolen Mills serves you an Irish coffee, and I had a Guinness with lunch, so maybe Greg is right and when I kissed the Blarney Stone I just didn’t know cause I was half in the bag! Early Happy St. Patrick’s Day. ☘️🇮🇪
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    Then you better start practicing bending backwards from the waist.
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    Oh, This is a good idea. Since I only use It for marching arts I may as well cancel for the time being. I can re-up if things go.
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    That works too. Only mentioned northern VA as classes were in Falls Church and Herndon so knew area better. Also was at Rockville but ended up visiting wife’s relatives instead of more Interesting things. 😖
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    I think I've got this one! Drill seems more than reasonable. Tuition not a problem. Futon section has openings. Thanks for the heads up!!!!!
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    had a co-worker who would watch “his” news and parrot whatever was said. More than once I’d get told that “the other networks won’t tell you this” and then say something I heard on on one of the big 3 networks the night before. Sad part is I finally realized he wasn’t watching the news there but watching one of the talking head shows.
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    Well, to beat a dead horse: Wash your hands, Wash your hands. It will mitigate, but not completely keep you healthy. You can use an N95 mask, but you truly need a fit test for it to work the best. Although the virulence of this is not such that it is killing healthy people; the likelihood is that we are really doing what we are doing moreso to primarily protect the vulnerable and not overburden the healthcare system with those who wont die (leaving a severe shortage in available hospital beds), but may need hospitalization as well. As a nurse who now works in a 1700 employee building ( I work in the employee health clinic), I was far more concerned about Ebola, as it could make the healthy extremely sick, and had the potential; to be more fatal I do think there is some overreaction with regards to the necessity to hoard. I do think it is good practice to social distance, have contingency plans because I do believe with climate change we are going to see far deadlier pathogens in the future.
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    H1N1 was much more widespread and deadly, yet not one sporting or entertainment event or season was cancelled. Nothing. No crazy widespread panic like we have now. Why do you think that is???
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    me too, but that's not the actual reason for the secrecy right? we haven't had coherent info about shows as early as the first couple of weeks of march in at least half a decade.
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    because it's super important to keep it as secret as possible. i'd put it right behind keeping nuclear missile codes secret. it's that important.
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    To be on the safe side, I am filling my body with 60% alcohol.
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    And that is trying to prove the negative. There's no real way to know that it would have been worse and no one in their right mind would stand back and try to prove it on the lives of those most vulnerable. There really is no choice but to act. But the action does not have to be as much or as quick as the initial estimates would demand, either. There are benefits to the statisticians to prolong case discovery in order to not overload the system. Another benefit is to allow time for a second round of reasoned decision-making that's based on more than one set of data facts. Unfortunately, drum corps participants have a clock ticking. Our season isn't over...yet. Time isn't on drum corps' side.
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    One fallacy of the “if it saves just one life” argument is that it disregards all the lives ultimately lost as a result of the actions it is used to justify. Another problem with the argument it assumes a happy life has no more value than a miserable one.
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    "BREAKING: The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contract Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out."
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    He’s got pictures and everything on Facebook.
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