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    Governor of Virginia announced a couple days ago that the state is receiving three sterilization units that will, in total, allow for the sterilization of 240,000 units of PPE per day for re-use. That will be huge for helping the hospital systems cope with any future or current surges. Very encouraging. I am very thankful our governor is a former physician, he is taking this situation much more seriously than other states are (looking at you Florida, don't make me pull out the Bugs Bunny gif chopping you off from the mainland). Our state is likely to enter phase 1 sometime next week which is fantastic news and a step in the right direction. I hope other states will continue to follow the phase guidelines.
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    Had same “things change” conversation at Mickey Ds drive up window. Not too many people ordering wear masks but had my big butted bandana covering everything below my eyes. Older cashier who recognized me said “to think a few weeks ago if someone drove up with that on, I’d be hitting the floor yelling for help”.
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    He also wrote and arranged some incredible marching band shows back in the day. Most prominently, Center Grove shows of the late 80's and 90's and many other ISSMA state finalist and champion shows. He was involved in indoor percussion. Notably at turn-of-the-century Avon. He's currently out of the marching band and drum corps scene. Good guy. Great musician - particularly jazz vibraphone.
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    Even if I believed whats spewed out daily ( not you , Im talking about ) that's alot of people. Unfortunately I've seen some of this 1st hand and no statistic means a thing when you have or know someone or if you are one of the people who some like to put real people out there as a number. And as another posted, there can be way more out there who haven't been tested and to put everyone out there as if they are immune does not mean they aren't contributing to the misfortune of others. Those people have every right to put their life at risk BUT not others, No matter what the age. What we view with many of the protests, and YES people have the right to lawfully protest but seeing is seeing and there's no dancing around the irresponsibility in plain view. An interesting stat might be, how many non symptomatic or young people actually infected those over a certain age. That I'm sure will never be known BUT when you see some elderly who even before this never left their homes now infected makes one think. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy
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    I am not sure if you are overthinking this or not, but I am not worried about Denise.
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    If there were a Drum Corps Citizenship Exam, one of the required questions would be, "Who is Tommy Martin?" If you need a refresher, or just need to be refreshed: The first 4 notes? Tommy Triple tongue clinic at 11:58? Tommy As Twyla Tharp says, you've got to "earn your ancestors". If you want to be a Drum Corps citizen, you earn that by knowing the history...and those who made it. Happy Birthday, Tommy, and many more.
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    And just like that: Having a mask, rubber gloves, , duct tape, plastic sheeting and a rope in your trunk is okay.
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    Speaking of which, I never thought I would see the day where I would walk into a bank with a mask and ask for money.
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    As long as Bugs gives me a heads-up so I can escape to Texas or Idaho, I think I'd be ok with that.
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    I love Phantom's music from '95. The ballad is gorgeous and the closer with those soprano runs and the tight horn "pops" is so nice. It's such a shame that the recordings sound so pit heavy. At least they weren't as bad as the recordings from '81 which sound like the microphones were set up in the tunnel in Olympic stadium. I didn't care for some of their design choices. I thought the guard kind of looked like a Jane Fonda workout video in the purple and I wasn't fond of the frames in the ballad. However, their musical selections were so nice.
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    Three years ago, Legends' director put out an emergency plea for help and the corps managed to raise about $100,000 in 48 hours. If a ten-year-old Open Class corps could do that, then even in these financially-straitened times, one of the top World Class corps, a fan favorite with fifty years' worth of alumni and supporters, ought to be able to raise $350,000 over a longer period of time. (Per that link, they've raised $150,000 of that so far.) If the word goes out widely enough.
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    In a way, I hope so too so I can move there. An independent Cali sounds like heaven.
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    May 4th Update. https://bluecoats.com/news/2020/5/4/a-lofty-goal-to-face-an-unprecedented-challenge
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    Sandusky & Cosby & Hoppy - Oh MY!! Sandusky & Cosby & Hoppy - Oh MY!!
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    And I thought I couldn't miss VK any more...
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    Underreporting always happens (unless the disease is 100% fatal (like rabies, although there have been a very few survivors in recent years)) - some people slip through the cracks in the system. Plus, there are individuals with sub-clinical infections (and there is growing evidence that there are beaucoup sub-clinical covid infections). Johnny Cash as DM - hmm. I was thinking more of a 6-foot 4-inch bald, heavily tattooed convicted murderer who was also his cell-mate. Bill Cosby & Jerry Sandusky could make an appearance as well...
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    OK - you asked for it (college professor hat on) 😎 The disease is behaving in a classic density - dependent manner as a limiter of population growth. The more closely packed the population is, the greater the impact. Although originally designed to 'flatten the curve', social distancing - by definition unpacks population density. And 'flattening the curve' has been somewhat mischaracterized from the get-go. The number of cases (the area under the curve for all you calculus fans) remains the same, it is just spread out more over time, thus lowering the chance that the hospital system will get overwhelmed. OK - back on topic - How about designing a show called "COMMONWEALTH vs GEORGE HOPKINS"? Featuring the musical selections: Jailhouse Rock, Folsom Prison Blues, Behind Blue Eyes. I envision guard-tower props on each corner of the field... Thoughts?
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    i went back to marching DCA, so I didn't see much...Hershey was Cadets really cool, Phantom in black!!!! Bones not jazz, but my bias had me loving it due to ties....bloo could be fun, and Boston needed a lot of work. Suf happening tho not done yet. we played that night, so i caught Surf from the side the next week in Allentown for DCE, we also played, but details were fuzzy...45 minutes before we started warmups, bass#2 got hit by a car crossing hamilton Blvd headed to the convenience store across from ham fam, so i suddenly became basses 1&2 real fast...i really dont remember much but i know watch the corps then finals week..first chance to see a majority of the corps. and wow shifting galore over 3 days! Cavies i loved. it was one of those things that sum of all the parts came together. Bd went from 2nd to 3rd...so dark, so in your face...it was 94 the dark side. cadets 3rd to 2nd...just a great show. proof demand for the sake of demand doesn't have to be there...something they forgot to their detriment far too many times afterward. Madison..the holy grail of shows. yeah they won in 75 and i loved it as a 6 year old live and forever after but this show IMO is probably their most beloved. Phantom very cool and some serious musical percussive moments a little out of the box for the time. SCV.....over time i have loved it and hated it. Bloo tugging heart strings, Glassmen in one of their best shows ever, Colts with a unique take on sunday in the park...Bones..man with more brass....crown finally getting in and a show that grows on me more every time i listen, and Magic....Bk good, troop so close, VK with a percussion show for the ages, some good stuff below that. a fun year.
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    1995... Rich Stadium, Buffalo, NY. Had tickets to finals, but sold them for some reason (probably because I was poor). Saw the Hershey show (Phantom and 15 contras, the Cadets and their trap sets) and prelims at Allentown. Was shocked by the Crossmen's foray into wind band music and blown away by Madison like everyone. This was also the summer I discovered the way I would still be participating on the periphery of drum corps until now... drum corps discussion forums. I'd fire up my dialup and scroll through the latest posts on rec.arts.marching.drumcorps (RAMD). I found the discussion to be intelligent and respectful in general... that would change over time. Show reviews, scores, debate, criticism, theory. How could the Cadets be judged when they only marched half the show? Was Madison being robbed? Were Blue Devils and their show about death unstoppable? Was 'planar analysis' the wave of the future? (No.) Should and would there be electronics and any-key brass in drum corps? (Oh yes, there would be.) Was George Hopkins the worst person ever? (Yes, but not in the way that was thought.) Logged in on a Thursday night in August to discover Cavaliers had taken the lead and they wouldn't let it go. Even though the recordings were the crappiest ever (DCI's mea culpa to Tom Blair couldn't come soon enough) it was obvious why they won, and that was only confirmed when I saw the drill - unbelievable! And meanwhile, Freelancers were no longer, and the time of the Velvet Knights would come soon. That summer was in many ways the nadir of DCI, and yet there were still so many people who loved the activity and kids willing to sweat it out to do something impossible and make it look easy. Now entering the forum, from Buffalo, New York, Drum Corps Planet is proud to present... 1995! All links to YouTube in compliance with DCP policy. 1. Cavaliers: DCI Finals 2. Cadets of Bergen County: DCI Finals 3. Blue Devils: DCI Finals (excerpt) 4. Madison Scouts: DCI Finals 5. Phantom Regiment: DCI Finals (excerpt) 6. Santa Clara Vanguard: DCI Finals 7. Bluecoats: DCI Finals 8. Glassmen: DCI Finals (excerpt - audio only) 9. Colts: DCI Finals (excerpt) 10. Crossmen: DCI Finals 11. Carolina Crown: DCI Semifinals 12. Magic of Orlando: DCI Finals (excerpt) 13. Blue Knights 14. Troopers: Cedar Rapids, Iowa 15. Velvet Knights 16. Boston Crusaders 17. Southwind
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    Or they just don’t want mail (and donations) mixed together.
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    Great choices. Too many folks from Cali are coming to SW Utah.
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    I think this is what they meant
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    I never said anything about purposely infecting people. But even your quote from Dr. Tegnell makes it clear that he welcomes herd immunity. And per another source: "Tegnell recently said Sweden only has two options: Either everyone gets vaccinated or the country develops herd immunity." And in the long run, he's not wrong! We're just quibbling about the safest way to get to that point. Also other Swedish officials have also made it clear that they expect a large share of their population to be infected in the next few weeks: "Sweden's ambassador to the U.S. believes the country's controversial strategy of imposing only limited restrictions — and not locking down the country — is bearing success, with the capital, Stockholm, on course to reach herd immunity in the next few weeks. 'About 30% of people in Stockholm have reached a level of immunity,' Karin Ulrika Olofsdotter told NPR. "We could reach herd immunity in the capital as early as next month.'" It's very interesting to see some Swedes in the opposite position of the open-up protesters here in the U.S.: "'I didn’t sign my informed consent for this experiment,' virologist Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér of the Karolinska Institute, a medical research center near Stockholm, told me. 'I don’t know if [my family and I] can stay in a country that is not protecting its population.'" I'll absolutely admit (as I already did) that there is a broad spectrum of options from completely locked down (Wuhan, Lombardy) to completely open (nowhere, as far as I know) and that Sweden put in place a number of limited restrictions, and asked its citizenry to take it upon themselves to do more voluntarily. As one of the articles I linked notes, some Swedes did so, and others not so much. Their government banned gatherings of 500 or more. Some special events promoters then sold 499 tickets to events. Not really getting into the spirit! In the end, Sweden's gamble may pay off and this claim some commentator made last week might prove to be premature: "Despite reports to the contrary, Sweden is paying heavily for its decision not to lockdown. As of today, 2462 people have died there, a much higher number than the neighboring countries of Norway (207), Finland (206) or Denmark (443). The United States made the correct decision!" (It should be noted that Sweden is about twice as large as each of the other countries, so you have to account for that when comparing.) A year from now, when Sweden has herd immunity and there's still no vaccine, they may be able to go about their business completely unencumbered and with few new infections, while Sweden's neighbors and the U.S. may still be suffering both from the virus and from lockdown constraints. And we can ponder that while watching our favorite Ingmar Bergman movies. Question: which of those four images comes from a film that shares a title with a Blue Devils show?
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    Here is a list of all the repertoire by all the corps in 1995. The Cavaliers 1 98.300 The Planets - Mars (from The Planets) * Venus (from The Planets) * Mercury (from The Planets) * Jupiter (from The Planets) The Cadets 2 97.200 An American Quintet - The Reivers * Born on the 4th of July * Blowing Off Steam (from Far and Away) * Swing, Swing, Swing (from 1941) * Land Race (from Far and Away) Blue Devils 3 96.700 Carpe Noctem - Buleria (from Jazz Pana) * Conquistador * Coronation of the Dead Queen (mvt 4 of The Legend of Alcobaca) * Ines (Second Movement of The Legend of Alcobaca) * No Heroes * Aspect (from Adventures in Time) * Caribe (from One More Once) * Day Danse * Dom Pedro's Revenge (5th Movement of The Legend of Alcobaca) Madison Scouts 4 95.400 A Drum Corps Fan's Dream: A Day in the Life of a Bull Fighter - El Toro Caliente * Concierto de Aranjuez * La Danza Pasillo * Malaga Phantom Regiment 5 94.100 Adventures Under a Darkened Sky - Symphonic Dances * Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (variation 18) * Piano Concerto No. 2 * Caprice Bohémien Santa Clara Vanguard 6 91.900 Not the Nutcracker - The Clock Breaks (from the Nutcracker) * War of the Nuts * Romance and Seduction (from the Nutcracker) * Celebration (from the Nutcracker) * The Journey Concludes (from the Nutcracker) Bluecoats 7 89.500 Homefront: 1945 - Come Rain or Come Shine (from St. Louis Woman) * Shippin Out * I'll Be Seeing You * Newsreel * Sing Sing Sing Glassmen 8 88.300 A Joyful Celebration - Fugue in G Minor (Little Fugue) * Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring * Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee * A Mighty Fortress Colts 9 86.300 Sunday Afternoon in the Park with George - Sunday in the Park with George (from Sunday in the Park with George) * Children and Art (from Sunday in the Park with George) * Color and Light (from Sunday in the Park with George) * Sunday (from Sunday in the Park with George) Crossmen 10 85.100 The School for Scandal - Overture * Symphony for Brass and Percussion (mvts II and III) Carolina Crown 11 82.800 Stormworks - Stormworks * Watermark * The Storm Magic of Orlando 12 82.400 Danse Animale - Sea * Land * Sky Blue Knights 13 81.300 Legacy - Introduction (from Legacy) * Main Theme (from Legacy) * Adagio (from Legacy) * Fugue (from Legacy) * Finale (from Legacy) Troopers 14 80.700 A Copland Canvas - Third Symphony, Fourth Movement * Fanfare for the Common Man * Appalachian Spring Velvet Knights 15 74.700 Harlequin Carnival - Lau Flora * Afrika * Starfish Boston Crusaders 16 74.400 Pat Metheny Music - Are We There Yet? * Beat 70 * Cathedral in a Suitcase * The First Circle Southwind 17 71.900 Gospel - Precious Lord, Take My Hand * Jericho * Sweet, Sweet Spirit * Are You Ready for a Miracle (from Leap of Faith) * Oh Happy Day * Brand New day (from The Wiz) Pioneer 18 74.700 Shades of the Emerald - Diamond Dance * The Seduction (from The Year of the Comet)Maggie Goes to Scotland * Helicopter Chase (from The Year of the Comet) * The Seduction (from The Year of the Comet) * Cursum Perticio * Storms in Africa * Orinoco Flow Academie Musicale 19 73.500 Music from the Empire of the Sun - Cadillac of the Skies (from Empire of the Sun) * Jim's New Life (from Empire of the Sun) * Return to the City (from Empire of the Sun) * Streets of Shanghai (from Empire of the Sun) * Toy Planes (from Empire of the Sun) * Home and Heart (from Empire of the Sun) Spirit of Atlanta 20 72.100 All on a Southern Afternoon - Ghost Train (from Fried Green Tomatoes) * XMas in Hooverville (from Fried Green Tomatoes) * Didn't it Rain? * Georgia on My Mind Kiwanis Kavaliers 21 69.600 A Tribute to Pat Metheny - The First Circle * Have You Heard * See the World * In Her Family * Finding and Believing * Minuano (Six Eight) Mandarins 22 69.100 Cinematic Impressions - Theme Song (from Speed) * The Wedding Night * A Perilous Direction * The Honeymoon (from Frankenstein) * The Creation (from Frankenstein) Les Etoiles Dorion Vaudreuil 23 66.300 Iron Will - Selections from Iron Will Spartans 204 88.800 Rome - The Eternal City - Ben Hur * Bacchanale (from Samson and Delilah) * Roman Festivals * Pines of the Appian Way (from Pines of Rome) Dimension 205 87.700 Music of Yanni Oakland Crusaders 206 85.500 A Cole Porter Songbook - It's All Right With Me (from Can-Can) * What is This Thing Called Love? * In the Still of the Night * Night and Day * Begin the Beguine * Just One of Those Things Emerald Knights 207 84.100 Symphonic Works by Yes - Roundabout * Circus of Heaven * Close to the Edge * The Solid Time of Change * Total Mass Retain * I Get Up, I Get Down * Seasons of Man Jersey Surf 208 83.200 New Age Jazz of John Tesh and Yanni - (Repertoire not available) Cardinals 209 81.700 Songs of David Foster - Winter Games Seattle Cascades 210 79.700 Salute to Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road * Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting * Funeral For A Friend * Candle in the Wind Raiders 211 77.300 A Chorus Line - I Hope I Get It (from A Chorus Line) * At The Ballet (from A Chorus Line) * The Music and The Mirror (from A Chorus Line) * One (from A Chorus Line) Allegiance Elite 213 72.500 The Show - Far and Away * Appalachian Spring * Russian Christmas Music Golden Lancers 303 88.700 An Aria to Heaven - The Ascension (Movements I, II and III) * Lux Aeterna (Light Eternal) East Coast Jazz 304 87.300 Jazz: Red, Hot, and Spicy - Night of the Capricorn Moon * Pegasus * The Musician * Johnny One Note (from Babes in Arms) Blue Stars 305 85.400 Dance Pieces - Armenian Dances * Liturgical Dances Delta Brigade 306 82.300 A Childhood Suite - ABC Song * Sesame Street * Sing a Song Northern Aurora 307 81.600 Keys to Imagination: Yanni Live at the Acropolis - Keys to Imagination * Reflections of Passion * Marching Season Americanos 308 83.100 Latin Carnival * Brazil * Make Believe Mambo * Girl From Ipanema Contemporary Youth Ensemble 309 82.800 Music by Prokofiev - Ivan the Terrible Patriots 310 81.300 Jubilaton Suite * All Things Bright and Beautiful * Sinfonia Voci Royal Columbians 311 80.200 Evolutionary Dances - Pagan Dances * Arabian Dances * Dance Panels * Country Gardens * O, Clap Your Hands Railmen 313 78.900 Impressions of a Global Village - Daybreak * Saya * Casmir * Africa Quad City Knights 318 71.000 Selections from Sunset Boulevard - Sunset Boulevard * Surrender (from Sunset Boulevard) * The Perfect Year (from Sunset Boulevard) * Let's Have Lunch (from Sunset Boulevard) * With One Look (from Sunset Boulevard) Marquis 320 69.300 Symphony in Black - Sinfonia Noblissima * Hounds of Spring Spectrum 321 68.700 New Age Jazz - Marching Season * Santorini * Baroque Samba Coachmen 322 67.700 Special Ladies Do Great Jazz - Happy Days Are Here Again * Miss Otis Regrets * Orange Colored Sky * Deedles Blues Empire Loyalists 325 62.400 Mutiny on the Bounty * El Gato Triste * Drunken Sailor * Legend of the One-Eyed Sailor * Bellavia Racine Scouts 327 60.700 Music of Respighi - Music of Respighi Lake Erie Regiment 328 60.500 The Lion King - This Land (from the Lion King) * Be Prepared (from The Lion King) * Under the Stars (from The Lion King) * King of Pride Rock (from The Lion King) * To Die For (from The Lion King) * Circle of Life (from The Lion King) Conqueror II 329 59.700 Selections from Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Marion Glory Cadets 331 57.000 Harlem Nocturne * Orange Colored Sky * End of the Road Southern Illusion 333 56.400 Brahms' Lullaby * Night on Bald Mountain * Theme from Beetlejuice * La Villa Strangiato * The Time Warp (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show) Cadets of Dutch Boy 335 53.000 Tribute To Hanna Barbara - This is it * The Flintstones Theme * Fireworks * The Jig * Part of Your World (from the Little Mermaid) * A Whole New World (from Aladdin) * Looney Tune Heaven Blue Saints 336 49.700 Selections from Tommy - (Repertoire not available) Quest 337 45.700 Indian Summer * Carnival * The Rainmaker * Bizarre * Man of La Mancha Blue Devils B Selections from the Mambo Kings - (Repertoire not available) Blue Devils C Mickey Mouse Club March * Electric Light Parade * When You Wish Upon a Star (from Pinocchio) * Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Capital Sound Man of La Mancha Overture * Carnival Tropical * La Fiesta * Another Star Colt Cadets Simple Songs from Your Childhood - Simple Gifts * I'm a Little Teapot * Tisket-a-Tasket * Chopsticks * Pentatonic Nightmare * Brahms' Lullaby Les Stentors Music by Pat Metheny Mirage Tunes You Forgot You Loved - Orange Colored Sky * Straighten Up and Fly Right * Lover Man * Night Streets * Makin' Whoopee (from Whoopee) North Force Echoes of Africa II - Gula Matari * The Wedding * Toure Kunda * A Night In Tunisia Phoenix (MA) Selections from Beauty and the Beast Spirit of Newark/New Jersey South Rampart Street Parade * Mann's Creation * The Elks' Parade * Big Noise from Winnetka (from Reveille with Beverly) * Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz) Suncoast Sound Inspirational Music by Sandy Patti - Make His Praise Glorious * Almighty God * Shine Down Vanguard Cadets The Red Pony * Fall River Legend * Wyatt Earp
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    That is false. Herd immunity was never their "goal" (your word), to be "pursued" (as most foreign press spun it) as if by purposely infecting people. But why take my word for it? Take the word of Anders Tegnell, chief epidemiologist of the public health agency to which you refer (as reported in USA Today, 4/28/20): What is Sweden's COVID-19 strategy? Tegnell: We are trying to keep transmission rates at a level that the Stockholm health system can sustain. So far that has worked out. The health system is stressed. They are working very hard. But they have delivered health care to everybody, including those without COVID-19. That is our goal. We are not calculating herd immunity in this. With various measures, we are just trying to keep the transmission rate as low as possible. The amount of cases has been stable for the last two-to-three weeks. We believe herd immunity will of course help us in the long run, and we are discussing that, but it's not like we are actively trying to achieve it as has been made out (by the press and some scientists). If we wanted to achieve herd immunity we would have done nothing and let coronavirus run rampant through society. We are trying to keep the transmission rate as low as we can. We have taken reasonable measures without really hurting health care or schools. We are going for a sustainable strategy; something we can keep on doing for months. Coronavirus is not something that is just going to go away. Any country that believes it can keep it out (by closing borders, shuttering businesses, etc.) will most likely be proven wrong at some stage. We need to learn to live with this disease.
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    Blacksburg (odd choice on first look but it's to be shared with Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina), Newport News, and Chesterfield. There is also fourth unit in DC being shared with Virginia and Maryland. Eh why not, let's bring this beautiful GIF out, they had it coming
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    Sorry for misreading your intent. The Business Insider article to which I linked notes that Sweden has taken these steps, less aggressive than in many U.S. states but also far from being totally unrestricted. That said, Sweden's health agencies did in fact describe their goal as herd immunity. Also a lot of the deaths in Sweden are happening in nursing homes, which suggests that the idea of only isolating older populations and letting younger populations go about their business may not work. In light of determining just what constitutes a lockdown, I'd also note that Italy today began loosening its restrictions. And it appears that the measures in place in much of the U.S. for the past six weeks, that many in this country would consider a full lockdown, are what Italy would consider loose. (I'm not saying one is right and one is wrong, just that there's an inconsistent understanding of what it means.) As of today, Italy will now permit outdoor exercise, and restaurant carry-out, and about 20% of the country can now go to work. We've had pretty much all of that everywhere this whole time. I'm not sure whether that's encouraging or not.
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    Yes, although if you can get the curve flat enough, you can then employ other measures and actually stomp the spread down to basically zero while loosening the original restrictions. - - - - - - - - - - - As for your show idea, I saw two marching bands in 2018 do shows about Alcatraz, one with rather extensive prison-themed props including a guard tower.
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    The United States surpassed South Korea in overall number of tests well over a month ago and (as I noted in the post you're quoting) in per capita number of tests nearly two weeks ago. So the "global supply of reageants" has nothing to do with the fact that they tested more people earlier. But as I said, our increased rate of testing is an encouraging sign, and something we should continue.
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    New York , Penn ,Conn, NJ , Mass. RI , Del,..I think
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    As someone marching in DCM that season, Phantom could have easily finished south of 5th...they were struggling with that show early season. The made a push after the DCM season ended. Top 12 in Div 1 was quality up and down, we struggled with being a D2 corps trying to do a D1 schedule after becoming Top 21 the year before. By the end of the season we were all just done and had a D2/3 bad prelims and didnt make finals. I am also reminded of an absolute tragic situation with the Colts in Buffalo, one of the parents, yet they pushed further. we had a great relationship with the Colts then.
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    A corps I really miss is the Glassmen. Prompted by Yuja Wang and Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F, I started thinking back on a few of their awesome seasons back in the late 90s and early 00s. Presumably among a short list of corps that finished fifth multiple times and didn't continue to move up. Their last fifth place finish featured brass arranger Bruce McConnell. I think he was there in 2001 and 2002, which used some similar design elements, including a tremendous flugel horn soloist. I think he also did both brass and percussion arranging at the Bluecoats in the mid-90s. Anybody know more about this guy?
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    Also it's perhaps in keeping with the earlier discussion of Melville's contemporaries, Twain and Disraeli. (By the way, in addition to being Prime Minister, Disraeli was also an accomplished novelist.)
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    it doesnt mean things cant evolve and change
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    Don't know who said young people have not gotten sick, or have died. I said 80% of COVID-19 deaths are age 70 or older (a.k.a. most of whom are already retired). That statistic doesn't come from Fox News, the N.Y. Times, MSNBC, or any other news outlet. It comes from the CDC https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/older-adults.html That's a fact, not fear or emotion.
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    A concern is the young healthy people are infecting the older vulnerable people. Sweden is letting the herd mentality govern and older people are dying. But all is cool for young “healthy” people who may be contributing to the deaths of older people. But hey they are older, so what. Say bye bye to Grammy and Grampy. So long as you are working what do you care?
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    CA’s Governor told us 20 million people (1/2 the state’s population) would become infected and he used that to justify the shut-down. Most everyone willingly complied. We know more now. 80% of those whom have sadly passed were over 70 and/or in a hospital or convalescent home. The young(ish) and healthy are not dying in droves, our hospitals are not overwhelmed, so why do we quarantine them instead of just the elderly and medically compromised? We could focus on them, the vulnerable, not the young & healthy whose chances of dying of COVID-19 is statistically remote. And meanwhile we plunge the country into economic suicide. Are people’s economic livelihood not a health issue too?
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    Maybe I'm overthinking things, but it seems to be an interesting choice having Denise Bonfiglio serving as CEO, Corps Director and sitting on the Board of Directors in a director position. I know that's how corps were traditionally structured for years, but DCI has been pushing corps to establish truly independent boards in recent years. It's outlined right in their Participation Level Guidelines that World Class organizations must have an "Independent Board defined by good governance practices". Having the CEO/director sitting on the board opens the door for there to be a conflict of interest when it comes time for the the board to discuss a multitude of issues. It also goes against best practices published by Board Source (which is one of the sources DCI uses to establish good governance practices) and other organizations that guide the formation/operation of non-profits.
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    Back on topic, you will never, ever convince me that the Blue Devils shouldn't have won in 1995. They were undefeated all season until Championships week, when judges started "finding" issues that weren't there the prior week. Cavaliers' brass was horrendous (they received a ridiculously generous Finals score) and their show had very little musical GE (great two-minute opener, great two minute closer, seven minute snorefest in the middle). Cadets were a visual mess and had a fifth place worthy show design. When I auditioned for BD in 1998 there were several vets who were STILL grumpy about 1995. You ask any Devil who marched in the mid-to-late 90s and I'm sure they will say they are certain they should have had a four-peat from 94-97. Also from NorCal that year, Vanguard had a show that took me a long time to warm up to, but is now one of my all-time favorite Vanguard shows and one of their most under-rated. Loved Dave Carico's arrangements folding Shostakovich's Symphony No. 11 (and others) into a very dark take on The Nutcracker. 1995 is my all-time favorite DCI year. I know all 12 Finalist shows by heart, even 25 years later. Crossmen wearing shakos and doing dark symphonic music (not their style but a great show nonetheless). Crown's debut with sloppy-but-massive-GE "Stormworks" show. Phantom playing all-Rachmaninoff. Scouts with maybe the best show in corps' history (and certainly setting DCI records for baby-throwing).
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    I need to find the Glassmen Finals VHS. It’s the only recording which includes the pre-show version of Little Fugue. All other recordings start with the official start of the show. I had one but lost it years ago.
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    Some encouragement: As I said earlier, being up front and a little to personal in the emergency room and then outside a covid unit was a scary situation. The true hero's are truly, the Dr's, nurses, aid's , room cleaners etc etc not the back patting people we see daily on many levels The level of fear was off the chart and to see them literally run into the fire was crazy. THEY are true hero's ! Made me think how many of those who get tv, radio, internet, twitter exposure would actually have the nerve these hero's do. To see what I did was scary but to see the care, the courage of these people was amazing. God bless and God help them all.
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    That's a fair point. However, sometimes a tiny minority has an outsided effect. For example: "In Stillwater, Okla., officials abandoned a requirement that people wear masks in shops and restaurants after workers were faced with violent threats." So it's true, as you say, that we can be encouraged most people don't act that way, but those that do, few as they are, can put others at risk.
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    Some of them were. For instance, one projection in late February was that the 15 cases in the U.S. would soon be 0 cases. That was wrong. At some point in March in our discussions here, I skeptically pointed to a projection from a prominent think tank writer a few weeks earlier that claimed the U.S. would max out at 500 deaths. At about that time, the same analyst revised his projection to 5,000 deaths. In mid-April, that commentator revised the projection again, to 50,000 deaths. All those were wrong too.
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    As a reminder: this is how deaths from disease are always counted. The often quoted statistic that 12,000-61,000 people die of the flu every year in the U.S. is not based on reported flu deaths at the time. It's figures calculated after the fact based on the difference between the number of total deaths in a given year and the average in previous years, minus every death that can be ruled out as being due to other causes (like car crashes and cancer). The number of excess deaths this year substantially exceeds the number of deaths currently attributed to COVID-19. Over the next couple years, as they calculate the number of COVID-19 deaths in 2020, it's going to be 25-50% higher than the numbers you're seeing reported right now. In other words, the real number of U.S. deaths now, about two months after the first death, isn't the 68,000 deaths currently counted. It's 85,000-102,000 deaths. That's what the history books will record. And if we're now at our peak, then logically we're only halfway to the final count just from this wave. So let's hope we're actually well past the peak. If so, that would be encouraging.
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    They stole the show. This is why the alumni Corps now play on Friday night.
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    27th Lancer’s reunion performance.😍
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