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    Well, but Florida has over twice as many people as Virginia. Virginia already has more cases per capita than Florida. Lots of people don’t realize how populous Florida is. It is third in population behind California and Texas. New York is fourth.
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    more people probably saw her video than saw the show performed at any point in the season.
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    the video in the OP now has 1K likes and almost 19K views. of all the things to be negative about, lol
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    Vermont had an excellent one from Montpelier. They missed finals by one spot at the 1930 American Legion convention. That year, only the top ten preliminary finishers advanced to challenge the defending champion in an 11-corps final.
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    Wasn’t the Interstellar Suite in ‘89? I think they did Petrouska in ‘88.
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    I rediscovered drum corps in 2016 when I saw a news feature on a local TV station about Music City rehearsing at a high school near me, getting ready to leave on tour. I went to their send-off performance and instantly became a Music City fan - they are my home corps. But I also fell in love with Blue Devils in 2017 because of this show. I never say much about the top 6 corps, just watch and enjoy them. That said, I'd have to say that besides my home corps, this video reminded me that the Blue Devils, along with Phantom Regiment, are my overall favorites. The video gave me goosebumps and made me teary. Good medicine for the CV blues.
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    So, Courtney contacted me. Confirmed the vid was removed as asked for a new link. I decided to sent her someone else's upload of 2014 Bloo.
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    Lol. Pat Butler. Only looks slightly older today. Decidedly less hair. 😁
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    Let's not neglect that iconic arrangement of Charles Mingus's 'Children's Hour of Dream.' I didn't understand at the time how innovative and cool that was. Not many would have listened to the original and thought 'drum corps,' but Downey made it happen. What a perfect evocation of the darkness of the gangster world, plus the stabs of gunfire ringing through the night. Remember when drum corps would find entire three-minute charts that would work with what they wanted to express in the show? And it was years later, listening to some Samuel Barber, that I realized some 'Medea' snuck into the closer.
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    Heh...I just uploaded a vid of some good closers and paid for her to review it.
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    Sir, who do you think I am? The Sean McVay of drum corps?
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    Bingo payouts are treated as negative income, rather than expenses. Now, when talking about running a business, someone could choose to include payouts as an expense, but that's not how they are reported officially.
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    Bugs should have jumped over to Florida before it floated away to safety.
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    My mistake, then. So many people kept claiming that recent activity changes were not adding to the cost, that I finally chose to believe them. But that is a topic for another thread. At least Cadets, separate from YEA!, can focus on riding this out without a larger office and a handful of other programs to cope with.
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    I wouldn’t be going any activities like a parades until I know for sure things are safe. Not being scared of shadow, just not taking chances for sake of something not that important
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    When Pioneer was going through our meetings with DCI at the end of the 2018 season, one of the criteria that we were required to meet in order to remain World Class was an operating budget of no less than $750,000. Anything less than that and they didn't feel that a corps could operate at a World Class level. At the time, we were told by Dan Acheson and Kathy Black that the majority of the World Class corps had operating budgets in excess of $1M, and that the couple that didn't were working with DCI to increase their revenue to get there. Take from that what you want, but the operating budget of a World Class corps has definitely increased in recent years.
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    My first live drum corps show was at Tulsa Union HS in 1996. Magic, Crown, Regiment, and Cavaliers were rained out and performed standstill in the Union Performing Arts Center. I wish I could've seen them live, especially since my favorite corps ended up winning their first title that year, but it was still an exhilarating experience to hear the horn arc on stage.
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    Black and Gray Devils
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    Follow the history of the corps. Coming so close, so many times. So. Many. Times. Phantom suddenly creeping up as finals progressed. The history of this corps up until this point makes every single person doubt that it could happen. After all, always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Even those that know how good the show is doubt that it could make it just because of history. Blue Devils were ahead all season. Often many points ahead. Near the end of the season they were almost 3 points ahead of Phantom in some shows. 2:00 am. Montreal time. The early morning after DCI finals. I call the Phantom Regiment hotline. I had no idea about what happened the week prior to finals. I hear the news. My eyes well up as I hear the outcome. Yes, it was a tie. Buy as always seems to be with the history of the Phantom Regiment, the push to that tie was extraordinary. Even after this, Phantom's history is incredible.
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    I had to double-check. Sure enough, DCI still says the 2020 season is cancelled. So why do corps need an office staff of 4 right now? Are stipends for BOD members appropriate in this trying time? And what travel expenses? We are not even ALLOWED to travel. I doubt the accuracy of that statement. a. Last time we went through it here (i.e. the 990s thread), you could run a WC corps on $400,000 to $600,000. For perennial top 12 status, it was getting up to $800,000 or $900,000. I imagine the number has crept up a bit over the past 2 or 3 years, but it has not tripled as you suggest. b. Some budgets were larger than those numbers because their organizations were not just a WC drum corps. SCV runs two corps. BD runs three. A number of groups have winter guard and/or percussion under the same organizational umbrella as the drum corps. Several have additional programs such as dance, concert ensembles, and/or sponsorship of marching band contests in the fall. A couple are even wider arts conglomerates like Inspire Arts or BD Performing Arts.
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    Isn't that basically what this entire activity is, though? Goodness. It's a positive video of someone being introduced to an activity we all ourselves love. She seemed to have fun with it! We could all learn to have more of that "fun" thing.
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    What she is doing has been a "thing" on Youtube for a couple of years at least, from what I can tell. I have just started watching reaction videos the past few weeks; there are lots of different people with Youtube channels doing them. I find them kind of fun to watch, actually.
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    Then don't watch or comment on it. The rest if us will appreciate her reaction to our activity while you play the role of Debbie Downer.
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    Verbals aren't nearly as good as verbal AND visual. You're complaining about the wrong thing. The only thing she might be promoting would be more people to watch her reactions, which means more reactions to things NEW to her. Seriously, your priorities are ####ed up here.
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    I watched very little of her reaction. Was just captivated by that victory run. They did a great job editing that to capture all the joy and swagger of that run. now excuse me as i go listen to my clip of Everything Must Change on loop for the rest of the week.
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    "North to Alaska": The "Corps of the North" was a project of Garfield Cadet alumni Dave Shaw. He was stationed at Fort Wainwright (Fairbanks AK) in the early 1960s and with some help, started the corps. There was also a color guard from there the "Northernaires" that some militray-ex drum corps types started that competed in the VFW & Legion Nationals in 1966. There have been several "Military Drum Corps" started at overseas locations. There was an Air Force unit at Osan AB in the 1960s, and the Marines hd several smallish corps at several Marine Corps bases at that time also. The USAF had "Student Drum Corps" at several of their "Training Bases" (Most of which with the exception of Lackland AFB, are long gone), and the US Navy had/has a corps at the Great Lakes Traing Center. Elphaba WWW
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    It's been rough these past few weeks as I've had a immediate family member who had to go into the hospital via the ER & we've lost 2 older relatives. We don't think the deaths were related to COVID-19 but they were both residents in local nursing homes. We were unable to go into the hospital & the private graveside services were limited to 10 relatives. Crazy times but the hospital, funeral home, & nursing facility have been great considering the circumstances. Sorry if this video has been posted. Keep your chin up!
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