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    nonetheless, the length of time it takes for cases to pan out is definitely something that has kept women from coming forward.
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    So much for speedy trials- no wonder women don’t come forward/ you get dragged through a years long nightmare
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    Really? If common sense is absent as it is for many, OH WELL This week AGAIN I spent 24 hours sitting outside of a Covid unit waiting on reults of a loved one. If safety,consideration, responsibility puts me above as you say the rest of us'Im ok with that. I guess ignorance can be bliss but for some ignorance is just ignorance.
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    I have heard the usual of increased budgets for adding more judges, personnel, etc. One of our local judges, (former band parent), told me one time that judges are apprehensive to rush a trial by pushing counsel due to the possibility of increasing some type of appeal issue. Of course he said that if you're competent in your profession & prudent in your rulings, then there's nothing to fear as to a potential appeal. Of course some attorneys go into some trials with the appeal process in their strategies.
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    I'm bored so I'll answer with a simple "yes". Here are my suggestions; others feel free to expand on these: 1) Reduce corp size to a "Pep Band" status only requiring one bus to eliminate extra buses & extra staff thus reducing cost. 2) Eliminate all equipment trucks. All instruments will be stored & transported in the bus bay. 3) The single bus will pull a small trailer for food prep & storage. (see #4) 4) All meals reduced to Oats, PB&J, Ramen Noodles, & Pop Corn. McDonald's Dollar Menu may also be utilized periodically for incentives/rewards. (For a small surcharge, fruit cups maybe added but will require cold storage in trailer.) 5) Eliminate using all schools for overnight stays. All sleep will be employed on the bus between events. 6) Add frequent WalMart visits for restroom, AC breaks, snacks, & toiletries. 7) Reduce all performances to a "standstill" style performance on the track thus eliminating extra staff for design, teaching, cleaning, etc & rehearsal venues.
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    All of this. ^^^^ It’s horrible.
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    June 29, 2002, 11:58pm ET - Tour Day 37 Clifton, NJ → Beverly, MA After a little bit of a disappointment last night in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, we came back strong tonight. It was the first time we really emoted our show and executed it all at the same time. We’re still running about three points behind the Blue Devils, which is still exciting. I don’t even care that much about beating them for the season, but it would be fun to beat them at some point. We still hold on to our position in the #4 spot. I enjoyed the past few days because I’ve had the opportunity to perform in front of people I know. Megan (girlfriend at the time) was at the show last night, which was a bit flat, but still pretty good. Only about another week until we leave the east coast. Lansdale The Cadets - 82.00 - all captions Blue Devils - 79.60 Crossmen - 76.25 Spirit of Atlanta - 71.20 Carolina Crown - 70.60 Kiwanis Kavaliers - 62.45 Jersey Surf - 62.55 Lehigh Valley Knights - 55.55 Clifton The Cadets - 82.35 - all captions Blue Devils - 80.70 Crossmen - 77.70 Spirit of Atlanta - 73.45 Carolina Crown - 70.50 Kiwanis Kavaliers - 63.40 Jersey Surf - 61.75 (Next post is July 1.)
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    Would be driving an equipment Tractor Trailer to the next show for a world class corps
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    i was at Lansdale....i think the review is still on here. i thought at that point Bones could beat BD
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    In addition, the location of those earlier incidents with GH may not have taken place in PA.
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    And Bluecoats two pointing the West Coast corps! (Yes, yes, different shows ... different judges.)
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    I know I know, you can’t compare scores from different shows but it’s so exciting to see Phantom Regiment in the top five!
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    Yeah. While I feel confident about what Hopkins did and what he deserves, I also feel it's absolutely true that the system is set up to the advantage of the police and prosecution and not the accused. (One of countless examples: the police can lie to you, but you can't lie to them, and even if your lie doesn't impede their investigation, you can be punished for it if it *might* impede an investigation. And I have seen many former prosecutors and former police give this advice: *never* talk to the cops without your lawyer.) And yet, the crime clearance rate is terrible. Only about 50% of murders ever get solved. It's even worse for less serious crimes. It seems our systems are designed less for preventing crime or catching criminals than for prosecuting and punishing the accused.
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    Found this with an extensive search. Folks must have been hitting the DCI Schedule & Ticket page so they removed it. https://www.drum-corps.net/news/550 DCP Score/Recap Calendar: http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/stats-calendar-recaps/
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    It use to pop up in a google search of the DCI Ticket office as an archive but they may have pulled it down? It did pop up with info from FloMarching with their streaming schedule. I have my schedule logged in my google calendar. Premiere Event Article: https://www.dci.org/news/2020-drum-corps-international-tour-schedule
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    Only thing I can think of would be cut down on how easy it is for the accused to file appeal after appeal after appeal. But that could cause problems elsewhere. Knew someone caught in a sting as a “little fish”. The two “big fish” kept appealing and everyone (and their lawyer$) had to show up for every appeal hearing. Finally the little guys took a plea bargain of probation as they were going broke on attorney fees
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    Or even the US - in past DCI tour included Canada
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    Yes, I understand that the Cosby issue is related as to who can and cannot testify to a pattern of behavior in alleged assaults outside the statute of limitations. What no one outside the Lehigh County prosecutors office is sure of is how the prosecution plans to use similar-type accusations w/r/t GH. Also not sure if there are legal details in the Cosby case that make the prior accusations different than the prior accusations in GH case.
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    We were in love with our show that year and the early season competitive success was exciting too. That will fade once Blue Devils go away for a week and turn their show into a monster!
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    Common sense and responsible
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    agreed. between trying to block this as well as get the full videos from the paper played, it doesn't bode well
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    Today at this moment, I would walking from the lot to the stadium fresh from watching SCV kill it at RCC - Western Corps Connection (Riverside show - now relocated to San Bernardino Valley College). And based on last year's schedule, I would be awaiting Mandarins's performance. Link to the Performance Photo
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    Not worth my time unfortunately. I already have like hours into this. I mean they actually fought the credit card company. Personally, I think we have a class action lawsuit in the making on fraud alone. Bait and switch (whether intentional or not is not legal).
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    (Pssst1. Now that John Z. has shut down a couple of threads and I think he does so over the weekends for the most part, please be careful in the future.) Now back to NZG.
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    Well Covid 19 does relate to drum-corp because there is no 2020 season. And 2021 season is locked into how we deal with Covid 19 so yes it's all connected...
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    Maybe because this is a website related to Drum Corps? If I want information on COVID-19, DCP is one of the last places I would look to. But that's just me.
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    Yes I do shake my head as to why some people are against this. I don't like wearing a mask but this is how we cure this. It's frustrating.
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    I think about the times in our country’s history when the citizenry was called upon to make sacrifices and now shake my head when people freak out over wearing a mask at the grocery store.
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    2023 - Courtney, now flush with cash from watching DCI videos, buys DCI and changes it's name to DCI (Drum Courtney International).
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    I think it's cool trying to keep a tradition going and I applaud them for that. But at the same time the new rules just remind you what World we now live in...at least for now. This pandemic is not slowing down. But hoping a vaccine is on the way in 2021.
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    You won’t get agreement from me there 🙂 I don’t think ourobouros came even close to Metamorph
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    Could they be persuaded with complimentary tickets for the 2020 DCI Tour?
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