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  1. Not much enthusiasm! The C19 dynamics has had a substantial impact at all levels. Even with shameless begging for money, organizations are losing money everyday due to closure. Supporting BLM probably didn’t help with donations. Stir in the pageantry leeches who drive up the annual budgets, and sexual predators moving about the activity aimlessly, the damage is proving to be catastrophic.
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  2. One of my favorite contra/tuba features in drum corps.
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  3. Hmm. Hard to see how drum corps can return while a contagious disease is still being spread by the fundamental nature of the activity. Could take awhile to vaccinate the entire country. Full swing back into DCI? 2023. And yes, any DCI involvement with political matters would not be wise for the financial health and well being of the organization in my opinion. Staying apolitical is the best course.
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  4. I hate to see what the end of this school year has for teachers if we are in the same mode we are in now. Will teachers (especially arts teachers) be laid off or let go because schools will not be able to pay teachers? Think of all the music teachers who teach corps!
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