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  1. I think the tabulators are doing just fine considering the unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots. We just need to be patient.
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  2. Just to give pure numbers. This is first time for PA and mail ins. Over 2 million mailed or dropped off. And per the rules counting could not start until Election Day. edit cuz just found out my county still counting 50K mail ins. Know there is good bit of farmland in the lower part but get with the 21st century 😖
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  3. Oh, I know. The Republican legislature here in Wisconsin passed a law stating they couldn't even start counting absentee ballots until election day. I think Pennsylvania and Arizona are struggling under the same ridiculous restrictions.
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  4. It's our daughters dog. Three girls have been bugging parents for a couple of years. Name is L.C. for Little Compton, RI.
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  5. Not dci related bro in law is working in AZ at polling center. doubt if many are thinking that far ahead..... dci dca bands rip.
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  6. The election is playing a part in this, I'm sure. Sure sounds like some states could use some qualified tabulators.
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  7. Will be scanning a pair of old DC programs and sending to dcxmuseum.com. Sis has online book business and haunts flea markets and crap stores. She sees any corps stuff she buys for me. 1968 Hershey Sr corps show 1976 York PA Sr show (Red Carpet Association - not ready for DCA corps)
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  8. Wow - It was a lot of fun to watch her reaction! When things get better and DCI has a finals broadcast again, they should invite her as a guest commentator.
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