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    Don’t feel bad. I know an accountant who doesn’t understand why he has so many kids.
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    This debate about 501c3, whether they can fundraise, whether your donation is tax deductible, where their board is, Etc. is just odd to me. They are not operating as their own organization yet. That’s not until March 31. 501c3 is YEA right now. Board is YEA right now. Donations are tax deductible right now. They can fundraise and you can donate - and write it off. They said all of these details would be complete by March 31 when they transition. Why are we still talking about this? Am I missing something?
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    along with being a Cadet marching member from 1964-1973 and a long time volunteer, donor, owner and principal at Gen Realty, LLC and has been a principal in Equity Options Hedge Funds since 2009, a member of Inspire Arts and Music Board of Directors since 2016 (aka Boston Crusaders BOD), a key "matching donor" of the M&G Club, and further education Ohio University, Athens, OH Marketing Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ Business Law Fairleigh Dickinson - but sure he can't run an ice cream stand. Gotcha.
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    Terri and Jim were quite public about Larson, all of which was readily available in a simple web search. i called out Atchison on here....Hop even rushed in to defend him and Cadets nation lapped it up and called me a hater. the people that brought up Moody or Morrison at Crossmen...flack, mocked ignored.
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    It's going to be a tough fight for sure, but BD is always prepared. I think something that I often forget about it, is that I have been lucky enough to watch and / or perform through 3 decades of drum corps greatness. And through all of that, names like BD, Cadets and SCV have maintained that greatness and successfully changed with the activity without losing a step. It's simply staggering the level of talent from both staff and MM's that I've witnessed. Some have been involved in drum corps longer, some shorter. But I hope that all of us can take a few moments throughout the season to come and celebrate what we helped to create in some small way whether by being a fan, staff, volunteer or MM. I'm proud of my drum corps heritage and proud to have competed against some great talent. Much ❤️ Blue Devils.
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    but why wasn't the board already in place?! that alone makes me think this is a bit of a banana republic. one of the main criticisms that haunted GH was that the board worked for him (and enabled him), rather than the correct way around. if you're gonna start fresh, DO IT RIGHT, and we have not done that.
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    Recap: Introduce the leadership team - Denise, Justin, Brad, Ron March 31 transition to a new organization 501 c 3 not yet handled but definitely will by March 31 "Most" copyrights to show music have been obtained Guard is 50% contracted Percussion full Brass "down to single-digit holes" Brass knows 33% of the show Things are "going great" WRT the corps and the show Spring training site TBD "95%" of sponsors are "the same;" Denise "can't disclose" the few changes New board TBA March 31 No new fundraising initiatives; same stuff: M&G, Power the Cadets; March-a-thon forms Commentary: What are they doing? In any organization the BOARD is first and the BOARD hires the management team, not the other way around! The managers work FOR THE BOARD. The COO has a "consulting company" that "supports non-profits." Uh.... what? No spring training site?! IT'S LESS THAN 90 DAYS AWAY! I feel exactly zero confidence in donating to this organization which hasn't provided any clear answers about whether it is a non-profit charity or not ####
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    I can think of a few reasons. One, some answers may be vague, and there could be legitimate reasons why some things may be vague. Second, there are some who will only want to hear what they want to hear. For me, as long as what they say satisfies marching members, staff, parents, and donors, that is what matters most.
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    Mostly, we’ve been walking down Gulf Blvd and eating too much. Starvation will be my only friend when I get home.
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    Having a private organization wanting to be all male is NOT discrimination. Legally or otherwise. You lost the debate big time when you brought up white supremacy.
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    A three-peat will have to wait until 2021....remember that SCV took the title in 2018. They've been close to a three-peat 5 times...in all cases when they lost the third one, they won the following year. The streaks were broken by SCV twice, Cadets twice, and Bloo once. Going against BD is always a tough fight.
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    No you're not Terri. How much did you make?
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    man - it's like a bunch of 80s Garfield Cadets stole of bunch of these anonymous posters girlfriends back in the day...
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    I liked the more sprightly tempo in 78. It got kind of funeral dirgey in 79. But I know they were slowing it down so that long roll was AFTER the gun went off. 😂
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    I’m off the interNUT for a few hours and look what happens.
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    I do know from friends on staff at the Cadets that the brass staff is not settling for members with lower levels of talent. They are being patient and not rushing to fill the brass line. The Cadets are determined to build a great brass line.
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    Hopefully explosives will be involved. It would indeed be a poetic end to this chapter of the Hopacolypse.
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    This is great to hear and I hope your Son has a great experience this year.
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    Guess who I am thinking of....
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    the unhealthiest thing that year was the relationship between the percussion and cleanliness
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    It’s too soon to know for sure but there’s definitely reason to be concerned. And if the CDC is saying to prepare for it being potentially “bad” then I think it’s something to take note of. This thing is still showing a mortality rate of 2-5%. Influenza tends to run around .02% That difference is why governments are going to extremes to limit outbreaks. Imagine if it were to play out to influenza level infection rates? (For reference, the CDC is estimating 29-41 million cases in the US this season). If it were to start making a presence here, I can totally see it affecting activities like DCI. Hopefully not, though.
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    Denise knows what she's doing and also knows the importance of making sure the right people are in place. She has an extensive business background and has said that is one thing that separates herself from many other DCI directors. I cannot imagine she doesn't understand the importance of a 501 (c) (3) or doesn't know what needs to be done to get one or the challenges involved in it. If they would need to hire a financial expert to get it done, then I don't doubt they would do that. This is business 101 stuff and if someone like Denise couldn't figure that out, then she is a complete moron. She doesn't come across as a moron to me. In time perhaps I'll be proven wrong. But this time I think I'm right. I just think they deserve to be given the opportunity to show they can do this.
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    And that’s Squidwards instrument to boot... #### I’m 62 and knew that. 😫
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    As difficult as this might be for some people to read it’s certainly not what my expectations would be from a top 12 organization.
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    Well you’re clearly not going to stop theres a webinar explaining the arrangement of the new Cadets organization and the path forward It’s Thursday night night and you should tune in instead of just spreading rumors and asking silly leading questions on DCP
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    What did you do on vacation... watch drum corps! Almost did that years ago in Canada. Drove by a stadium near Toronto and saw a corps on the field. Found out later it was a major competition. If only there had been the internet to tell us we would have rescheduled whatever the heck we did that day.
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    Right now may be the perfect time to donate to Cadets because when an organization has so many people watching it, more often than not there are tighter controls. My thought would be every penny will be accounted for in the upcoming days. That being said, trust is very hard to earn when there have been so many ways that trust has been violated. In the case of the Cadets, the people most responsible and in particular one person who was especially a lightning rod may be gone, but regaining the trust will take a while.
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    keep the remote handy when the commercials come on
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    DCI posted 2019 Championship show clips on Youtube (3 minutes each)
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    So, I think DCI needs more Cavies championships... 🙂 lol
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    Why serve someone a cake that's not completely finished? Maybe they're getting things finalized and presentable before they decide to let the cat out of the bag? Why people on here think they're entitled to know the inner workings of an organization when THEY think it's appropriate is beyond me. I would like to think that when the information is ready to be presented to the general public, they will do so. Until then, we have no choice but to just wait.
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    Pretty sure you misunderstood his post.
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    It’s actually more pathetic than sad.
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    Some corps may not have returning vets at a camp. I'm surprised you didn't ask around with your questions. Thanks for your report, but I for one, will wait for Terri's read.
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    So what are all the anti cadets trolls going to do now??? Shrivel up in the light of day now that it seems the Cadets will be just fine?? Or start some more false rumors just to feed their ugly hatred for a world class corps??
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    Yes. We went to see them in 2018.
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    Honestly I wish they would announce the show much earlier than the first show of the year. think about it they’ve done it for how many years... predictable is not a good look 😁
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    Hey if no one gripes that means no one cares.... good luck to him and good for him that he picked up on the corps history before he even joined.
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    Varsity or others could look at this as an expansion of their present competitive youth activities they are already involved with. A sale would allow US Bands to be on it's own with no connection to YEA! (similar to the Crossmen "sale") Then YEA could dissolve their Board and use those funds to pay off any outstanding debt or declare bankruptcy. The Cadets then create a "new " stand alone non-profit with their own mission statement for the Corps. Now you are back to a pre YEA Cadets and eliminate the Hopkins stigma that has tarnished the organization. It will all depend on whose name any bills/debts are in (YEA vs US Bands or Cadets) It all becomes a shell game just like the corporate for -profit business world. Of Course this is "ALL" hypothetical
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    Nice first post ever, man! I don't remember my first post... it more than likely went something like "WOOOOO! GO CAVIES!!"
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    Meaning that I'm already excited. But cool story, bro.
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    99.9% of them are wonderful people.
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    This is somewhat reminiscent of how we "took care" of our Corders drums at UA after the 1990 season was over. Unfortunately, Ludwigs don't burn as much as they explode...but it still does the job.
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    Sorry about that 🙂 It was my first post ever. I guess that info might have been helpful. Thanks Ghost!
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    For us who marched in the 1970's.....Remember getting a winter copy of either Drum Corps World or, if you are older like me, Drum Corps News and maybe the corps posted their repertoire for the season. There was never talk of "the state of _________ corps!" The corps came out for the first competition in May or June or even July and then you see and hear. Today we wait (not patiently) for good or bad news from each corps or the DCI meetings so then we have something to whine about during the winter season. Today we even get to see what happens with bad corps directors on social media. BITD (yep I used that), directors and staff got away with anything and everything, which is sad! Today, you could get caught picking your nose with the wrong finger and you'll be outed on social media! Today we can't wait patiently for news from the few remaining corps left. We have to know what's going on with the Cadets, SCV, BD, Madison, and a few others. Maybe once in a while we hear about Blue Knights. The few remaining Open Corps are never in the spotlight and if they are then it's for a brief moment. Any change that happens in DCI is a chance for most to complain how drum corps is dying and how they want to go back to the old days of 2000, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's or to the days of REAL bugles with a valve and a slide. The people who are positive about these changes are shot down and are considered dumb, stupid, morons and idiots! How DARE drum corps try to get better! How dare corps around the country try to stay ahead of the game and put on a show that is musically and visually pleasing! John Doe who marched in 1970 and never performed again is still whining, "In my day we had a concert and a color presentation! We had inspections and marched in squad movements!" I thought about this on several occasions and I thought, Thank God DCI came along!!! RAMD (can I say that word?) came along and thus started the b#tching and whining. People became RAMD stars! We had "awards" that even I may have won! I never saw a plaque or certificate. I remember I commented on something and someone decided my opinion was not right and as I was waiting to go on at an indoor show I heard someone say to me, "So and so wants to kick your a$$ tonight!" I said (as a 290 lb ex Army MP), "ok, where and when?" He never showed. Then came DCP. Good idea! It was run pretty well and still is today. I did leave the DCP FB page because, well, there were to many people more intelligent than me and I was a moron and an idiot. You,know I can only take so much and thought since I was older....why bother. I have loved drum corps since 1970! I remember from 1973 till 2004 hearing my parents "why do you do that crap?" Today I have that answer...it made me the person I am today. It showed me you can have passion in something! The people, for the most part are pretty cool too! I could go through of ton of people I marched with, taught with, am friends with, but thats alot and I'll forget someone. Thanks Drum Corps!
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    I thought the line was: don’t call me sir, I know who my parents are. As a former khaki I always chuckled at that.
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