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    The only thing I heard at camp was they will have over 3 minutes of music after the next camp in 3 weeks. They did learn a classic Phillip Bliss song though. Sounded really good...not part of the show though. The new brass staff is very impressive and the new brass caption head is the real deal. Clear to see why the Bluecoats were so good under his direction.
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    Opens thread ::backs away slowly:::
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    Referring to a black man as "his boy"? Since you've been using a dictionary to use words you don't understand, let me help you out - that's racist
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    The pure sound of an acoustic mallet section is never inferior to the plastic sound of an electronically amplified / microphoned sound. Acoustic sound does not “suffer.” Any judge who thinks otherwise is just following the herd that’s created this tinny sound that seems like it’s coming out of a tunnel. It’s horrible.
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    An annual operating budget north of $1 million and only a $50,000 net worth requirement? Sure glad they “raised the bar”! Not to mention DCI’s generous show earnings.
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    Actually Hop broke it by his own actions. I’m surprised you can’t see that. Oh wait. No, I’m not surprised.
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    No and, in fact, I'd suggest they keep the messaging clear that they've made these decisions in order to assure that their primary organization, The Cadets, does NOT skate on financial thin ice. These changes, I'm convinced, were made to focus on the primary organization, to the disagreement of some here that especially financially The Cadets are more important than USBands. That message needs to be primary to the kids coming to auditions. Refocusing on the direction of the corps and the path to winning again. Anything less in the messaging risks being a disincentive to potential members.
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    well obviously we need old hair band and death metal guys with lasers and pyro playing Christmas tunes with Morgan Freeman narrating!
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    C2 was tough emotionally. this is tough PR wise. after all the hoopla for hiring her with her background, as well as Scott leaving his job to take over and run the corps during it's worst days ever is kind of....no, not kind of IS...a big PR black eye in many ways. Like I said legit business reasons I am sure, but it doesn't look good
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    Crown does NOT have a musical identity in terms of piece selection. Their musical repertoire is all over the place. Not worried they're going to try to "be the Bluecoats". They're Crown -- they'll continue to be Crown. Not worried at all.
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    Rock Star, Part Deux?
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    That guard person.... if I were her, I would have done a different routine every show. Keep the judges on their toes.
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    RAMD killed brain cells for all of us
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    So hello all. Bush announced their 2020 open house details today. To be held on Sunday, December 1. Not denying I've seen/heard/read things have been a bit messy in Bushland recently, but it sure looks like someone jumped the gun on the obituary 😁
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    Cadets camp this weekend!
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    I know where you work. the proper term is "escaped"
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    Lol comes with the job doesn’t it? Retire from my IT job in a few weeks with 40 years.
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    A little sneak peek of a video being released tomorrow 😉
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    Announced today that they’re going DCI open class.
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    Don't be ridiculous. It's DECEMBER.
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    I wouldn't mess with Denise. Remember, she taught April...
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    And the BD will still be favored.
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    along with the 12 inch slices of bread !!
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    I got a secret oooo look at me secret secrets
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    Talk about depreciation...that’s worse than when you drive a new car off the lot.
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    In only six posts! That must be some sort of record.
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    Controlling costs, like raising revenues, is also a trait of organizational leadership and strength. The idea of refusing to use your arms (i.e. soccer) lost its cultural relevance back when our species learned to walk on two legs. Yet there are more than 50 soccer teams in my town.
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    Some special project garbage LOL.
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    saw this coming. next?
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    And the same to you, my fellow Longhorns fan!!! Enjoy the holiday!!!
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    The next time you run into a persistent twelve year old Girl Scout selling cookies, sarcastically refer to her as a “scoutette”. I dare ya!
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    Pretty easy to make non-corroborated accusations against straw men.
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    How dare you even think about attending a Cadets camp.
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    Our Sr corps was boring.... just had two guys almost miss a show at Lewisburg because they went to Lewistown. “Anyone see Dave and Tim yet?”. “No, oh #### you don’t think they went to....”. Showed up 15 minutes before we were due to step off. And that trip to New Orleans was delayed... phone call went.... “Bob where are you, the buses leave at 8.” “Yeah 8 tomorrow morning”. “No ###hole 8, as in 15 minutes ago”. Thank goodness he lived near where we got the buses. But man was he flying down the road. “Look at this speed demon” “Betcha it’s Bob... yep”.
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    https://yea.org/cadets/join ONE DAY TEXAS AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, November 23, 2019 Audition/Clinic Spring, Texas TWO DAY PA AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, November 23, 2019 Audition/Clinic Salem, New Jersey ONE DAY FLORIDA AUDITION ⁄ CLINIC Saturday, December 7, 2019 Audition/Clinic Jupiter, Florida AUDITION CALL BACK Friday, December 13, 2019 Audition/Clinic Salem, New Jersey JANUARY BRASS & PERCUSSION CAMP NEW Friday, January 17, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey JANUARY PERCUSSION CAMP NEW Friday, January 31, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey FEBRUARY BRASS CAMP NEW Friday, February 14, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Bradenton, Florida MARCH BRASS CAMP NEW Friday, March 13, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Salem, New Jersey APRIL CAMP & GUARD FINAL AUDITION NEW Friday, April 24, 2020 Drum Corps Camp Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania
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    Well I wouldn't go that far. But the separate caption is not included as part of the total score. For that matter neither is percussion. BOA scoring definitely has a bias to music (and IMO that's not a bad thing).
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    always confounds me that people watch something they claim they dislike
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    Do you see what you've started????
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    Could be they're going to announce that they paid all their staff and suppliers for last year. One can hope, right?
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    13 corps remaining, as of now. Gotta wonder who is next.
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    Why would they want to push out the "old alumni"? They're the guys with more disposable income. I suppose the answer is the oldsters are the ones who are fed up and want change. None of this sounds good for the future of the Madison Scouts/Scoutettes. I cant contribute to this regime.
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    What does one thing have to do with another? Hopefully nobody was saying "We'll remove the sexual predator as long as we have enough donations afterwards"
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    This, and what Jim said. Not a huge fan of some of the stuff going on with modern-day drum corps... but hey, it's a different era, different game. Overall, still a fan. If that ever changes, I hope I go out with the class shown by the OP here.
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