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    Hey battery folk, all those hours you spend every week working details, so that you're not just clean from the stands, but clean under a microscope? Forget it, no one will be there to reward that level of detail. Now get back to working on your pliés!
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    Explain how you were able to recognize Vanguard.
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    Probably Crown. They always seem to be ahead of the curve on trends that I absolutely hate. 😑
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    Edit: I've made the line! I'm incredibly excited and will tell y'all now you guys are in for an awesome year from Crown.
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    The delay has been to try to license as much as possible. Anything that was cut was only done so because the sync rights were denied. Everything else has been licensed, including a cut we were going to make in Phantom yesterday. But like something out of a prison execution movie, the red phone rang, literally 3 minutes before the edit session and I was told the piece was licensed! A stay of musical execution! Trust me, there is no lack of effort on DCI’s part to deliver the full Monty. But when a rights holder says “no,” their wishes have to be respected. For the record, this may be my favorite surround mix ever. AND, the best Easter Egg hidden on the disc ever.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope everyone here has a safe and wonderful holiday!
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    so you're anti-trampoline? But look how much fun!
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    I can appreciate those fans that still want their judges to be as close to the MM's they are judging as possible, especially in the execution oriented captions. That said, if we watch ( for example) the on field Percussion judges, most of the time, they are seen running, weaving,. dodging, with them looking left, right, behind, to make sure they are not about to be run over by MM's in visual moves all around them. How much REAL concentrated observance of the percussion playing is really be taking place, when that judge's concentration levels to that is certainly being heavily distracted ? Just for the heck of it, watch ( for example ) Jeff Prosperie judging Percussion of any Corps on Youtube. Holy Mackeral. He's seen most of the time, running, weaving, dodging, full speed like a maniac out there. Is he going to be compromised in his observance skills of the Percussion sections if he's put on the sidelines where he can better concentrate on the task he has been assigned ? I don't think so. His observation abilities might actually be better enhanced if anything, imo..
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    Maybe those instructors should consider that there are waaaaaaaaaaay more corps members who are injured because of excessively intense rehearsals, and being expected to tough it out when there is an abnormal pain that needs to be addressed, than there are because of unaware field judges.
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    Agree. Particularly their performance in Memphis on July 8, just hours after Jim's death.
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    Why are we even discussing all these extreme vetting processes when the activity can’t even keep out the people who have documentation showing them to be unsuitable to teach, march, or volunteer with drum corps? They haven’t gotten past step one yet.
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    In other news, Cadets' January camp begins in a few hours. That is all.
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    This thread makes for an interesting read during my lunch hour.... Anyway, seems to me, there are several different versions of Hopkins. One of them cared TOO MUCH about the Cadets. And another one is currently trying to sue them for $600K. This doesn't make sense. I can't even believe I'm commenting on it.
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    This is the type of post that is out of bounds on DCP. It is totally relogiius with zero tie to drum corps.
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    I do not believe however that public prosecutors care much about such things such as.... " Drum Corps Alumni ".... " Women ( or others) out for revenge"..... " the fury of the public ".... a " metoo movement "... nor whether or not as person has found " God, Prayer, or Satan, etc... nor are they interested in " process issues ", and other such irrelevancies, nor on what motivates people to do things. District and County Prosecutors are interested primarily... and almost exclusively... in criminal activity that might be taking place within their geographical jurisdictions. Its their job. They evaluate information, evidence brought to them by alleged victims of crime. They oftentimes can decide that law enforcement needs to do more before filing criminal charges, or they might find little corroborating evidence a crime was committed. Prosecutors typically do not want to take the time, expense, to proceed on criminal prosecutions on criminal charges they believe are unprovable in Court, or flimsy in nature. In the situation of George Hopkins, all we can say at the moment with a degree of certainty is that Prosecutors in the State Of Pennsylvania have been persuaded by TWO Women that they were sexually assaulted and victimized by George Hopkins. That the Prosecutors looked at their testimony, and with their Office's investigatory powers in conjunction with local law enforcement concluded there was compelling info that they have in their possession that George Hopkins engaged in criminal assault, and that he should be arrested and charged with crimes., including the charge of Rape. Thats all missing in your commentary above, and just wanted to point this out. George Hopkins is presumed innocent under the Law and will have the opportunity to be heard in a Court of Law. So will the Women. The rest of this stuff re. motivations, Alumni, Drum Corps, meetoo movement, God, Religion, etc, might be interesting sidebars to learn about to some, but its not why Pennsylvania Prosecutors have sought a Warrant for the Arrest and the subsequent Prosecution on multiple criminal charge accounts with two Women victims of George Hopkins, Lancer79.
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    Any 1980 Spirit of Atlanta performance from 8 July onward.
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    I find it a sad / pathetic read. Why does he think anyone cares about his thoughts? Why is he posting this? He must have this need for affirmation. Well, that train left the station, Hop. If you want to be out there publicly, the only appropriate thing to post is apologies to all you have mistreated over the years. Go look it up. I think it’s one of the 12 steps.
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    Funny you mention this. I was talking to someone today who thinks the reporter has some agenda and wondered why I’ve been such a hard ### towards dan, the board, the corps etc. its easy. Whenever there’s been criticism what’s the power brokers standard reply? “ it’s for the kids” “ don’t criticize, you’ll hurt the kids”. well, until May 2018 the collective powers that be, including Dan, the board, the corps boards, and so many others IGNORED this issue and allowed way too many KIDS get hurt by people that shouldn’t have been around. Like we see with the Catholic Church, tell them to leave but don’t block them from being involved. Sweep it under the rug. Teaching license suspended? No biggie I know you can make my horn line better. It’s been the worst kept secret for decades, and enough people had to know specifics, and did nothing. We know people reported stuff before last year, and it was ignored or worse, people were threatened to stay silent. but yet it’s all supposed to be about the kids right? That’s what those at the top have stressed repeatedly. Kids, kids, KIDS!! yet when someone did anything sexual with a kid, either in or out of dci but was allowed to work there, the safety of those same kids was ignored. that is why I continue to demand people be held accountable for past inaction. Yeah it could take down some big names. In fact I’ve been suspicious of some resignations and their rationale the last 18 months. I am glad dci is taking steps. I truly believe in any restructuring the inmates should not be in charge of the asylum. None of them have earned that right..... because despite their mantra of “ the kids”, they’ve proven their safety really wasn’t as important as they claimed.
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    https://yea.org/news/2140-yea-welcomes-denise-bonfiglio-as-staff-coordinator?fbclid=IwAR3RA1PC4rlDO6rS7AAwdug2iUKkhEwoT2i1PTxAX1sNqNtEeJppIQ3Dc04 YEA! Welcomes Denise Bonfiglio as Staff Coordinator Youth Education in the Arts is excited to welcome Denise Bonfiglio as our Staff Coordinator! She will work to establish a best practice People Management function for YEA! that includes recruiting, training, supporting and recognizing the people that work and volunteer for all YEA! programs. This includes assessing the current environment, creating a plan and operating model, and coaching YEA! personnel from Full-time Staff, Part-time/event Contractors, Instructional Staff and Volunteers. She also serves as The Cadets Staff Coordinator, managing instructional staff coverage for winter rehearsals and summer tour, coordinating instructional staff travel, facilitating creation and execution of the Cadets production schedule and serving as a consultant to the design team. With an extensive background in pageantry, Denise’s roots were firmly planted with the 27th Lancers Drum & Bugle Corps and Winter Guard. Since aging out of the Lancers, Denise has taught the 27th Lancers Drum & Bugle Corps 1976-1986, Garfield Cadets/Cadets of Bergen County/The Cadets 1987-1997, Star of Indiana 1993 and Santa Clara Vanguard 1997-1999, 2003 to present. Along with a wide-ranging drum corps career, Denise expanded her proficiency into Winter Guard. Denise’s accomplishments include Director of the 27th Lancers Winter Guard 1988-1989, Emerald Marquis 1983-1985, 1990-2001, Director of the (three-time WGI Independent World Champion) Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard 2006-2016. Denise has also instructed, mentored and trained several successful Independent and Scholastic Winter Guard Units across the United States. Professionally, Denise recently retired from MetLife where she was an officer of the company for 16 of her 35-year career. During Denise’s tenure at MetLife, her “hands-on” approach brought her to the front-line managing Insurance Product Software Development, and Quality Assurance functions in several locations around the US and Canada. Throughout Denise’s career at MetLife, she was extensively involved in company mergers and acquisitions converting software Illustration systems onto MetLife platforms. Denise managed a staff of 20 as well as associates in different locations around the country. Denise also played a significant role in relocating and transitioning MetLife’s Retail business operations to North Carolina. Denise is currently the Co-Founder and President of the 27th Lancers Foundation. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Foundation’s philanthropic mission is to raise money to provide scholarships in honor of George and Patsy Bonfiglio. Applications are accepted from young men and women that participate in DCI organizations. George Bonfiglio was the first president of the DCI Board of Directors and played a significant role in leading the organization through its early years to ultimately build a foundation for future success. Denise is an active Adjudicator for Winter Guard International; Florida Federation of Color guards Circuit, Massachusetts Judges Association, Musical Arts Conference, and the Asian Marching Band Confederation. Denise was inducted into the WGI Hall of Fame class of 2000, the Massachusetts Drum Corps Hall of Fame class of 2012, and Drum Corps International Hall of Fame class of 2016.
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    Sad to lose a Corps. The Oregon Cru once had so much promise too. But they let it all slip away by mistreating MM's and junior staffers, and it ultimately became their undoing. ' Lesson here for other Corps, imo.
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    George Hopkins is not on trial for being a meany poo-poo face at YEA. He is on trial for SEXUAL ASSAULT. “Words” aren’t going to help his victims. Nine women came forward. Nine. They came forward knowing that their lives would likely suffer because of it. There’s nothing positive in it for them. You keep taking about things that don’t matter. How you feel about George’s character doesn’t matter. How you feel about “healing” and “forgiveness” doesn’t matter. All that matters is that nine women came forward and accused George Hopkins of sexual misconduct.
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    I just had an hour conversation with Lancer79 on the phone. Unless I was completely bullshi''ed, Which in my job I can tell in a second. I assure you she is not GH. She is passionate in her belief and honest with what she has stated in her conversations with GH. I would ask that people do not get nasty with her. She has a right to say what she feels.
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    sounds excellent - can't wait for the 2019 edition of the corps - top 3 perhaps!
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