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    so either way it turns out, you get screwed?
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    I will ALWAYS take physical media over streaming options. Streaming can be taken away easily - what are your options for watching 1984 Suncoast Sound right now? But nobody is ever coming to my home to confiscate my DVD/Blu-ray library. Video and audio quality are better (less compressed) on physical media in general also. The sound quality of the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio alone is worth the cost of the Blu-ray, and you can't get that any other way right now. Streaming can be more costly over time, whereas a disc is a one-time purchase for unlimited viewing forever. I'll pay pretty much whatever they want to charge for the blu-ray - keep 'em coming! Shawn
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    Here we go again. I hope all these people get weeded out of DCI permanently.
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    What in the world. "Some #### is about to hit the fan, but it's fine, we're all fine, everything's fine...here....how are you?"
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    The structure of DCI is as a co-op, and the ability of the CEO of DCI to be a commissioner like in the NFL is not built into the structure. Rules and policies voted on by the member corps can't be changed just because "I say so." The fault for all of this having gone on this long is because the member corps allowed it to go on and agreed to let the perpetrators continue working in the activity - not because of Dan Acheson or anyone else at DCI.
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    Hey! I expect this sort of thing at Halloween, but really?
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    didn't use Stingray eh?
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    Just burn the whole thing to the ground. What a supreme embarrassment and outrage. DCI in general, and Dan specifically, fails to take action unless forced to, time after time.
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    what he said. Hell i had to judge over a chorus of cowbells yesterday, and i thought it was cool that parents actually showed up to support their kids.
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    Former Drum Corps instructor/ writer /arranger. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TBhTEpPZWJI&feature=youtu.be
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    And you’re not required to answer the questions! I’m thinking this thread is well past it’s usefulness.
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    How would this prevent sexual predators or sexual assault? It wouldn't. It would only mean that if anything happened, the victim would be an adult instead of a minor.
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    The CEO of any non-profit reports to their Board. In this case, the Board is still predominantly made up of individuals who are salaried employees of member corps...which is the beginning of the problem. Remember a few months ago when the then-current DCI Board Chair had, as his assistant corps director, someone who'd lost their teaching license for inappropriate contact with a high school student? Great optics AND great judgment there. DCI needs to restructure so that it has a Board independent of the member corps, and a CEO who can act like a real commissioner (which the existing structure doesn't allow). There should also be a mandatory reporting procedure for all staff members, volunteers, and other adults (including marching members) who violate "league standards" related to abuse and inappropriate behavior, so that those who are habitual rule-breakers can't hide from their past by jumping to another corps (which has happened for decades). The industry has let themselves down, and the blame is on all shoulders, but I'd put more of it on the corps' representatives to DCI more than anyone else's, since they're the ones who had the ability to change the culture and the rules all along.
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    VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi. I’m Dan Acheson, CEO of Drum Corps International. I want to share some very important information with you. In fact, with the entire Drum Corps International Community and everyone who has an interest in the activity. As you know, this year has held significant challenges — for DCI and for all our participating organizations. We’ve come face to face with allegations of abuse and inappropriate behavior within our community. These situations and misconduct of any kind — totally inexcusable, and we grieve for everyone who has suffered in any way. In the wake of these challenges, we’ve also had the opportunity to make sweeping changes in our policies and procedures — changes that safeguard our participants and improve the culture. Changes that provide a strong framework for safety and wellness throughout the DCI community. We are steadfast in our commitment to ensure the safety, health, and wellness of every performer, staff member, and volunteer involved in DCI at any level. A reporter has informed us that another story on drum corps is forthcoming. The writer says, “It will outline a number of examples I have found of people who have worked or volunteered in the activity in recent years who were accused of having inappropriate relationships with students or who have criminal records including crimes of a sexual nature. It will be an in-depth look at these cases and at the policies of both DCI and individual corps.” We wanted to share this information with you before you read it online or see it on social media. The reporter didn’t share the contents of the story with us. However, DCI has gone to great lengths to address the issues and to provide a safe environment now and in the future. Criminal records? DCI has a background check policy. Inappropriate relationships? DCI prohibits them. Not adhering to the Code of Conduct for hiring practices or any other violation? DCI can prohibit participation. And we have. If we receive reports of misconduct through the hotline, our online form, or through any other reporting mechanism, we follow up, and we take action. We needed to strengthen our policies and procedures. We’ve done that. And we’ll do more. No doubt this new story will follow the same pattern as those that have come before it. Unfortunately, we can’t change the past. But we can change the present and impact the future. And we are. We will continue to keep you informed, and together, we’ll move forward to keep DCI at the forefront of marching music performance.
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    A leopard was spotted in their show. People may not approve, but I don't think it is something they can change.
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    "Hey, everyone! Look over there! It's hell and it's freezing over!"
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    You're Close, but no cigar. A corps cannot compete as a Jr corps and enter DCA prelims and attain membership to DCA in the same calendar year. That rule has been on the books for years. Now add on the recent evaluation process to the mix where a corps needs 501C3 status, proper insurance in place and a financial audit and 35 minimum membership before you can participate in DCA sanctioned shows. It doesn't matter what name the corps uses. I helped write these rules in another life many years ago Jay Retired 28 year DCA director.
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    Oh, I disagree with that. Low level offenses that have been resolved to the satisfaction of the courts should not follow a person their entire lives, IMO. Note the phrase "low level"....like misdemeanors...not felonies and serious crimes.
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    Contestant Hila Saxer mentioned on today's episode of Jeopardy that her family members are huge drum corps fans, and stated that a California corps, the Santa Clara Vanguard won this year's championship.
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    When kids are playing at the level Tarpon does, they have already done a fantastic job with the education part and are focused on performance. This actually has everything to do with music education, in fact, they've nailed it. Listen to their wind ensemble, their jazz band, and try to suggest they don't have music education absolutely locked. This is a program that is 100% about education.
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    DA needs to resign. His hands are very dirty. He has known about all the “inside” abuses for well over a decade. He is as guilty as Hopkins in trying to hide all of this for years. Time to clean house to finally make DCI legit.
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