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    I will worry about losing my sense of taste when I start liking furniture like this beautiful sofa.....
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    Had stockpile at home from before. Wife used them to clean the sinks and kept forgetting about them. So kept putting it on the store list.
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    And BD is so bad*** they could do Rick Astley and still finish top two.
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    Jim emerged from the office. He said he did lose a bit of his sense of taste and smell. He said he didn’t feel well for close to two weeks but not terrible. I didn’t have any symptoms. We did fly but we didn’t sit by anyone else because Jim’s employer has a program where you pay for coach but you get first class. We didn’t know. I thought he had a cold. I hope he didn’t infect anyone.
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    Quoting myself (don’t you love it when people do that?) - etched into my memory - 2006 DCI finals, Friday night, Madison Scouts Alumni Reunion Project - everyone in the crowd standing, and it was a big crowd, not many had left following the last corps (Cavies) performance. When they were playing Through The Eyes Of Love, my then 7 year old son, who was looking around at the crowd, asked, “Dad, why are all those old people crying?” I don’t know if he noticed the tears in my eyes at that moment. I was choked up and couldn’t answer. But he was right. A bunch of old men sobbing like babies. And I would do it again anytime, anyplace. Nostalgia is a powerful force.
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    Britt went to go get her laptop dock from the office this morning (long "I told you so" story there...but what the h### do I know,) and said that all the liquor stores were open at 8am. Welcome to work from home Tennessee!
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    Oh great now you made me think of “The Way We Were”....
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    FWIW, our drum instructor marched 1982 BD; he referred to them as 'gock' drums. Maybe gock evolved to spock or vice versa?
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    we had one roll thru the area in January...one school district reported 25% absenteeism a day for a week
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    Haha 😆 though it was Melissa Manchester. But yeah I can’t disagree with your PTSD about that.
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    You could almost social distance on that one, sitting one at each end. 😀
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    You have CLOROX WIPES?!?!? I haven't seen one of those in a coons age (or approximately 3 weeks using the Covid 19 time scale.)
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    Used to live in a mobile home while saving up for house payments. Still had first couch I ever bought and it was second hand. Chocolate (####) brown leatherette. Bottom cushion was from a patio couch and covered with brown cloth. Girlfriend hated it and I finally order a new one. Day after scheduled delivery she stopped by and the POS was still there. “What happened?”. “well I found out something new about mobile homes. The door is slightly more narrow and.... they couldn’t get the couch through the door.”.
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    From what I have read yes, chronic allergies can affect the sense of taste. Maybe it just wasn't that noticeable until the word "Coronavirus" was attached the symptom.
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    There are seeing eye dogs and hearing ear dogs, so if it happens, you can always get a tasting tongue dog.
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    I heard the the last three sentences. When I heard last night I started counting how long since I saw this person last. Came up with 4 weeks and few days.... started breathing easier. We sat right across the table from each other for about 90 minutes. 🤭
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    Does someone want to ask the next logical question?
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    Ballet in Brass will always survive my cut. And if they brought back Through The Eyes Of Love (Ice Castles) I wouldn’t complain.
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    Uninvited Pirates Slaughter Striped Cats for Jesus in Malaga Castle
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    One of these guys (the smallest one):
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    I quit trimming my beard until I can get the dog to the groomer. Beard and dog will be white and shaggy ho ho ho
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    Ed, I am optimistic. Even if the total number of DCA corps shrinks by a few more in number, due to this crisis, there is still enough “meat on those bones” to continue on for several more years. DCA can fulfill its same mission, the ability to bring education and entertainment joy to many, even if its geographic region of operation is condensed. I believe there IS time for DCA to remain a contribution to our culture. 🇺🇸
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    As Mystery Science Theatre 3000 would say... nightmare fuel....
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    god please don't say malaguena or Slaughter
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    Yeah....that's not how it works. YOU made the claim, so YOU have to substantiate it.
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    They entertained the hell out of me last year, AND I wish they would have nabbed a silver!😂
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    At the annual World Championship Finals, Drum Corps International (DCI) presents awards to the corps with the high average scores from prelims, semifinals, and finals in five captions. The Blue Devils have won these caption awards: Jim Ott Best Brass Performance Award 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2014 John Brazale Best Visual Performance Award 2001, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019 Don Angelica Best General Effect Award 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 Fred Sanford Best Percussion Performance Award 1976, 1977, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015 George Zingali Best Color Guard Award 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
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    I figure you guys are probably aware, but just in case. The Madison Scouts has decided to pursue classes with staff and current members throughout the summer. They are also hoping for a week or two in late July or August to bring the corps together to get somewhat of a summer experience. I thought the email and video were excellent. My kid will be participating and in return, contracts will be extended to 2021. Still a Madison Scout family socially distant! 💚⚜️🤍
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    Yep I sure am. I can wait one more year. I am all good with The Madison Scouts. Always have been, always will be. This Alumni is ready for the ladies to come join us. Looking forward to it! Go 2021 Madison Scouts!
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    I got to play with one of the Ludwig Challenger HV's once. It made this satisfying "creaking" noise everytime you would crank the head that let you know that imminent shell collapse was just around the corner.
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    Don't know where "here" is. But they are considered "essential " in N.J. The Record had an article on this today. One of main reasons is avoid forcing people with alcohol dependency into withdrawal and possibly into the hospital. My brother is an alcoholic. Once he tried to quit "cold turkey". He had severe withdrawal symptoms ,including "the shakes",tremors and hallucinations. Ended up in the hospital. They had to give him Valium, or something like it ,help him "detox" and prevent seizures. He was there for a few days. So I can understand not wanting more people to end up in the E.R.
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    Hey Ollie’s started in my home area.... great when Ollie was alive as his ads had the funniest stories how he got the stuff. When Cabbage Patch kids were hot Ollie got a bunch from a store that caught fire. Story was a/c pumped the smoke into the toy area. “If you don’t mind wrapping that smells smoky, the dolls are ok”.
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    My usual place has a meat counter that is only place to get fresh meat. Also no take a number so everyone mobbed at the counter so they don’t lose their place. Saw a pic of my backup place and seniors mobbed at front door waiting for it to open. At a place I hardly go to but not crowded... and only single rolls of Woodys wood chip toilet paper and no clorox or other wipes
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    89...top 2 both great. i liked Phantom better than SCV...i think the 88 SCV versionw as far better, but Phantoms drums on the ride part...oh my god live it was hideous Cavies....looking back you can see where it was going...BD...that solo....Cadets...man if they had had that ending...Star...good show, but top to bottom didn't have the oomph future years did.. Maidson...just didn't and still don't like it....Bloo....about usual for them...Suncoast...fun, i liked 85 better...Freelancers welcome back!!...VK so much fun, and Crossmen welcome back, so love that show, tho i do like 88 better.... under the top 12...I LOVE Spirit and Sky Ryders
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    when you hit it right, the sound it makes sounds like "spock". i think it's a Hardimon thing
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    I dare not venture to "The Costco" as I would then be required to take a bath in acid or something to remove the possibility of a virus being on me. I may venture Ollies Discount Outlet later since nobody went there even BEFORE the virus.
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    Arrived for senior hour (8-9) at Costco at 7:40. Around 150 people, mostly couples, spread out. But, it was 8:30 when I carried out the few items bought.
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    No problem, it is right here https://bit.ly/33XkGzc
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    And the person I know was in FL also. Not sure if they lost taste/smell before, during or after. Roughly in FL 2/20-2/25. Spooky thing was she was at my retirement luncheon and coughed a few times. She then told everyone “it’s not corona, I have bad allergies” (she does have them bad).
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    Only during rehearsals is it used for what you might be thinking 🤔
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    I got a beer of the month club for six months from my sister and a fifth of Irish Whiskey from my son. Do you think they know me at all? 😂
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    I was in the middle of my Drum Corps coma in 1989, but it looked like a really good year. I also notice the absence of props and everything looked just fine.
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    1989 I was working in downtown Minneapolis. That July (Aug?) there were a couple nights of shows (Stillwater and Blaine?). Anyway at lunchtime the second day, Phantom did a standstill at ... NSP Plaza I think was the name of it. On the Nicollet Mall. NSP was the local utility which today is XCEL Energy. Anyway imagine standing mere feet away from a 1989 PR standstill at lunchtime in the middle of downtown Minneapolis. With all the curious onlookers. I was completely and totally blown away. To this day it’s in my short list of all time favorites. Even over 2008. Their take on “Going Home” with the baritone solo at the end. I can close my eyes and I’m there again.
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    Have the quotes out of order but this does not sound like sarcasm or ribbing to me. I’ll just say I disagree and leave it at that. And that comes from personal experience dealing with the human suffering end. And seeing ERs at their packed worst before local hospital tripled their capacity. Believe me I was VERY nice in my post compared to how I felt when I read the comments.
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    FINALLY! Some GOOD news! (maybe I should read it first?)
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