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    Does anyone else think that BD's show is basically the same show as the last 3 or 4 years, just rearranged slightly?
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    With the recaps, if you take the rep/cont scores and match it to perf/achv (8.9 to 8.9 or 9.1 to 9.1, etc) it would look like this BD // GE total: 36.00 // Visual total: 27.00 // Music total: 26.75 // TOTAL: 89.75 BC // GE total: 36.00 // Visual total: 26.6 // Music total: 26.95 // TOTAL: 89.55 I know, I have too much time 🙂 but I found it interesting!!
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    Is it me or is Cavaliers being really underscored? I don’t think their show should be this far out from potentially medaling. What am I missing?
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    BDs recap is lovely. They ran down SCV. Let's see if they can catch Bloo. Do it up Devils!!!
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    I think the Bloo designers create shows that they’d like to watch. First, third, fifth place, it doesn’t matter. They’re always wildly entertaining.
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    Cavaliers finished 5th to 4th Bluecoats by 1.9 points on 7/18/2017 Tonight, Cavaliers finished 6th to 5th Crusaders by 1.8 points on 7/16/2019. Anybody remember final placements in 2017 in Indy? I sure do 🙂 Go get’em Cavaliers. Reel those Crusaders in! Splooie!
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    Yea, I'm not loving this BD show either. As much as I despise how the Bluecoats over-amplify their horns and drums and pump up the bass and goo, I want this Coats show to win.
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    The only controversy is what people on here seem to be manufacturing.
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    Statement show for Bluecoats. First in GE, Brass, Guard, Music. Honestly don’t see how anyone beats them this year.
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    Honestly... I think this is it. And for the love of all things maroon and gold... don't write any shows about social/ethical issues for about the next 5 years.
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    As a former hockey coach, I love stats. Good stuff, DCR.
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    July 16 Run-Down The Bluecoats come out on top and maintain an undefeated season while Blue Devils increased its lead over Santa Clara Vanguard by 0.625. Carolina Crown extended its lead over Boston Crusaders as well in the 4-5 spots. Blue Stars gained ground on The Cadets, mostly due to a decrease in scoring for The Cadets and The Cavaliers remain on an island in 6th place. Carolina Crown did not compete in this show last year so we can't do a perfect Top 6 comparison from year to year. However, a few items of note on spreads: This year's #2 corps (Blue Devils) is further from #1 (Bluecoats) at 0.650 points than last year's #2 corps (Blue Devils) was from #1 (Santa Clara Vanguard) at 0.550 points. This year's #3 corps (Santa Clara Vanguard) is closer to #2 (Blue Devils) at 0.675 points than last year's #3 corps (Bluecoats) was from #2 (Blue Devils) at 0.725 points. This year's #5 corps (Boston Crusaders) is closer to #1 (Bluecoats) at 3.225 points than last year's #5 corps (The Cavaliers) was from #1 (Santa Clara Vanguard) at 4.225 points. This year's #6 corps (The Cavaliers) is significantly further from #5 (Boston Crusaders) at 1.800 points than last year's #6 corps (Boston Crusaders) was from #5 (The Cavaliers) at 0.150.
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    Saw Crown in Broken Arrow tonight. They came in 4th behind SCV, BD and Bloo. Have to add/change GE to have a chance to medal.
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    Y'all need to stop with this end of the world crap. Good lord.
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    I also put this on the Broken Arrow Thread: With the recaps, if you take the rep/cont scores and match it to perf/achv (8.9 to 8.9 or 9.1 to 9.1, etc) it would look like this BD // GE total: 36.00 // Visual total: 27.00 // Music total: 26.75 // TOTAL: 89.75 BC // GE total: 36.00 // Visual total: 26.6 // Music total: 26.95 // TOTAL: 89.55 I know, I have too much time 🙂 but I found it interesting!!
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    I have to say, as a Bluecoats homer ... I really love BDs show.
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    I know they didn't come in 1st tonight but I feel REALLY good about where this corps is at right now 1. They opened the spread up from SCV. With SCV receiving so many ordinal scores in the "4" range, I anticipate they will remain in the rear view mirror for the rest of the season 2. The subcaptions really favor BD right now. They won visual content across the board and have big gaps between content and proficiency in many subcaptions including a huge 0.4 gap in brass (while Bloo's gaps are much smaller or are outperforming the book). I don't see BD outright beating Bloo in Music, but I do see them closing that gap and overtaking Bloo in visual by the end of the season. This is shaping to be another 2015 type of season. It's going to be close, Bloo's talent levels are off the charts this season and their design is championship caliber. But in the end I think Ghostlight will come together in the last minute and take it all. Going to be exciting to see it unfold!
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    Starting to have a 2015 feel to it. Let's go BD!!
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    yes you're right, just sweep the massive accusation leveled at the corps made public last week in the media under the rug. or do what you have to do to ensure the organizations innocence and existence. yes, how insensitive of me.🙄
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    I see judges judging their sheet and the show of the day, which is why no one is 1st across the board
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    One thing I've noticed in this stretch since 2013... They are shows the kids look like they are having fun performing... And that's crucial
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    For 8.5 minutes this is a very strong show.
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    Show = good. Talent = great. Tarps = horrible.
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    I got to watch Roger Staubach throw a 50 yard pass to a ball boy with only one step the day he was inducted, and I was standing about 5 yards from Roger at the time. unfortunately the ball boy dropped the pass in the end zone.
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    One of the most memorable and powerful designed sequences in drum Corps history, in my opinion, is the whirlpool scene two years ago in the tempest. Even after watching that a dozen times I got choked up. It was so beautiful, so powerful, and so perfect to tell the story. I keep wanting a moment like that in this year’s blue Devils show, something that makes a big emotional impact. It just never happens.
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    Lineup & Times All times ET and subject to change 7:30 PM Welcome & National Anthem 7:40 PM Encorps - South Brunswick, NJ 7:56 PM Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, QC 8:12 PM Heat Wave - Cape Coral, FL 8:28 PM Raiders - Burlington, NJ 8:44 PM Intermission 9:04 PM Southwind - Mobile, AL 9:20 PM Spartans - Nashua, NH 9:36 PM Legends - Kalamazoo, MI 9:52 PM Scores Announced Skylands Stadium 94 Championship Place Augusta, NJ 07822
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    Jeff was simply just alluding to that situation by saying that the Cadets are busy not just with improving the corps but also dealing with lawyers (since someone was wondering about the lack of communication by the corps). Some poster took offense to the comment, for whatever odd reason, even though it was about as front page news as you can get in this activity.
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    I have not gotten any indication they are sweeping this under the rug. Doug made a statement... now they have to follow the process of dealing with the accusations. I have said before... there are gaping holes in the story (not about the incident itself or the member) but by what the parents claimed. Not sure what more you would like them to do at this point (asking for understanding not criticizing your comment).
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    Or, it could be as much as 1.325.
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    I played in the Hall of Fame Bowl with the coats in '82 🙂
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    Quote me where I said I wished they would. I’ll wait.
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    I said this when people were saying BAC to medal and possibly win but tonight's scores confirmed it. The captions that came from Cadets and Crown are still performing at the level they were at. Mcnutt and Gino are amazing but still putting out a 5th placeish line and Crown guard that came over still killing it. Crown/BAC will be interesting to watch. And cadets perc still putting solid numbers to push that music score up.
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    I dig the high brass arrangements but the show seems predictable and sterile to me.
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    From my observation and a technical stand point they are more than poised to catch them and overtake. But taking away nothing from Bluecoats the show is so smooth and really great. At my first viewing of the show i was underwhelm and didn't like it. It grew on me few more views and now i love it almost just as much as i love Ghostlight, which i love more.
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    Bluecoats don’t make changes for “no reason.”
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    Ladies and Gentlemen you just saw the judges do what they always do and spread them out into positions based on what they think the spread should be at this point in the season. It always makes me lose faith in the judging.
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    The work does not change.
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    Congratulations to the Bluecoats, and Congratulations to my Devils. It’s going to be a wild ride to Indy. BAC is like a dog on the mailman’s behind to Crown, and Blue Stars are right there with Cadets. Sad to say as much as I love ❤️ the Cavaliers they like Crown and BAC will not medal this season.
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    This show thread is a just a little bit painful to read....What is up with all the Chuck Norris references?..I'm fashionably late it seems...LOL
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    If you play Bluecoats 2019 backwards, you can hear "Turn me on, dead man" toward the end of the (reversed) show.
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    Crickets on the show thread... unless you follow college football or like Chuck Norris jokes...
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    Finally, Chuck doesn’t kick footballs. He kicks a$$.
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    Believe they moved to the other side of the tracks.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen.........I think we have our Chuck Norris joke winner.
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    Unless he was tried in a court of law and it was proven that he DID know, I am presuming he didn't. He shouldn't be found guilty of anything in the court of public opinion.
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    By the way, I am excited for the college football season! I have my audition on Aug. 29th and then I am taking that first college football Saturday off. Nervous about that LSU matchup, but it should be a fun season.
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    Yeah I very distinctly remember a conversation here in 2010 in which someone was referring to DCI's "elite" corps (probably in reference to the G7 controversy), and the response from someone else was: "Is SVC still elite?"
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    Naw....... screw it. Come hang out with Troop and Scouts. The water's fine.
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