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    I recall Teal Sound utilizing a Guitar in their field show performance a few years back... and thought at the time, we'd soon see a couple of TOP 12 Corps use a Guitar in performance. Sort of surprised we didn't. Now it appears, the Guitar will return to Drum Corps. I believe Blue Devils Guitar will be an Acoustic Guitar, according to the recruitment article. I'm pretty sure Guitar is judged in performance competition by the GE Music judge. The " effects " of its playing anyway. As for the ability of the Guitarist's playing, I imagine the Guitarist's playing will be judged by the judge with the Drums training and experience, ie the Percussion Judge. (it can't possibly be the Brass or Guard Judge judging the performance ability of the Guitarist, imo.).. I'm really looking forward to how BD incorporates the Guitar musical instrument into their show this summer. The potential for a far more widespread use of the Guitar in future Drum Corps shows is a very intriguing development to watch unfold too, imo. I personally prefer the sound of the Guitar over that of the sound of any woodwind... and usually over that of the human speaking voice or singing voice in a Drum Corps show as well.
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    That works when the design is better/fresh and the performance lives up to expectations..:hasn’t really been the case.
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