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    I hear there is some great hard workers here.
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    Um no constructive comments welcome by all in this thread has been my experience
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    http://riparianlights.com/ The Cadets start at 3:20. This house is in Naperville! I’m going to go see it tomorrow!
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    Ah, at first I didn't get the mechanics of that being a zip code.
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    As you and we should be..peace
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    I thought I read that Rogue Hallow Regiment was possibly going to give DCA a whirl this year, they have done Soundsport, and quite successfully might I add.
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    Do you expect someone recorded the call? Or will a transcript of the call suffice?
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    actually, most don't. they have ties to 17055
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    Lol no the Marine Corps. He worked in Avionics. Jet engines (hearing) and radar detection systems (artificial lenses in his eyes). Add the ruptured rotator cuff from being wounded in Cambodia and that’s service to your country. Yes, I’m proud of him.
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    I appreciate your thoughts. However, do you really think the current management team isn't very aware of the valid criticisms that are mentioned on this site? The Cadets are not hiding behind the issues they face. It's easy to sit behind the computer and criticize the Cadets. Bit of a different challenge to be tasked with fixing the issues they face.
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    I gotta figure... never mess with anything the size of a horse that isn't a horse.
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    Since you were very young at the time, you mean a miniature horse right?
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    Lol just don't sleep outside. This reminds me of the time when I saw one that looked about the same size as horse.
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    and some on DCP have posted rumors that Carolina Crown also sought a loan, but DCP offers no proof. Also rumors that Crown was seeking to buy land for practice hall; also rumors that Jim Coates told BoD to start looking for a successor. Lots of wind, no substance found for any of this.
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    Best case for Finals Week tickets, is to order the Super 3 during Finals Week.
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    DCI could use the Dean Martin tune as a theme song. "Goin' back to Houston... Houston... Houston..."
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    Over in DCA, Sunrisers performed "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" three or four years ago, and just as in the Moulin Rouge arrangement, they interpolated a little of "Material Girl". I saw a high school marching band do the same thing a year later. For those who don't know: "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" is originally from the 1949 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which starred Carol Channing. It was loosely adapted to film in 1953 and starred Marilyn Monroe (who shared top billing but was paid just a tiny percentage of what was earned by her co-star, Jane Russell). The video for the Madonna song "Material Girl" (1985) was an homage to the 1953 film sequence.
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    Just found this thread, and found some irony regarding GH and the YEA financial debacle. When GH pushed the G7 foolishness, he tried to promote 7 Elite corps (two of which now find themselves in the bottom half of the top 12 btw) with double pay, double votes, etc. Even when G7 morphed into Tour of Champions afterward, when Boston finished 8th it is still denied access to said elite group. Despite Boston's "non-elite" status however, , GH repeatedly askes BAC/Inspire for money to pay down debt. Boston declines. In 2016 when the post season staff emigration happens, GH contacts DCI now claiming Boston has no money and it is all a ruse. Dan A flies to Boston, examines the books, and finds that BAC/Inspire does in fact have the financial resources it is rumored to have. Then the #METOO movement happens and everything blows up. While I do not hold Cadets members or staff responsible for any of this, it is revisionist history to suggest that all was well in that organization prior to those accusations. One other thing...does anybody else here remember when GH blogged about high diesel prices and having so little money that the Cadets would no longer serve milk to the members on tour? I do. That organization has been a financial wreck for years. I wish the very best to the new leadership to right the ship. The kids deserve better.
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    Fun Fact, the 2019 Open Class and World Class CG trophies are only 40 miles apart. Boston Crusaders and Spartans.
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    Do I recall correctly that Tampa Bay Thunder announced they were doing this about five years ago but ended up shutting down instead?
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    Happy Birthday SDCA. 12 years today. We are still providing opportunity to any size drum corps and pay you for your performance. If you want to perform in SDCA or want to start a region in your area.. message me
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    As some sung their first year - A Disney show: M-I-C, K-E-Y, M--O-N-E-Y
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    Not even close, unless it didn't go on tour.
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    Fun Fact: the red bench from Crown’s 2013 production was borrowed from the campus of Gardner-Webb University and was originally intended to be a place holder prop while another bench was being ordered.
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    "My drum corps used to have a red bench just like this."
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    Thanks! My son is a tuba player for Vista and he said the whole band was proud of their performance. I was super proud of my son cause this was his first year in band. He had been playing football since age 7. He really seems to love marching and he has so much fun. From what I understand Vista is going to Indy next year.
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    Vista Murrieta was great, that was a refreshing and different approach as much as I love watching Texas bands all day. Colorguard and drums especially were a real treat, but the band held their own for sure. Personally had them in finals.
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    Yea you might be correct. My son's band went to Texas, only band from Cali that competed in Texas few weeks ago. They held their own and did great finishing 19th out of 84 bands i believe. But still not on the level of the top Texas bands.
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    All six Texas bands who went to Indy finished among the top twelve finalist bands, and four of them finished in the top six! Crazy. But dammm those kids are trained well all-around.
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    My choices are Houston, Houston, Houston, and after thinking about it..... Houston. Houston has lots of schools that could easily house all of DCI's drum and bugle corps. Houston's NRG stadium is amazing with plenty of parking and the stadium is just awesome. Houston has amazing parks to visit, awesome breweries, and downtown is fun to explore. Houston is the fattest city in America... so you know the food here is amazing.
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