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    Based on what has been reported (and opinions I myself have personally heard) there are other challenges if/when a vaccine is produced. There are many people who do not want to take the vaccine because of inane conspiracy theories. No, it will not have a controlling microchip embedded in it. Unless proof of vaccination is mandatory for participation in the activity, it's just another road block to having a competitive season.
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    Thank goodness I only listen to the wisdom of Vanna White.
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    If you die of it what the #### difference does the percentage mean.... sick of this frigging word and number games with peoples lives
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    Y'all can @ me all you want but I do not see how DCI can move forward until 2022 at the earliest. WGI 2021 will not happen. not enough time to put a season together. And I don't see how any state or program can fiel;d a marching band in 2020. For those quoting stats, just stop. While kids might not be in the high risk category, their friends and loved ones are, and they can be carriers. The medical experts agree that sending kids back to school before we have a vaccine can cause a super spreader event. Look, I know this hurts, but we'll get through it. DCI is going to need to make some tough decisions. I know it's way too early to cancel a 2021 season, but realistically I think it's highly likely that's what happens. And if it does, how does this impact the activity? How do we recover? And will there be interest?
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    Chucks watched that wheel spin too many times. 😈
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    I'm sure these conversations have already started happening. Based on a few conversations with friends in the activity, until we know when a vaccine is going to be available and how its going to be dispersed, and its effectiveness, there is no meaningful way to plan a season at this point. Most facilities are not in a position to sign contracts for events, and housing sites would be a huge question mark. Some bus companies will probably go out of business, leaving transportation questions. Even things like food preparation come into question. And how effective is the vaccine once its dispersed? Do people need to be innoculated every three months? Bottom line, planning for the 2021 season should have already begun. The rumors swirling around is that 2022 is the earliest we might see a WGI/DCI season, and even those are up in the air. 2022 could be a mix of heavy regional performances and a small national tour (don't hold me to that, this is all just talk right now). There is a harsh reality that is about to set in for the pageantry arts world... once that could take the better part of a decade to recover.
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    You didn't include me and now I'm having Delusions of Exclusion.
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    I DID say it was directed all around. And to be clear I get upset when people draw the conclusion “well it’s not THAT bad” which is totally different from determining numbers without drawing conclusions of good/bad.
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    Even factoring that in, it could easily be a 10x difference. I just think we want to understand the actual situation to a reasonable extent so we can make the best possible decisions.
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    College basketball leagues are announcing they are not participating this season. And that’s just the beginning. As cases rise more and more out of people’s sheer ignorance and stupidity, more activities will be forced to cease operations. That alone should tell people that a niche activity like DCI has little chance of making a return next season.
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    Remember when they tried to make her a movie star? I don't think the acting lessons at the "Ali MacGraw School of Fine Acting" paid off in the end. I know this is off topic, but since this thread is about to derail, I figured why not.
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    I was there! A moment I’ll never forget that says a lot about what drum corps is. Also same night the Dallas Stars sort of won the Stanley Cup.
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    Please, can we dial the snark back a smidge? I would love to keep up the discussion; I think it is complicated and important. I don’t want it to be shut it down.
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    I certainly wouldn’t want to lose my sense of taste. Though I guess I could always become a modern DCI show designer.
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    All this squabbling about numbers is beginning to remind me of the chairs on the Titanic. Eventually, everyone will expire, it's true, some of them from this virus. The question is: How many does it take for that to matter enough such that the living ones wake up enough to actually mobilize themselves into effective action? It seems more important to blame each other about who allowed the deck chairs to get misaligned. All of us want drum corps, WGI, marching bands and strawberry sundaes with a cherry on top, and the sooner the better. Now, how are we going to make that happen? Regarding schools, I'm surprised no one has suggested just bagging next semester altogether in favor of going year-round for the next few cycles. Spring Break isn't sacred. It's not even in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. It's just possible to treat COVID shutdowns like instruction lost to "snow days", or baseball rain outs. Just play double-headers for a while to catch up. There are no good answers here, but some of them will cost fewer lives, regardless of how we crunch the numbers.
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    How dare you minimize the serious of this? 😛
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    From what Im told by many...hopeful for 2021 season.Likleyhood , pretty darn low and yes band season as well as WGI will have an affect.
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    Anyone my age and looks that good (from whatever camera distance they use) has going for her..... 😆
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    Know I grumped about percentages but almost had a math minor so.... your state 3.7% US roughly 3m cases and 135k deaths.. 4.5% once a number cruncher always a number cruncher 😖
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    Directing venom all ways... so don’t hog up their share 😈 (you just happened to be the last one posting so wasn’t pointing at you alone)
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    Now hold on. Let's just wait to get Chuck Woolery's opinion before we make any knee-jerk reactions. And someone "great" stated that it would just go away...
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    I post up one reply and you get all sideways. So why not save the same vitriol towards the person who posted the original numbers. You could have just as easily had the same reply. Selective man really selective.
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    But that is what you just did. (Comparing and finding them different is still... comparing.) We have lots of vaccines for the flu... because we have never had one that is fully protective.
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    Maybe it’s time DCI and the corps start smacking heads together to determine how to survive no tour until ?????. Ways to keep people’s interest until things can start returning.
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    This was the only year from 1987 through 2019 that Bluecoats didn't make Finals.
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    Times are changing, but there is more to do so member safety and well being is more than just lip service.
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    I’m sure that people on both sides of the issue feel that way. It is a complicated topic that evokes a lot of strong emotion. I’m hoping that despite these differences, we can be civil and keep the dialogue going. We can disagree without being disagreeable.
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    Fact check.......................TRUE I read your experience a few pages back. Glad you pushed through and marched in Drum Corps.
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    Drum corps is a very tight community, the who knew what when was a hot topic of conversation when this all happened. Many also received e- mails announcing this was in motion way before it hit the internet. Doesn't matter what I think, ask yourself. Just look at other situations that came up and the who knew what when, the ones who ignored things, and I'm not talking GH, ( not to bring up old topics and litigate everything yet again on line ) As far as being a Narcissistic, that for sure wasn't any secret .
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    oh i know. he's hated me since i discovered RAMD
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    My mom has been my nephew's babysitter since he was born almost five years ago. He started preschool last fall and was supposed to start kindgergarten this year. After a few months of being entirely at home with him while working remotely, my sister now has to go into work once a week, so my mom's been watching him on that day. But I've told her that if he starts live schooling before there's a vaccine, she just can't do that. She's 75, she has COPD, she's had more than one stroke in the past, and she had major surgery on both her lungs and heart.
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    It might be, as long as we're willing to write off their teachers and parents.
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    While that certainly seems like a very real possibility, is there any data showing it to be true?
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    Everyone is allowed their day in court to defend themselves regardless of the charges. Whats my own opinion and yours is not important. I don't pretend to be a fan of hopkins ever, in fact the opposite. This below is not directed at you. But everyone might want to be careful on the accusations and logic with respect to inclusion. I have struggled to either tell or not tell something that has troubled or haunted me for a very long time ,,,,,,,, and I would think if I did that here , my account would be banned or deleted. That IS the problem right? The victims never felt like they could come forward. There are many more out here and they are not all female vs male or male vs female. Inclusion ??? ok sure.
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    I liked so many shows in '99 - one of my favorites was Cadets. Loved the guard, the music and that incredible ballad.
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    Ironic timing as have to send one of my wife’s death certificates out tomorrow.... One that says pneumonia/acute respiratory distress (only difference is she caught flu and not CV)... laugh a minute here....
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    Jim, you've said you are recently retired. If you ever get bored and think about doing something part time, you might apply to Target. Their will recognize the one on your back and hire you instantly.
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    looks like AZ just cancelled. so much for heat killing it off
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