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    Tricia is getting beat up pretty good on Twitter by those who I imagine, have some kind of vested interest. Always shooting the messenger in this activity.
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    I know it's kind of nuts, but you'll never get out of that jam if you keep spreading it around.
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    10. 1998 Stonehenge- I never really liked this show for some strange reason. I remember during the 1998 season saying The Cadets will probably win because of content and execution but I didn't like it then. Because of this thread, I watched it again and again. ( about 5 times straight) Wow! what a GREAT show! It took 20 years but, I came around. 11. 2006 Volume 2: Through the Looking Glass- I picked this show because of what it brought to drum corps. I remember the critics/trolls on Drum Corps Planet and REC.ARTS. mercilessly ripping this show. I remember saying " In a few years your corps will be doing the same thing" It took more than a few years but as you look back on that show you see the impact they made on today's drum corps. As I look back this was probably one of the Cadets most talented corps but that show was a bear to handle. I was in charge of props that year. whoa! 12. 1982 * Rocky Point Holiday * Cuban Overture * Concerto in F- For personal reasons, I add this show. I have a few stories: For as long as I can remember, before every play I performed in elementary school, every boxing and jujitsu match, every marching band and drum corps, I would take a deep breath, hold it as long as I could, Release, Perform. Prelims morning in Montreal was exceptionally hot. The Cadets back then wore wool uniforms with lined insulated jackets. Anyway, I took a deep breath, held it, and blacked out. I woke up in Concerto in F with my horn down everybody else's horn was up. I marched most of the show on muscle memory. The Next night I remember it being exceptional cold, I remember the snow flurries during "warm-ups" I remember the corps being ON. I remember me being ON. I could hear everything around me, and see the spacing between me and the next person in every set. I was so in tune with the show and everything around me. I remember during the final company front in Gershwins Concerto in F being overcome with emotion and tears streaming down my face and the EMT people asking if I was OK as the corps marched off the field. WOW! Honorable Mentions: 2012 12.25- I hate Christmas, I hate Christmas music. I love this show. Note: The slow march segment in the opener, The brass is marching slowly with some fancy lower body movement on the left side of the field. On the right side, the percussion is playing and marching crazy drill like it's 1993. What an awesome effect! And that kaleidoscopic Sactig Ending. I hate Christmas music. I love this show! 2018 Boston Crusaders- Just Kidding. I love that show. Great Organization, awesome people. 2017 The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven- I absolutely love what The Cadets Tried to do with this show. The costuming and props were on point. I loved the arrangements. I only wish there was a little Angels and Demons action in the Fallen section. I guess they never got my email. 2018 The Unity Project- First. When I saw the uniforms on Facebook I made fun of the design. ( I was wrong, It worked on the field and lot's of people love it.) When I first saw the corps in Akron, Ohio, I thought "Oh My God The Cadets are Awful This Year" I have never said that ever since I first saw them one June day in New Jersey back in 75. My friend Irving ( Fan of the Arts) Told me how the corps was trying to find the right balance of hard work and rest ( something rare in Cadetland) and by Atlanta, I could see the clarity in the show. The hard work was paying off. I remember during finals as the mellophones did that familiar run and the Z-Pull started to unravel, my heart filled as the young man in the traditional Cadet uniform appeared, I stood there clapping with tears in my eyes and what had been oblivious to me all season I heard loud and clear. " Ladies and Gentlemen, Under the direction of Scott Litzenburg, The Cadets!" A new era has Begun. Oh, and 1985 because it was F****** Awesome!
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    Back in my era, with all of the parades we did wearing wool pants, some Buttpaste would have been just the thing to have!
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    it won't taint mine. Why? because it wasn't all him. it was an amazing staff and incredible kids. His input grew more and more towards the end, when the product wasn't what it used to be
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    If they make clothes for exercises in patience, you may be singlehandedly keeping them in business. 😄
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    Per their website, they make clothes for "sports" like yoga and fishing. Nothing says athletic like sitting on your fat ### drinking beer and waiting for a fish to bite a hook.
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    he must be doing something right, he's been beating the Tonight Show for a while now. Longer than Dave beat Jay when he switched to CBS
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    well i wont jump on her, but the way she conveyed the message was if it had to do with DCI's problems...and it doesn't appear to be that at all, as BOA hasn't been in the news ( at least so far)
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    But you guys just don’t seem to be able to come to grips with the fact that modern DCI players are better musicians, in better physical shape, and put on superior productions than the geezers did. I figure if I have to look at that thread title every day about “I’m no longer supporting DCI ... who’s with me” it’s high time a counter argument was made, Fine .,, leave! Let the rest of us enjoy talent that is far superior to yours. I’ve read through that 31-page ************* of a thread and while I understand there are some admin concerns, the obvious pokes taken at today’s productions are laughable. It’s probably no wonder that current MM’s don’t get near this site. So... in short... I’ve been going to live DCI shows since 1978 and will continue to until I’m no longer here.
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    the problem isn't modernization, it's who is trying to modernize
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    Gar turns him in for wearing UA, and Whammo, banned from DCP for life!!!
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    Everything he wears has UA or a swoosh on it...shoes, socks, shirts... You’ve seen him. He looks like he’s never left Dick’s sports. 😂
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    If anyone has a couple of finals tickets between the 35's, and not super close to the ground, but would no longer like to support dci -- I support your cause. I will buy them from you 😄
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    Heck... most stuff from 9 PM on now goes on my DVR.
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    I think the better question is What can DCI do to better the investment dollars these companies put into their coffers. OK, times are changing and sponsorship and support dollars are going in different directions into the same activity. It's fine to say you think DCI doesn't provide a marketing platform that's worth VF/Z's dollars, but yours is only an opinion among many who would disagree. So, if you were VF/Z, what would you want DCI to do to get those marketing placement dollars? And, now stepping back into your Drum Corps fan shoes, what does DCI do now to replace WHATEVER dollars (soft, hard, visible, hidden) it gets from having VF/Z's support? After all, DCI has the right to control who and what groups and entities are allowed in and around their show venues. What if DCI wanted SystemBlue to do all of their public videos? They don't have to let VF/Z in to do those great vids if VF/Z insists on sticking a poker in DCI's eye. It's not like the DCI brand is worthless, is it? Just random thoughts, not meant to be anything other than query and conversation.
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    Maybe that's the point. Perhaps the corporation felt the extra money spent on the partnership was redundant and that their money was more effective by being used with the individual corps and clinicians
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    This is what happens when people running ANY activity have no life balance. Seriously, the best years I marched we practiced the least and did a LOT more than just put a show on the field. There is no reason to beat kids/young adults to death over 10 minutes of show with no balance. Seriously, if you guys aren't hitting a movie or two OR getting some free time/days when you are traveling all over, something is wrong.
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    Embracing all cultures ................ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdIRxnpaR7o
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    As a brother from the Drum Corps Old Guy community, my answer is no. Leave them to the alumni corps.
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    Well said... I agree. There were some monster players during that earlier era. Heck, on the DCA side, there were some professional players in the ranks of a few corps. But the ensembles today, top to bottom, are better... IMO of course.
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    I would suggest that the best brass players of the 1970s are just as good as the best brass players today. The difference is that the weakest players in today's lines are far better than the weakest players BITD.
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    My message to the design team is: don’t listen to anything I suggest — just keep being you!
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