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    Your agenda is crystal clear if necessary all us donors and alumni will step up and support the Cadets fully on their 2020 world class tour
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    OK... please leave the U.S. government out of this conversation.
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    There were young women involved in the allegations, corps members from the early 80’s. They are not part of the legal charge, as they happened too long ago, and probably not in the PA jurisdiction in any event. The reporters story was sexual abuse committed by GH against young women. Financial stuff would not have been on the radar.
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    Looking forward to the show and tell tomorrow. I wish I could post pics here but I’m too old to figure that out 😭😜 My son sent pics of his new horn and the new horns of others. They are working hard, and I am excited to hear more than warmups tomorrow! Drama or not, the kids have great energy. Looking forward to a great year with the Scouts.
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    These are actually two of the highest paying parade fees that I have encountered and Tom Augnst is one of the Directors at Dartmouth which will also save us money on housing while in the Boston area.
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    NO more bad juju !! be positive..peace
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    Extreme allegations?!? He sexually assaulted young women, and you’re justifying this? What kind of ####### statement is that? Whether or not they were 18, 28, or 45, he sexually assaulted people and you’re criticizing people calling him out. Do you actually ####### believe it matters if they were any age? Sexual at any age is monstrous, and you downplaying is in the way you did is disturbing, disgusting and pathetic.
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    You need to step back for a while and relax and find something else to do for a week or two. Info will be released when they are ready not when you want it.
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    I guess it all depends on how cynical one is about the Cadets. Personally, I trust the current management team at the Cadets. Their main focus is sustaining the Cadets into the future and giving the marching members an amazing and safe experience. It really isn't necessary to be mistrusting of the current Cadets team. The reason to be cynical about the Cadets is long gone!
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    I think I just addressed this well in my above post. Asking questions is not "throwing shade." That's an unfair assessment and assumes a lot without knowing facts. It's personal, which is something that is usually frowned upon here. A little consistency, maybe? Since no one bothered to ask - I don't in any way have negative feelings or ill-wishes for The Cadets. I'm certainly not saying anything derogatory about them. On the contrary, I am concerned about the odd lack of public comment from the actual org, and want to be reassured that everything is OK on ALL levels, not just the rehearsal/performance parts. I think that is a legitimate thing to worry about given we have seen before that all is not always as it seems. Was there this much opposition to people asking questions about GH when the accusations were flying about? I don't recall people saying "there is no reason to talk about any of that because no one here has the answers?" Nope. Lots of people asked lots of tough questions and unfortunately, some bad things came to light. Hopefully there is nothing but good news yet to come about The Cadets. But I should not be chastised for asking thought-provoking questions.
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    Then they should be using the proper channels to request the information they seek, as opposed to asking random people on a forum.
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    Not sure about that. What I noticed seems to be an increase in schools worrying about liability (especially with the predator issue) and “outsiders” using taxpayer funded property. All it takes is one big mouth at a school board meeting or election raising hades and board takes easy way out and says NO.
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    That's why I had a problem from the start of the amplification nonsense, with some dude way off the field making decisions about half the sound coming off the field. It's no longer "for the kids," it's mostly about marketing for sound equipment retailers.
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    It might be fun if all of the corps contributed an updated version of one of their classic songs for a special release CD/download. But I think I would take a pass on retro shows.
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    Why is this bothering you so much? You aren’t forced to read it. And I see nothing in here that’s irrelevant or any worse than in other threads such as Cadets. If you have new good information to share, share it. Versus trying to shut down other voices. Which is what you’re doing with the - go start a different thread - thing.
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    I’m pulling for the miners too. Because of former Patriot connections. Go Jimmy G.
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    Took time off (forget how long), did Mini and came back as Class A (smaller sized corps). Still put on a really good show. Just worked themselves back up in a patient manner.
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    From reading Ms.Bonfiglio's background,I don't know how much "hand's on experience" she's had, when it comes to budgeting, and other technical aspects of running a corps. I also don't know exactly what her/YEA's responsibilities are when it comes to this. From looking at her background it seems that, if she does have to handle the technical aspects of the corps, she would know where her expertise is and the type of people she needs to bring in . That is,assuming she has the authority to bring those people in. But,at most,she is only in charge of the "front of the house". It seems that,from reading the posts on this thread, the "back of the house" is where there are the most "issues". Again,as I posted,its unclear what the current relationship is between The Cadets and YEA. If they are still "joined at the hip",The Cadets could have still have "back of the house" issues. I would think that,by now,accountants have combed through all of YEA's records and have pretty good idea where they stand,financially. What's worrisome is that If even 1/3 of the comments about their finances posted on DCP are accurate, they are going to need to make some hard choices to stay viable.
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    Skating on thin ice? Source please.
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    Back in the 70's when Mangione was all the rage in drum corps, I arranged "Feels So Good" for my band when I was a band director. It was part of our field show, after the opener pf "Crown Imperial" and prior to our concert number of "Bohemian Rhapsody". The first few times we played it was fine. By the end of band camp, I hated that tune so much. For me, the absolute lamest Mangione tune ever, esp having to hear it hundreds of times through the fall of 77.
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    They will not be competing in 2022.
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    judges follow the guidelines the voting corps put forth
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    Been to many of those and still prefer them to indoors anywhere, sound wise.
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    Not sure how long you have been following drum corps or Cadets, but financial issues have long plagued Cadets, beginning back in the days when the corps moved from Garfield to Bergen County. Cadets were not alone, and more than a few corps are lucky to have survived. I’m not sure I recall accusations of illegal mismanagement of funds, but accusations of poor management of funds goes back quite a few years.
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    And accused of many more.... but if you think the $$$ part is more important than the human that’s your choice....
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    it's also (apparently) hard to wait until the "truth" is released from the people IN THE KNOW
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    The same Denise who was accused of mismanagement of Lancer Foundation funds by her own family!
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    Gold also was an all age member of DCI, so they had a leg up knowing some of what was coming
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    Admin hat: I have hidden a few posts that have wandered into posters making personal commentary about other posters, and not the topic at hand, the 2020 Cadets. Understand these type of posts go against DCP guidelines. DCP is a privately owned and operated website with guidelines all have to follow. It is not a public forum. Users who sign up agree to abide by the guidelines.
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    Back room stuff going on currently (aka 2020) doesn’t affect the corps today (aka 2020)? So much different from my Sr and Alumni type experiences
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    I always thought fuel costs would eventually kill or greatly restrain drum corps. But the tours are now longer. So much for my crystal ball.
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    I remember that... they were Mike's co-hosts for that day/week. Mike Douglas, that is. LOL He had a cool show... all sorts of guests from different backgrounds, political persuasions, musicians from various genres, etc. None quite as brutally out of tune as Yoko, though.
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    And to make it worse Douglas had Mangione on and we found out Chuck has the most irritating laugh. IIRC it was like air escaping from a balloon. Red Skelton was also on and spent way too much time getting Chuck to laugh to make fun of the laugh. After a while you wanted to smack them both
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    It doesn’t seem to be hurting them. I’ll bet their donors don’t have to hunt them down to give them money. And still be unsuccessful.
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    And played it well! They had a terrific corps, and show, that year.
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    The last several pages seemed to me to be about corps financial health, front end of the house, back end of the house (not sure what that means, just recalling the conversation), whether there is a problem, including from a couple long-time donors. Versus how the music is coming along and the camps etc. He said, what’s going on at camp is very different from what you read here. That struck me as odd too, as apparently it did TwoValves, because the discussion here wasn’t about camps. Not sure how that makes me ridiculous. I made no posts during that conversation. That’s all.
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    How about the horn line doing the bottle dance while playing. I would pay to see that.
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    Would be an interesting year KH, but most corps celebrating an anniversary don't do an old style show. This idea might have to be voted in by the directors next January. Any corps finishing 2nd and lower could probably kiss a higher placement goodbye if they did this next year on their own.
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    cause it'd be deemed a duplicate thread
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    Practice for wet props
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    Maybe they take turn working weekends. Be patient grasshopper.
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    If I were auditioning, before I signed a contract (thereby promising $ to the Corps) I would want to know if I am signing up for an Open Class tour or a World Class tour. And if I signed up for World Class & it was changed afterward to Open Class, I would expect (at least) a reduction in amount owed, and hopefully the offer of a full refund so I could go elsewhere to march a World Class tour schedule.
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    If they’re so happy to do so, just do it
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    Unless, of course, the natural acoustic sound is indoors and manages to overpower the indoor acoustics themselves. Drums are especially bad, since their sound is omni-directional. Bugles and drums are for outdoors.
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    "Captain, how soon can you land?" "I can't tell." "You can tell me. I'm a doctor." "No. I mean I'm just not sure." "Well, can't you take a guess?" "Well... not for another two hours." "You can't take a guess for another two hours?"
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    Clearly, that would be the best outcome. But I'll settle for an undefeated season in 2020 and most of the captions. AND a first-time 3-peat in 2021 😉
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