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    When kids are playing at the level Tarpon does, they have already done a fantastic job with the education part and are focused on performance. This actually has everything to do with music education, in fact, they've nailed it. Listen to their wind ensemble, their jazz band, and try to suggest they don't have music education absolutely locked. This is a program that is 100% about education.
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    I remember initially being drawn to DCI because it rewarded the “hard” way to do GE, with innovative drill and visuals. I got into the activity specifically because I found the BOA prop arms race to be lame. I wish DCI would go back to leading the charge instead of piggybacking off of high school bands. Getting high GE scores without props is hard, I get it. That’s what used to make drum corps special though.
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    But the obligatory rolling around on the ground and faux emoting, sure is super awesome.
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    I hate the arms race. What does it have to do with music education?
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    I’m glad that my kid’s band (Reagan) has steered clear of the gimmicky stuff and still managed to do pretty well in competition so far this year. She’s in the color guard but the band is definitely playing.
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    If emoting to words and images on a computer screen is part of an "artistic education", then I get a top-notch artistic education every day that I log in and look at posts on DCP.
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    Well the show is geared to one or two venues both indoors. DCI can do the same thing. Do you think they would care if they had to run the show one in Kansas or somewhere without the screens? I don't agree with it but. Think they could reserve one screens off to the side so if the show bores you, we can have like Sports Center or something going with CC on?
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    Loved Tarpon's show. Would love to see them live sometime. I think DCI needs more of this...
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    Meh. Want to really impress me? Have a parent grab a bow and shoot a live arrow 120 yards end zone to end zone over the performance.
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    All I was thinking, and I said this on my Facebook page, was how much did those cost?
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    Why spell out words without digital screens when you can spell out words with digital screens for 20X the price?
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    My first impression was that it needed more tarps. Then, use the screens to explain why there were more tarps. Win, win.
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    Perhaps a drum corps could run ads on those screens to help pay for them. Good way to add vocal narrative, too. "We'll be right back with the second half of our show, after this message from Microsoft."
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    My opinion? I don’t think it added much.
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    in 3.5 minutes, 45 seconds of horn line and maybe 1 set of marching and playing. impressive. edit: and I don't think the screens really add anything to the show, but I bet the judges love them.
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    We keep evaluating marching band and drum corps in terms of "music education". Technically speaking, the first time we took a step outside the "music education" was compromised. I choose to think in much broader terms, such "artistic education". So much of the arts are in hybrid forms, such as ballet, opera, etc., why should the marching arts be any different? Just as ballet is a hybrid of music and dance, why can't the marching arts be viewed the same?
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    Almost forgot this one, and maybe someone mentioned it earlier, but Blue Devils in 1988 doing their "Happy Days" reprise with all the trumpet soloists up front while the corps marched off the field. This actually my be my fav. Close call between this and Phantom 2003.
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    All these recommendations are excellent. I'd say watch some shows from each decade from the 70s on. If you can find anything of the old Chicago Royal Airs from the 60s definitely watch and listen. 1970s Santa Clara 1973 (their first title) or 74 Madison Scouts 1975 (as bold and powerful of a show you will ever hear) Blue Devils 1976 and 1979 (real jazz on the football field and it was amazing) 27th Lancers 1979 (drill and color guard with A+ music arranging and you have a classic show) Spirit of Atlanta 1979 (one of the loudest brass lines ever) Bridgemen 1979 Civil War Suite (the South wins in Birmingham) Absolutely awesome show that would put people on their feet today 1980s Blue Devils 1980 (professional grade soloists), 82, 86, 88 (more amazing soloists and a great reprise) 27th Lancers 1980 (many feel they should have won the title, no slight to BD who was excellent as well, but 27 had one of the best visual and guard presentations I had ever seen to that point with great music) Garfield Cadets 1982 (an extension visually of what 27th Lancers and SCV had been doing, but to the next degree), 83 (Garfield's first title and the famous Z-Pulll), 84 (west side story, and perhaps the best interpretation of it that I have ever seen on the field. I consider this show one of the BEST SHOWS OF ALL TIME by any standard. It remains in my top 5 of ALL TIME shows), 85 (wicked hard for the time), 87 (ballet and grace) SCV 1980 (one of the first asymmetrical drill moves, 1984, 85, 87, 88, 89 Suncoast Sound 1984, 85, 86, 88 (Florida Suite is one of my fav shows) Madison Scouts 1983, 84, 88 Star of Indiana 1985 (Disney show), 86 (Space show), 87 (Circus show) Spirit of Atlanta 1980, 84, 87 (high guard) Bridgemen 1980, 81 Bluecoats 1987 (first Finals top 12), 1988, and 1989 Of course, they are all fun to watch. Many others to see too. Colts of Iowa were always great and still are. The Quad City Knights had some amazing shows back in the day, and I think 1984 or 85 really stands out. The recommendations for the 90s and 2000s are all excellent, but I wanted to chime in on a few highlights from the 70s and 80s that had some historical significance.
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    This is a MUCH improved guard staff that should draw some talent and have a much better and more unified approach to their visual program. Excited to see where this group take the corps next season.
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    unless you're a BD fan/alum, the world in general had that reaction to Spartacus LOL
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    Garfield ‘83, Rocky Point Holiday with the first Z-pull ever.
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    This is high school? Freakin' amazing. When they played. Digital screens? Meh. Pretty. Pretty expensive for, essentially BK "out there-ness". Maybe this is the first edition of the new event-horizon of the A&E arms race. I can't help wonder about the member experience, hauling all that gear around on the field. And, if (when) it transfers to the drum corps idiom, where band-Mom's and Dad's are relatively rare, most of the responsibility for hauling, staging, and placing all that crap will make up an increasing amount of the member's time on the field. And they're paying to be both performer and laborer. Tarpon, you have a very nice band. And Daniel Ray, for a different example of "nailed" music education from an org that puts music education first above props, and the kids only had to carry their instruments on and off the field (and they played the whole show!): The Lexington, OH show is the equivalent of June in drum corps terms. (Won't let me embed, if someone else has better luck, please help) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlA7zRP4KRo
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