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    Announced today that they’re going DCI open class.
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    Don't be ridiculous. It's DECEMBER.
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    percussion people IMO make the best GE judges
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    Um no constructive comments welcome by all in this thread has been my experience
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    http://riparianlights.com/ The Cadets start at 3:20. This house is in Naperville! I’m going to go see it tomorrow!
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    So GH triggered an evaluation of the Boston Crusaders in 2016, yet it took loss of director and BOD before DCI ever looked behind the YEA! curtain? All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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    must be a court date coming up
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    Yes. They have about 15 spots avail and the techs and team have tons of WGI ties so they will hand recruit a bunch cadets marching 36 and 4 alternates it’s not a huge line to fill out brass and percussion are in fine shape i find it fascinating how these clear Hop fans are becoming so vocal - pretty clear that 2020 is a threat to “everything sucks now” message they continue to religiously pontificate
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    Forum admin hat on. Please refrain from making purely personal comments about posters. I hid a few posts that have veered away from a discussion of the Cadets.
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    To your second question here... the "out of the Northeast" all-age corps often attend those DCI shows because those shows are closer to home (as opposed to potentially breaking the bank on a long trip to the Northeast) , and give the corps a performance opportunity and judges' feedback. Makes perfect sense, especially from an economic standpoint. To your first question... the scores kinda sorta, maybe or maybe not, compare favorably. LOL. Not a complete "true read" from a DCA panel who might understand the sheets a bit better (even though there are any number of judges who work in both circuits). But, as mentioned earlier... it does give the corps valuable feedback. ***Edit to add***... The numbers also can be affected by factors such as an all-age corps doing a weeknight DCI show and showing up with numerous blanks as a result, or having a very short time to get together, warm up, etc. (Since a lot of the folks in those corps have weekday job/school commitments.) I would think a hurried weeknight performance might not be a true indicator of what a corps is capable of doing.
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    Some special project garbage LOL.
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    Record amount of paid auditioning this year!
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    Remembering when this weekend was the first time we'd get to see the DCI re-broadcast of Finals via PBS, etc., BITD.
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    Let me weigh in on the $500-per-vote "challenge" from the Scouts. I was a fund-raiser for 30 of my 40-year-career; nothing good comes from this. I am not vindictive, but honestly the idea that alums pool their resources to grab board votes is not a bad one. At least, if you want to show leadership just how wrong-headed this is. Does the gift/vote have an expiration date? Does the vote include board membership, indeed every decision made? Has not anyone considered the ethical fundraising breach built into this? We are all familiar these days with "quid pro quo." Like the incident in the national news, this version of it is rife with the worst kinds of outcomes. The industry needs fundraising help; you good folks on here report regularly about the less-than-handful of organizations that are solvent. I hated reading about this "challenge," but then, I have hated most of the last several years of the beloved Madison Scouts organization. I'm old; I want to hold onto this corps mattering.
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    saw this coming. next?
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    It does sound like you're saying you think either or both Crown's arranger can't arrange funk or instructors can teach the kids to play funk to a point equal to the other styles they have played in the past. I'll wait and see, but do feel they are the corps that has had the most varied musical styles in their shows forever, especially since their entry into top 12. So I'd put more money on Crown doing a great funk than I ever would with Blue Devils doing a great, real (not jazz rendition) all-classical show.
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    And the same to you, my fellow Longhorns fan!!! Enjoy the holiday!!!
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    Fun Fact: the red bench from Crown’s 2013 production was borrowed from the campus of Gardner-Webb University and was originally intended to be a place holder prop while another bench was being ordered.
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    The only thing I heard at camp was they will have over 3 minutes of music after the next camp in 3 weeks. They did learn a classic Phillip Bliss song though. Sounded really good...not part of the show though. The new brass staff is very impressive and the new brass caption head is the real deal. Clear to see why the Bluecoats were so good under his direction.
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    Some fast facts about the tour schedule: The average number of shows (including Prelims) is 25, same as 2018. Blue Stars have the most shows (29) and The Cadets the least (20). Crossmen and Seattle Cascades increased the number of shows the most (+3) and The Cadets decreased the most (-10). The first date all World Class corps compete on the same night is July 12 (same day on the tour calendar as last year). Due to the DCI Southwest change, all World Class corps will compete on the same night only once before Indy (July 25 in Atlanta). Last year's Gold and Silver medalists, Blue Devils and Bluecoats, will compete head-to-head for the first time on July 12 in St. Louis, MO. They will be joined by last year's Bronze medalists, Santa Clara Vanguard, on July 14 in Broken Arrow, OK. Seattle Cascades will be the final World Class corps to make its season debut on July 2 in Oregon. Full schedule spreadsheet available here. I did this quickly and manually so please let me know if I made any mistakes.
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    Since you were very young at the time, you mean a miniature horse right?
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    He’s OK ... especially when he picks up the bar tab! 🤣
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    and Beethoven's too. Mere coincidence?
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    Are you pleading Mahler’s 5th?
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    I’ve heard some whisperings but am going to have to plead the 5th on this one right now. Plus, I wouldn’t put too much stock into it this early on anyways. (Things can change.)
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    My record since 2015 speaks for itself
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    Instead of a "tick system" is there a "dent system" for that?
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    Since DCI is an international organization by name, is should clarify its international rules, regarding uniform fabrics. If they were to do that, perhaps this rule change would not be needed.
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    They did. Parades were my absolute LEAST favorite things of all marching experience (especially Disney.) I would, to this very day (at 47 years old,) track for 4 continuous hours than to march a 1 mile parade.
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    So the vision angle is taken. Presumably the news magazine angle is still available.
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    13 corps remaining, as of now. Gotta wonder who is next.
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    They put the word out earlier in the year in back channels. Their most popular shows are DCI Southeastern Championships, and by moving to OC their season will also end much earlier which is better for their area.
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    Those Rattlers should certainly feel proud. Thought many of us would enjoy this: https://www.ksat.com/news/local/2019/11/27/reagan-high-school-marching-band-takes-over-nyc-ahead-of-thanksgiving-day-parade/
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    Happy Leftovers Day! I hope everyone was able to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.
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    Due to the great winds (and Weds. night's lightning, thunderstorms, and rain, rain) we lost electricity for awhile at home although Mother Nature supplied lighting and some fires. Just saw this and love it! Bespeaks the new creativity at PR with pr. But have to talk with that new kid at the helm in the office, probably doing his first Thanksgiving turkey at the new digs: stuffing the turkey with PB&J's with pizza as the appetizer?? Must be some Southern tradition, ha, ha.
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    I found a vid which tells nothing but has DCI OC in some images.... wth.... and why??? edit: found it in other webpage. #### #### and #### gonna miss them in DCA. Especially since played with some of the former members
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    there had been emails circulating for years of bands owing the circuit fees, threats to leave getting shows paid for by YEA instead of the school....you name it. the hole was there before everything blew it. the explosion made it bigger. After all, C2 was killed because it was supposed to have been losing money right? the problem with how YEA was run was the money wasn't allocated to the certain segments of YEA, but all one pot.
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    Rock Star, Part Deux?
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    Avon's guard was incredible - only topped by the top several DCI guards
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    Well I wouldn't go that far. But the separate caption is not included as part of the total score. For that matter neither is percussion. BOA scoring definitely has a bias to music (and IMO that's not a bad thing).
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    Cascades will hopefully have a larger turnout this year, we're offering satellite camps in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, and Portland!
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    Yes folks, if you know who Mr. Kimber is, you would not be so quick to dismiss his opinion and observation on the sound of drumcorps coming through some of the sound systems currently in use. If I remember correctly, he came up with a special way to wind cables to shield them from almost any induced noise around them, allowing for much clearer recording and playback. Electronic sound is the man's business. https://www.kimber.com
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    This, and what Jim said. Not a huge fan of some of the stuff going on with modern-day drum corps... but hey, it's a different era, different game. Overall, still a fan. If that ever changes, I hope I go out with the class shown by the OP here.
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    See, there's so much you could have said without punching him in the nose in the process. Daggers are not necessary. He has his opinion - you've been trumpeting your incredulous attitude towards legacy fans for a long time. You're consistent, if nothing else. Your opinion is as valid as his, but he didn't jab you, personally, or anyone else in posting his feelings. I value his opinion more as a result. "The older you get, the smarter I'll get" said every father and "Legacy Fan".
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    "It ain't over until we say it's over!!!!!"
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