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    Kudos to Jeff for judging the PERFORMANCE in front of him and ignoring the rest of the season. Too many judges make up their minds about a show early and NEVER take a fresh look at each performance. Clearly Jeff is a judge who's willing to let the performers change his mind. And that's the guy you want evaluating your show.
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    As each of you travel back home, I want to express my gratitude for your restraint, and decision not to approve the latest proposal to include marching woodwinds at this time. As I see it, Drum Corps International has seen too many fundamental changes, too fast. Recent changes to amplification, movement, uniforms, set pieces, and judging have placed more than enough on your plate for the time being. Add in concerns over funding, housing, performance rights, broadcast quality and reach, etc. Frankly, each of these items still need work. Particularly the amplification matter ! Better to fine tune/conquer matters already in hand. Now is a time for focus, stability, and calm. Much appreciated.
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    Dusk. Dan Acheson stands, head bowed, on the 50 yard line of an empty J. Birney Crum Stadium. A slick show promoter is standing at his side with a pen and a contract. Terrence Mann wanders the field nearby. PROMOTER: So there's no dome. Bleacher seating. No amenities. No club boxes. The press box is ancient. It's hardly wired for internet. The field's a hundred feet from the stands. It's not air conditioned. A hill that half the spectators need golf carts to get up. It's not near a major airport. You have no parking. There's a diner and a hot dog restaurant and not much else nearby. The population's graying and the area band circuits are declining. Sign here and let's go somewhere bigger and more comfortable and near a decent microbrewery. TERRENCE MANN: Dan. Dan looks up. People will come, Dan. They'll come to Pennsylvania for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll park along Linden Street and walk through the park and past the creek not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at that gate as innocent as children, longing for the past. They'll pass over the money without even thinking about it, for it is money they have and peace they lack. And they'll walk up the hill to the bleachers; sit in shirtsleeves on a perfect evening. They'll find they have reserved seats between the 45s, where they sat when they were children and cheered their heroes. And they'll eat funnel cake and they'll watch the show and it'll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they'll have to brush them away from their faces. Mann gestures, and Dan turns to his left. We see the 1977 Bridgemen, the 1980 27th Lancers, the 1992 Star of Indiana, the 2004 Glassmen and other corps from the past entering from the gate. With them are Royer, Warren, Seawright, Zingali, Ott, Brubaker, Kempf, Owens, Wolner, and a host that perhaps cannot be counted. Bob Bennett is with them. Paul Cain sits at the announcer's table. The one constant through all the years, Dan, has been Allentown. The activity has marched by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rewritten and erased again. It's been domed, turfed, synthed, amped, propped, miced and danced. But Allentown has marked the time. This hill, this field, this show; it's a part of our past, Dan. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again. Oh…people will come, Dan. People will most definitely come. GEORGE ZINGALI: That was beautiful, man. ####### beautiful. DAN ACHESON: I won't sign. PROMOTER: Until next year... Wish I were going. Next year in Allentown.
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    I've been asked by some what I think of the latest news out of Madison Scouts. I'm still processing this, but here are a few thoughts. (You're welcome to share this if you think it expresses your own thoughts and wish, and please add your own positive thoughts.) I have always loved the Madison Scouts organization and I always will love it. Over the years, I got to know many wonderful people who instructed Scouts or were on their management team. I cherish those memories. I also got to know several who currently are involved with management. I cherish their friendship as well. I will continue to cherish those I know who lovingly give their time to the organization. Such decisions are not made lightly. I trust the decision was made in the best interest of the corps, that it was based on what is right for the corps and right for future members regardless of competitive concerns.There are bound to be mixed feelings and some feelings expressed (or hidden) that are not mixed at all. I hope this decision helps assure the survival and thriving of Scouts decades into the future. As a Former Marching Member (FMM) of The Cavaliers, I've been asked what I think this means to the organization that introduced me to this wonderful activity, a passion to which I've gone on to dedicate a huge portion of my life. I believe this isn't about The Cavaliers; this is about the Scouts and it should remain so. I don't want to take away anything away from my support of the Scouts by diluting it with conjecture regarding what the decision means to any other organization that isn't the Scouts. I've long stated that drum corps is whatever drum corps becomes. I've also long felt that tradition is whatever a corps does for more than two years. (Those just coming on board the activity, new fans whom we need for the longtime survival of drum corps, will always know Scouts as a coed corps.) Just like all the innovations that have become part of drum corps, innovations loved by some and scorned by others, time lessens the shock. Those coming into drum corps fandom now may find it hard to imagine a time when such things weren't part of the activity, and were even forbidden. I've seen corps experience highs and lows. Those that have learned from their lows have gone on to experience highs that have been a pleasure to behold. I look forward to the day when I watch the Scouts and think about not how far they've come competitively, but how wonderful it is to just plain enjoy what they're doing on the field. I anticipate relishing the thought that many youth who will be future members of the Scouts will enjoy the experience of a lifetime, one that will stay with them decades into the future and will shape their lives for the better. Until that time, I plan to continue to enjoy the product Scouts put out of the field now, a show their members worked thousands of collaborative hours to perfect and deliver to a grateful audience. And I trust those audiences are more grateful the corps still exists than they are focused on dwelling on competitive standing. Drum corps needs the Madison Scouts, whatever form the organization takes on.
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    If you’re like me, you’ve been checking DCP constantly these past few weeks to see all the changes happening with World Class corps staffs. Unfortunately, the "Staff merry-go-round" thread is no longer a viable source for any information as it has been derailed by irrelevant topics for 40+ pages. Therefore, I’ve started this thread to be your one-stop shop for staff updates. I will try to update this post as corps continue to share new updates. You can help by posting new updates in this thread as you see them! WORLD CLASS: Academy: 9/10: Design Team and Caption Coordinators 10/30: Percussion Staff Blue Devils: Staff Roster (no formal updates have been published, but their staff roster lists new staff for 2020) Blue Knights: 9/3: Brass Leadership 9/4: Visual Leadership 9/5: Color Guard Leadership 9/6: Percussion Leadership 9/7: Design and Education Leadership Blue Stars: 9/3: Design Team and Caption Heads Bluecoats: 9/5: Instructional, Design, and Production Teams Boston Crusaders: 9/3: Design and Educational Teams Cadets: 9/3: Administrative, Design, and Educational Teams 9/25: Guard Staff 10/28(?): Entire Instructional Staff Carolina Crown: Cavaliers: 10/16: Design Team 10/21: Percussion Team 10/23: Brass Team Colts: 9/3: Music Team 9/4: Music Advisor 9/6: Visual Design Team 9/19: Brass Team 10/1: Visual Instructional Team 10/15: Percussion Team Crossmen: 9/17: Design Staff 9/24: Visual Staff 10/15: Percussion Staff Genesis: 9/17: Design Staff 9/19: Administration, Design Staff, and Caption Heads Jersey Surf: Madison Scouts: 9/6: Design Team 9/10: Director of Recruitment/Music Education Consultant 9/18: Caption Leadership 10/9: Percussion Team 10/18: Color Guard Team 10/24: Visual Team 10/28: Brass Team Mandarins: 9/20: Design and Caption Manager Team Music City: 9/12: Design Team Pacific Crest: 10/24: entire Design and Educational Teams Phantom Regiment: 9/5: Design Team Santa Clara Vanguard: 9/3: Brass Staff 9/4: Corps Director 9/5: Design Team and Caption Leadership Seattle Cascades: 9/3: Corps Director 9/4: Educational Director 9/6: Design Team 9/9: Administrative Staff 9/27: All Instructional Staff Spirit of Atlanta: 9/15: Percussion Staff 9/17: Brass Staff 9/18: Visual and Guard Staffs 10/6: Design Team Troopers: 9/4: Design Team 9/5: Caption Heads 10/23: Visual Staff 10/30: Color Guard Staff 11/11: Percussion Staff You can also view all these updates in this corps staff tracker article posted on DCI’s website. Let’s try to keep this thread focused to staff changes—tangential discussions are free to be held in their own separate threads!
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    Some very quick thoughts, I'll do a more extensive review when I get back Tuesday after seeing some shows a 2nd time in Mesquite up high. For reference I was row 6 112, so blast zone right on the 50. I'll keep my quick thoughts more positive. I thought everyone was fantastic. There was not a show I didn't enjoy in some way. Sorry if these are a little......disjointed. Pretty wiped today. Like deceased. Dead. Think of these as my gut reactions. I've gone to this show just about every year since 2011 and this is far and away the best one top to bottom I've been to. - Compass was a nice surprise, some powerful sounds and a fun show they obviously love performing. - Aresenal was a little more mature all around, tons of potential there! Some great teaching going on there all around. - Seattle Cascades first hit SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. They had some huge power in the front half of the show, some great music moments in there. - Jersey Surf is so so so much better this year than I've seen them in awhile. The show looks so great and they are really solid across all sections. Aurora Awakes was probably my favorite part of the show. Even if the scores don't show it, this is a hugely improved corps this year. - Music City sounds really really really solid, they have a great brass line and I love the Imagine closer. Maybe a little bit on the cheesy side for me, but we need some of those shows. Fun! - Genesis has a HARD show this year, tons of field coverage and exposed musical moments. The props have some great usage in the show, and the ballad is probably the highlight for me. - Troopers play SO well, that opening Persichetti solo is phenomenal. I think they achieve the space theme pretty well musically. To The Stars is a very pretty ballad. - Madison Scouts have some INCREDIBLY athletic moments, and even if the show isn't scoring super high it was probably the first to get the crowd REALLY going. Jazzy Young Persons Guide is fun. Made me kind of sad in ways, just in that we are seeing the end of an era. - PACIFIC CREST. HELLO. This reminds me of how I felt about Spirit in 2017. A huge step forward in design and performance for them. So many captivating musical moments in there. And seeing this live down low really brought it to life, those members really embody the various characters and moods so well. This was one of my favorites of the day. Bravo. - Colts sound great, they do the ANGRY fire section so so so well, that intensity is awesome. Percussion and guard really stood out in this tier to me, especially the guard in the closer. Love those icy blue silks flying through the air. - The Academy's visual aesthetic is so pleasing to look at, I love shows that coordinate like this. And bravo to that very exposed flugel soloist in the ballad. - Spirit of Atlanta is super fun, I really like the distinct changes in the uniform throughout the show, but especially the white. That whole ballad is just MONEY. Will it push them into finals? I'm not sure it's their year. It's SO CLOSE to being there, but I'm just not sure how they would do it looking at the recap. I wouldn't mind if they did it though. - Phantom Regiment. I didn't give you the grief a lot of other posters did in June, but I did have some big question marks. I love being proven wrong. It's not my favorite show from them but it doesn't leave me devoid of emotion like last year did. It's got some rough spots in there (mainly design related), but wow those kids sell this thing. O Fortuna was the signal that we were in finalist territory. Drums are fantastic as well. They've made some great changes to the show, and while I still have some personal quips design wise, I don' think they're missing this year. Honestly I think they're going to start putting pressure above rather than receiving it from below. - One of my friends said it best last night, this show is a freaking rock concert on the field AND I LOVED IT. I liked this online, but LOVED it in person. Every single person on that field buys into that show. That head drum major especially is a BAD ###! And they've still got some points to squeak out across the board too. I can't believe this show is sitting in 11th, but I think that's a testament to how good of a year this is. Loved the new ending with the guitars just shredding. SHRED IT BRO! - Mandarins also buy into their show on every single level. GEEZ, this is an intense show. Online the guard was good but seemed a bit.......sterile? Especially the flags. But in person. 😳There is so much nuance and characterization there you don't get online, they grab you by the throat and don't let go for twelve minutes. I do think musically they need another year to keep building. I love the ambition there musically and they sound great, I just think that's the weakest spot. But as a production. WOAH. - The Cadets. I hate to see them this low because those members are performing their collective ##### off. As a performance, I really enjoyed this show. Brass didn't sound like a 13th place brass line, even with some issues. I just think that's how the book is designed bleeding into performance captions. I won't harp on what has already been said. I'll end with HOLY MOTHER OF GOD DRUMLINE. They can have my keys and wallet. They were worth the price of admission. Incredible performance from them. - Blue Stars play SO MUCH Better live! I liked this show online, LOVED it in person. Musically there are so many little flurries and nuances, in the Copland especially, that are so impressive beyond the typical loud technical stuff. Them and two other hornlines really blew me away with their phrasing and shaping of musical lines. They have developed an incredible brass sound. Online I kinda thought they could fully commit more to the theme, but in person I got it. And yeah, they're hauling ###. Fantastic job. - Blue Knights are on the cusp of something incredible, and I think they're there in many regards. My biggest take away is oh my GOD they're athletic. If you think marching and playing demand is dead, look no further. They are running and playing constantly in Liquid and in the closer. Bocook and Jackson and Crew create such an ethereal experience musically. One second they're brushing their hand across your cheek, and the next second they're decking you and giving you a black eye. I love how they can turn the tone of a show in a split second. It's hard to put into words that show, but it's something. I'll elaborate more later. - Cava-freaking-liers. WOAH. This was either my favorite or second favorite show of the night. I'm going to talk brass for a minute. No one last night shaped and phrased like they did to my ear. And they did it on freaking technical passages like it was nothing. Pacing crescendos and decrescendos like that or doing terraced dynamics that evenly on both fast and slow passages is NOT easy. Bums Rush especially was incredible. 4th in brass was VERY well deserved, there were a lot of lines that PLAYED LOUD AND FAST THE WHOLE SHOW and did it well, but not not much else. Bravo to Cavaliers and a few others on that. Now, the ballad. Dear GOD. That was probably my favorite moment last night. As soon as they face forward......they hit you like a freight train. And it made the show make sense. It's one of those things where I can't put my finger on how to say what they're conveying, but I got it. Well deseved mid show standing O. That's gonna be a riot on finals. Also, colorguard and drums are fantastic too. Cavaliers guard does athletic tricks like no one else out there, they're wildly entertaining to watch. Drumline is fantastic, and I love seeing another really cool split marimba feature. Of 4-5-6......this show felt the most complete to me. They very well might end up 6th and if they do it's because the five ahead of them are just so good. But they're creeping up. And I don't think that's going to stop. I'd love this show in 4th. - Boston Crusaders are LOUD. Geez. They really push your hair back. I'll get the obvious out of the way, the guard is incredible. As an ensemble and as solo performers they are so captivating and portray the theme very well throughout. I love the front half of the show, some of the best drum corps out there this year. Back half I enjoyed but I do have some thoughts which I'll share later. Percussion was the sore spot on the recap, but I think that's mainly due to how deep that caption is. They're playing well, just needs to cross into that next level of clarity. - Carolina Crown's first note is WOAH HOLY CRAP. I wasn't ready for that, even knowing how good their brass is. That note alone is worth seeing them for. This show is non stop energy and excitement from top to bottom. Drums are very solid again this year and I was pleasantly surprised by the colorguard. As a production it's still not really doing it for me, but as a performance. Wow. Top notch. - Santa Clara Vanguard has a championship tier corps. Brass sounds amazing, drums are still insanely good, colorguard is phenomenal, and they perform so incredibly well. Musically, I bought this more live. It's incredibly quirky and agressive, and then the closer just SOARS triumphantly over all of that. Like Carolina Crown it's not really for me as a production, but as a performance I'd totally watch it again. Don't really have any thoughts on the tarps, was too low. - Blue Devils.......I thought they were going to do it last night. That show is so fun, so entertaining, and so expertly crafted by both the performers and staff. I totally get it live, it's a ghosts of performances past coming out to play. I have known all season that is what the theme is, but tonight I got it in context for sure. There is something both scary and downright fun about their colorguard. At the beginning of the show the ones depicting the Zeus type stuff just slowly turn their heads around to the crowd with these CREEPY masks on and just pulled me right in. That's an example to me of the kind of individual performance of even the smallest detail that makes BD what they are. Just a slow about face made me shooketh. Katchaturian is ALMOST there, and when it does holy crap. The ballad is INCREDIBLE. The exposure and clarity there is just mouthwatering. Closer isn't done, I can tell they've got more planned. The prop usage in this show is incredible, the amount of variety they get out of them is mindboggling. This show just sets a mood so well and keeps at it the whole show. Brass was a little loose, that's my only slightly critical observation. But other than that, bravo. Can't wait to see where it goes next. - Bluecoats. Blue.Coats. Maybe a little of a loose run last night (which I thought well before scores were announced so don't come @ me), but WOW. No one else this year has a show that is so top to bottom seamless and knows what it is at every waking moment. Dean Westman said it best on opening night, this is a Beatles concert that never happened. That's how it feels, it's a concert that just embodies what the Beatles were and are today. The build to the opening hit, all of Elanor Rigby, the brass licks, BLACKBIRD, Come Together, etc. I can just name moment after moment in this show. And they perform on an individual level like no one else. They PERFORM, if that makes sense. Brass is incredible this year, with a cleaner run they can win brass. Percussion was great too, I think the score last night was a pretty good representation. COLORGUARD! They are great this year, the individual characters throughout each section are so great, and as an ensemble they have so much chemistry. I've seen words like synthetic, choppy, etc. thrown around about this show. And if you don't like it, hey! That's great. Not everyone is going to like every show. But those are the farthest words from what I'd use to describe this show. It just feels so.......authentic. They know what this show is and believe in it every second they perform. Again.....sorry if that's a little bit of word vomit. I'll do a combined one when I get back home mid week. Every show had something great in there, and again, those kids and staff doing this are incredible people bringing something incredible to a football field. If I didn't have drum corps to follow, I'm not sure what I'd be passionate about. Love this activity.
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    I guess the marimba was on the wrong side of the...well, you know...don’t make me say it...
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    The DCP Habitat is wild, weird, and wonderful. A brief field guide to the kinds of wildlife that can be found here is below. However, I am not so bold as to say that I have explored the whole of this environment; thus, the results of your research are also welcomed. SuperFans are easily distinguishable as they often have the corps logo as their avatar or corps name in their screen name. They are also known for repeated cheering on show threads as if they themselves were actually at the show. Often, SuperFans live in their own threads, but some venture into the wider world. Of these, many mix well with other SuperFans, but some types are easily upset by numbers or the Blue Devils. These can be dangerous when cornered. The Parent is very excited that son or daughter is in a drum corps and amazed and thrilled that they have found a place online for people just like them! They are known for asking well-meaning but somewhat screechy questions about scores, periscopes and pictures. Unfortunately, the Parent often cannot cope with the harsh environment of DCP and the lifespan is usually brief. Some, however, adapt, survive, and even thrive. The Unified Field Theory of Drum Corps, born in the fevered brain of the Messenger and scrawled upon the whiteboard of a glowing screen, is meant both to redeem past failures and restore drum corps to its former greatness. That is, if the arch-reactionary elements are soundly put in their place. The Messenger's incessant and repetitive chatter often drives away others, but woe betide the unsuspecting soul to whom the song becomes a siren song. The Dinosaur can be found in both herbivorous and carnivorous varieties. Herbivores are placid creatures, contenting themselves with saying 'back in the day' and patiently chewing on old recaps. Carnivores violently attack anything, with exception of brass instruments in the key of G. Both herbivores and carnivores are destined for extinction. The Mathematician seeks meaning in numbers, constantly putting them into series and sequences. DCP Mathematicians are divided between those who will compare numbers from different spatial/temporal universes, and those who hold that only numbers from the same spatial/temporal universe can truly be validly compared. The rival camps continually accuse each other of failing to understand the rules of numbers, with some mavericks going so far as to state that the rules themselves are based upon false premises.
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    I’m hoping this is not a double post ... phone is acting up. But I found him .... and he survived the Cavaliers show ... barely :) posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Cavies..... I was tearing up at the end. Everything about that show was perfectly designed. That was easily THE best hornline that I have EVER heard from this corps. I am not even sure where to start.... I was up on my feet during a freaking ballad! like, WHAT THE HECK! I need to see it again posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Took my mom to the DCI premiere in theaters to expose her to her first "show". Wanted to get her somewhat into the activity but didn't expect her to be as blown away as she was (very happy she was I might add). The tour dates played in between the performances and she saw there was a show in Akron (live about 30 minutes away) and she turned to me and said "We're going". And now it's almost here and I couldn't be more excited to be taking her to her first live show as well as a few other family members. Can't wait for tomorrow to get here!!
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    Friends, can we all agree that Blue Knights are just a joy to watch this season?
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    I was just putting my computer away to head to the airport for a business trip in Little Rock ... when I glanced here and saw "Little Rock" in the topic title. Since the corps that I love just a little more equally than all the others is not there, I wasn't really paying attention to WHERE the show was ... but its 3 miles from my hotel. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight!!!!!!
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    A Big Hand to kevingamin for the great Play by Play
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    1. With a Bluecoats outright win, DCI would have three unique champions in three successive years. (Note: not quite sure why I thought this was so rare.)The longest stretch of unique champions in consecutive years in DCI history is five years (88-92). 2. With a Bluecoats win or tie, they would join an elite group of corps with more than one DCI title (Blue Devils, Cadets, Vanguard, Cavaliers, Scouts, Phantom). 3. With a Blue Devils win or tie, they would break their own record with 19 DCI Championships (76-77, 79-80, 82, 86, 94, 96-97, 99, 03, 07, 09-10, 12, 14-15, 17). 4. If Blue Devils finish first or second, they will have placed gold or silver in 13 straight DCI championships. If they place third or higher, they will have medaled in 14 straight years. In any of these cases, they will have finished fifth or higher in 45 consecutive years. 5. With a first place caption award in percussion, Santa Clara Vanguard would tie the record-holding BD 83-86 drum lines with four consecutive Sanford awards. 6. If the corps currently rated 1-12 make finals, it will be the first time since 2015 that the finalist corps would be the same for two consecutive years. Of the corps currently rated 1-12, eleven have been in finals each year since 2014. The twelfth corps was Madison (14-15), The Academy (16), Madison (17), Mandarins (18).
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    Now now. We all won tonight. These are the best kids In the world and why I go to shows year after year.
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    My perspective is different than most on this board. I'm a trained musician, but not a professional. I have been a DCI fan since I marched in high school, but I no longer have a dog in this fight. I am writing because I want the corps that I've loved since 1987 to survive and thrive. I have no inside information. I can only applaud the strength of the community to keep the corps alive and thriving through the last five years of narcissism, neglect and predation from one person (and much of it continued for over thirty years, but the organization was so strong, people swallowed the pain and persisted). So I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, since we all must move on. So people understand a bit about where I'm coming from: I have degrees in four different fields, so I’m a generalist more than a specialist, and my areas of expertise are social entrepreneurship, writing, education and the arts. I've taught a few thousand students over the years at the university level, but I'm no longer an academic and exclusively am now an entrepreneur. I've worked as an open innovation consultant and management consultant for small businesses and non-profits, as well as for non-profits that have over one-thousand employees and for-profit companies valued in the ten figures. I've co-founded three successful companies and two successful non-profits, and three others that failed. I know what usually works, and even more, I know what almost never does. If I were brought in as a management and innovation consultant for YEA and The Cadets, I'd make the following general recommendations. Take them for what they are worth. Since they are freely given, maybe to some they are worth nothing. But if change is to occur, nothing is more important than diversity of ideas. 1. Someone commented recently, quite brilliantly, that a certain former director still seems to be "living rent free in everyone's heads" in the organization. Exactly. Two years of reacting, and as such, some steps forward, and perhaps an equal number back in other areas. Reminds me of 2011 Angels and Demons, great achievements despite the terrible drag on creativity and achievement from the one guy at the "top". The imagery in that show reminds me of a famous quote by Walter Benjamin: "A Klee painting named Angelus Novus shows an angel looking as though he is about to move away from something he is fixedly contemplating. His eyes are staring, his mouth is open, his wings are spread. This is how one pictures the angel of history. His face is turned toward the past. Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage upon wreckage and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress." If The Cadets continue to try to "heal" or represent "healing" or do anything more than just create art, if they try to reckon with the past, or remain too traditional, they will resemble this Klee angel, but I am not even sure they could aspire to Benjamin's hope that it will result in "progress". And on the other hand, if The Cadets continue to try to innovate by imitating - which I believe they are, unsuccessfully and demoralizingly at times - we will have nothing but watered down WGI or Crown/BD/BC wannabes, so they will never exorcise their demons through imitation. 2. The Cadets have the largest, most influential, and longest-tenured group of alumni in all of DCI. No one else is even close. It is unclear how many of them have been engaged beyond volunteering or donating money (and for many of them, not donating money. Yet.) Years of neglect of the alumni because of the way the previous exec director treated them have yet to be fully addressed or mended, it seems. 3. Creative people have big egos, staff included. Great staff have that Achilles heel, and so do mediocre staff. Usually the mediocre people in any organization are mediocre in large part because they are unaware of their own limitations, and overcompensate by being wary of involving others either in the creative process, or in management and execution, or all of the above. So mediocrity can easily breed mediocrity, and in such situations, few want to take a big step back, let ego go, and truly evaluate how and who and what to do differently. New staff are brought on board and they are handed the keys and told to drive. Ego and a desire to change cause a new approach to be followed. Design decisions are made by a very small group of people, and by the time there is a product to respond to, it's too late to change fundamentally, making innovation all but impossible. 4. Potential MMs don't care much about tradition, unless that tradition is recent success. They care even less about having to bear the burden of organizational trauma. In fact, that's the very last thing anyone new would want to deal with. The MM's just want to learn, grow, be great, and will go to that organization which has the best ideas, the best organization, the best leadership, the best alumni support, the most involvement, the most dynamic and different and distinctive experience they can have. Most young people want to look forward, and want to connect with tradition that always has been looking forward. And will go where forward thinking and proven execution and culture empower just that. 5. This year's "closed door" design policy has so far mostly been a disappointment, based on consensus of show reviews as well as scores. Alumni and potential MMs had nothing to go on to get them excited other than join a mostly new staff and "trust them" to come up with something extraordinary. The earlier potential MMs in the Cadets find out about show design and music, the better. In this situation it’s the only real recruitment tool to continue to attract great talent. 6. Most organizations must hit bottom in order to fundamentally change. Cadets have hit bottom. Several bottoms in the last few years. Failure is instructive only if egos can be set aside enough to learn though. 7. Success depends very much on the following: engaging alumni not just for financial support and volunteering, but for creating an engaged environment that is unlike any other corps. Transparency and accountability are key. But that doesn't just mean financials, conduct and governance. It also pertains to creativity. 8. The Cadets should try Open Innovation. In business and the creative world, and across industries, competitions are launched, prizes offered, ideas gathered and evaluated, and in that way, many people are empowered to have a hand and contribute. The wisdom of the "crowd" is a powerful one, especially when the crowd is empowered. This is an oversimplified description of Open Innovation, for sure, but it's basically how it works. You break down organizational walls, invite many others to contribute - some a piece here and there, others much more - continually solicit feeback, iterate and improve, and successful execution is much more likely. And you've created new community along the way. 9 How to conduct show design with Open Innovation? Set up a prize for the winning idea or ideas. Solicit proposals - theme, music, narrative, even drill / staging concepts. Appoint a blue ribbon panel that includes staff - potential staff and actual staff - as well as alumni. Reach out to alumni who work with other corps. If they can't come "home" by joining the Cadets staff and leaving their own, at least they can participate. Simple NDAs/NCAs can be executed to disallow any other corps from "stealing" the ideas generated. Several finalists could be named and as many alumni / donors as possible given a vote, or they pay for their vote (I've seen fundraisers like this, including crowdfunding multi million-dollar movie productions). 10. The Cadets could also host a similar competition for identity and approach. How to move past the current dictatorship of WGI, the ubiquity of spandex, the supposed "simultaneous demand" of body movement, the cliches and overwrought "message", the tired preachiness, the preciousness. Let the alumni and the fans have a voice in deciding what Cadets they want. Maybe traditional uniforms for the hornline? Custom unis for everyone else? So many possibilities. In the organizational world, this would be called a "know your customer" survey, simple market research, but for the Cadets, it's much more than that. There is a disconnect between what management and staff are doing, and what alumni hope for and want, and clearly, what's happening isn't inspiring new members to join as they would five or ten years ago. None of the above has been tried in DCI before - to my knowledge. If the Cadets are to remain and become again the Cadets many of us have loved for decades - the thinking person's drum corps, the vanguard of the vanguard, balancing tradition with innovation, the corps to which all other corps look to imitate - they have to see how everyone else is zigging. Openly, innovatively, the entire Cadets community needs to be empowered to ZAG, just like the tee-shirt from the 80s and 90s. I hope this helps. I'm so proud of the current MMs, and last year too. Incredible work ethic, effort, faith. They've already won the championship in my mind. Now we need to keep learning the lessons from their efforts. They only deserve the best from all of us. Let's make this happen.
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    Alright folks.... review time. I am still in awe with what I witnessed. Wow. Ok, I will be reviewing in order of appearance, but The Cavaliers will be last 🙂 (surprise!!!!) Phantom Regiment- the first thing I noticed is how young this corps appeared to be. That is actually a great thing! If their staff can manage to keep a big chunk of the current members then you have a great shot at growing. The show was ok, I think they might need to tweak a few things but I can see them remaining in finals. Less synth bass and give me actual contra please 🙂 oh.... and that guard... Incredible work! The Cadets- I am still scratching my head about this one. First of all, you can feel the passion coming from those kids. I am just disappointed in the design.... I know they have a good chunk of former Cavies staff, but it felt, as a whole, like Cavies 2012 and I am actually not fond of that show. Does anyone know why they formed a big X and Y on the field? Overall, this staff needs to sit down together and ask themselves "what can we do better? How should we approach cleaning this show?" And I mean this out of peaceful concern. The Cadets have an incredible history and I just dont want them to throw that away..... keep your heads up and march on! Blue Stars- Easily my favorite show from this corps. The uniforms or costumes looked.... well they were wearing them. I really like the flow of this show and the members are eating it up. Very impressive hornline and a well thought out show theme. I am a forest, hiking mountain man, and this show reminded me of all my trips to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park Colorado. Lots of great family memories there, so thank you for that! I was also impressed with their drumline!!! Wowza Carolina Crown- The hornline is still as solid as ever! Lots of energy being projected by them and I loved it. Still not sure what the show is about, but I liked it. I was extremely impressed with that opening statement as it grabbed my attention immediately. Not sure if they will crack top 3, but they should remain in the top 6. Bluecoats- Ok ok... I am extremely impressed with how well the show was executed and how clean it was across the board. By just watching them march I was reminded about how important it is to focus on fundamentals and how crucial it is. The corps would NOT be in the position that they are in if they didn't focus in that area. But as a show..... it isn't my glass of beer. Unfortunately I am just not a Beatles fan. Dont get me wrong though, I like certain songs from them, but I just dont care for them. Interesting arrangements too... I imagine the corps paid out the rear for copyright too.... right? Either way, I noticed the kids around me ate it up and I feel like they designed it for that specific reason. That is NOT a bad thing! Keep up the good work coats! SCV- That is one big tarp. Like, it is really big. They have another incredible hornline this year and how about that screamer? SUPER C!!!! I would like to view the show again while focusing more on the visual design. They were a little dirty, but if I were them, I would consider that as an opportunity to improve in as the season goes on. Not a fan of the sousaphone though.... needed some contra. As a whole it was my second favorite of the night and I was impressed with how clean and balanced it was. Melos might need some work with balancing and tuning in a couple of parts, but bah! Didn't ruin the experience for me! Blue Devils- Easily my third favorite of the night. Awesome show concept and I actually hoped that they would have pulled ahead of the Bluecoats tonight. I absolutely love the use of their props as a visual effect and it was executed extremely well! There were some timing flaws and what actually helped this corps was that the wind dimmed down as the show went on. BD fans, be VERY proud! They have something special this year. And the sousaphone needed more contra And lastly..... :))))) The Cavaliers- As soon as I started this tears began to form. This show is just so freaking good. I am sure that I was annoying the folks around me with my facial expressions and my ooo and awes. Firstly.... LOW FREAKING BRASS!!!! LOW FREAKING BRASS!!! Shoot, I stood up in the middle of the opener and yelled "TUBA!!!!!!". And that baritone section, the trombones.... THAT DRILL DESIGN! What?!?!? I loved every moment and every aspect about this show. 16 contras.... keep it like that folks! How about that upper brass soloist section(s)?!? I really really really really really want them to clean the heck out of this show... to the point where those judges HAVE to move them up in placement. Guys, was this how it was like to watch them in the early 2000s? If so, I am glad I experienced that. Lord I love this show. A side note for those that are still reading... thank you for all the kind words. I wish I could go back in time and experience that show live one more time. One of my favorites that is for sure... and it was awesome meeting fellow drum corps fans!!! I learned a lot from yall and it was a experience(s) worth remembering. Lol... by the way, I noticed a few folks turning around looking at me after my posts and when I was walking in the lot or booth area I also noticed a few double takes... LOL it is ok to say hello! HAHA! My friend, muffin_man, thought it was silly too. Come by and say hello! I am ALWAYS down to talking about drum corps, DCI, or music in general. Guys, I am a clarinetist that is in love with marching and brass... I promise, in terms of music and being a nerd, I am just as weird as you are. Either way, thank you for the memories everyone. I promise I won't forget it! Now, let's head over to the SA thread
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    I think the Bloo designers create shows that they’d like to watch. First, third, fifth place, it doesn’t matter. They’re always wildly entertaining.
  20. 22 points
    Let’s take proactive measures to help each other at least in the mental health area. If you’re bouncing off the walls, feeling panic creep in, or just need a sympathetic ear, post it here and let’s work to encourage each other. We WILL get through this but it will take time. If you want to start the blame posts go somewhere else. Love you all!
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    I have one thing for each corps: Phantom: instead of the male guard playing brass for the opener, everyone plays brass at the beginning - ensemble, battery, entire guard, DMs, you name it. Then everyone switches to rifles for ten minutes of silent drill. Bold! Crossmen: two words - nude Bones. Mandarins: taking a cue from SCV, one of the bungee-bouncing guard members becomes a human tetherball. Cadets: they actually do better. Blue Stars: Bomble the snowman from the Rankin-Bass special just slides down the slide all show long. Blue Knights: ICE agents stop the show due to themes related to immigration. BAC: in a shocking twist, Goliath wins. Cavaliers: they win the whole ###### thing because they are awesome and their show is awesome. Carolina Crown: brass don’t play at all in the opener, letting the choral reinforcement really shine. Several DCP commenters inconsolable. SCV: after a corps vote, they just take a swing at doing “Babylon” again. Bluecoats: in complete defiance of the rules, the guard member who comes down the ramp with a drum major mace is replaced with...Sir Paul McCartney! When the prop is rotated after the opening hit, the set player is replaced with...Ringo Starr! An amp and speaker is placed in the lap of every audience member. Chaos! Blue Devils: looking for that elusive perfect ending, out comes a pep band arrangement of “Ghostbusters”, showing that the Devils are, in fact, not afraid of no ghosts. Win gold anyway.
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    Everyone: Tone down some of the body movement. It's gratuitous and can (and often does) distract from some really great musical moments. Sometimes less is more. If it must be done, then it's time to evolve to something other than the inward knee bends and leaning your torso one way or the other. Make it matter. Movement for the sake of movement is silly.
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    And that’s all from the 2019 Tour of Champions Akron competition! My next LIVE! From the Stands coverage will be from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the 2019 Drum Corps International World Class Championships Preliminary competition. I will see you all on Thursday!
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    That moment when my daughter looks up in the stands, sees me, and gives me a huge smile. I only get to experience that moment four more times ...
  25. 21 points
    Alright everyone, I am headed out.... what a special year... I am holding back my tears right now. It was awesome meeting fellow fans and I want to thank you all for the kind words. The way I see it, I am a fan just like you and I love music, marching, and this activity. The Cavaliers have one heck of a bright future and so does everyone else! Thank you everyone! 🙂 Splooie
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    nope same old ending to tour....Indianapolis, again.
  27. 20 points
    Mine? The moment my daughter walked on the field in semifinals, looked up into the stands and recognized that her brother was in the stadium. Connor had never seen her march corps in all of her 4 years ... and he flew from Boston to see her age-out and surprised her that night in the stadium. As you can see, she was quite surprised ... and it really made a great ending to her four year career.
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    I am active duty in the Navy. Chief Petty Officer, 22 years and counting. So much pride seeing the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. This Chief has a tear in his eye. What an honor!!
  29. 20 points
    Now that’s how it’s done! Most definitely the most entertaining and complete production this season. Outstanding!
  30. 20 points
    So now we have to have rings to have an opinion? What a load of crap.
  31. 20 points
    Blue Stars beat Cadets for the first time since July 12, 1980
  32. 20 points
    Honestly... I think this is it. And for the love of all things maroon and gold... don't write any shows about social/ethical issues for about the next 5 years.
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    Just her father's house.
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    Just check DCP; all sorts of world championship designers here.
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    If people think Jeff Prospiere is playing favorites you’re nuts. There isn’t a judge in the activity I trust more. If BD won drums tonight, they won drums tonight.
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    FUN FACT: The "Crown" set at the end of Carolina Crown's 2019 show is a subtle nod to their 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 shows when they also performed under the name "Carolina Crown."
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    The neighbors must think that I'm abusing some poor woman by the name of Flo. I hope they don't call the police...................
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    Hey all, never really start threads, but I thought maybe we could have fun with this. While there’s so much discussion on what we DON’T like, it’ll be refreshing to talk about the things we love. Mine are: Opening hit of Bluecoats, that crazy mesh of sound to that huge brass hit gets me every time. That rifle toss let’s you know it’s coming.... opening flag work of BD with the Khachaturian. Ugh so effective. and the doors opening with the rifle throws. Genius. And intimidating. Crowns brass hit in the ballad, kills me every time all the emotions. The company front is like an old friend, and it just is a great way to end the show, at least for me seriously.... all of Cavaliers show. But most of all that ballad hit, jeez it’s so good. And the backhanded flag grab, I always bite my nails when it comes around. Also in the closer when the rifles are thrown so angrily, doesn’t take much skill obviously but it’s just so much hype BKs spinning drumline in the opener, to the eventual brass entrance. No one does build up like BK. Crossmens ballad hit that the trumpets enter with. It was so unexpected first time listening and stuck with me all season. Vanguards soloists, all of them. My favorite is the mellophone, she’s the greatest of the season imo Cadets drumline. Particularly the tenors, they just do licks I could only dream of learning. Any time they’re exposed I’m HYPED Mandarins trumpet feature! Every time! I bet it’s so fun to play, I would have loved to play that Bostons trumpet brass feature, when I heard it in the park I thought oh ####... they’re not joking. Also love the ballad when the final resolution becomes a cluster chord and the evil laugh is heard. Very oh ####... it’s closer time.... love the Goliath crushing David drill. Phantoms opening hit. So epic and would get me on my feet if I was lucky enough to see it live. Unfortunately not this year. They gave me what I was missing from last year. My expectations were completely proven wrong this season, so really the whole show for me is a 😮 wow. Scouts drill, and the uniforms, just so classy. Jazz music for children. In your face chord with a fleur de lis set. I wish the best for them.
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    Hitting the road at 9:30am. Time to introduce the kid to drumcorps.
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    SO MANY TERRIFIC MOMENTS TO APPRECIATE THIS SEASON 😄 Also, I'd just like to assert that if you're only watching the top 15 corps, you're doing it wrong. There's a TON to appreciate in the bottom few corps this year. Seattle Cascades --- The giant first impact (no slow start there), the terrific & energetic arrangement of Asphalt Cocktail, and the jazzy "I've Got The World On A String" ballad with screamers that would make any Madison dino happy, complete with a final ballad impact that gives me chills every time I hear it. It's really nice to get chills from the last place corps. Seriously, tune in for the ballad, everyone!! Jersey Surf --- Everything about the show design this year, and of course the fly over (or as the designers recently called it in a brilliant interview, a "drag over"), but my legit favorite part is when the different schools of fish swim out during the small ensemble brass work in "Aurora Awakes" and then all of that builds to the glorious Aurora Awakes final hits. The whole section alone punches quite far above Surf's current scoring range. Just brilliantly written, and delicious every time. I could watch that whole section over and over. Music City --- The definition of awesome little moments. Every time I roll my eyes when they come on, wanting something deeper, and every time I'm always surprised (stupidly) to find myself smiling, nodding, laughing, enjoying every bit of the cheese. It's fabulous. So many little details; mice sweeping the floor, mice square dancing, mice from the country getting stuck in traffic....love it all. But, the best "moment" has got to be the Imagine closer. It gets me every time. I always forget it's coming up and I always forget how perfect it is. Genesis ---- Listen. If you haven't seen their Susanne Sundfor "The Sound of War" ballad impact where they push all of the ladders together and create one of the best vertical visual moments of the season, then what exactly are you doing with your life?? Don't answer that, because I don't care; it's not a good enough excuse. Watch it on the next FLO broadcast and thank me later. It's that good. Troop --- I actually think this show is chock full of a ton of moments to appreciate. The Dragonheart ballad is the bee's knees, especially with the flag work in the back left corner on the other side of the tarp boundaries. Persichetti opening trumpet solo. Karl Jenkins closer with the drumline chanting underneath. The way the drill is written so well with the boundary tarps. Love it all! Scouts --- Despite this not being my favorite show (although leagues better than last year), the rotating boxes at the end of the opener are fire. The jazzy YPG is an excellent closer. I don't get week in the knees at the closing Scouts stuff & fleur de lis, but I can appreciate why those ending moments make everyone else go crazy. Pacific Crest --- Eddddddwardddddd Scissorrrrhandddzzzzzzz closerrrrrr. With the multicolored flags & the triangles changing colors like crazy. BRILLIANT. I legit teared up watching all of that on the Atlanta broadcast. I'm nuts about the whole design, but that Edward Scissorhands closer will remain one of the best of this season. Oh, and, of course, their giant opening statement that forces a silent eyebrow raise in surprise every time as they let you know how serious they are this year. Colts --- Tons of great moments. This is one of the better designed shows of the season, in my opinion. The flyover and hell freezing over, uniform change, and subsequent transition to the Chopin piano piece is excellence bar none. The opening Robert W. Smith's "Inferno" chords (which I believe is a nice & crunchy in Db Minor). The almost-Malaguena-esque "Dulcinea" before the flyover with the snake/ribbon flags (I wish I knew what to properly call them) that makes hell seem like a downright marvelous place to be. The Knockin on Heaven's Door closer. I love it all!! Academy --- Of course, the BOTW ballad and magnificently talented flugelhorn soloist. I also really enjoy the opening drum break with fast parallel lines between the bridges. Spirit --- The entire Color Wheel closer. The "let the beat drop" start and initial impact! The use of the door at the end!! Phantom --- Carmina Burana, of course. Both times. The final FOEG unleashing. The burning of Joan at the end. Crossmen --- More than anything, each individual performer's commitment to selling the show. But, back to moments, the Ride of the Valkyries bone feature, that INSANE first full brass statement and the whole entrance onto the field leading up to it, the slow & powerful statements to close the show after so much fast movement. Mandarins --- The opening djembe scene, the tribal choreography immediately after that sends you straight into this subterranean world, and, of course, the relentless ending that leaves you on the edge of your seat (or standing up). BK --- The slow slow slow build with drumline punctuating the brass chords and pushing it all forward to the all-red release from the guard in a giant circle back right. The nakedness of the ballad. The color palette in the closer that all leads to the rotating boxes with the guard members remaining in the circles of mirrors. All of it is sheer brilliance, in my opinion. Love this show. Cavies --- There are endless moments to love in this show --- especially the party in third class section --- but one in particular stands in the top moments of all 22 WC shows this season: the 45 seconds from the first ballad impact to the final release. That's what drum corps is all about!!!! I seriously cannot get enough of that final ballad push. The mello lines underneath, the mello sustain, the brass just pushing further and further, the weaving musicality beneath it all...perfection. This is the fourth show in a row I've loved from Cavies, and that last 45 seconds of the ballad tops anything they've done that I've loved in recent years. One of the best of the season! Boston --- The herald trumpets, the HUGE opening impact dripping with power, the Rocky themes, the Tears for Fears ballad impact with the brass all moving downbeats in unison....tons of great moments. Crown --- The opening note, of course. The brass double tonguing spot in Rabbit & Rogue. The Gabriel's Oboe impact with the soloist floating above. The ENTIRE Bucimis closer, including the horn toss & company front. SCV --- This was a hard one for me; not because I don't love the show, because I do (particularly the brass book), but because I find that the show doesn't really have many memorable moments, nor do I think that was the intent. It's more of a sensory overload coming at you nonstop for 12 minutes. But, how quickly I forgot about the ending of the Metallica ballad where the guard is quasi-bottle dancing and the brass opens up in this glorious manner that you don't see anywhere else in the show. And, of course, the sousaphone solo! The way the opener grips you from the first note. The fabulous unison flatwork in the closer. BD --- So so so so so much to love. The ghostly opening notes. The opening Oedipus voiceovers in octaves. The Kachaturian impact. Of course, the wall interaction moment. The Circus impact!!!!!!!! THE ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL, LYRICAL BALLAD WITH THE SWEEPING SPOTLIGHT DRILL!! (That probably gets my vote for favorite moment of all 22 WC shows). Of course the ghostly shoes tap dancing. The yellow at the end. Too much to even name with this show. Bloo --- See BD comments. Way too much to list off in these two championship-worthy shows. I love both equally and in different ways. For Bloo, the opening Strawberry Fields quote, the entire Eleanor Rigby section with the mellow playing crazy ostinatos (ostinati?) under the famous melody. The difficult trumpet writing that was created out of Eleanor Rigby. The trombone solo and then following brass ridiculousness. The ENTIRETY of Blackbird. Come Together, and then I Want You/She's So Heavy, which is second in my mind only to BD's ballad this season. So hot & jazzy & dirty and somehow uncannily faithful to the original song. The Hey Jude closer (although I'm still waiting on the transition to it to clean up!). The attention to detail in the costuming. All in all, I could not be more pleased with the shows this year!!!!
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    If there was ever going to be a show that FLO needed to be at this would have been it. HOW Flo and DCI didn't single this out as the most important show of the season so far and wouldnt think that viewership for this particular would be through the roof is beyond me. I would venture to say that Periscope links are going to be the prized possession of the night.. The Ordinals from these judges will look like a minesweeper board..
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    This would be an incredibly fast way to kill drum corps.
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    I usually don’t post on forums but I would like to counter some of the negativity being posted here about the Cadets. I am a retired music educator and a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard Admin staff. I have also been assisting the Cadets administratively in the office and at their winter camps since I reside in Pennsylvania and have worked in the past with Denise Bonfiglio, Cadets corps director and Michele Teevan, Cadets Operations Manager while they were with SCV. Here are my observations: The corps took possession of a brand new set of Yamaha brass at their December camp in Salem, New Jersey. I would know since i personally inventoried each horn. At the winter camps I have had the opportunity to observe the educational staff and their interaction with the prospective members and I am impressed with their professionalism and the quantity and quality of their instruction. There is a lot of good teaching taking place. I am also impressed with the commitment and work ethic of the volunteers and members of the Cadets Volunteer Association, Many of these people no longer have students in the Cadets but they continue to volunteer because of the love they have for the corps, and for each other. Denise Bonfiglio, Corps Director and Ron Lambert, Assistant Corps Director personally addressed the prospective members and expressed their commitment to returning the Cadets to their rightful place among the upper echelon of DCI Michele Teevan, Operations Manager and Justin Moore, Director of Operations are super organized and are doing their best to make sure everything is in place at camps so the prospective members have a positive and enjoyable Cadets experience. I heard many vets, volunteers, and instructional staff comment Positively about how organized and professional the camps are being run compared to previous years. I was also impressed with the “show and tell” that was presented at the December Camp. The corps performed a few minutes of the opener and although I cannot divulge any information concerning the 2020 production I will sum the opener up with one word, tempo. The brass sound great playing a Jay Bocook horn book and the percussion will not disappoint. I think the 2020 corps will give people who have “fallen out of love” with the Cadets the past few years the opportunity to fall back in love with them. Right now they need the support of the drum corps community and less negativity. End of rant
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    a rather interesting strategy is posting for the first time to say "goodbye" take care! Things change, it's called life. I preferred the acoustic activity in G - loud as crap and FANTASTIC, but we haven't had that since 1999 for me the core (pun intended) of the activity has always been about the member experience and life lessons learned by the mm - it's not really about "us" IMO
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    that is actually the very definition of discrediting BD's win - lol
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    Another great show in Allentown. “They” all sat near me tonight. In front of me was the “Drum Corps died when the Chicago Royalaires disbanded” guy. Next to me, a kid who aged out last year who had no idea Drum corps existed before he marched. And of course Jeff Ream’s favorite: the band kids who claim their shows are better than those on the field sat behind me, and Mr. Clover, whoever you may be, your young charges claim you were consulted by every corps who placed 1st. through 10th, and maybe Cascades and Surf too, but your young charges were late. And you should sue BAC, Crown, Cavies, Crossmen, and Mandarins. They stole your ideas. Cascades: they had the tough job of opening the show. I think their show is good, and it should be strong enough to make semi’s. Jersey Surf: I’ve said before, Surf needs a show that keeps the marching members engaged and this show fits the bill. The switch of uniforms was flawless. Pacific Crest: A change of pace for PC. I found the show to be strong, especially the brass. Colts: seemed off tonight. The uniform change was a bit sloppy and at some points they did not seem engaged, at least compared with what I saw in Lawrence a few nights ago. Spirit of Atlanta: the show is similar to last year in that it is good, but not quite strong enough for finals. I did enjoy the three different uniforms. Phantom: they have worked hard this year and it shows. It is not a Phantom show from yesteryear and a great deal needs to be done for Phantom to be a major player, no question, but they have improved what they have and deserve credit for that. Crossmen: this was my first time seeing them this year and I enjoyed them more than I expected. It’s a fast paced show and the guard was amazing. I also thought the drum major had quite a bit of personality. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crossmen and Phantom give each other a run for their money in Indy. Mandarins: a solid performance. I thought the story telling details came across better this evening which I missed in Lawrence, perhaps because it is a busy show. Cadets: they have been busy over the past few days. I’ll have to admit when I first saw the hats, I thought “Mad Hatter” but in the show they worked well. I do wish the “We Can Do Better” was just a drum solo. It worked for me earlier in the season, but less so now. However, what I did feel was an energy. Cadets will get the most from that show they can. I don’t think it’s impossible for them to hold on to 7th ahead of Blue Knights and Blue Stars. Cavies, Crown, and BAC all had great runs. I did think the scores should have been closer, within a point. Cavies were as I expected: a solid show that is strong overall. I found Crown’s show uneven on Thursday but thought after last night’s show they could catch SCV which I think most of us thought would be Cavies or BAC. BAC tells their story better than anyone, and where the top three were so good, placement could have gone in any way, but being nearly a full point behind Cavies and over a point with Crown is hurting them.
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    Thank you everybody for sharing this night with me. There is nobody in my real life who has even heard of drum corps so I appreciate your responses and opinions. Agree or disagree, I always feel like I am with friends.
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