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    They haven't totally erased me yet: https://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-2017-brass-staff-2/ It is amusing to me how this is considered "news", it is irritating to me that there seems to be some implication that I should have been/have been let go. The amusement comes from the fact that I came home a little after Memorial Day. It seems a combination of altitude and blood pressure was making both ankles swell significantly, and the next week the corps was going to be a few thousand feet higher in elevation. So I went home for awhile. After getting home, I found out one of my cats has inoperable cancer in his sinus passages (He's fine and happy right now, as long as one of us is here to give him his pain medication exactly every 8 hours). The Blue Knights is a wonderful organization, with wonderful kids (Let's face it, EVERY corps has wonderful kids!), and a great administration! I enjoyed my time there immensely. That said, I am looking for a new home that does not require spending large amounts of time at 5,280 feet above sea level. If any of you have read this far, please remember folks that you are not only discussing real human beings here, but real human beings with real lives, and involved in an activity that they are very passionate about.
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    A limit on the number of seconds a show can use pre-recorded singing as part of the musical score. If singing is key to an arrangement, it should be done live, just like any other soloist.
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    As someone also studying for his BM, I’m confused how someone could go to Juilliard and come away with such a two dimensional sense of what good music is. I’m Confused with several of your points, especially the one concerning tempo as it changes about maximum 5 times, a pretty average number for a full DCI show, which are rather short in comparison to other musical compositions. The show follows a standard form of Fast, Slow, a Dance section, and a triumphant finale; a tried and true musical journey if there ever was one. The music takes you through chaos (Metropolis), Loneliness and Sadness (ballad) and finally resolves in the finale. It’s pretty self explanatory. As far as melodies, I could probably sing almost the whole show for you. Not trying to come down to hard on you here, but frankly, when you come down on a show trying to use your credentials in order to establish an opinion as a factual analysis, it makes you seem pretty elitist. Sorry you didn’t enjoy. I’m gonna go listen to Babylon again!
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    Hats off tonite to the Cadets. Missing 16 marchers, holes everywhere, thats a daunting task. But they never pulled out of the show. They pushed thru it all. No quit in them tonite, and those that were healthy in their Corps, or at least somewhat healthy, went out there and competed and performed for the audience, no matter what. Some of us notice these things. And we tip the hat to the 110% effort the Cadet Corps gave out there tonite under such trying circumstances. Some " wins " arn't found in the scores. Tonite... with the Cadets... is an example of such.
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    My name is Beau Rowell and I'm a Board member of Friends of Spirit, Inc., which operates the Spirit of Atlanta Drum & Bugle Corps. With respect to housing for Cadets for the Hoschton, GA show, both Spirit and Cadets were caught off guard about the loss of Woodland HS as a housing site for the Cadets, only learning about it last night during the Valdosta, GA show. We are very thankful to the staff at Cairo High School, who made their facilities available at the last minute for Cadets. Further, we understand Cadet's decision to not attend the Hoschton show at Mill Creek HS due to the distances between Cairo HS and Mill Creek HS. Here are the facts surrounding Woodland HS as a housing site for Cadets for the Hoschton show: the Friends of Spirit team dealt with a particular individual at Woodland, who had confirmed to us in writing in May that Woodland could house Cadets on July 10/11 during the Valdosta show last night is when it became known that Woodland HS wasn't available as a housing site for Cadets Friends of Spirit has learned in the last couple hours that the individual we were dealing with on housing suddenly no longer works for Woodland and, prior to his departure from Woodland, apparently didn't follow proper procedures to officially request that the school be used as a housing site for July 10/11, despite telling us otherwise as a result the Woodland school administration was not aware of the Cadets' arrival for July 10/11 we do not know at this time if other events are occurring at Woodland today, but it's likely that football practice or other activities could have been a conflict Woodland did try to make it work but were not able to make arrangements at the last minute Securing housing sites is a big challenge for all DCI drum corps. Please know that the principal at Woodland High School is NOT the person to be blamed this situation. As you now know, the principal did not "back out" and in fact did all they could to try to make it work. From Woodland's perspective, they learned that Cadets would be arriving with only about six hours notice. Hopefully you now understand this situation. We respectfully ask that you not bombard Principal Ellis and blame her for Woodland not being available for Cadets. Sending her derogatory letters will not help this situation, and in fact could be problematic long term for Spirit, which held spring training at Woodland. We've worked diligently at developing positive relationships with school districts in the greater Atlanta area. Let's please not undermine the foundations built by blaming the wrong person for this situation. Thank you.
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    At a minimum, it's about time they separate Percussion into separate judges for Battery and Pit, since it's ridiculous for them to be running back and forth between the two, especially when they have to go all the way around the huge pits of today and avoid all the speakers and mics, etc.
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    So I’ll admit thatit wasn’t that long ago when I thought that so many changes in drum corps were not good for the activity..... Move to Bbs, electronics, new instrument allowances, amplification. To me- these took DCI from the pure form to something else.... And now? I don’t think DCI and the individual drum corps and products have been better. This season totally shows us how much parity there is in this activity. It also shows us how much the equipment used, staffs, writers and members mean to each group. I watched from the 50 yard line on Sat in SA in 3rd deck so many magnificent performances and designs and was glued to my seat the entire time. There truly wasn’t a corps that I didn’t care for. When hearing the Troopers I was amazed at the quality of their hornline, and they’re 17th—WOW 17th??? But it’s legit as the Colts, Madison we’re all equally or more impressive. When Spirit came out, wow- how is that not a finalist, and the Academy performed— OMG, how is that not a finalist, then Crossmen and Mandarins and you say- man those are undeniable! So many shows and corps are performing at levels I don’t ever remember seeing and it’s refreshing. You could make the argument that Boston just 5 years ago would medal with their current show, Crown same thing.... BK, BStars, Cadets all Top 6 level performers but can’t and won’t move up because of the quality above. If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that almost every drum corps was going to shed their uniform identity for costumes I’d say- I hate it? Now? No way, it enhances in so many cases. SCV has such a tough look though I do miss the Red and Green and the hats, but then again- they have such a great look, sound, design and the costume picked eximifies and allows for the creation to come to life. I will say this- I’m a purist at heart, but I have to admit, the state of drum corps is fantastic and membership seems to be thriving. I find at this point experience, correct staffing and designers are really the difference when it comes to being a finalist or not, but either way- The drum corps not in contention for finals are not to be missed, you will regret not seeing some incredible corps for sure!!! My 20 cents- Thoughts? Wesley P
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    @DrumManTx is writing about his experiences as an intern for Bluecoats! Congratulations, Landry! Well done! https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2018/june_15/#page=21
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    JMO I think the entire 2018 Cadets should be inducted into the Cadets Hall of fame for what they have done on and off the field this year. They stood by their corps when many would or could have bailed. They fought and focused when many doubted They didn't listen to all the noise caused by many They proved many decades of Cadet DNA is alive and well and maybe even have gotten stronger. They embodied EVERYTHING that the Cadets way back to the Holy Name days are and who also fought for their existence when many thought it was over. They, against all odds and staff changes, proved they can still overcome, succeed, thrive, gain even more respect. AND let's not forget with all the drama and a great focus produced an outstanding program. THIS 2018 Cadets IMO have earned a special place in the Cadet history as did the Cadets who fought to exist during the Holy Name change, the 1969 entry of females into the corps, the 1st championship win ( pre DCI ) the re-entry of a champion in the 80s and NOW the corps who saved the Cadet history and hopefully set the example as past Cadets did for the future. IMO....... the 2018 Cadets already won. Best of Luck
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    It is no secret I have been a vocal critic of the corps for at least a decade, mainly because of one persons vision becoming their mission. Tonight, in addition to the response they got coming on, the crowd went up at the ballad and as the Z hit. Tonight I saw THE CADETS do ashow that was all about THE CADETS!! To quote myself “ that performance was a total final purging of all things him”. in this thread I predicted getting back to home turf would do them well and it did. The G logo. Holy Name all over the place. Hearing little hints of things past in the show. Kick ### percussion and mello runs to die for. The end of the balled was Philip Bliss worthy. RPH at the Z pull got my eyes wet. They wont win finals but they e won something far more precious: they’ve won the soul of their corps back. They’ve won fans back. And alumni feel welcome at home again. Scott, admin team, Bobby, Drew, TA: thank you all and congratulations on making the Cadets THE MOTHER ####### CADETS again!!
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    I've been away from DCP for most of the off-season. Two years ago at this time I was biting my nails worried about whether my kid was going to make a roster. Today, it was announced that he will be one of the 4 Drum Majors for the Cavaliers! Couldn't be prouder of the kid! And can't wait for the 2019 season! See you down the road!
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    Don, I am sorry you are having to defend yourself in this forum. This kind of thing represents the worst side of this Forum. People who, anonymously for the most part, spread half-truths, idle gossip, and dirty laundry here. People who think they know something and mostly don't. As Don said in an earlier post; these are real people you are talking about. A good friend of mine described drum corps as "Politics for Peanuts." Outside of the 10-12 people who can actually support themselves through this activity, the rest of us do it out of love for the activity, an honest desire to give young people the best possible experience doing something that is incredibly difficult mentally, physically, and spiritually. That applies to staff people as well. It really sucks that people can be so thoughtless and reckless. For the meager wages that DC pays, you too can have your reputation damaged, have a bunch of dilettantes say really nasty things, and call for your public firing. The people who do this go into it with the best of intentions. In 34 years of doing this, its my observation that very rarely the case that people do it for any other reason than the love of it, period. Sometimes things work out great sometimes they don't. That's life. When people put themselves out there and enter the arena its always a gamble. That's the nature of what this is. Its unfortunate that people who post stuff with qualifiers like, "I heard....", "Someone told me....", etc. are allowed to do so. People who teach drum corps are mostly poorly paid public educators and teach because its their passion. People who teach drum corps sacrifice a great deal to follow their passion. Believe me, the price tag is high on every possible level. With the advent of forums like this, part of the price tag is to have people "who heard" or think they have some juicy gossip say, publicly, some really awful things. Part of the price tag is to deal, on the road, with things that are said here. It's seriously the ugliest and most unpleasant part of this activity. It's a real shame. For the people who so easily call for people's public firing and shaming; I hope it happens to you. You deserve to know what that feels like. J. Buckingham
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    Caught up in a pyramid scheme no doubt.
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    I have two or three of these per season. That's my young'n finishing off the Cavaliers show in Minneapolis last night. Couldn't be prouder of all the work he's put in to be there. For the record, I wouldn't care if he was wearing a pink tutu and playing a C-natural kazoo ( he probably would, but you get my point). I'm just glad he's out there living a dream. I feel like the top 6 are going to really heat up as we roll towards August...and I'm also sentimentally keeping my eye on Spirit of Atlanta, a family favorite from way way back. Would love to see them back in Finals!
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    Let's see what we can do for extra GE tonight.. 1. SCV. The mello sustain no longer goes up onto the stage but continues the sustain while doing the Bottle Dance. 2. BD. A 13 year old Clara pops up in the painting set and tap dances on the counter. 3. Bloo. God Bless the Child segues into Autumn Leaves. They go way over time and are penalized down to 6th place. No one cares about the placement. 4. Crown. The guard uses the rocker the entire show....to chase the judges around the field and attempt to squash them. 5. BAC. The $100,000 prop is finally revealed. It's a field sized tarp of Tom Hanks. 6. Cavies. Instead of flipping the tarps, the roll them back into the cubes and proceed to do spin cycle drill until everyone falls down dizzy. Several spectators pass out vomiting from the vertigo. 7. Cadets. Two words. Maroon and Gold. 8. Blue Stars. The wood tarps are turned over at the end to reveal blueprints that show that rather than building a house, they've actually been working on trying to build Bloo's Jagged Line stage. 9. Blue Knights. Rather than playing Rite of Spring, they swap in the Bangles Walk Like an Egyptian and get the whole crowd doing it. 10. Mandarins. Nothing new. This show is weird enough. 11. Phantom Regiment. The guard shows up in copper plated foil uniforms. Guard judge flips out saying "You DO have a guard this year!" Scores triple resulting in a potential medal position. 12. Crossmen. After opening umbrellas indoors all season, bad luck finally hits. But it's only 3.5 years worth because the umbrellas have been full of holes.
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    We come from park and bark to pose and play. But you must have an awful short memory considering just last year BD won with a show that had absolutely zero individual visual difficulty and very, very little ensemble visual difficulty. There was a 10-15 second run in Flight of the Bumblebee that was the only time in the whole show the entire ensemble was moving and playing at the same time. The other 11 minutes were "Run to these stairs! Pose! Play! Run to your next set! Pose! Play!" They were handed 20s in visual just for... good staging, I guess? The Blue Devils have very effectively codified THEIR visual style into the visual sheets, so in that the ONLY way to get good visual scores in DCI is to do it the Blue Devils way. Don't get salty because Vanguard is beating them at their own game this year.
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    Excited (more than anyone can imagine) that I will get to see my son perform live in competition for the first time this evening. Should be quite a big crowd, hoping it will be a very lively one as well. Aside from the fact I'm not qualified to comment on how good (or not) any corps' performances are, I suspect I will only to get to see a few corps perform before Spirit as some face time is on the agenda. The very best of luck to all of the corps this evening - stay hydrated and have great performances one and all!
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    My appeal to Dan Acheson: Act. Now and Decisively. Get rid of those you KNOW have no business being in this activity. Or get out of the way and let someone else do the job if you aren't up to the task. The survival of the activity may depend on it. Do we need to name names so the press can pick up on it and shame you into action? Because there are still people out there, and you know it.
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    The more Blenski talks the better case he makes for killing the corps and banning him for life
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    Since my position is known on here now, might as well share my 2nd article with you all! Pages 50 - 52. (And just read the whole thing while you're at it). https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2018/july/#page=50 It was really hard to try and summarize that month into two pages, and I definitely did it on the fly when I had (very little) down time. But I think I captured the important things I picked up during that month. Oh my God the people here are amazing, the environment that is created for the members is incredible, and while this is probably the hardest and most committed I have ever worked on something, getting to be on that field on opening night and watch all of that come to fruition made it all worth it and was something I'll never forget. Enjoy! Getting to interview some of the members and various other people in the corps was a blast.
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    We got to see @DrumManTx the last couple of nights. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Performances in the previous century were programmed for crowd reactions. When Michael Cesario was program director with the Cadets in the mid-80's, he'd actually write on the show script and music book: "And the crowd goes Wild!!!" (Saw it myself several times.) This century, shows have become "art" and we don't interrupt the artist until the program is completed. Might miss those subtle electronic voice-overs thrown at us, the suicide that occurs on the back forty, the hanging on the lower front, or the stark silence the "artistic director" wants us to "experience" in isolation and solitary bleakness in his black clad doom-and-gloom dark shows that have become too common. Case of major depression at work if you ask me.
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    A year ago I alluded on here I wanted to volunteer or spend my summer some way on the road with a corps. I’ve now been home a few days and had a chance to reflect on the amazing and life changing summer I spent with the Bluecoats as an administrative intern. Had a hard time writing this one, it was so hard to say goodbye to easily the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. Details on page 53. https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2018/august_17/#page=53
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    Nice to see some positive recognition for how one organization has handled crisis communications. These are lessons other groups would do well learning from. I would hope all organizations in our beloved activity would deal with these issues "with grace and integrity." Well done YEA Board/Admin/Leadership.
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    Hey all - Like Jason Buckingham pointed out a few pages back, we're real people, with real lives. Drop me a PM anytime, if I don't know you personally.
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    Just a few very brief thoughts after a great show. Mandarins give me a visual show that makes so much sense and a drumline that throws down. Next year, Mandarins, is the most important year. So, so hard to maintain your position. Stay hungry. Crossmen had an energetic run last night. This is a very good hornline that does some very technical and expressive stuff well. It takes guts in this day and age to put six minutes of a Tschaikovsky symphony on the field. In the main, it worked. Blue Knights are another corps that do atmosphere so well. As Kevin Gamin said, most faithful presentation of Rite of Spring that's ever been put on the field. Some of the arranging, especially for the low brass, was really tasty. Beautiful flag moments as always. The Cavaliers had a great fan following last night. I especially liked 'Orawa.' An extremely assertive, dramatic, and full-throated presentation. The winner of the 'We let tubas play tuba' award. Boston Crusaders have topped last year. They seem to have taken the 'tongue-in-cheek' humor caption from The Cavaliers. That drumline! Wow! The vanishing act will be a moment that is remembered for decades. Carolina Crown wins the most aggressive corps award. Their drumline and their hornline both were championship-worthy. And we need to get off the guard's back. These kids are great, their design is great. This show happens to be up against three monster drum corps for a medal this year. Vanguard has 150 musical and visual soloists who are performing and engaging the audience in a way I have never seen on a football field. It's what they do, but more importantly it's how they do it. The only show where the crowd was out of their seats before it ended. Bluecoats have the best show in their history. Better than Tilt, better than Down Side Up, and it won't win. Suffice it to say that from the first moments they took me to a different world. These are things I want. I want more T's and hats that say 'drum and bugle corps' on them. I want people to know what The Crossmen, The Vanguard, The Bluecoats, etc., are. I want no more recorded vocals carrying a melodic line ever. Ever. EVER. EVER. I want to see the Blue Devils live, but I can't. I want Death characters to take a year off. I want to go again.
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    From my chair: Yes, SCV is capitalizing on innovations and standards set by those mentioned earlier. And, this is of course how the activity progresses and how you win. I believe the show has and will continue to set new standards between now and Saturday. That stated, I am not sure it is innovation standards or simply really smart programming using full knowledge of all tricks of the trade old and brand new and excellence standards that equal or surpass those from which said tricks have been garnered. 1) vertical alignment on a new level for the longest amount of sustained time, and amazingly flawless at that 2) best front ensemble in the history of the activity considering the tools currently in the designer's and performer's toolbox 3) the development of moving props a million times and doing so in character, with purpose beyond moving something that needs to be moved so something new can be done (This has bothered me for years. Thanks SCV. If I can see you, it is judge-able, right? An opportunity to be creative and artistic.) 4) Soloists that are equally as good as any ever in the activity, but perhaps a bit better considering the wind range of skills shown, and not two or three folks. 5) Pitch control at all volumes and in key centers beyond B-flat and F (yes, others have done so, but I am not sure such has been done with the percentage of excellence considering some of the key center and harmonic language challenges) 6) It is rare that we get a corps that is not only firing on all three main areas of effect, intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional, but has been doing such since day one of tour. BD came close with INK and Fellini-esque as did Crown with E=Mc2. But all summer? Every night? Every tune? Every beat and bar? That's my take. Oh, and plus, the unexplainable "IT" factor. This production has that in spades. It just clicks. It speaks to your heart and gut. It makes you want to see it over and over and over. It is raw and passionate, gritty and gutsy, confident and bigger than life." It" is what made all of us become addicted to this unexplainable, niche, odd, crazy activity.
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    To Liaahona: SCV may, or may not, top Ninety-Nine Six-Two-Five. But, you, may friend scored a PERFECT ONE HUNDRED tonight for the geat pictures. A BIZILLION POINTS TO YOU TONIGHT! I couldn’t make it to the show, but you helped make me feel close to the action. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ok, home from the show. What a show it was!!!! Despite the line up not being as strong this year, I still believe Mile High Stadium is one of the best venues for drum corps there is....crystal clear skies, GORGEOUS stadium, excellent acoustics, a fantastic breeze...just perfection. Battalion started the show strongly. Definitely a corps that is totally present in the exact spot where they should be in their growth trajectory, if that makes any sense. Not too ambitious, not too easy; just right for their corps right now in terms of achievement and tour capabilities. I truly look forward to seeing the future of this corps! I was very happy to see Scades rebounding strongly after last year's odd dip at the end of the season really seemed to place a step backwards in their solid growth upwards. It will be a battle between Surf, Spartans, Legends, Genesis (in my opinion), and now apparently Guardians, Gold, Louisiana Stars, & Southwind (whew that's a crowded tier) to take the last three spots for Semis. They're solidly in the thick of that group, and a well-designed show, which is always Cascades' strength, will keep them towards the top of that pack. Just clean clean clean it, please. Guard quality seems to be a noticeable step up from last year. I really would love to see this group prove last year as just a one-off backwards step as a result of some end-of-season mishaps & sicknesses. The show is there, it just needs to be cleaned. Frankly, I expected them to pop around a 64 or so tonight --- I was a bit surprised at their stagnant number. Nothing in the show really grabs you and sticks out like the previous few years, but I must say it's all quite interesting and engaging. Definite commitment to the "around" theme. A professional group with a mature design. Oregon Crusaders...I want to love this show so bad, but it did disappoint a bit. I adore everything about this corps every year, so I really wanted to like the show more. A ton of potential, but it honestly didn't get as deeply into The Shining with references as I would have liked....seemed a bit half in-half out with the theme, and if you're doing The Shining (or any literary reference), I need balls to the wall literal references peppered throughout...otherwise the show occupies a vague space between hinting at a design based on a book/movie and being a design based on a book/movie. It was a weird nebulous space that I didn't like the show occupying; I definitely found myself wanting much more and not getting it. The Uninvited ballad right now has a ton of potential (see The Woodlands HS 2011) but just flat out isn't written well, it's a bit of a train wreck with a too-soon, imperfect, and messy climax (and no one wants any climax described by those words), which is sad, because the Danse Macabre & Copland Organ Symphony sections are written WONDERFULLY. It's all good, I'm just not as in love as I was with Hunted, nevermore, Encompass, etc. Gloriously dark in parts and clearly not as thought out in others. And one thing I'm used to from Oregon Crusaders --- 600% commitment to whatever theme they do! I look forward to being fleshed out throughout the season. Unfortunately, there's a ton of cleaning to be done as well, and I don't know if there's a ton of time left for both in the season. Pacific Crest was a real pleasure tonight, and I expect they'll stay above OC the rest of the season, happily occupying an island in 18th place (World Class, BDB & SCVC not counted) the rest of the season. I don't think the corps will touch the Finalist potentials of 17th on down, nor do I think OC, Genesis, Music City, etc will be able to catch them. I loved PC last year, and this year is yet another step up quality-wise, both in terms of design and performance level. Just a ton to love in this show. Incredibly well done from a design standpoint, and very well-executed by the corps. Just a great show. I legitimately loved Troop, and I haven't in the last few years. This is by far the best marriage of Troop tradition and audience-friendly meat that the corps has had since Magnificent 11. Terrific, terrific performance that I truly believe is underrated and has every business hanging with Colts, Scouts (especially Scouts), & Spirit. Sure, Welcome to the Black Parade is an excellent opener, and I love it just as much as everyone else, but the rest of the show is no slouch either --- they're playing the snot out of that Danielpour piece. What I think I love the most is the refreshingly seamless visual transitions from a corps that has given us stilted & forced visuals the last two years. This design is sleek, smooth, and absolutely perfect --- the slow ebbing & flowing of the drill from one side of the field to the other over the course of the show, the transitions of the jackets, the guard integration, it's all just perfect. The mms of Troop this year are dripping with pride & grit in their performance of the show, and I was 100% on board the entire performance with an often-not-favorite corps for me. They really had the audience in the palm of their hands; there's just something magical about this show that we haven't seen since Magnificent 11, a really unique blend of tradition and modern, all wrapped up in an easy to appreciate package. Totally on board with this underrated, under discussed show this season. Speaking of glowing reviews, The Academy will not surprise me in the slightest if they land back in Finals this season. This show is quietly building steam at a rapid pace and doesn't seem to be slowing down --- the design is unquestionably top 12, and the always-talented members of this corps are being given what last year never was: a vehicle that can be perfected instead of constantly rewritten. With a strong show to clean and nothing holding them back, watch out --- The Academy could absolutely edge out any number of last year's bottom 5 finalists. Certainly, their design is superior to Blue Stars or Phantom. What Lindsey Vento seems to have brought to The Academy this year is an unrelenting eye for detail. Everything just WORKS, and every transition is flawless and well though out. The show is just clean, crisp, and classy as hell from top to bottom. If this is the direction the corps is headed, it's hard for me to imagine them not securing a Saturday night spot year after year --- they're just that good, and the design is matching. Smart, mature, detailed, and moving. BK was lovely. Bizarre, but lovely. Hey, isn't that what we love them for? I have to say, this is probably the truest-to-the-original arrangement of various sections of Rite of Spring I've ever heard on the field, marching band or drum corps. And NO ONE does color like BK does. I do wish the visual demand was ramped up a few notches, and I'm afraid visual content will again be their weakness when August rolls around. Color guard is a step up from last year, but still not quite to 2014-2015 levels. I want to rag on the visual design a bit more, but honestly, I'm still trying to figure out if it's actually problematic or if it's merely so far outside of the box that it's jarring me, which would be fine. It's easily the most stripped down and "nude" visual book of anyone in the top 15, and that certainly carves out a unique niche for the corps, and one that they've earned. The brass line is insanely great. SCV, what to even say? Perfection. I would have left happy having only seen SCV tonight and no one else.They're the real deal this year, and that's all I have to say. Totally spellbinding for 15 minutes. I do have a difficult time imagining this corps being bested at the season's end.
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    I was at the show, and will have more thoughts tomorrow, but here are a few: Music City was fantastic. We loved them. A great deal of thought is obvious in all the detailing of their show, and the kids looked like they loved performing every minute of it. Fantastic World Class debut. I think they may scramble the eggs in the 13-20 basket even more. What was the difference between them and several other recent WC newbies? PERSONALITY. Their show oozed it. Jersey Surf had a good idea and then didn't max it out. You can't do a show about Mondrian and then have your entire drill be soft curves... Spirit seemed to have a modern version of the jazz sass they used to have in the 80's, and it was a treat to see. Another well-detailed show. Doors seemed to create a lot of clutter, but I had rather a low vantage point. Cadets: horns and drums quite good. Guard not at the same level. I was with Cadet alums and went to the pre-show tailgate where it was told to us that the 8 girls with the yellow rope on side one represent "the 8" women who came forward. The show still seems to have a lot of chaos and not much unity. I'll be glad when they are able to get a different uniform next year. This one is just, so, so busy. It reminds me of the dazzle painting that was applied to ships in World War I to fracture the mass and make them hard to distinguish as a ship from a distance. All the fracturing on the uniform weakens the readability of the forms, as good spacing and technique fuzzes when you can't clearly define individual legs. They are likely to end up on the Island of 7th Place, but it's a good start for the future. Boston was the surprise of the night. I absolutely hated this show in the theater, but they were fantastic this evening. Thankfully, they threw the neon green 70's rock musical headband back into the ocean, and while there are a lot of aesthetic choices I would not have made, the uniform is enormously better without it. Guard was absolutely fantastic. Horns absolutely fantastic. Drums absolutely fantastic. Marching and movement technique absolutely fantastic. They tied Crown and I expect them to be in Boston's rearview mirror at their next meeting. Also expect them to take out the Cavaliers. Higher than that? Likely not. Bluecoats is pure magic. It is a truly impeccable design. I teared up at one point because the detailing was so pure. The uniforms/suits are so expertly balanced with slight color variations and patterns that each individual has a unique look, but they completely hold together with a consistency that never comes off as busy. Same for the guard. Singer fantastic and the pacing is a joy. The drummers looked really happy with their performance, so perhaps that explains their scores. I'd be quite happy if this took the big prize. Crown: great corps saddled with an over-designed show. The visual is just so overbearing. Everything has so much extreme detail and texture on it that your eyes have nowhere to rest, even for an instant. If just the flags were brighter and simpler there would be some clarity, but no, dark colors, animal prints, teeth, texture, texture, texture. My goodness they play well and with such power. Guard very good, but it is all just buried. Teeter totter? Not needed. One of the more bizarre moments of the (very long) evening was the excellent Voices of Liberty-esque vocal group singing "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins....accompanied by musicians dressed to resemble cockroaches in evening gowns... They get credit for really going for it this year, but I hope they dial it back a bit in 2019.
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    DCI has ended the Cadets probationary status! Hopefully, the Cadets can now put this terrible mess behind them and continue to build another championship drum corps. I applaud the current Cadets management team for the way they handled this tough situation.
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    Hey battery folk, all those hours you spend every week working details, so that you're not just clean from the stands, but clean under a microscope? Forget it, no one will be there to reward that level of detail. Now get back to working on your pliés!
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    I guess all other corps wish they could musically fail so epically.
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    I can’t believe this is here. What an incredible summer. Enjoy it everyone!
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    I don't know, personally I think they got a Ra deal.
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    Well so ends my live drumcorps tour... I hope everyone enjoyed the photos... so it ends.. a bit bittersweet posted from the DrumScorps app
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    well a 3 1/2 hour ride awaits.... what a night.... next stop lawrence mass tomorrow posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Great thing about a show close to home? Visiting the practice site so my daughter can spend time with her cats posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Of course I gotta say Bluecoats.......so many moments I just love to death. So much variety too. - Fake out company front and the proceeding mello feature. First time I saw that like my first day at ST they got me good. - The Bird and Bela trumpet feature. - All of part two, but specifically the low brass fugue and the company front that collapses into itself into the block. That part makes me wanna deck someone it’s so exciting. - Dry Cleaner. The contra solo and of course the singer. And that “it’s just luck” tag at the end is just awesome. - First time I heard the ballad in ST I high key cried. Doug Thrower’s ballads year after year just let a piece of music breathe and be what it is. The soundscape and mood of it are just......ethereal and sublime. And the subtle layering of “God Bless the Child” on top of that is just......UGH. So good. The sung part into the last hit will be something I love for the rest of my life. That’s got a special place in my heart. It never gets old and it never will. Getting to stand in front of that almost every day is incredible and I’m so lucky. - And the closer is just a party. Love the trombone stuff and the straight up face melted ending is just awesome. I have not had a chance to keep up with shows as much as I’d like but of what I have seen of everyone else: - SCVs ballad is incredible. - BDs ballad is also incredible. - Carolina Crowns Bruckner opener is fantastic. - I love love love the way Cavaliers weave Bolero throughout their show and just manipulate and morph it into everything - LOVE the Salvation is Created hit in BACs show right before the drum feature. - The Cadets ballad is pretty stunning. - Phantom Regiments mega tenor feature is great. - Crossmen make Tchaikovsky 6 slap. And their hornline is powerful. - Blue Knights take on Rite if Spring is great, and the percussion is as killer as ever. - I love Blue Stars opener. Beautiful stuff. - Mandarins whole show is incredible. It’s a type of show I have been begging for for a long time. I can’t pick a moment. It’s all great. - The Academy doing a ballad closer again is awesome, beautiful stuff. - Spirit of Atlanta’s whole show is a blast, but I particularly like the opener. - I really enjoy Madison Scouts opener visually. Some cool drill. - Colts have a beautiful music program. - I love love love PCs La La Land ballad. Whole show is great. - Troopers sunburst is always great. - Music City’s closer is awesome, very emotionally satisfying. Still need to see Oregon Crusaders, Jersey Surf, Seattle Cascades, Genesis, and Pioneer. But IMO this is an incredible year for drum corps. I like all shows to some extent which doesn’t happen a lot. Can’t wait to see them all!
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    I really don't care about placements this season. This Cadets corps is an inspiration and these kids are all winners! The Cadets did not just survive a serious tragedy, they have the best corps they have had for several years. The 2018 Cadets have already proudly made a statement and left their mark. God bless the 2018 Cadets!
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    As a 58 year old traditionalist, I will and do miss the vintage red & black BAC uniforms with white trim...shakos, plumes, and all the rest. Having said that, the activity has now entered an era of thematic costumes for each year's show. While we can blame WGI, pop culture, or whatever else, it is what it is. The activity, which has ALWAYS been in a state of change, continues to evolve. From my perspective, I am just thrilled that this activity has endured this long and the more I think about it, the more I conclude that it is our ability to change with the times which has allowed us to thrive. In my town, there are vacant buildings where the Catholic church, the Boy Scout camp, and even the Grange Hall used to be. We, on the other hand, still get to enjoy this activity and based on the last few years at shows, the activity seems actually quite healthy. Speaking specifically about BAC, I have watched several runthroughs of the show. It would be absolutely impossible for their members to perform this program with tradition uniforms, shakos, plumes etc. And for the record, these modern costumes (yes, I said it) cost a FRACTION of what the old school unis cost, so a yearly change is not a financial burden. Being around Boston last night, I can tell you that drum corps kids are STILL drum corps kids, and after nearly 40 years of being around this activity, I find great comfort in that. Although their generation may well include a lot of self-entitled, lazy, snowflakes, NONE of those kids are in drum corps. These kids are every bit as tough and hardworking as the kids who marched 20, 30 and 50 years ago. Whether they are marching for Boston, Cadets, Crown, Blue Stars or anyone else, they have my complete respect.
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    All right, let's just squash this unfounded, fictional invention of the mind like the insect that it is. Fred was not fired. Period. Any suggestion that he was, is a slander. By the way, the signups for the first audition camp are coming in just fine, thank you. You know, the Troopers could hand out $100 bills to fans at every show, and someone would find a reason to criticize them. For several seasons they ran all their camps out of Dallas and several other non-Wyoming locations, and they got roasted for not being Wyoming enough. Now they hold camps in their own state and they get roasted for being, you know, Wyoming, which apparently no one is able to find without a Sherpa. For goodness' sake, Cheyenne is a 2-hour bus ride from Denver International Airport, which sits smack in the center of the North American Continent. I mean, you can't find a major airport that is more geographically centered than Denver. They know about buses in Wyoming. They have running water, too. Kids who go to BD camps have to fly into SFO, then ride BART -- by themselves -- for 1 1/2 hours to get to Concord. Then they have to Uber themselves and their bags to the hotel, and then carpool/taxi their way to the audition site. At least with Troopers, you meet the bus at the curb at DIA, climb on with a bunch of other Trooper hopefuls, and it takes you directly to the rehearsal site. And back. I fail to see how that is somehow more "difficult for members to attend" than any other audition camp.
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    We have a service where a truck drives by and picks up post season MM laundry at the curb. So far though, none of it has ever come back...
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    After all these years of face peeling comments here on DCP, and when the Corps oblige, now you want soft???
  47. 19 points
    I had a dream I was on tour with the Bluecoats. ...wait
  48. 19 points
    I don’t think I’ll ever forget tonight. Can’t sum that up into words. I need working for this activity to be a part of the rest of my life.
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    So... got to hang out with Crown last night at Gee Dub. Without giving too much away, they have about 9.5 mins on the field. The corps did production run throughs last night before doing a run. My overall impressions, they're ahead of the game from where they were last season. The battery is locked in and IMHO one of the best lines they've had, possibly ever. In fact, I would go so far as to say they might be the driving force in the corps this season (just an opinion). Brass is what you would expect from Crown - solid sound and technically superior. They're a top 3 hornline for sure, though I feel there is greater room for improvement this season (which might be a challenge and a good thing). feels like a bit of younger line, especially in the high brass. But don't let that fool you, they have the talent to be as good as they've been in previous seasons. They're playing a lot of notes in the first five minutes of the show (wow), and they're moving quiet a bit. Color guard is much improved over last season and working hard. I can see the big steps in improvement over the past several weeks but there is still quite a bit of learning going on. This group has much more experience and should be more competitive. The "flags" in the ballad are amazing and will add a "wow" factor if it works the way they want it to. There are some props on the field, though we really didn't get a good idea of how they're going to be used. The show design feels more like what we would expect out of Crown previous to last season, though the story line isn't quite as clear yet. There are some cool moments already built in, but you can tell they're trying to get the entire package on the field. Great work ethic, and a bit more hype in this corps then I've seen in the past couple of years, I really like the personality of this group and I think they will do a great job projecting that to the audience. The front ensemble is having quite a bit of fun with their visuals this season. But the group that is really standing out to me so far is the drum line. They've had a bit of an attitude since December and are playing very very well. That's it for now, can't wait until the preview show.
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    One interesting note from Scott: not a single marching member from before the Hopkins news broke has left the corps.
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