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  1. Agreed. It's all opinion, of course, but I find that story and character tend to be distracting. A show with great formations and good, recognizable music is inherently entertaining - it doesn't really need all the "extras". If I want a story I'll go to a movie or read a book. If I want a soliloquy, I'll go to a play. Drum corps is trying to be too many things and is losing its uniqueness as an activity. Agreed on the Bluecoats show also. They were clearly the crowd favorite at DeKalb - the only corps that got a standing O during the show. The ramps are an effective prop given the them
  2. That's an interesting analysis and probably deeper than I could have gone. If I were going to pinpoint a year of change, though, it probably would have been the introduction of amps (and then later electronic instruments) rather than 2008. With that introduction, the potential for communicating a storyline increased dramatically, at the expense of the old "show, don't tell" mantra. Consider the Cadet's two-year Alice in Wonderland concept or their talk-show show. An interesting result of this is that show designers now have a chance to make political and social statements that they could
  3. Biggest surprise for me was Glassmen. It's hard to judge performance on what we see on the stream, but I'd certainly have had them higher than they placed.
  4. OK, everyone, it's been real, but it's 7 hours until church tomorrow so I'm outta here. Great chatting with everyone tonight!!
  5. Well, good catch, but that's a little abstruse for me. As I read comments, most of the folks aren't getting it. Their impact is not matching their intent. They'd be better off without the props.
  6. Good call there. I found something to enjoy in every show tonight, and I can't always say that.
  7. Wow!! How in the world did you figure that out? I wasn't ever going to get that. And what's the relationship to the theme of a heart skipping a beat?
  8. My sentiments exactly. I've never liked props much, even when I understood them. But these I don't understand.
  9. Yep. I know, and it will be just as inane every time.
  10. Probably my favorite music of the night. It's really great to hear something I recognize. Not dissing the "music for music majors" style, but it's nice to hear just one corps doing something I've heard before.
  11. Totally agree - very distracting. I prefer marching.
  12. really nice brass sound. Liking the music in this one.