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  1. has the lineup been announced for the show ??? thanks for any info.....
  2. Smart man Carman..needed more like him.....
  3. let me repeat what Jeff said earlier.... "not yet and i ordered at the show and got the credit card bill to prove it." Pete
  4. no news looks like Rochester to the rescue ... No problem for me Pete
  5. Sky on first..surprised by this..... Maybe they come on the field from all over the place like they did in the rain in Syracuse and start with traffic jam.... That would be cool.... Pete
  6. by the way... might have missed the answer to this... Fran did not do the announcing for the minis or finals as he normally does.. any reason ??.. also did not see him around shows... I see he is active in this forum... hope all is well Pete
  7. oh Bridgeport.... Full house concert side and many more on the other side... Nice memory... Pete
  8. Any list for the corps practice sites and times... Kidsgrove Scouts are in Waterloo for 3 days, I will be in Senca Falls on Wednesday what is your time schedule for that day, hope you plan a full show run through at the end of day...
  9. is this stadium that the will host the championship starting next year ?? if so, how about review of it..
  10. No Dallas Wieners with everything.... one of the best dogs around... Boitsons also very good, eat there before the show....waiting for review....
  11. gone..... the rest including mac & cheese truck nothing to write about..... Pete
  12. thanks Fran, went Saturday night... very good place..make a great Manhattan, one of the best great creme brulee's and the shortribs more then OK
  13. every year starting in Milford, except 75 and 90... Also just as a fan....
  14. been to all but Good Luck, even Panari's... Been coming Rochester forever... All good... Looking for something new in Rochester thanks for the start....
  15. looking to spend sometime at practices sites.. Is DCA posting this info... Like to know Skys and CV..also any others... Pete
  16. When DCA found out there are so few Mini's why didn't they reach out for a couple exhibition corps... I bet Empire might have jump on it...
  17. Yes I did... Great start to a long run.... remember rushing down the field after the scores and you can walk off with your favorite.... try that now and everyone except 75 and 90... 75 was hard, I am a big Sky fan... wife was nine months with my youngest...never forgave her.... Pete