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  1. Please tell me BD isn't still winning every year in the future
  2. Airbnb eventually refunded us and we found a decent hotel on the edge of the city after the show. We were soaked and annoyed, but It wasn't the worst.
  3. And scammers! Got a downtown Airbnb for last years show. When my girlfriend and I arrived to check in, we quickly realized that the apartment we were to be staying in was boarded up and abandoned.
  4. Looking for 2 Allentown tickets for both Friday and Saturday.
  5. This article about a DCI PB&J eating comp says that he also played trumpet in marching band https://majorleagueeating.com/contests/189
  6. That battery is the only section wearing white hats I think.
  7. Yup. SCV - 47 BD - 45 Phantom - 45 Cavies - 40 Cadets 39
  8. I did this in my living room soo many times as a kid.
  9. Guess thats better than "propband"🤷‍♀️
  10. This is an extremely silly and dumb way of minimizing a pretty big flaw in the cadets show. I am not the only person that was made uncomfortable by this and also am not the only one who has vocalized concern and discomfort. The cadets were my favorite corps growing up and are still one of my favorite corps. Just because you have to tear a corps down to build yours up doesn't mean we're all like that.
  11. Go to Walmart and rip some lady's dress off of her & see what list you end up on.
  12. If they removed what I mentioned above and still chanted "we can do better" it would still be clear what they're talking about. Sexual violence in a drum corps show is pretty tasteless, which makes me think they missed the mark.