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  1. If woodwinds happened,for a couple of years things would be good, but after time, interest would wane. Eventually, becausw they were so simelar the next move would be to merge BOA/DCI. For a couple of years things would be good, then interest would wane. Stadiums would still become empty, then what do you do?
  2. So im walking, listening to "Lift off" from the Jay-z/Kanye West album "watch the throne" and im thinking how good would this be on the field. So it got me thinking, take away copyright issues, what popular songs would you love to see a corps perform?
  3. In a last minute change to their show, and taking their "mad world" show to far. Cavaliers sit down to their last meal together and have devils liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  4. Given the success, and popularity of the performance this year at DCUK and DCE finals are we looking at a competing corps in 2010?
  5. That sucks! why not put it up just for week following finals, It's drum corps international so obviosly your broadcasting to a worldwide audience with different time zones, i've paid my money, why not show it so those that dont have the opportunity to watch it live can at least see it? it's quarters not finals so i,m,o it shouldnt have that much of an effect on dvd sales?
  6. Will Dci show quarterfinals via the on demand? I live in the UK and i tried staying up as long as possible to watch it, made it to scouts then had to hit the hay as i had work in the morning. I thought i did well but would catch up on the rest the following day. I've noticed that open class is on, but no world? whats going on?
  7. Where can i find the page the live blog is on? please.
  8. I have to agree with the majority on this thread, when i first got involved in drum corps (back in the 80's!) for every corps that played something you hadnt heard of before i,e Suncoast Sound (one of my favourate shows of all time by the way), there was a phantom playing new world, and a corps played a large enough chunk of that piece that you you could listen to it. You would listen to your favourites on the tapes (yes tapes!) and after a while (couple of months constantly!) you would move to the less familiar and think "hey, i actually really like this!".I was always suprised by how much
  9. I'm suprised that no-one's made the point about attendances? Would they go up or down? Would those under 18's that are not allowed admittance because of the content then want to see a dci show more? would fan network subscriptions increase?
  10. I really dont know so you will have to humor me, but could a back drop do anything to reduce the reverb?
  11. So i did my weekly browse at youtube (I know!) but anyways there are some vids by showing the sound test at lucas field, the main thing that caught my eye was the backdrop (an absolutely MASSIVE black curtain) is this just for BoA or has it been made especially for the stadium and could we see it at DCI finals in 2009?
  12. with the anniversaries in 2009 for the cadets in 2009. Does anyone know if they will be fielding an alumni corps? like other corps in previous years?
  13. In Order 1. The Cadets, year upon year have allways connected with me (until recently, Hoppy i want my corps back!!). 2. Suncoast sound, Blew me away with Symphonic Dances for the Contemporary Child. 3. Star of indiana, Star were like a box of chocolates you never knew what you were going to get! 4. Madison Scouts, Introduced me to drum corps on their european tour in 88. 5. Phantom Regiment, Just Class.
  14. The 80's what were we all thinking!!! i marched with a corps in the uk called the Coventry Eagle's we had a sky blue open jacket, dark blue pants, a frilled shirt AND WAIT FOR IT!! an canary yellow aussie!!! What were we thinking!!
  15. So with the obvious (and deserved!!!!) recent success Phantom have had with rejuvinated shows (Firebird, Spaticus). Do you think they will carry on in the same direction? If so, what show do you think is next? Romeo and juliet, new world Symphony, Swan lake? or what show would you like to see phantom do?