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  1. The simple truth is that you don’t want to perform before or right after Bluecoats. Bluecoats are playing accessible music. You can recognize every musical passage. These tunes are burned into your consciousness. Aside from the music, those electric blue and the day glow guard costumes really POP. Visually, they are such a huge contrast to every other corps. Those busy intricate costumes or muted colors are like camouflage in comparison. SCV fits in the muted colors camp. Nobody won the best props of the night competition. Bluecoats looked a bit like a cluttered house. SCV looked like a skyscraper skeleton construction site. It was a tie. Cavaliers have a very strong musical book to listen to. It compares well against Bluecoats. Cadets have a lot of balance in their show design. Once again Blue Stars march their @55es off and their bass drum book is freaking awesome. Colts guard has a highly exposed guard book with LOTS of unison work. Colts have a really mature show design and are on their way to becoming a major powerhouse.
  2. I think these sub-three-minute “playing while moving” statistics are silly and deceptive. Everyone, ask yourself what a 12 minute drum corps show would sound like if the brass only played for a third or less of the show. Another way of saying it is “they’re playing but they’re not moving for 8 minutes of the show. That suggests that there’s no drill for 8 minutes. See what I did there? I twisted those statistics to show the absurdity of that argument. Deep down, this is a poor argument for why one corps beat your favorite corps. It has little to do with the reality of what’s happening on the football field.
  3. Really??? Cavaliers are known for marching fewer sets? My perception of their reputation is quite different.
  4. 1981 Cavaliers snare drummers spell something naughty with their drum sticks in a drum break in “Sing Sing Sing”. It was reprised by the alumni corps in 2008.
  5. Typical drum corps humor. My last name is Leo so of course my nickname was “Ugh”.
  6. There was green piping on the gauntlets in 2016. You can see the gauntlets in the singing section of the show (6:30 mark) and the last few counts of the show in the tube site that must not be named.
  7. I see some subtle references in the show that may be missed if you don't have context. I'll leave out the obvious and point out a few more esoteric ones. Cavaliers always seem to have a move or two referencing previous years shows and I saw one right at the beginning of the tenor spin. The tenor on the right moves to the tenor on the left's drum and everyone else shifts to make room. What is not obvious is that he does a skip and a jump with a stick in the air EXACTLY like the marimbas did in 2014. And here's another. I'll go of on a tangent but it will suddenly be "Oh yeah". Did you ever read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"? What's is the symbol for woman in that book? Right. How many times did you see triangles in that show? You can do a "hidden Micky" but your head will explode counting the jungle gym triangles that featured from the beginning of the show. "Woman" is acknowledged from the very first moment of the show. And a really strange reference that is political in nature. I know this is a stretch but I'll throw it out there. Who knows what song was the first dance for the first couple at the Inaugural Ball? Right, "I Did It My Way".
  8. I could only see the top half of the Cadets speakers. For Cavaliers, the center speakers were visible but the ones beyond each side of the pit were basically stuffed under the lip of the stadium.
  9. Section C row 60 seat 24. I was about 3 rows below the judges row on the side-2 35 yard line. Excellent seats.
  10. One comment about the show tonight... Speaker placement. NIU stadium once had a track around the football field. The stands are cantelievered over the site of the former track. Row one of the stands is probably 20 feet above the field and closer to the sidelines than probably any other venue in all of drum corps. I'm certain the corps have a set configuration for there sideline equipment including their speakers. Unfortunately Cadets and Cavaliers didn't take the lip of the cantilever into account and had their speakers too far forward and were beneath the stands. You could not hear the Cadets vocals and Cavaliers had a nasty reverb from an echo under the stands that reflected also off the back stands. I thought it was pretty bad and demonstrated a lack of attention to a basic understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the electronic equipment.