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  1. TrishDish1002

    Where did Michael Shapiro go?

    And amazing they were!
  2. TrishDish1002

    Color Guard Flag Spinners Needed

    Sounds like an interesting opportunity....good luck with it!
  3. TrishDish1002

    Akron Cinecast Review - 6/23

    Great review! And dead on!
  4. TrishDish1002

    New WGI Sch A / AA Rule

    Which is what's probably gonna happen!
  5. TrishDish1002

    New WGI Sch A / AA Rule

    Idel - I was JUST coming on here to get the convo started!!!! LOL Glad you did! As a SA co-director, I'm on the fence about it and hope WGI posts more info about it. Here's one of my biggest questions: Will the AA finals be at UD Arena??? That's a HUGE factor as far as I see it! Also, although we won't "know" until after regional season, we will sort of "know" by following the rankings. Was anyone there that can provide us with more info????
  6. TrishDish1002


    I agree, Mike. I've never really been a fan until this year either! Such a experience to see it live!
  7. TrishDish1002


    So I showed Onyx's show to my non-color guard boyfriend last night. He called it a "game changer"....agreed! Best champion ever??? discuss!
  8. TrishDish1002

    Where is everyone?

    Would love to see it!
  9. TrishDish1002

    Where is everyone?

    My faves so far are: Alter Ego - OK I might be biased, but as a teacher, you really feel the pain of those poor kids "crossing over." Mechanisburg HS - My fave last year and this year does not disappoint! St. Ann's - LOVE that they are back (and LOVE the homage to "Shaker Loops" of St Ann's past!) Who I want to see again....Black Watch, Field of View, Patriots, Trumbull HS Who I can't wait to see LIVE....SCV, Onyx (there I said it!), Tarpon Springs HS, Flanagan HS, North Syracuse Central HS
  10. TrishDish1002

    Where is everyone?

    right here! let's go! who have you seen this season??
  11. TrishDish1002

    2014 Auditions

    How are auditions coming?? What's the scoop?
  12. TrishDish1002

    Best Apps for Guard?

    Coach's Eye is fantastic!!! it allows you to upload your guard's video through the app and show the video to students in slow motion, highlight mistakes, etc. Well worth the $4.99!
  13. TrishDish1002

    Spectrum will not return to the Floor

    So sorry to hear :(
  14. You're right Jeremy! definitely 2 sides to this debate!