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  1. 1984 Suncoast Sound, when the girl dances in front of the wall and loses her balloon.

    1987 Sky Riders, West Side Story, at the end when the black and white factions come together and embrace.

    1987 Cadets, Appalachian Spring, the tag ending when they play themselves off the field.

    2003 Spirit, during "October" when the big flags come out with images of Zingali, Royer and Ott (I think that's who, if I recall. It was hard to focus through the tears).

    2011 Scouts, New York Morning, at the end of the violent section when everything stops and the corps members look up in horror. There was one snare drummer who visibly wept each time they performed in Indy and every time it tore me apart (okay, I might be crying now...).

    2014 Blue Knights, That One Second, when the narrator talks about her grandmother's hands and how her skin was like paper, and the closer.

    2018 Cadets, The Unity Project, From Ara Batur to the end. A) because it was so beautiful and B) because the Cadets still existed.

    2019 Blue Knights, I Remember Everything, from Hurt to the end.

    2019 Carolina Crown, Gabriel's Oboe, simply because it's so beautiful. 

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