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  1. After seeing Phantom at the premiere I said "yeah, they're not making finals." But they have made smart changes and cleaned up a storm, and they are playing with passion. They are not giving up that Finals spot.
  2. Is this an omen for the Cavaliers? posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. My view from section 210. posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. I'm on my way to Akron. Stopped off at Jeffersonville for some shopping and lunch. Can't wait for tonight!
  5. You definitely need to go! I've also been to many marching events at LOS and Shapiro's has been a part of every one of them. BTW, if you don't like corned beef or sauerkraut, they'll make a Reuben with any of their meats and you can substitute cole slaw for 'kraut.
  6. Hoping the Cadets have an inspired performance in front of the home crowd. Go Cadets!
  7. I think the shoulder piece is still there. They added another one on the hood.
  8. Flags are killing it in that big ensemble moment center field.
  9. Feels like Vanguard is really laying it out there tonight.
  10. Is that the trombone solo against which all future trombone solos will be measured?
  11. They usually do an accent color in the red, purple, pink family but I really like the yellow this year, for a change. That one yellow evening glove.😁
  12. One of my favorite show moments is the drill movement that looks like a collapsing football with the mellophone soaring.