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  1. I can see your hotel from my hotel. I'm just a few blocks further east. posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. An interesting feature of the club level is the entrances to the stands are on the field; literally on the field. There's a broad area before you climb the stairs where you can hang out on the sidelines. Last year I watched Regiment from there. Pretty interesting perspective. Reminded me of when I marched and the view of other corps performances was mostly from ground level.
  3. I'm pretty sure it was a design choice, not to protect the wood but to cover up the paint (lines, circles, logos) of the basketball floor in order to create a neutral performance surface.
  4. I could tolerate the over baked concept if there were more musically and visually to grasp onto. I know there are only 3 weeks left but I would love to see some minor drill additions and remove some if the lunging and hopping and snarling, and clean the heck out of the music.
  5. I'm sure slipping past corps you've been be beating is no fun. I just hope the MMs are enjoying themselves. They should know that they have every bit of the talent needed to do well.
  6. I'm going to Atlanta next week. It's a great weekend trip for drum corps and city stuff.
  7. On the other hand, I'm liking the show much more than the first few viewings. Looking forward to seeing it in person next week.
  8. Okay, I am not a fan of that forced vamping from the hornline after the last note.
  9. Both of the Sound Sport groups were great! Compass was especially strong. Also impressed with Arsenals guard. Keep up the good work!
  10. Bluecoats have t-shirts that simply say "BLOO" in blue on blue or orange on orange. I got the orange one because of the irony (an orange shirt that says blue). Also very funny when I was at the souvie booth and asked to see "the orange bloo shirt...wait."
  11. Speaking of spending, I thought I'd share a little more love, so I just sponsored a snack for Bluecoats. #feedbloo
  12. I hadn't realized how much I was spending until I started listing and adding. Yeah, it's a pretty fair amount (in the thousands), but even with changes in the direction of the activity, not all of which I agree with, this strange drum corps animal still sparks joy in me.