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  1. Can't get to excited about a 2021 season since wihout a vaccine i don't believe a 2021 season will ever happen.
  2. Lots of reasons to be in a death spiral. 1. With fewer corps and less shows why would anyone go through the trouble. Does it impact recruiting. 2. Most corps seem to struggle filling out therecruiting. Related to #1 above 3. Attendance is impacted by the limited number of corps. What is the excitement of going to championships when everyone makes finals.
  3. Does anyone know if the guard is going to remain all female?
  4. The weather looks iffy for Friday night with a 60% chance of thunder storms. Saturday looks more favorible. Could be interesting on how the seeding will work if one of the shows is a wash. Could be another Denver in deciding what is fair in seeding quarters.
  5. Maybe its time to put limits and controls in place on the size and weight of props. Especially if it is going to start impacting the ability to hold shows at stadiums with grass fields. I think props have taken on a life of their own over the last couple of years.
  6. Several days of rehearsals for a net gain of 2 tenths? Did the corps have a bad run tonight? All of a sudden the scores have stagnated.
  7. A third of the world class corps are impacted by this rainout. The Crossmen would one be beehind Phantom and Mandarins if you use their last score, the Cadets behind Blue Stars kind of a penalty for doing a small show in Casper compounded by a small judging panel.
  8. To be fair they should use the rankings going into today's show. So it winds up being everyone's last score.
  9. After seeing both Spirit and Phantom i think that Crossmen's show is more aggressive and as a result at this time is dirtier than the corps around them. If they can clean it they hopefully will be rewarded with higher scores going forward. Does anyone know if they will be filling the 2 tuba holes and the 4th tenor spot?
  10. Crossmen beat Academy the night before in GE. Since GE is subjective it depends on who is judging. As far as visual and music I think Crossmen have more demand and will get more credit on that side of the caption. if they perform Crossmen should carry visual and music. An example I can't see Academy beating them in color guard! Should not be close. So if GE is close it favors Crossmen.
  11. Scores seem a little high. Is academy 4 tenths behind blue stars
  12. Big show for Troopers. Any chance at finals is if they can close the gap with Academy. Loosing to Boston last night did not help there chances. And at this point I see 12th a hoarse race between Boston, Troopers, and Academy. And if betting I would have my money on Boston.
  13. I also think the new ending is anti climatic and they miss an opportunity to bring the house down. But I fear the only way they are going to cange it, is if the guys in the green shirts are giving them negative input. After all they are the ones that count when it comes to the score. From a fan voting perspective have more negatives than positives. Its one of those things that the design team will try and drive a square peg into a round hole.
  14. Looks like they are missing a bass today?
  15. How would you know what concept Crossmen are shooting for?