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  1. Good catch. If we add Esperanza, Impulse, Blue Devils B, and Santa Clara Vanguard into the mix, the total investment from CA becomes even more significant.
  2. It's very common in the non-profit world for people to solicit "great" ideas with the expectation that other people will execute those ideas. I am certain that any drum corps will gladly accept your offer to financially underwrite their participation at Indy and/or offer your time to organize such a performance. As you said, it would take very little investment of your time, effort, and expense to make that happen.
  3. In 28 of DCI's 48 years, the championship has been won by one of two corps from California. In 1 of DCI's 48 years, the championship has been hosted in the same state as one of the two corps referenced above. They have already invested more of their fair share of financial and logistical resources to the activity.
  4. If someone can't find that information by the time they reach page 30 of this thread, then that's on them.
  5. I will agree with you. Satire and irony are doing well. It's quality journalism that has died.
  6. Kind of off topic, but there is a group of airlines owned by Richard Branson that I refuse to fly because they don't go all the way. To the topic at hand, there is just too much that needs to been seen and heard live in order to effectively evaluate a performance. Live judges should be here to stay.
  7. Stop: The current pre-show process as a corps takes the field. I miss the days of hearing BD do F tuning. Start: Promoting SoundSport more. Change: Have every corps start at the exact same time. Full contact drum corps. Last one standing wins.
  8. This has a chance to be very bad for the activity: http://www.philly.com/philly/news/drum-and-bugle-corps-sexual-assault-harassment-george-hopkins-share-story-20180409.html While it's good to give victims the chance to share their stories and begin the process of healing, it is also good to let the world know that predators do not define drum corps. Almost everyone has a personal story about how drum corps has had a tremendous impact on their lives. Let's try to share those stories as well, and also let any victims of abuse know what we also stand for them.
  9. It appears we are talking about different groups of people here. I see YEA to include alumni, current performers, sponsors, donors, etc. They are all victims of the lack of professionalism as well. Like many others on this forum, I am a past performer and staff member of multiple drum corps. I think we can all admit that while this particular situation is extreme, it is reflects a deeper cultural issue within the activity.
  10. I agree. To be fair, though, YEA actually is a victim in all of this as well.
  11. I'd actually go with Samuel L. Jackson. To make the activity more popular, DCI could go from "Marching Music's Major League" to "Bands on a Mother F%#$#@$ Field."
  12. No matter how good a performance might be, I immediately lose interest when a section or the entire hornline will have one foot crossed over the other during a feature. Yes, I get the attempted message is that they are doing something really hard so they can stand in a cool way that makes it seem easy. I just think it's laziness on the part of the designers and they throw it in because they can't think of anything original.
  13. Ummm......people were freaking on media in 2000? My chat room on AOL may have been going crazy while playing Snake on their Nokia phones, but I'm not sure about the social media bit.
  14. While you are at it, you can also mention decibel levels and exposure to toxins via diesel fumes.
  15. Flip it around. Require those corps with fewer resources to spend at the same level as the upper echelon corps. Essentially force them to work their fundraising model to generate a higher level of cash.
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