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  1. Enjoyed SCV-C. I noticed that the live stream worked perfectly for the sponsor, but not for SCV-C.
  2. It's been about 10 years since I worked with a group to set up a show, but at that time, it worked like this: A "show" would be a minimum of 5 corps (1 top tier, 1 second tier, and 3 open class). Top tier approx.$2700, second tier approx. $1500, open class approx. $900. I don't remember the DCI marketing fee and judges fees. The total for the smallest show was right around $10K. You have to have a venue that's large enough to cover your expenses which means you need enough big name corps to sell enough tickets to fill the stadium. Most local shows would run $15K-20K to host. The host has to p
  3. Martin, TN on the 21st?
  4. I've bought pizza for a couple of corps before. Most pizza chains (Dominos, Papa Johns, etc) will do large single topping pizzas for $4-5 each when buying more than 10-15 pizzas. For $200-300, you can give the kids one of their favorite foods AND give the food truck volunteers the opportunity to take a night off and actually watch the show. On a side note, I'm going to be at the Martin, TN show also. :)
  5. Please make that "Double C's with the ability to match the ensemble without the use of a microphone." :) If you can get a rule change to increase age-out to 41, I'll be at the next camp. ;)
  6. Everyone bites into the turkey only to realize that it's been synthesized!
  7. This is all very nice, but you failed to included his performance at the grand opening of the MegaLow Mart in Arlen, TX in the late 90's.
  8. I look forward to DCAC growing and the possibility of some "Regional Throwdown" where all DCAC and DCAS corps would do a large show in a central location (Memphis or St Louis).
  9. Well, as long as you're looking for someone who knows what they're doing, I guess he'll be okay.
  10. I'm confused. The video title claims "October, 2008" Why only 2 weeks of cleaning? Did school start October 1st? That looks like what I would expect a decent band program to be in October. If that could be scoring 85 at a DCI show in another week, I want to meet your director. They are the best director in the world and I would enjoy learning from them.
  11. It's what the conductor reads. It has all the parts in one convenient place.
  12. Wow! We haven't had that many backside boundary violations since the great guard party of '04!! j/k
  13. From that one pic of the Fusion Core guard member, I'd say that you are VERY correct about it being cold.