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  1. With the resent announcement of System Blue Horns, and Atlanta CV, Kidsgrove Scouts, Minnesota Brass, and Sunrisers playing their new horns. What hornlines are playing what brands this year? Who all is playing what? Alliance - Jupiter Atlanta CV - System Blue Reading Buccaneers Bushwackers - Jupiter Cadets 2 - Yamaha Chops, Inc. Cincinnati Tradition - Kanstul but still some Dynasty. All 3v, all in G Carolina Gold - Dynasty trumpets and tubas and King mellos and baris Hawthorne Caballeros - Jupiter Erie Thunderbirds - Kanstul sops, mellos and baris and Dynasty Super Mag contras in G Exce
  2. I held them and played them at Midwest.... lots of kinks to work out still, but they are a lot like the line of Kings Regiment played before Jupiter.
  3. The Cavaliers look like they have new white drums. and some new carrier system.
  4. who is getting new uniforms this summer?
  5. so.... is Sage going to pop up on Scouts staff now also?
  6. I think all the maroon cadets should zip the unis off to the cream/off white unies at the end. Angels win! angels win! over the top finals change. think about it. i hope they win. great show
  7. Wow. Blue stars are loud!!!!!! Love it. The sound great horns and drums. Cavaliers show is great! Very entertained! This just may be what Cicario and Dci are looking for!
  8. interesting look with no strip on the pants do we know what head gear will be like?
  9. 1. Bluecoats 2. BD 3. SCV 4. Cavies 5. Cadets 6. Crown 7. Blue Stars 8. Regiment 9. Boston 10. Madison 11. Blue Knights 12. Colts 13. The Academy 14. Glassmen 15. Crossmen 16. Troopers 17. Pacific Crest 18. Spirit 19. Mandarins 20. Jersey Surf 21. Teal Sound 22. Cascades 23. Pioneer