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  1. I like what the Cavies director said at the cinema cast. Something like (not his exact words), "We tried some things that didn't work the last few years and we decided to just be the Cavaliers." I think Regiment needs to stop guessing what the Judges want and using things (vocals) that don't work just because everyone else is. In 2018 SCV didn't use vocals or narration and never has, didn't use any alternative instruments etc and WON! BE PHANTOM REGIMENT!!! Classical music but something new and different. Stop rehashing the old stuff.
  2. this got me wondering what placements are missing from Cadets, Cavies, and Crown. They've been in the all the top spots, but in the 70's Cadets and Cavies were in and out and had several lower placements. I would think Crown also has in their earlier years in finals. Someone mentions 8th place for Cadets.
  3. Finally saw all the corps in Allentown. I loved Genesis best among the lower tier corps. Better design then a couple corps above them. Colts, Surf, and Spirit get HM Upper tier I liked Boston's show, a total package. Crowns horn line and music. I have no idea what this show is about, I mean i read the blurb but have no idea how the music or props express that idea.
  4. Agreed. The visual is frantic, not cleanable, bad design. They're running all over the place with very little actual drill. Scatter drills are ok once in a while for effect but not the entire show. I'm all for giving younger people a chance but Will had his chance and should have been let go after Phantasm, also visually a very frantic show. Will fails to bring out the emotions of the original music. The singing at the end sounds like an Up With People song gone wrong.
  5. It was nice to have a new person it the booth. She had energy and spoke well. Steve and Dennis aren't going to be around forever. As for talking to long, it's happened every year with someone. I'm not sure when they're facing the camera and talking how aware they are of what's happening on the field. Also, Phantom's singing is pre-show and may have surprised them.
  6. Be at the Egyptian 24 theater in Hanover, Md (between Annapolis and Baltimore) Can't wait!
  7. One section used a high mark for all of 12 beats. Considering they goosed stepped after that for about 12 beats I would say special effect. No one else in the corps was using a high mark time. Like many others on this thread I have the same concerns about Phantom and would love to see them return to their former glory. However, I will wait until I see the show to make any judgments. I have also watched several of the Vlogs by members. They are working hard, leaning a lot, and having a good time. They also seem to really like this show. Let's give em a chance.
  8. They can buy Boston's prop for burning her at the stake!
  9. DCI has a rule about corps not announcing changes in staff until after Labor Day. They know things but are not allowed to share until then.
  10. Loved Spirit of Atlanta's ballad from behind the doors; VERY effective. SCV, Best Show! Crowns Female ensemble! We need an all girl corps!
  11. I was thinking below 17 not 25. Most of those corps will be open class, plus a few world class, and I don't know those shows.