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  1. shawn craig

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    DCI has a rule about corps not announcing changes in staff until after Labor Day. They know things but are not allowed to share until then.
  2. shawn craig

    Let's celebrate 2018!

    Loved Spirit of Atlanta's ballad from behind the doors; VERY effective. SCV, Best Show! Crowns Female ensemble! We need an all girl corps!
  3. I was thinking below 17 not 25. Most of those corps will be open class, plus a few world class, and I don't know those shows.
  4. To clarify: Of course you don't have to sing in English for it to be worthwhile. I even enjoy non-sense scat singing in Jazz. I don't read every word of the translation at an opera, but enough to know what the character is feeling; the music does fills in the gaps and sometimes the voice is so beautiful it doesn't matter. My point is I didn't know the title of the poem or even one line of the lyrics to get the gist of what was being communicated. Nothing in the program notes that I remember to help. The vocals were covered up not balanced well with the horn line, so even the English didn't come across. It appeared pointless to me not really adding a layer of texture etc. I had good seats on the 45 about 3 seats from the judges so that wasn't the problem. And I agree with all those saying the Bluecoats singer is good and one of the few times in drum coprs singing actual adds to a show.
  5. Music City Genesis for the music
  6. shawn craig

    best corps names

    Really liked this corps. I loved that their feeder corps was called the Paiges.
  7. shawn craig

    "Big, Loud And Live" Roll Call

    Towson, MD
  8. I know vocal music is written in all languages. I've sung in a few of them, Latin and German especially. Usually when someone or a choir is singing in another language then the audience knows, there's a program with the translation(s) so you have an idea what they're singing about. The singers themselves are all fine, I think better than last years. Just didn't add anything to the show for me.
  9. Totally disagree. No reason why the singers are there. Didn't add a thing to the show. Didn't understand anything they said. Do they sing words or in English?
  10. shawn craig

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I'm so bummed the Allentown show was rained out. My only chance to have seen them live. At least the movie theater will be better than a computer screen.
  11. shawn craig

    Allentown Welcomes You - Ins and Outs

    For us Saturday activities will include: Josh Early Chocolates!!! There's a folk music festival in Bethlehem that starts the same weekend. 11:00 am a Moravian brass choir plays from the bell tower of the Moravian Church by the festival. They have crafts and good shopping on main st.
  12. shawn craig

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Ribs are bones, teeth are a type of bone and tusks are a type of teeth so close enough for jazz, oh wait wrong corps for jazz.
  13. shawn craig

    Carolina Crown 2018

    If there suppose to be ribs fine but the first thing I thought in the movie theater was tusks. I don't get ribs at all.
  14. shawn craig

    Spirit / Madison Observation

    Spirit has placed as high as 4th and was a regular staple in the top 12 through most of the 80's beating Madison or placing in the same neighborhood for several years. They've had their own issues and I would hope the Scouts organization and the alumni would be glad they're doing well. Close competition is a good thing and can help give goals to each organization.