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  1. Is this a match, folks? Another poster wrote: "Ok folks, this is it!!! I've got 4 tickets to the 100% SOLD OUT Tour of Champions event in Rock Hill, SC on July 31st. I bought these several months ago looking to get my face blown off (I'm at Atlanta the previous day up high, so the up-close seats at Rock Hill were perfect at the time). But unfortunately, some things came up and I'm unable to make it out to this show. So here's the details... These are section C (right across the 45-50 yard lines), FRONT ROW (row A), seats 15, 16, 17, and 18. I'm selling for $50/ea ($200 total), and I'll ship them out to you for free and same day as the payment, or the next Monday if on a weekend. So have at it, shoot me a PM if you are interested. Thank you for your interest!!!!" Are they both talking about tickets to the same show? One needs tickets while the other has tickets. Will they ever find each other?
  2. Deal made.....Tickets are SOLD! Please send the tickets to the address given in my last e-mail to you. Payment will be mailed out from Indy on Tuesday. You should have it in hand by Friday, July 22. Thank you, Ron Gunn
  3. Do Alumni Corps count? If so, I vote for the 27th Lancers Alumni Corps of 1994! They shook the stadium with sound! Otherwise, I have to vote for Blue Devils, 1994. Maybe SCV 1999! Madison 1975 is in the top 5! If the 2011 Cascades can get it together, they can have the loudest based on the size of their brassline!
  4. You will need a bailout if you bank on that prediction! Oh! you must have been referring to the TCF Bank Stadium! I have seen most of the corps LIVE at least once this season and there is no way Crown will win in Minneapolis. The "show to win" is just not there overall Crown 4th, at best at this point in the season. Madison come in 5th? In Minneapolis? How? They are having a very tough time beating Boston and Blue Stars! They have yet to beat SCV and Phantom! Madison 7th at best, 8th is a most likely placement for them The INSIDE THE FORTY prediction for Saturday, July 16, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN: REVISED ON 7/14/11 @ 8:15 AM 1 less than 2 tenths 2 less than 1 tenth 3 less than 3 tenths 4 more than 2 points 5 Blue less than 5 tenths 6 less than 2 tenths 7 less than 1 point 8 less than 2 tenths 9 Blue less than 3 tenths 10 Blue less than 1 tenth 11 less than 2 points 12 l;ess than 1 point 13 less than 5 tenths The top 3 are set. However, the orde ramong them could change by tghe time the scores are announced on Saturday night. One of the corps could wind up in Kansas or the Emerald City, via TORNADO! There MUST be a tie somewhere in this competition! The corps are too close now for a tie not to occur! 1,2,3? Crown is in 4th alone. 5, 6, 7? A possible tie in there somewhere. 7, 8, 9, 10 is the closest group to call. Tie possibiliteis abound and the corps could change positions at the drop of a hailstone! Poor Boston. I didn't even list them in the top 12 in my first posting. Thank you all for catching that! my apologies to BAC and their army of fans! Please, don't jump me in the parking lot? Thanks for putting up with my dry humor. See you in La Crosse and or Minneapolis!
  5. If I can't get a ride to Rockford, I plan to do the Scout's rehearsal! Is there anyone out there who will be checking out of their Minneapolis hotel on Sunday headed for Rockford who has room for 1 person? I can help with gas! No, I mean the kind of gas that goes into the car to make it go!
  6. This is not good news. This change in the number of 1/2 finals corps makes it difficult for me to run my Annual Bar-B-Que as a 12 noon affair. I will have to bump it up to 11 am and cut it about 1/2 hour short so that everyone will be able to get to their seats in time for the first corps in 1/2 finals! Poor judfges! I really pity the Prelims panel. 8 am till after 11 pm! That's an awful lot of drum corps in one day! This is good news! 25 corps in 1/2 finals! Flashbacks to the good old days of 25 corps in a World Class competition! But a 2 pm startt time? Will all of the corps get in by Midnight?
  7. I offer $40.00 for your two Friday DCI East tickets in Section Q. Please, e-mail me if you accept my offer. I can send the payment via USPS Money Order on Wednesday, July 12, 2011. You should have it in hand by next Tuesday. Thanks, Ron Gunn
  8. Yes! BK is very entertaining! I enjoy their visuals and the msic they play also. The show doesn't have the emotional impact of Madison's show, but it is very good and enjoyable. Worth the price i paid to see it. Can't wait to see and hear it "clean"!
  9. Thank you very much! I completely enjoyed reading your views and insights on the corps in the shows you have seen! Now, i am a bit better prepared for this Saturday in Madison! Yeeeehaaaaa!
  10. DCI: If I see rain in the forcast for Minneapolis, MN on July 16th, i will not be making the trip from Syracuse, NY to Minneapolis, MN. I would rather go fishing than to sit in a rain-soaked stadium waiting for the Thunderstorms and tornados to pass! Last year, we were all deprived of the performances of the top 8 corps and their first time together in 2010! DCI: Paying $60.00 for a ticket and not getting to see the top 8 really sucked! Paying much more for travel, hotel, etc made it much worse! Can't you at least make it possible for fans to receive a partial refund in a case like that? Take care of your fans if you want your fans to take care of you!
  11. I see your point. I had difficulty myself answering the questions in the time I had available to me. I will continue at a later time.
  12. Then no one else will benefit from your brilliance and wisdom!
  13. The question is directed to those of you who have actually been to a competition or two (or more) in 2011. If you have not actually been to a stadium to experience drum corps LIVE in 2011, please, do not post here! I am interested in finding out from the fans (myself included): 1) Which corps are putting out quality, entertaining shows this summer? The first corps I can think about is the Madison Scouts! Wow! They look and sound very much like the Madison corps that won my heart in 1974! 2) What are they playing? I don't know the names of all of the music they played. All I know is that I truly enjoyed the show! Both times I experienced it, Friday in Quincy, MA and in Lynn, MA on Saturday. 3) How good is the brass section and how expressive are they in their playing? On a scale of 1 to 10, with the Madison Scouts of 1975 and 1988 being 10's, I give this Madison brassline a solid 8. There is plenty of room for improvement, but baby, they have come a long way! They sound like the Madison Scouts! 4) Does the corps draw upon the music to evoke an emotional response from the audience? Does it? It most certainly does! An emotional response was definately eveoked in me! If I had been holding a baby, i would have been sorely tempted to toss it into the air at the end of the Scout's' performance on Friday and again on Saturday! 5) Do people want to get out of their seats and cheer the corps on during their performance? I know i did and I did so at several points during the Scout's performances! Many people joined me at the end, before the last notes were played, the crowd was on it's feet! 6) Is the corps' percussion section a star in it's own right? Super-star, no. Star, yes! I'm not a drummer, but I have been around drum corps for 40 plus years. I know a good drum line when I hear one. These guys are good! They are not Championships good yet, but Top 10 - Top 8 - maybe even Top 6 good! Gotta go. I'll finish this later. 7) Does the corps use the sounds and effects generated by the percussion effectively? 8) What segment(s) of the show is (are) mesmerizing? 9) How effective is the guard/auxiliary in the performance? 10) How well does the corps use color, contrast, shading, and such during it's visual presentation? 11) How well constructed, thought out and effective is the visual show? 12) Is the corps in constant motion during the entire show, or does the corps "mix it up" with moments of "stop-action"? 13) Does the corps use variations in tempo, marching technique, style, etc to convey mood and motion? 14) If this corps were the only corps in the show, would you feel that you got your money's worth? If you can think of some good and pertainent questions, please include them in your post. Let's have some fun, folks! Yours in Drum Corps, Ron Gunn