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  1. I saw the segment on CBS. Some fun commentary from the celebrities in it. For me, it brought more "light" into understanding the 2019 BD show. 😃 And the 2019 BD production has become one of my all time favorite BD shows.
  2. I am going to be in the Grand Rapids, MI area at the time of the premiere. I will be going to the Celebration Cinema in Grandville nearby. It is going to be quite the change from my usual location in Palm Springs, CA. I was considering making the drive to Ford Field and watching it live.
  3. I believe the wings were used in 1982-1985. I don't think wings were used in 1986. They were used in 1991 and 1992 but they more like a "pant-wing" combination.
  4. 1. Yes. A whole show was performed. Very interesting interpretation of the closer piece. I enjoyed what they had. I'm sure the ending will be different by August but they end with some volume. 2. Opening is very atmospheric and builds slowly to a big push. Once the push happened it commanded the audience's attention. Very cool. 3. The drumlins was the stand out for me. Watch for the snare solo in the middle of the show. I don't know if he is mic'd but the pitch changes "electronically" as he marches around the field. It's very exposed and a very cool effect.
  5. On my way there. The temperature still reads 104 degrees out. I hope I don't have a heat stroke!
  6. BD 91.3 Bluecoats 89.4 Crown 88.6 SCV 88.15 Cavaliers 86.95 Phantom 85.05 BK 83.75
  7. I am flying in from southern California tomorrow to see this show. I am hoping for the best! Fortunately, I will be going to San Antonio in case the worst happens. Its going to be my first live viewing of the groups that were not in California. Regardless, I am very excited!
  8. Getting a great feed from iPad to Apple TV.....can hear BD warming up in the background.
  9. No guard judge tonight? The recaps doubles the Visual Analysis score.....
  10. Isn't there is a rankings page on DCP...it's under "scores and stats" on top of the page.
  11. I will be there! I have never been this excited for the season to start!
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