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  1. You probably won't hear from them because it is likely they will not embrace what you have to say. The words "it is over their technical heads"comes to mind here.
  2. " Ayala ( in Chino Hills), Vista Murrieta, Upland, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Fountain Valley, Cerritos, Los Alamitos, Mission Viejo, El Toro, Chino Hills, Rancho Verde, Rowland High, Arcadia, Etiwanda, Chino, Hart, Thousand Oaks, and quite a lot of bands in the San Diego area are good as well ( San Bernardo, Mt. Carmel). Southern California has one of the stronger group of bands in the WHOLE country, participating in several different local circuits. They regularly do very well against schools from different states and regions in the state. They may not all do BOA, but there are a lot of strong band programs in this VERY large and very populous area. Texas, Oklahoma, and Indiana schools seem to do the best schools, especially in regards to BOA. California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, the Carolinas, Penn, Tenn, KY, and Ohio are a step behind at BOA." Honestly, none of the Southern California bands you mention here are even close to the level I have seen from the Texas bands - let alone certain bands from Florida, Illinois, or Indiana. They are good for their region, but no match from some bands from these latter states. Vista was good, very good, but not Broken Arrow, Carmel, Tarpon Springs, Blue Springs, most Texas bands, or Dobyn Bennett good. "California schools have the whole parade scene and bowl scene... So many of them put a lot of rehearsal time into that." Having watched the all of the bands participating in the Arcadia Parade yesterday (one of the biggest parades in SC), many of the bands were not that impressive. A few were, but for the most part not many of them were nearly as impressive as they were when they participated in that parade back in the 80's and 90's. From what I have seen from SC bands, more emphasis is placed on their field shows than on the parades they participate in.
  3. You are making an assumption that economics is driving Ray's decision to leave. Yes he recorded the Blue Knights years ago, but he has more recordings that go beyond Drum Corps that are excellent and have sold. Releasing a recording on the SACD format is not going to make you wealthy, so you better love what you record more as much as the money you make from it. As a sound engineer and mixer, I record stuff because I love the sound of the instruments, the music, and the talent behind them both. Half the stuff I have recorded was not for sale, and the other half would barely make a profit. No need to go into his motivation because he already stated what his motivation was for is clear. I understand his motivation for leaving, and cannot fault Ray one bit for it. I also cannot fault anyone who continues to enjoy what they are seeing on the field. Everyone has a line in the sand for what they will support, and that line is different for different people. We need to respect lines, not criticize them - we are not all the same, or have the same taste. For some it was amplification of the pit. To others it was the added sound effects, live voice, or the run from set to set and bark. I hated the addition of live solo voices and the lack of drill, but that has not chased me away. Woodwinds would absolutely be my line.
  4. I would be much more insulted if the uninitiated called the Colorguard a band-aid.
  5. He already been there and done that with the Blue Knights. He even recorded that brass line with a special microphone setup on the DSD format. Absolutely stunning recording with ZERO compression and prodigious dynamics.
  6. If I am not mistaken, I think I heard your recordings of Robert Silverman in DSD at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in 2017. I was awed to say the least.
  7. Yes, we get our creative juices flowing with sativa, need to relax from those creative explosions with idica, and sometimes need a hybrid to balance out both. I am hungry now, so back to your regularly scheduled program.......
  8. Mr. Kimber, as a fellow sound engineer and mixer and a strong supporter of your ISO recordings of the Blue Knights and others released on the SACD format, I understand where you are coming from here. I also agree with you on the sound of drum corps on CD. Much like you, I also lament the shift from unamplified drum corps to amplified drum corps. While I have no issue with the use of sound "effects", I do have a major issue with deploying microphones all over the field to increase the sonic impact of the corps. It is overdone, poorly implemented, and takes away alot from the excellent shows on the field. While some may be critical of your departure from this activity, I am not one of them. Everyone has their reason to support drum corps, and leave it as well. Knowing your history as a audiophile and your accomplishments in the audio field, your reason for leaving makes perfect sense to me, even if it doesn't to others.
  9. I don't know why the Rose Bowl is the focus here. You have the renovated Coliseum and two new stadiums that are being built there.
  10. I love this. I live in Oakland, and it is nice to get some perspective on how we stack up to other cities in this area. If we listen to San Franciscans, our city is so dangerous it is not worth crossing the bridge.
  11. San Francisco would be a dream, but it is one I could embrace.
  12. Based on this statement successful is a subjective analysis based on personal opinion. What Bloo was not successful at is being victorious over their competition.
  13. I have just one, and it is based on Webster's dictionary. "be successful or victorious" One can argue they were successful if their own scoring benchmark is at play, but victorious is a no go based on their score, they were not competing against themselves.
  14. If they were competing against themselves, this would matter. Since they were competing against others, the highest score in corps history wasn't high enough to win.