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  1. Just randomly stumbled across this thread and find it very interesting... considering how since December, the company I work for (tied to ceramic proppants and fracking) has seen a DRAMATIC decrease in sales (resulting in layoffs, facility/plant closures, etc) and production. That article that the OP cited was spot on and if I had known how the market was going to turn, I probably would've tried to move out a lot sooner (my wife got layed off and it's not looking so great for me right now). However, on the definite plus side... I'm glad to see the drum corps are going to (hopefully) be able t
  2. Amen! I left from the Magnolia area with a 45 minute buffer and still managed to miss both The Bluecoats and Carolina Crown. Ridiculous!
  3. 1) I absolutely love the graphical design used by the OP. Fantastic! 2) Anyone know why they (DCI) dropped the TOC from Houston? In previous years we've been spoiled with the top 8 of the preceding year... if I'm being COMPLETELY honest I can't say I'm not a little let down by them not doing so this year... 3) I am pulling for The Cavaliers to catch Madison/Bluecoats tomorrow. I expect Phantom will have a slight (0.50-1.75) lead for the win.
  4. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who does spreadsheets for DCI scores. :) I've been making spreadsheets with all sorts of formulas pretty much since I marched back in 2004. I usually have multiple trends that I'm look at, like average placement over the season, average score (totaled), average score for last 3 shows, average score for last week of shows, increase from 1st show to current, increase from beginning to midseason, increase from midseason to end... etc... Then I use those number to try and predict what will happen come finals time. I always get close, but never perfectly nail t
  5. I know they've come as far north as my area... The Woodlands / Magnolia. I've gotten rather spoiled with the top 8 from previous years at the Houston show... but we're not getting that this year. :(
  6. Seeing the show in Houston compared to the rest of 2011's top 8... I had the show around the placing it ended up. Not that it's bad, it's just not yet on par with some of the higher scoring shows (by way of difficulty, content, cleanliness, and sound). I've seen some videos on YouTube and you can DEFINITELY tell a difference in just a few weeks time.. so here's to hoping that the mostly new staff can tweak some more towards the end to get us up closer to the SCV/PR level. The theme is kind of vague at some points and doesn't always come across easily... but then again some of our other shows
  7. Scary and tragic, for sure. It's one thing to see senseless acts of violence on TV, far removed from where you lay your head... but it's something completely different when it happens practically on your door step. I don't have the numbers to say for sure, but it seems to me like this sort of stuff is becoming entirely too commonplace.... or maybe it's just that the media is getting faster about reporting this sort of thing.
  8. DCI Houston presented by THE exSIGHTment OF SOUND Welcome to Houston all competing corps, affiliates, volunteers, judges, and fans! Today's show is part of the 2012 Tour Of Champions Series and features a great match-up between the top 8 placing corps from last year. The performance order is a little wonky, so it should definitely make for an interesting show and even more interesting scoring... :) The show is held at Berry Center (built around 2006 & seating roughly 11,000 total) in Cypress Texas just off
  9. Unless I am mistaken, design only counts for half of the score in certain categories... which should mean if a corps performs the hell out of a 'less-than-desirably-designed-show' then they still have a chance at besting corps who perform ok with a good design and corps who perform ok with a poor design. I've yet to see the show, but I can't see the 'drop' happening so fast (ie top 3 to out of top 12 in one year). I am realistic and don't see us catching the top 5 any time soon, but to drop out of top 12 just seems very unlikely in such a short span of time. Either way, I think this situatio
  10. Interesting to note (so far) who has increased the most and who has increased the least: Carolina Crown - 14.200 Santa Clara Vanguard - 11.900 The Academy - 11.700 Bluecoats - 11.050 Blue Knights - 10.950 The Cadets - 10.900 Phantom Regiment - 10.350 Crossmen - 10.250 Mandarins - 10.050 Blue Devils - 9.200 Spirit of Atlanta - 9.100 Colts - 8.850 Glassmen - 8.800 Blue Stars - 8.700 Cavaliers - 7.750 Pacific Crest - 7.550 Madison Scouts - 7.400 Boston Crusaders - 5.550 Jersey Surf - 5.100 Troopers - 4.850 Teal Sound - 4.750 Pioneer - 4.700 Cascades - 2.900 Granted, you ha