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  1. I am just listening to it now and you're absolutely right, this could work for Madison. With Chuck Naffier doing the arranging, I know it will be a classic!!
  2. Maybe he was intending to mean Steve Brubaker, Tim Salzman, Ken Snoeck, and Jim Campbell. Corps Director at the time was Adolph DeGrawe. Also, I believe Jeff Fiedler was involved as Program Coordinator.
  3. I thought it would be neat to see who your choices would be for the top 3 designers of visual, brass, and percussion in the 1980s. I'll start and see if you agree or not. I listed in no significant order. Brass Designers: 1. Wayne Downey 2. Jim Prime Jr. 3. Jim Wren Visual Designers: 1. George Zingali 2. Steve Brubaker 3. John Brazale Percussion Designers: 1. Tom Float 2. Jim Campbell 3. Ralph Hardiman
  4. The brass sound that we all connect to Phantom was missing for the past few years. The music has lacked the GE that other corps have. This definitely impacts the visual design, as well as the guard choreography. There is so much classical and contemporary music that the corps could perform and be successful with. I do agree that a consultant with much experience needs to come in and help guide the design team. As somebody posted earlier, Howard Weinstein is available. He has a proven track record. There are a few other corps trying to knock Regiment out of the finals spot (Spirit, Colts, Scouts, etc.), if things don't improve. Good luck Regiment! Make the correct decisions.
  5. When Jeff Fiedler was Director for the Cavaliers, they had a booth every year. Alot of great Texas talent ended up in the Corps.
  6. Crossmen usually have a booth and YEA might too. I wish Cavaliers would have one.
  7. I believe Cavaliers brassline is going to be in the top 3 this coming season.
  8. As a music educator/designer, I have to say that I enjoyed sections of Regiment's show this year. Other sections to me, were not as good. I think it was a mistake programming the New World Symphony. To many people remember the 1989 version. This year's show didn't come close to the designs of Brazale, Wren, and Hurley. I think they should consider hiring a program consultant to help them get on track. The corps was young this year, and I believe some of the design team is too. Get a veteran program consultant to help steer the team in the right direction.
  9. I hope that with George no longer associated with the organization, that the kids are treated better. When I heard, two seasons ago, that they weren't even allowed to shower before finals, I felt sorry for the members. Less sleep, no shower, less food does not make you a better corps. Treat the kids better.
  10. I selected 2006 Cavaliers. Two things helped me decide. One, the Michael Gaines visual design and two, I am an alum of the Cavaliers. Even if I wasn't, I would still select 2006 Cavaliers.
  11. Jeffrey Fiedler............Former DM, Staff member, Program Coordinator, Assistant Corps Director and Corps Director- Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps. CEO- Santa Clara Vanguard. It was under Jeff's guidance that the Cavaliers put together a championship instruction/design team, which help them win 7 DCI Championships.
  12. It was J.D. Shaw. Ray played the sop. solo on "Pagliacci".
  13. J.D. Shaw, who is currently the arranger/composer for SCV. Before that, he was arranger for Phantom Regiment. He is also the french horn teacher at the University of South Carolina.
  14. I respect your vote, but my choice would be the Boston Crusaders. They're a total turn around from 2016. They stand out in mind as the Most Improved.
  15. Yes, Michael Gaines is with SCV as a Consultant, but Richard Hinshaw is doing a fabulous job with this year's ( and even last year's) visual design. Cavaliers are about a year away from competing for the top prize.
  16. Fred- I actually enjoy the singing and how the hornline adds the nuisances to the performance. She is actually a very good vocalist IMHO. Thank you for your review.
  17. If you want to go back a bit, I would also add Ralph Pace (Spirit, 27th, Cavaliers), John Brazale (Phantom), Mike Moxley (Blue Devils), and Pete Emmons (SCV).
  18. I usually don't post very often, but I just decided to add my 2 cents worth. There is still several weeks to go before finals and I am predicting that Cavaliers will stay in the top 6. Their show is extremely demanding and they will get points for that, especially if they can perform it at a top 6 level. I also believe Academy will make it into finals. Their show is definitely a crowd pleaser. I believe the top 3 will include: Crown, BD, and Bluecoats. 4-6 will probably include: SCV, Cadets, and Cavaliers. 7-9 will be BK, PR, and Blue Stars 10-12 might be Crossmen, Madison, and Academy I think Troopers, and BAC will both miss finals. It's too bad that only 12 make finals, especially with the quality of corps this summer. One last thing, if Cavaliers can get their sound problems (minor) corrected on a consistant basis and really clean their program, they could move up to 5th. The "what" and "how" of their program makes them very competitive. This might move them up a spot or two. There is still enough time for several corps to make the needed adjustments to move up in rankings.
  19. Actually Michael Gaines used Pyware when he was writing drill for Cavaliers, so I don't think it limits your creativity. You just need to learn all of the tricks of using the program.
  20. Hi. Does anybody know the DCA website address? I was trying, but it didn't work at all. Thanks in advance, Dennis
  21. I was going to mention Michael Gaines, but since he is not currently writing for anybody, I went with Pete Weber.
  22. CURRENT Design Staff Michael Klesch (Brass Arranger) Mike McIntosh (Battery Arranger) Sandi Rennick (Front Ensemble Arranger) Jeff Sacktig (Visual Design) Scott Chandler (Color Guard Design) Instructional Staff John Meehan (Brass Caption Head) Scott Johnson (Percussion Caption Head) Pete Weber (Visual Caption Head) Sal Salas (Guard Caption Head) ALL TIME Design Staff Wayne Downey (Brass Arranger) Fred Sanford (Battery Arranger) Eric Johnson (Front Ensemble Arranger) Steve Brubaker (Visual Design) Scott Chandler (Color Guard Design) Instructional Staff Jack Meehan (Brass Caption Head) Ralph Hardiman (Percussion Caption Head) Sylvester Sybilski (Visual Caption Head) Bruno Zuccolo (Guard Caption Head)
  23. I was going to say that I actually liked the 1979 version of "Fanfare for the New" performed by the Guardsmen, better than this year's Madison Scouts. Sorry, but that Tim Salzman arrangement was done very tastefully. And, they performed it at a very high level.