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  1. Listen to what Dr. Vic has to say and MSJ will be OK, He possesses over 50 years of D&BC wisdom and is capable of making the right call. Good luck in 2013
  2. Empire is not folding, they are evolving. The Edge is just a small part of the plan for the future. Stay tuned.
  3. At a time when every dollar is hard to come by, The White Sabers still care enough and make the effort to help some dedicated members with their school expenses. Kudos to a real class organization, best of luck in the future.
  4. Our loss is DCA's gain...Congratulations Allen, I know you will do a great job as always.
  5. The most entertaining night I have had in many years. It was a shock seeing Bonny with the Kilts, she knocked her solo out of the park just like 35 years ago. All the mini corps brought their A game. I thought Ghost Riders were superb but Star was on another planet. "The Edge of Empire" brought a Blast style performance to the mini corps stage that just blew everyone away, Amazing with only 4 days of preparation. This is one DVD I will be buying
  6. This event is all about honoring all the people who have served in the armed forces, especially the few remaining WWII vets who will be honored guest. What better venue to have this event than the Alumni Spectacular where most of the participants and audience appreciate a good salute to America, Freedom and the people who have served their country to protect our way of life. I am sure this display of patriotism will be a part of the Alumni Spectacular for many years to come. Thank you Tommy Allen, DCA and others who are hard at work to make this event a huge success.
  7. I hope everyone in the Rochester area will come out tonight for a wonderful night of entertainment and for a most worthy cause. See you all there
  8. RIP old friend, I'll miss getting crushed by your hugs
  9. I am shocked. Gerry was one of those guys you could count on to always be there with a smile and a kind word. I will miss him. RIP old friend
  10. Dave Landers baritone solo at I&E. Ghostriders amazing performance in mini corps. OZ
  11. Congratulations to Donny Allen and every member of the Ghost Riders. Your performance was nothing short of spectacular. You made this old alumni proud. I will be wearing my Ghost Rider 2000 T shirt the rest of the weekend. Kudos to the judges for making the correct call IMHO. BTW, Star was amazing, congrats on your 5-peat.
  12. I saw Renegades final run last night. I was very impressed, much better than I expected. I love their book which includes my all time favorite piece of music...Jupiter. There is even a hint of The Jetsons Theme. I am sure the DCA audience is going to love their performance.
  13. Crusaders had a history of the lights going out while they were performing. It happened twice in 62, one was in Hornell I believe. It was sort of a joke with us in the Grey Knights, the line much did Vince pay the electrician to pull the switch?