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  1. Not sure Crown's percussion issues have as much to do with the staff as it does with staging issues and lack of room in the brass book to integrate to percussion music with out creating mud.
  2. After watching prelims it is obvious some people need to make some changes. Most noticeable was Kilties. The show lacked direction and was very slow to develop in places. The guard seemed to be stronger than most of the corps and they suffered, like the rest of the corps from bad staging. I hope this organisation which once produced great programs can make the changes necessary to become more competitive. Looks like a need for a coordinator and a drill designer with a stronger grasp of staging.
  3. I think the Hill comments were wishful thinking
  4. Based on Regiment last couple of years not sure that is a great solution
  5. As you can but I felt the drill design was a HUGE weakness for Scouts
  6. Board I would think hired him and they should of said no. Cost vs benefit certainly did not add up. Howeverif someone cares about a group beyond a paycheck......
  7. I believe you are correct about Salas being a big part. Just check their non profit report as to what he was paid! Unfortunately the board who went along with it without having the money and not replacing the lost bingo income is every bit as much responsible.
  8. Does anyone know if they have gone through the bankruptcy? Any chance for a rebirth?
  9. Troopers are in need of a visual change as well. Guard seemed better this year but the drill seemed underwhelming. Large part of why they were 14th..
  10. I never said he consulted with anyone however selling uniforms with his name on them to about half the DCI groups is a SERIOUS conflict of interest. If he make no money from it then it should not be hard to give up.
  11. Seems like everyone at Scouts except the ones who need to resign are going like guard and driil....
  12. Too bad about Mason leaving Scouts. Hopefully they make complete changes in visual design and get a hands on coordinator that understands how to score. Also look at how arrangements are done. Seemed very segmented. As soon as something started to develop it was gone.
  13. Mr Cesario. Give up your involvement with Fred j Miller Inc or give up your DCI position.