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  1. I officially hate it when the instructors walk on the field in front of the corps. It's The Hurricanes, not The Instructors, OK?
  2. Is it wrong to say I like them better now that they aren't just Joey Pero's back-up band? Cuz if it is, I won't say that.
  3. Don't the class a corps have to compete in open class if they score above the 10th place open class corps or something?
  4. I thought that was a great Renegades' show. It seams kind of weird seeing them in a more traditional uni.
  5. I keep locking up, too. Click the little button that says LIVE. That should fix it.
  6. 18 White Sabers 72.700 19 Shenandoah Sound 68.450 20 Cincinnati Tradition 67.530 21 Excelsior 65.380