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  1. Best use of vocals in all if DCI this year. She has a great voice, it's used appropriately and very effectively. Sounds similar to Kate Bush. Well done.
  2. And now with Crown, perfect example of needing a belter. This girl has no support whatsoever. Oh my goodness how the vocals ruined that beautiful musical moment for the brass. I don't get these awful vocal choices by the music directors. Oh my goodness.
  3. I love the Cadets and have for many years. The vocals this year just do absolutely nothing for the show. Take them out and you don't miss them at all, the music is just fine minus vocals. I just don't understand the vocal direction. The voices are not up to the demand of the music. This isn't Gregorian chant, too much flat tone and not enough vibrato. Classically trained voices were needed. I know they are young no nowhere near mature vocally yet, but that should have been taken into consideration when writing the show.
  4. The singer is decent enough, the problem is the song requires a belter not a legit voice. That is the fault of the music director. If they changed it appropriately it would be much more effective. Other than that, she is good, sound is just not balanced properly.
  5. Pikachu rap or whatever is really annoying in an entertaining show.
  6. Pure Imagination is pure perfection. Absolutely beautiful solo and amazing performance by the corps.
  7. Love when the guard bow with hat in hand. Great throwback moment, very emotional to watch.
  8. I'm watching high cam, are the vocals live or recorded? I don't understand why they can't find a better trained vocalist for such a good show.
  9. Sound is off on high camera. Any way to fix or just change to multi?
  10. Great show. Great voice acting, and fits the show perfectly. Loved it.
  11. They should have paid a professional to record the narration. Unless it's written in the script male voice to sound like 16 year old girl. Or at least given him acting and voice lessons. Not his fault, just untrained. I love the music and the rest of the show, it's just too bad about the voice.
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